Friday, February 27, 2004

Lost in Translation part 2-Oh brother!

Dear Mouse, The debate on debate and what to debate is still ongoing among the presidential candidates. In the meantime, let us scrutinize the issues that were addressed by the candidates in their short essay of "How to Win the election without really trying to be good debaters". Bro.Eddie Villanueva :What a pitiful country. It has even been said that we have a death wish. Confused-Use says no fish vendor cries rotten fish, no vegetable vendor says spoiled tomatoes. Translation: Once elected, he will make a hard sell in order to promote the country he once demeaned. On corruption: Bro. Eddie: I will lead and live by example. It is the only way that all will be convinced that they, too, must change. Confused-use says an ounce of an example is worth a ton of advice but gifts may have higher price tags. (Layo noh?) Translation: Paano naman kami? Bro. Eddie: It has been proven that credible leadership can provide a solution to insurgency. If poverty and injustice are uprooted and addressed, communism will have no reason to exist. Confused –use says man should work with facts and not opinions. Communism did not solve poverty in China. Not all communist leaders in the Philippines are for peace. With peace, they have no agenda of being in the lucrative alternative government business. They have their own taxation you know. Translation: Ano, aalisin ninyo kami sa eksena? Bro. Eddie: There is no doubt that we should fight terrorism in all its forms because it is an assault on all civilized people. If we had less corruption then we could modernize our Armed Forces, and our soldiers would be treated better and with more respect, and they would have higher morale. Then we would not need the United States to help us fight terrorism. Confused use says that it is not correct to think that we can totally be without enemies. Even with perceived less corruption in the US, terrorism is a major problem to reckon with. The fight in terrorism is global since the struggle for world supremacy is as old as the world itself. Translation: Pag may bida, may kontrabida. Bro.Eddie: Agriculture will be a priority in my administration. Farm-to-market roads will be built, credit will be made available, technology will be provided, middlemen shall be eliminated. Local communities shall be empowered to make the Philippines sufficient unto itself in food. Confused –use says –for sea matters,ask the fishermen, for farm matters, ask the farmers. For marketing, ask the cartel. Translation: Mga hinayupak kayong mga saboteurs. The CA t


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