Monday, May 31, 2004

Sunshine and the singing birds

Dear Mouse,

It was a beautiful day today. As I was preparing my coffee, I heard tweet tweeet noises. At first, I thought, the sound was from the whistling kettle. But it was not. I thought then that it was coming from the TV but it was not.

My window in the kitchen was open. I must have forgotten to close it the previous night when I microwaved tinapa. Yes, Virginia,I had a great meal for two nights in a row now. The other night, I had inihaw na talong with kalamansi and toyo. Yumyum.

Going back to the tweet tweet sounds, I saw two tiny birds perched in a tree on the hill. Para silang si Piolo at si Claudine.

I always see birds on my way to work. Some of them are perched on the tall posts where cameras are installed for traffic purposes.The cameras looked like big white birds looking down on the traffic. Siguro akala noong ibang birds, kalahi nila. Minsan, gumawa kami ng kaibigan ko ng dialogue.

Bird: Hello, I am...whatz ur name?

Camera: No response

Bird: So you are the shy type or you don't speak English...
Camera: No response.

Bird: Habla usted Espanol?

Camera: No response

Bird: hmmmm Nagtaram ka ning bicol?
Camera: No response

Bird; balo mong capampangan?

Camera: No response

When the bird was about to open its beak to shoot another question, the camera moved.

Bird: Okinbleep bleep I did not know that she was deaf and mute, I cannot understand sign language, either.

I let the birds sing. Feeling ko nasa probins ako. Sa City kasi, nakikita kong ibon ay yong kinulayan at itinitinda sa may simbahan.

The CA t


At 6:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Manay, tatao ka man palang magtaram ning Bicol. (Nyek, tama ba ang grammar ko? hehehe)

~~~Inasky Asusky

At 8:55 AM, Blogger cathcath said...

Tatao pa man pero minus the accent and the malalim na Bicol. Oragon baga ang mga magayon.
The CA t


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