Thursday, April 29, 2004

I checked mine

Dear mouse,
This is not a late entry. Check the post date. I want to put this on record.

Another leaf had fallen. Nick Joaquin passed away. So was Quijano de Manila.

While some of my fellow bloggers can take pride in having hobnobbed with the Man, I must admit i did not have the same opportunities as theirs.

I was introduced to his writings at the time when the non- life forms that replaced the Nancy Drew books inhabiting my bed were spy thrillers and detective stories. The list of the readings in our literature class included his work with "two navels" in the title. My knee-jerk reaction was to check mine. Very interesting title. It made me read it to find out what it was all about.

Filams who never have the chance to read any of his works, go to manuel quezon lll to read a sample.

Two birds in one stone. You will get to know about the Great Man's writing style and the Great Quezon Family.

The CA t


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