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Strongest Earthquakes

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Update(Dec.28, 2004)

The magnitude of an earthquake is described in intensity.

8 or higher= Great

7-7.9= Major





2-2.9=very minor

I decided to exclude earthquakes with magnitudes below 8 in my list below and moved them to another blog.

When I was a kid, old folks prophesied that the end of the world is when the earthquake measures more than 8 in the richter scale.

These stats have proven them wrong.

Chile may have recorded the strongest earth- quake at 9.5 in 1960 where 5,000 lives were lost but China suffered the highest number of casualties since the year 1290. An earthquake in 1556 claimed 830,000 while the latest in 1976 killed 255,000 people.

This is also the country that has the most number of strong earthquakes closely followed by Iran.

Below are the countries with devastating earthquakes up to the last earthquake on Dec. 26, 2004 in Aceh, Indonesia.


1290 Chihli 100,000 n/a

1556 Shansi 830,000 n/a

1920 Gansu 200,000 8.6

1927 near Xining 200,000 8.3

1976 Tangshan 255,000 8.0


c.893 Iran, Ardabil 150,000 n/a

c.856 Iran, Damghan 200,000 n/a

1727 Iran, Tabriz 77,000 n/a


1957 Andreanof Islands no record 9.1

1964 Yukon Territory and British Columbia, 125 9.2

1965 Shemya Island no report 8.7


1693 Italy, Sicily 60,000 n/a

1783 Italy, Calabria 50,000 n/a


1923 Japan, Kwanto 143,000 * n/a

1667 Azerbaijan, Shemakha 80,000 n/a


1923 (Russia) – Kamchatka no lives were lost 8.5.

1952 no lives were lost 9.1


1938 Banda Sea no report of casualties 8.5

2004 (Indonesia) -Aceh province 44,000 9.0


1755 Portugal, Lisbon 70,000 8.5


1960= Santiago and Concepcion, 5,000 9.5


(Tibet/India) –

1950 Brahmaputra Basin in northeast India. 1,500 people were killed. 8.6


1906 Ecuador and Colombia, 1,000. 8.8

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At 2:01 PM, Blogger Jayson said...

Philippines is not on the list. I hope it would never be included.

Subtle Afterthoughts

At 9:42 PM, Blogger infraternam meam said...

i hope the thing that has happened in those parts of the world, is not a check and balance. if you know what i mean! i cry for those who died and for those who survived without their love ones and their material possesions. four died in this natures havoc, and they are residents of the metropolitan chicago area, who are vacationing."Requiem aeternam donais Domine"

At 11:26 PM, Blogger Sassy Lawyer said...

I saw the video footages taken from Sri Lanka and I felt terrible for all those people. Unlike the recent flods here caused by illegal logging, this tsunami was purely and simply an act of nature.

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