Tuesday, August 26, 2003


Dear GOd, A critical spirit is like a poison ivy-it only takes a little contact to spread the poison. Let me avoid empty chatter that may only bring insult and offense to someone. But can you allow me a little smile if I see somebody with hair that is colored green. It gives me the feeling of getting the shear and giving the person a nice hair cut. Laughter is the brush that sweeps away the cobwebs of the heart. Let me be the broom that can remove those cobwebs by making them laugh even to the extent of wearing a pair of shoes of different colors. Well, they are of same style, same name brand but just of different colors. The first was not intentional but elicited laughs. The second will be. Two things are hard on the heart-running upstairs and running down people. Please, Lord, do not allow the elevator to break down again. A minute of thought is worth more than an hour of talk. Please Lord, let her get tired of talking. She is back from vacation and the office is filled with her noise again. I need some focus in what I am doing. Is it bad to pray that she contract a sore throat even for two days, the most? The CAT Sounds of thunder and lightning. Okay, okay, I will just play Mozart in my computer or bring ear plugs.


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