Monday, August 25, 2003

Weirder news

Dear Mouse, As I have told you in the previous blog, you can find the weirder news in our Philippine Senate. The accuser, Lacson refused to name his principal witness for the Blue Ribbon committee investigation for the reason of security but the name of Eugenio Mahusay, a former messenger of the Arroyo and godchild of the couple was aired in a TV newscast to be the secret witness. Knock some sense to me Mousey, ploink toink coink. !@#$%^&. According to Inquirer, in a conference last Monday, Mahusay,positively witnessed Arroyo signing checks under the alias, Jose Pidal, sometimes in the presence of Victoria Toh, financial officer of the First Gentleman whose accounts were allegedly used to deposit parts of alleged 271-million-peso laundered funds from campaign contributions to President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Holy smokes, holy cow, jumping jupiter... it is secret but there was already a press conference. I remember the time I stayed awake watching Clarissa Ocampo stood as a witness during the impeachment trial of Erap. She too was not identified not until she showed up in the Senate but there was no press conference. At the rate this investigation is going, some groups should hire a new script writer. Too shallow and predictable. In the world of scriptwriters, this plot has been used, the lines have been recycled. They should write Inspired by a true story. The moral lesson, is never allow anybody see you signing any documents that will incriminate you. But wait, hindi siya mahusay magtestify. One million to five miliion pesos daw pinawiwithdraw sa kaniya. I hope that after the signature was declared to be forged and the First Husband to have denied the accusation, I would not see him proudly boasting of admission in a public telecast. Baka masibak ko ang TV o maitapon ko sa labas. I, too mousey should not drink coffee while reading this "weird news". Kawawa naman ang keyboard. The CAT


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