Tuesday, August 31, 2004

The Mother-in-Law

Dear Mouse,

My late mader used to say to her grandchildren, kumusta na ang aking mga apo, buti na lang sa akin nagmana ...etc.etc.etc.

She was a fan of Nida Blanca who was the wife of Dolphy and the daughter of Dona Delilah in the sitcom John and Marsha.

The "daughter" had been dead for more than two years now. The son-in-law is still active in a new sit-com with a new wife.

The "rich mother-in-law" who had nothing but etcetera etcetera for her daughter's poor husband died this morning. She succumbed to complications of her lingering illness.

Adelaida Fernando, known as Dely Atay-atayan rose to fame after winning an amateur singing contest.

She starred as "kundiman singer" in the Palace Theatre until she paired with Alejandro Villegas as the other half of the singing duo. Villegas was known as Andoy Balunbalunan.

May Dona Delilah rest in peace.

The Ca t


At 1:26 PM, Blogger ting-aling said...

Sad. It was the only family sitcom our family enjoyed while we were young. My father loved the chemistry of Dona Delilah and John Puruntong..the money under the mattress of Matutina and the "naiveness" of Marsha. The timing was also perfect, Friday nights..no classes the next day so we were allowed to stay late. My father, a not so Pinoy with movies waited patiently for John and Marsha sa Amerika in the movie theatres..he had us in tow to see it..walang lusot (uso pa noon ang "baduy" if you're seeing Filipino movies).

Setting melancholy aside..she was a candidate for that kind of disease kahit di na sabihin ng doktor..just her genes..and the lifestyle..

Sorry for the lurk..but I read your Pinay sa Amerika..lots of laffs there..I can relate

At 2:35 PM, Blogger cathcath said...

tenks ting.

more stuffs of fob stories butt hey got to wait.

At 1:13 PM, Anonymous evelyn said...

like me i grew up with john and marsha sitcom i wish that there`s a dvd of this sitcom for us to see.


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