Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Are you a lefty ?

Dear mouse,

I am a lefty. No honey, I am not a communist. Ako pa.. na pinalaki at pinatanda sa cup-italism. Dapat pala southpaw dahil pusa ako pero I am not even a baseball enthusiast.

I am a lefthander. Translation. Kaliwete. Readers who are lefthanded too, raise your right hand. pretty please.

What ? Your parents forced you to write in your right hand when you were young? Tagoneknek naman.

Not with me. My momsy knew human anatomy and physiology, i.e. controlling functions for us left handed people are in our right side of the brain. She believed that forcing me to write with my right may confuse the messages sent to the brain to process. In short baka raw ako Malucrecia Kasilag (malokaloka.) Hindi nila alam naging Sisa na ako na ang tipong mga dayalog, nasaan si Basilio, Crispin huwag ka nang magtago sa guwardiya sibil....hahaha.

Ooops sandali. tuloy ang wento.

Old folks, however, have their own beliefs and superstitions that include among others, that left handed people are evil.

That is because right has always been associated with good. The thief who was promised paradise by Jesus Christ was on the Latter's right..At the end of the world. those who are asked to go to God’s right would receive salvation while those on the left, would be damned to suffer eternal fire. Judas Escariot was painted by Da Vinci to be seated at the left side of the Savior . And of course, the commies are also known as lefties or leftists.

My aunt was one of them. Whenever she paid us a visit, she would slap my hand when she saw me writing with my left. I was raised to respect the elders, so I obliged but the moment, she turned her back, I made faces as I switched from right to left. hahaha.Salbaheng bata me.

When I went to school, no one would like to be my seatmate. I took over the whole desk when I write. Para bang nabili o na ba yon although meron pa naman siyang one fourth ng desk. Masama pa ba yon ?

So my teacher would give me one desk at the back or one desk in front. Solo ko. That is kung merong sobrang upuan. Kung wala, pahinog ang katabi ko.

At a young age, I realized I was different from my classmates especially when I heard the comment. AY KALIWETE, to which I would retort with an one eyebrow raised..Eh ano ngayon ?

But Kaliwete has another connotation. It means unfaithful. Taksil sa pag-ibig.

So the remark, kaliwete ka pala ...should be ended with pagsulat or else, sasagutin ko siya ng sa lahat ng bagay, paghugas pinggan...kaliwete ako sa pagkain... the spoon in my left and the spork in my right...kaliwete rin akong sumapak ng tao pag sinabing kaliwete rin ako sa pag-ibig. Anong kaliwete ?

Kaliwa’t kanan kamo. Eykkk. Ibig hong sabihin, mas makanan siya o makaliwa, mamahalin ko pa rin siya. Pakipadala nga sa mail ng isa.

The Ca t


At 11:11 PM, Blogger Mec said...

i must admit even i comment that way sis...

it's like saying... SUHI KA PALA

you know it happens a lot of times... it's just that the other way/thing has happened more times... :)

At 11:22 PM, Blogger Abe said...

Hi Cath!

Just want to follow-up kung me problem ka pa rin sa Blogger API.

At 12:29 AM, Blogger R. O. said...

cup-italism. mwehehehe

At 2:31 AM, Blogger watson said...

Hello Ca T ! I share your sentiments, although I think I lived in a more open environment for left-handedness when I was young because I don't remember my hand being tapped on as a sign of disagreement. Others experienced that, however. I wrote about my left-handed experience here.

At 3:37 AM, Blogger Apol said...

si pia ko mukhang kaliwete din sya, pero pinapabayaan ko na lang. may nabasa rin kasi akong article tungkol dito eh. hirap na baka nga malito si pa sya...

At 6:28 AM, Blogger cathcath said...

suhi nga ako mec,
kayahindi tumatagal ang tinik sa aking lalamunan.

nakapublish na ako kagabi.

i read your blog about capitalism...

magiging matalino yan. aray .
nagbuhat lang ng banko si pusa, nabato na naman.

puwede tayong magtabi sa desk.

At 2:24 PM, Blogger aa said...

nakakasulat ako sa kanan di lang kasing linaw ng kaliwa. nasa kanan din ang lakas ko (backpack, pagbubuhat ng timba, paglaro ng dart kanan).


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