Thursday, March 10, 2005

The Invented Guilt

Dear mouse,

Religion invented guilt.Offend the Supreme God and you will be cursed. Offend the Creator and you will be punished. He is a vindictive GOD. That is exactly what Bishop Christian Noel (what a name)conveyed in his statement regarding the poisoning and death of the children in Bohol.

The bishop believes the tragedy is a sign from God telling Catholics that if they go against the framework of the moral law and His commandments,” then something will happen to us.”

This Ca t has a direct line to the big boss.

So I texted Him.

Y did u kill dos inosent children? blah blah.

He did not text back, He left a message in my voice mail.

With the booming voice, He said:

What the h...are u talking about? Cassavas are poisonous. Am not guilty of the crime. If they are going to consult the CSI, they will be educated as to how cassava can turn into a deadly cyanide .

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I called back. His cell phone is engaged. Must be St. Peter, betting on the online cock derby so I left a message. "GOD is that you ? You sound like John Malkovich. Which CSI, Vegas, Miami or New York?"

The Ca t


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