Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Epitaph, Enrique and Restyo

Dear Mouse

I was struck by Enrique Zobel's request for a very simple epitaph. The "taipan of taipans" decided to explore if there is really life after death. He died two days ago. For a very successful businessman, he did not want a memorial to remember him by. Only his name and a picture will do. No words of wisdom, no poem and no names. Just like an ordinary man of no wealth and no fame, he would return to dust and soon would be forgotten.

Resty's blog dealt also about death as equalizer. He asked readers to answer questions that the Friday Five did not dare to raise...about death. (morbid mo ha)

Resty wrote:

You're holding today's paper? Good. Go straight to the obituary page. Since a lot of people are dying these days, allow me to further ruin your appetite by talking about your own death. Imagine for a minute that you have already died. Visualize your name on the obit box.

1. How big would you like the font to be?

Cat :If I chose to be buried in the family plot, I like 72.

2. And would it be Garamond or Arial Black, please?
Cat :I prefer Jokerman with neon lights.

3..What would your epitaph of preference be?

Cat: simple tablet of stone with one word. WHO ?

4. Who are the people you expect to be mourning over your untimely demise?

Cat: My creditors. I would max the credit card. The insurance beneficiaries would rejoice for the bonanza.

5.If you could make a choice, what would be your most preferred way to go?

Cat:Yong kumakanta pa ng Goodbye, farewell, it is time to say goodbye.

6. Is cremation an option?

Cat:Definitely. I will have some of my ashes strewn in the ocean. Should a fish that has unluckily ingested some of my remains be caught and eaten by a person who bore a grudge on me, I declare no responsibility for the untimely demise of both. Bwahahaha
Some of my ashes will be scattered in the garden so flowers may bloom with smileys on their petals.

Some of my ashes will be scattered in the air so I may give allergy to people whose only virtue is vanity. Hat---sing.

7. Sorry, I just want to make you feel a little bit uncomfortable today. Expectorants can be such a a gadfly. Am I successful at it?

Cat: No. Mental note: leave the lights on tonight.

The CA t


At 2:01 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahahahaha ur crazy cathy, i swear

At 2:01 AM, Blogger R. O. said...

hahahahaha ur crazy cathy, i swear

At 2:07 AM, Blogger R. O. said...

hahahaha, ur crazy Cat,i swear

At 6:47 AM, Blogger Sassy Lawyer said...

Eh, pag spirit ka na lang na lulutang-lutang, ano plano mo sa mga kinaaasaran mo nung nabubuhay ka pa?

At 9:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

marami dito sa estet ang nagkakasakit dahil sa nakaing isda. Ganoon din ang balak ko, maging toxin ang aking
ashes at sila ay mangati oras na makain nila.
Kung spiritu na lang ako, mumultuhin ko sila. Hihintayon kong pumunta sila sa bathroom at habang nakaupo sila doon ay saka ko sila sisigawan ng BOOO.

The CA t


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