Saturday, March 05, 2005

How to Memorize Numbers

Dear mouse,

Ring: Hello

Me: Hello, what number did I reach ?]

Ring: Tangee, number ko ito.

That was my former classmate. Oo nga pala, I wrote her number on a post- it note that looks like a miniature work of art because of the scribbles of numbers and letters,abstractlike.

Lots of numbers, that when I decided to transfer them in my directory, I could not remember whose's whose.

I was not kidding when I wrote that in one of my travels to the probins to make audit, I rode a wrong bus going to Manila.

It's because, I failed to memorize the bus number when I got off to stretch my legs, while the bus driver was taking his late dinner in that restaurant by the bus depot.

Believe me, it had a tremendous impact on me that I have to listen attentively to the greetings of the pilots announcing the flight numbers and destination before take off. Baka magsisigaw na naman akong ihinto ninyo ang eruplano...hindi ho ako pupunta sa... Baka pati eruplano mali ang nasakyan ko.hihihi

So I came up with the system that would help me remember numbers, especially if I was out there without pen to write them down,

O di ba minsan, you are attracted by some notices where telephone numbers are given. The problem is, you are in a moving vehicle and it is too late for you to fish a pen from your purse. Even if you have one, the problem may be a paper.

So here is the system that I devised for enbhancing memory to remember numbers.

1= lion

2= swan








For this phone 345-7815 here is the picture that I made mentally in order to remember the numbers.

Monkey (3) with a frying pan is teasing a chicken.(4). The duck (5) is sliding from the giraffe's (7) while the snake(8) is hiding from the lion while waiting for the duck to fall.(5).

O kaya naman pag medyo may sumpong ako at galit ako sa mga Martians. (men for you) I think of numbers as the members of the opposite sex.

1 = is a straight guy.

2 = is a henpecked husband...nakaluhod eh.

3 = is the third kind...kulot siya at medyo tikwas.

4 = is the serious guy. nakakimbo palagi.

5 = cyclist= palaging nakabisikleta

6 = drinker = pot bellied na

7 = the gentleman. palaging nakasaludo.

8 = obese guy.doble bilbil.

9 = mayabang guy, malaki ang ulo.

Using the same number, I came up with this picture:

Si bading(3) making flirt kay serious guy (4)si cyclist(5) muntik nang mahagip si gentleman(7) pero natumbok si taba (8) kaya nagalit si straight guy at hinabol si cyclist na nakasuout ng skates.

The Ca t


At 11:07 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

eh kung na jumble mo ang first group and then 2nd group. like this.... (816- 3336) so it wil go like this is... a Snake(8)is a straight guy(1)like a snail (6) of the 3rd kind(3) of the 3rd kind (3) of the 3rd kind (3) is a drinking pot bellied man(6)parang lalong magulo....hmmmmmmm!!!!

At 9:48 AM, Blogger rolly said...

maganda yatang sistema yan for at the same time, nahahasa ang kakayahan mong gumawa ng storya. Pero on second thought, pano naman kung yung mga hayop ang magkagulu-gulo? E di tangay pati numbers?

At 8:49 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

ganito rin po yata yung technique na itinuturo ng "Power Memory" dito sa manila. yung technique ng association for easier recall. sayang, miss cathy, mukhang naunahan ka nilang ituro ang technique na yan. sana ikaw ang kumikita ng limpak-limpak!


At 8:57 PM, Blogger cathcath said...

association is already an old technique.
i call mine imaging.
para sa mga mapaglaro ang diwa.
hek hek.


pinaghahalo halo mo kasi yong mga hayup.

yan ang sinasabing lalong kalimot.

At 4:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

mr nice ash : ang lufet mo talaga. e di ba mas mahirap i-memorize yan??? sus niguu. aysus ariya...


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