Thursday, January 27, 2005

Journey to Diaryland part 2

Dear Mouse,

Let me thank Mark for helping me in the tabular presentation. High appreciation from a technologically-challenged like me.

Those who are asking my motivation to conduct this kind of research, my answer is Wala, lang. Type ko lang.

The truth of the matter (cliche) is my curiosity about the profile of our very own kababayan bloggers cropped up after perusing the findings of the study on bloggers here in the US. I want to make a comparison later.

I enjoyed reading the one hundred so blogs.

Reading the personal blogs is just like looking into the lives of these people, what they do,what they feel, what their heartaches are, their frustrations, their angst;summarily described as the ramblings rantings and musings of faceless strangers. After the profile,I will discuss what topics commonly discussed, who are serious bloggers, funny and informative.

And what they eat too.

If this does not interest some, let this blog be considered the bun in the sandwich of my humoruous blogs.

DOn'T aSk mE wHat ThIs StAtemeT means.

I have also no idea.mwehehehe.

Philipine-based blogsite/website owners

Table 4 Distribution according to age

  Female   Male    
age number %   number %
below 20 3 8%   5 14%
21-30 16 47%   15 43%
31-40 13 37%   13 37%
41 above 3 8%   2 6%
total 35 100%   35 100%

Percentages show that more than 50 per cent of the bloggers/siteowners are less that 30 years of age both for male and female.

Although the number of male subjects is lower than that of the female in the age bracket below 30, the total including bloggers who are below 20 constitute a higher percentage of 57 per cent. One of the delimitations of the study is the exclusion of live journal users who may be mostly girls below 20.

Amazingly, there is an equal number of male and female bloggers under the over 30 age bracket.

The blogging women above 40 outnumber the men in the same age category.

Men over 40 may have diversions other than tinkering the pc.

It is interesting to find out therefore what these people blog considering the notion that it is the weaker sex who is expected to blurt out her feelings. So men too?


Table 4 Distribution according to Status

  Female   Male    
Status number %   number %
Single 26 74%   18 51%
Married 9 26%   17 49%
total 35 100%   35 100%

Very interesting finding. There are more married young male bloggers compared to female.

Seventy four per cent of the female bloggers are single; about five of whom are engaged to be married.

Since the age profile revealed that 50 per cent of the female fall under below 30 category, the percentage over the 50 can be deduced to have come from the above 30 bracket.

This is not a surprise for me since most of Pinay bloggers are career women and priorities at the moment may not include walking in the aisle.

Or finding the right man becomes a mission impossible for women who are on top of their career? Nagtatanong lang 'noh.

The married male bloggers are only a few number short to equal the number of the singles.

Resuscitate me. Does it mean that mas maagang lumalandi ang lalaki kaysa babae?

Even those below 30 male are already married.


Or the young married women are too busy to attend to their wifely duties and career that they have no time to blog.

Year started

Table 6 Distribution according to the year started

  Female   Male    
Year number %   number %
1996 1 3%   0 0%
1997 0 0%   1 3%
2000 0 0%   1 3%
2001 1 3%   2 6%
2002 5 15%   2 6%
2003 16 45%   19 54%
2004 12 34%   10 28%
total 35 100%   35 100%

It was 2003 when many of these subjects started blogging.

Fifty four cent of the male indicated that they have been bloggers since 2003.

Although only 45 per cent of the women started in the same year, they also posted a significant 15 per cent who initiated their blogs in 2002. On the overall, more than sixty per cent of the bloggers included in this study started before 2004.

What is interesting in this table is to see one or two who are already into websites even before blogging was unheard of and operating a site required special techonology know-how.

Only a few remained active and saved their archives that dated back to the years they started blogging ermmm writing in the web.

One of these is a young lady who has an archive way back in 1996. And she just had her debut.

With regards the men who are already into web design in late 90's, they are still very much around and are in my links.

Next the overseas bloggers.

The Ca t


At 8:24 PM, Blogger Cerridwen said...

dang Cath you did some serious thinking & analizing on this one...complete with visuals...

I admire your patience...I am not good in stats - I hate them with a passion hehehe only time i like them is when someone doing them for me :P

At 9:52 PM, Blogger Mec said...

i admire the dedication and patience that brought this about... :)

i love blogging and bloggers... !!!

At 11:46 PM, Blogger rolly said...

after all these data ba, will you be giving your analysis and conclusion? MAs interesado ko dun e. hehe

At 7:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Married women won't have time to blog. There are more married men blogging kasi they have wives who can take care of them. Non-married guys won't step too much time on the internet I'd imagine.

At 7:12 PM, Blogger markmomukhamo said...

no problem,cat! glad to be of help in your interesting project.

pero I take offense on the anonymous poster above. just because married men spend time blogging doesn't mean it's because they have wives 'who can take care of them'. I don't know what generation you were born in, but I think that's an unfair assessment. It's sad if you think caring for a spouse is a one-way street.


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