Thursday, August 28, 2003

That's my CAT, that's my girl

Dear Mouse, Can you beat this? Cheeky cat steals show from Tigers NISHINOMIYA, Hyogo -- A baseball game between the Central League leading Hanshin Tigers and their arch rivals the Tokyo Giants was interrupted when a cat ran onto the field Wednesday night. In the fifth inning when the Tigers were batting, the cat abruptly appeared near their dugout and ran onto the ground at Hanshin Koshien Stadium here, officials said.The cat surprised fans at the packed stadium but soon disappeared after jumping into the Giants' dugout. . (Mainichi Shimbun, Japan, Aug. 28, 2003) ==================== Dear Mouse When I was a kid, I always hear from the adults... Oy bait bait niyan...susunod na yan sa sinasabi ko. Oy ganda ganda niyan, kukunin na niyan ang tsinelas ko.. That's my girl!!! that's my boy!!!! In the opposition's call for GMA to step down, Enrile made the same gesture of treating the President like a little girl urging her to step down and I quote. "I have a feeling that as an act of nobility on her part and to spare the nation of the pain inflicted by Edsa II, she would voluntarily step down. That is the test of her patriotism, nobility and love of country. If one thinks that this is a reverse psychology at work, excuse me while I clear my throat. Ano uto-uto? The CAT ========= Dear Mouse, In a research by Prathiba Shammi, a psychologist at the University of Toronto, and Donald Stuss, director of the Rotman Research Institute at the Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care, an academic health-sciences center affiliated to the University of Toronto showed that the frontal region of the brain plays a critical role in higher cognitive functions such as humor and emotion. The frontal region of my brain must be bigger than the regular size that my forehead needed these cute little bangs to make it look less like a helipad. This is the reason why I find some politicians' statements funnier than the jokes I regularly get from my e-mails. Tatad: there was "a clamor in the streets and elsewhere that there should be regime change." He said this was the "only worthwhile objective of the opposition." Excuse me, while this Cat breaks into guffaws instead of the usual grin. What clamor ? What worthwhile objective ? Does he know how to count? It is only a matter of months and election is here. Can they not accept that their prophesy that the GMA regime is not going to last is far from getting into realization ? Damned this frontal lobe, it is making this CAT emotional...kaya mga kababayan...pagdating ng.. Tatad: He said it was "now clear to the public" that Joseph Estrada was the "real president." Did I miss something? What is clear to the public. arghhhhhhh Where has he been after the people dumped him ? He still lived in the past and his president is still Estrada. How come the Erap lovers sing the same tune ? The public he is referring to is the same public that snobbed the coup d'etat. The public he is referring to is tired of the grandstanding politicians abusing the freedom of expression and manipulating the media. GAlit na ako. Excuse me while I fix my bangs.Mousey, don't even try to humor me. The CAT


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