Saturday, May 22, 2004

Short Cuts

Dear Mouse,
I activated my other blog. It is entitled CAT's short cuts. It is the other side of me...the right side. Left handed kasi ako.

I will make the link later.

Let me inisize you.(translation..inisin) by using a cliche. It's deja vu all over again. After the 1986 election, there were two inaugurations for the "elected presidents" Aquino and Marcos.

There is a possibility that this would happen again with GMA and FPJ both claiming victory in the recently concluded election.

They say history repeats itself...

CA t sez, the worst thing that happened when history repeats itself in the Philippines is we always ended up with two presidents. It's worse today. We have three.

Cat thinks that FPJ believes in the story that Muslims loved him so much as an actor that they are going to storm the theater and create chaos if a movie shows that he does not triumph at the end.

Off he went to Mindanao and announced that he won but the administration's candidate is out to deprive him of victory. Shades of batang nagsusumbong at humihingi ng kakampi. So what does he expect now?

When my brods were still in their shorts, they loved to play tumbang preso. kampi kampi. The losers usually were pikon that they pelt the battered cans with more stones just to incite fight from the other group. It was forgivable. They were kids.

Our politicians were no better than these kids. Mas sobrang pikon. They rather see a country in chaos than to admit defeat and move on.

Next time, there should be a qualification to run for the highest positions in the land. Must be emotionally mature.

The CA t


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