Saturday, January 29, 2005


Dear Mouse,

The family that blogs together stays together.

Among the subjects of my study are husband and wife , mother-daughter, brother/brother, brother/sister and sister/sister who either share one domain ,have separate blogs or alternate in writing in one blogsite.

A popular husband and wife bloggers post their expressions of love to each other's blog as if they are countries apart.

It is their blogs that are oceans apart in terms of form and substance. While the husband's blog is funny, bordering to bizaare as in paniki (hehehe), the wife's blog is a narration of life in prose and poetry.

In California, the stay-at-home wife sends loving notes to the husband in the office, updating him of the happenings in their abode for the hours he has been away.

Both couples memorialize their special occasions with friends and families, travels and vacations in photoblogs that go with sites.

In the Philippines, on the other hand, a couple maintains a site for all the members of the family. The father writes about the latest technology or internet developments while the wife who is a career woman herself , occasionally writes about her travels and articles about families and children. There are occasions when she makes political commentaries.

Overall, the concept of the site is to provide information as there are features that are very useful to students/researchers.

A mother in the Middle East who created a blog for the daughter in the Philippines is able to save time, money and effort to keep track of her daughter who is studying in College.

The same is true for a teenager/student from Mindoro who is staying in a dorm to pursue his college in the big city. He Informs his family of his activities away from home thru his blogs.

Including what he eats for breakfast.

Speaking of those bloggers who are below 20, you may wonder what they talk about in their blogs. Do the young people talk about their crush? Do they talk about their favorite and hated professors?

No,yes,no, yes for the crush. The reason for the non-discussion of someone that gets their attention is obvious. They do not want the parents to know. One puts a password in his entry so nobody can read except those who are given the keys to enter his innermost thoughts.

Yes, they talk about their professors, label them names and praise some to high heavens.

Young as they are, they delve into politics and current issues as they blast the government of its inefficiencies and ineffectiveness.

Some refuse to be labeled as bloggers. They feel offended when their journals are referred to as blogs.

You cannot blame them. Their sites are not the products of the easy-to-use software that makes blogging as easy as cooking your instant Noodle.

They paid for their own domain, maintained a server host, and designed their website.

Their writings reflect of journalistic style that are lacking from the newly-evolved webefied writers brought about by the blogging phenomenon.

No matter if their topic is about a movie personality, their writings bespeak of their commitment to their audience and the purpose for why they write.

The popularity of a blog or a web depends on the versatility and the interactiveness of the blogger.

One lady sassy lawyer is not only popular because of her food blog but also for her biting political commentaries that spare no one; from the right to the left, the administration and the opposition, the good and the bad and the beautiful and the ugly.

Her articles attract commenters who express diverse and opposing ideas that a reader feels that she is transported to a forum where the yes and the no never meet to agree to a "may be" conclusion. She is also into photography and weird news items as light diversions from the heavier stuff.


The Ca t


At 12:17 PM, Blogger Jobert said...

My daughter Lulu has a blog that she started (with my help of course) at the age of 8.

The site is

She hasn't updated it in more than a month though.

At 3:57 AM, Blogger Jet said...

Ang galing ng observation and description mo Ca t. Even if you didn't identify the blog or site owners, I can readily distinguish who you're talking about.

Nabitin lang ako dun sa 'more...' ha. Kini-click ko siya... hehehe. :)

At 8:33 AM, Blogger cathcath said...

i mentioned about fathers creating blogs in the next

obvious ba kung sino ?


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