Friday, January 28, 2005

Journey to the Diaryland Part 3

Dear Mouse,

This is the third installment of the study on the profile of Pinoy bloggers.

This time, I am presenting the OPB or the Overseas Pinoy Bloggers.

The overseas pinoy bloggers are all over the world. From Asia to New Zealand; from US to Europe and from the Middle East to Africa.

The table below shows their locations.


Table 7 Distribution according to location

Location   number %
United States   22 44%
Europe   9 18%
Middle East   6 12%
Canada   5 10%
Singapore   4 8%
New Zealand   1 2%
Indonesia   1 2%
Japan   1 2%
Africa   1 2%
total   50 100%

Most of the bloggers are from the United States.

Why am I not surprised?

In the States, they are also scattered from the North to the South, from the East to the West. Many of them are in California, atop the San Francisco Golden Gate...yohooo, or are hobnobbing with the starstruck people in Hollywood, cheering with the sports fans in LA or SOCAL or simply holding on to their caps in the windy city of Chicago, enjoying the quaint greene town of Philadelphia or the capital of the nation...Washington DC and the home of Miami Dolphins, Florida.

Europe came second in number of bloggers with nine or 18 per cent of the total.

Middle East ranked third with 6 while Canada has five.

Singapore has four active male and female bloggers.

while Japan, Indonesia, Africa and New Zeland have one each.


The table below shows the distribution of the female and male bloggers according to age.

Table 8 Distribution according to age

  Female   Male    
age number %   number %
below 20 0 0%   0 0%
21-30 18 56%   2 11%
31-40 10 31%   12 67%
41 above 4 13%   4 22%
total 32 100%   18 100%

More than fifty per cent of the female bloggers overseas are below 30 years of age while most of the male bloggers fall under the 30 bracket and only 11 percent are in their twenty's. It is worthnoting that I did not find a blogger who is below 20 years, both male and female.

There are more bloggers in the category above 40 years old overseas than in the Philippines.


Table below shows the civil status of the overseas bloggers.

Table 9 Distribution according to Status

  Female   Male    
Status number %   number %
Single 12 38%   5 42%
Married 20 62%   7 58%
total 32 100%   18 100%

Just like their counterparts in the Philippines, overseas male bloggers are mostly marrried, accounting for 58 per cent of the total.

The status profile of the female bloggers overseas is the opposite of the their Philippine- based sister/bloggers.

Twenty or 60 per cent of the female are already married. Considering that fifty per cent are in their twenty's, these bloggers are young housewives.

Year started

Table 10 Distribution according to the year started

  Female   Male    
Year number %   number %
1996 0 0%   0 0%
1997 0 0%   1 3%
2000 0 0%   1 5%
2001 0 0%   1 5%
2002 7 22%   5 31%
2003 14 44%   4 21%
2004 9 28%   6 33%
total 32 100%   18 100%

While the statistics show that male bloggers were more active in 2002 in coming up with their own websites compared to the female, it should be noted that a young lady with her own domain started ahead with her website in 1997 and is still active up to now.

A young man came one year later in 1998 but was unable to keep the archives of his previous websites.

The percentage of 28 per cent the total women who started their blogs in 2004 was lower compared to the 33 per cent of the male.

These are just statistics. Next, the form and the substance.

The Ca t


At 1:07 AM, Blogger BatJay said...

wow. Ca T - galing naman ng research mo. actually very interesting yung mga percentages. gusto ko tuloy mabasa yung form and substance na gagawin mo.


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