Saturday, May 14, 2005

The Empire that Star Wars built

Dear mouse,

George Lucas, the producer of the most popular film series in history, Star Wars is moving the Headquarters of Lucasfilm from his Skywalker Ranch to the 350 million Golden Gate home in Presidio, San Francisco.

Who would not remember Presidio?

When my lady boss picked me up from San Francisco Airport that day of Wednesday and welcomed me to the Golden State, she jokingly told me that I need to kiss a stone in a park near the Golden Gate.

That was Presidio.

She got lost in the winding roads of the place that we had to stop and asked some joggers in order to find the exit.

The next time, I heard about Presidio was from an office temp. She was a wife of a military guy and the family used to live in the military barracks inside Presidio. Her autistic son died in the apartment that he set on fire while the mother was out for a few minutes to get some goods from the nearby store.

When the place was up for sale, my former employer who had lived in the vicinity for 40 years made his last stroll to show me where he taught his son to ride a bike; where they jogged in the morning or merely looked up at trees that had been there for centuries, it was their playground. Now, it is George Lucas'.

Yes the empire is not in the universe, it is just a few minute- ride away.

The Ca t


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