Saturday, May 22, 2004

Afterlife-Talk Trash to me

Dear Mouse,
A psychic told me that I was once an Egyptian princess. That could explain my fascination for my bangles, bangs and other bling blings.

But never it occured to her that her headgear must have been an afterlife of soda bottles.

According to Nancy Kalish the author of the article Talkin'Trash,(Readers'Digest, April 2004) the plastic is chopped into small flakes, cleaned of contaminants , melted and extruded into fibers which are then spun to create yarn or other materials.

A vehicular bridge in New Jersey was built largely from strong-as -polymer recycled plastics.

When I was confined in a Philippine hospital for a surgery, I cannot help but admire the creativity of the nurses in recycling stuff that are meant for trash bins into beautiful Christmas decors.

There is cash in trash. My friend is collecting anything recyclable. The beneficiary will be his local church back home. He would organize the poor boys of the parishioners into a male choral group.

It increased my consumption of bottled water and canned soda. gulp...

The CA t


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