Thursday, February 26, 2004

Kung Fu Shoes says

Dear Mouse, After the crash course program, Da King came up with his platform. 1. poverty He will address poverty by providing poor people three square meals a day. Action plan: Hire cooks in every congressional districts. Use the pork barrel. Pork has a lot of recipes, among them is adobo. Chicken are prone to bird flu.The barrel can be recycled into water containers. Kung Fu shoes says..hahaha 2. peso depreciation He learned from his mentor that it is not his candidacy that affects the falling of the value of the peso. It is the demand and supply of the currency. Whatever that means. Damn the law of demand and supply. No he will not have the law repealed. Action plan: Look for the author of the law and ask him to amend it or else "Di na siya sisikatan ng araw". Kung Fu Shoes says...hahaha 3. Budget deficit Balance the budget. Why they cannot balance the budget? There are already digital weighing scales. Our government should live within its means. To avert a fiscal crisis, all government departments, bureaus and other agencies will be directed to implement drastic cost-cutting measures on non-essential expenditures such as travel, miscellaneous and intelligence funds. Action plan: We will provide each department heads with scissors to cut on their budget. Only one page budget report will be allowed. The excess page will be cut. No intelligence funds. Only intelligent people. Kung Fu shoes says hahaha 4. Foreign debts Filipinos have colonial mentality. Even debts are foreign. Action plan: Borrow from local banks. Offer amnesty to these foreign debts para maging Filipino. Hindi nga lang natural born. Kung Fu Shoes says hahaha 5. Corruption Pahuhuli ko ang mga corrupt na police. Kagaya sa mga pelikula ko, pahihirapan ko sila. Ipapakulong ko ang mga corrupt na opisyales na hindi pa nakakukulong. (pssst...nakakulong na ang kumpare mo )At palalayain ko ang nakakulong. Kung Fu Shoes says hahaha 6. Kidnapping Pahihinto ko ang kidnapping. Hindi naman mga bata ang kinikidnap nila kung hindi mga matatanda na mayayaman. Tapos sasabihin nila ako ang walang utak. Kung Fu Shoes says hahaha 7. Globalization Globalization is a reality that we cannot ignore. We have to actively participate in international trade. Action plan:I will ask them to annex international in every business name. Hindi lang plataforma ang kaniyang ibinigay kung hindi mga sagot sa mga akusasyon sa kaniya. 1. on not being a natural born Poe: ano sila baliw. Hindi caesarian ang nanay ko. Naghirap siyang iluwal ako sa St. Luke's. 2. on being temperamental Poe: Hindi totoo yan. Reporter; Bakit hindi ho totoo Poe: Bakit ba ang kulit mo? Sinabi kong hindi totoo yan. 3. On being a drunkard worse than Erap Poe: Hindi totoo yan. Binigyanako ng 100 million ni Cojuangco ng San Miguel para ipromote ang kanilang beer. Dapat lang gantihan ko sila. Tagay 'bay. kung Fu Shoes says hahaha The CA t


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