Saturday, February 28, 2004


Dear Mouse, In the faraway kingdom by the sea, there lived a king who would be king not because of his wisdom but because of people who would like him to be king. 1. His knights of the crooked table whose tasks are to give excuses for his crooked statements. a. Knight Escudero b. Knight Sotto c. Knight Reyes d. Knight Romero 2. The knaves are the has- been- lawmakers who by themselves cannot gather even a motley crowd. They are bright and smart--so smart that they can twist facts and make fictions look real. Their experience and stature should have elevated them to the likes of the Diokno, Salonga and other statesmen who gave the country their best even during the dwindling years of their political career. One such knave had the guts to ask the rivals of his presidential candidate if they too can direct movies. Not suprising for a man who staged a mock assassination just to convince people of the need for martial law. The other one was quick in recommending the queen if the king cannot qualify. 3. the former king who is incarcerated. His only hope is his partner. They both deny to death that they have the covenant to work for his freedom but no amount of the left hand denying the accusation can hide the right hand telltale signs that this is the handiwork of the former King who would like to vindicate himself. a. the presence of Lumbao and his " portable" people power that gave a bad name to the phrase b. the presence of the expensive wily lawyers who for the love of money can incite rebellion just to win a case. c. the snobbery of the leader of a religious cult to the other presidential candidate for fear of being reprimanded by the former king. His media network and his followers were used in EDSA 3. d. the croaking Adopted Son/ex senator who wasted his career by making ungentleman and unethical statements in defense of his favorite PATRON e. the disgruntled people in the media who stopped prophesizing the doom of the "illegitimate government" but is now quick to defend a a constitution that was short in specifying provisions about 'illegitimate". 4. the unemployed movie people hoping that they will make hay if the DA King will become the President. At this point, they are ready to kiss his ass. I like Eddie Garcia but I did not want him wearing the shirt emblazoned with something that declared Poe as Bayaning Bayan ? Bayani ba ang pangalan niya? Sana tamaan din kayo ng virus na tumama sa aol ko. Huwag mong kunin ang laptop (pleads to the laptop owner using another internet server). Sandali lang, three hours pa. pretty please. *sigh*. The CA t


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