Sunday, January 30, 2005

The Bloggersbloggingblogs part 2

Dear mouse,

While there are many bloggers who profess that they write for themselves, there are a few who took it to themselves to share important articles, news and events on specific topics, oftentimes on their lines of expertise.

The web world especially web blogs are no longer the domain of the techies and the on-line diarists. Many professionals other than those who have the technological know-how find blogging as an effective tool to communicate. Thus,we have the experts-in-the field bloggers like a doctor writing about important medical and health issues;a lawyer discussing legislations and politics; and a teacher who writes methodically about facts of life mixed with his personal comments with the intent to have an understanding of his audience's frame of mind.

A lady teacher in Chicago on the other hand narrates her travails and culture shock in educating children who are rotten spolied by the law that protects them from strict discipline. Although the on-line diaries focus on the writers' loves such as car racings, movies, bands, celebrities, books,comics and other stuff,the contents of their blogs significantly differ according to age and civil status. Married women blog about important events not only about her but also of her family;anniversaries, birthdays, kid's first tooth, new car purchase, new computer and in-laws. (hahaha). A lady doctor in the States blogged about building their own house and her experience in the country of the new husband.

Some dabble on concocting recipe not only to satisfy their families' gastronomic needs but also to share with other bloggers/foodies.

Aside from food for stomach, they also write on food for thought.

Fathers also blog about their children-- their relationships, their hopes and their dreams for them. Knowing that words live forever, two or three created blogs for their kids.

One grandmother in Singapore is proud of her two grandkids.

A male blogger in Chicago does not write about his grown up kids but his blog is a good source of news and articles that it can be liken to an onl-ine bloggers/digest.

The young single bloggers mostly write on their pressures to finish their degrees.

Some who have graduated count the days,the weeks and the months when they join the statistics of fresh/from/college/hey/I/have a/diploma/i am still unemployed/my/parents neverstopped/nagging me/to look for a job.

Some who are employed talk about the job pressures, their unfriendly sups and their hopes for professional advancements.

There are singles who take pride in writing about their engagements.

There are singles who write about their current and exes and feel depressed when friends send invitations for weddings and baptisms.

It is when they journalise their pains and sorrows that move readers.

Personally, I sympathized with a young man who lost his love, the reason of which, he never divulge in his site even if he devoted one short essay about his innermost feelings about the failed romance. Now he found a new love, I hope to say "and he lives happily ever after."

I hope I can also tell that to single women who are still looking for the right men.

So others declare they blab, rant and philosophize but they have a disclaimer for readers to click away if they find the webblogs not to their liking.

Except for five most of the blogs are written in English.

Many weblogs however have titles in Tagalog or with the word that identify them as pinoys like:

Kuwentong tambay

Click-mo-mukha mo



huseng busabos

















The other one hundred blogs either use their names or fancy titles that best describe their personalities, likes, philosophies, locations and even phobias.

The Ca t


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