Saturday, February 26, 2005

Isn't it about time?

Dear mouse,

Isn't it about time to let the Pope retire and enjoy his last few days in the planet Earth.

I just don't like this statement from a non-medical staff in the person of the Vatican spokesman.

In an unusually detailed medical briefing here, chief Vatican spokesman Joaquin Navarro-Valls sought to tamp down the worst fears about the condition of the weakened 84-year-old pontiff: that the operation Thursday night had left him essentially unable to communicate or breathe on his own. Such a situation could raise difficult, possibly immediate, questions about his ability to carry on his duties.

He said John Paul was communicating by writing in a notebook, a detail that seemed meant to imply that his mind was sharp and that he was capable of carrying out church business.

The candidates for Papacy are getting old too. By the time of electing the new pope, many of them are already septuagenarians.

Bakit nagkainteres ako sa Papa,kahit binanatan ko si David Brown sa kaniyang Da Vinci Code?

May paniniwala kasi ako na may power behind sa behind. Hindi galing sa above ha.

You remember the pope who reigned only for a month or so then died mysteriously? If gossips were to be believed , then there were powermakers or powerbrokers who were afraid that there may be shady transactions that may be unearthed or "unhelled" by the newly-elected pope.

Pardon me, it's just me cblack (hindi dbrown) overload writing.

The Ca t


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