Monday, June 30, 2003

Cute I wrote something for the blog yesterday. Something about losing a purse due to AADD as my bro must have called it. But my system was going crazy again. It kept me logging off and prevented me from reading my mails. argh argh. Then the accident happened. I cut my forefinger. I am a bleeder so the small gush looked like I severed a vein but it may be a very minute blood vessel only. When we were young, I had the same accident. I remembered my MCGyver-mom putting cigarette to an open wound minus the wrapper to stop the bleeding. My bro used to tease me that the food I eat would come out of the wound leaving me weak and hungry all the time. I imagined myself emaciated and dying because of the small wound. I got scared. Kids...they are cute and silly ...even during the fearful moments in their lives. I found this topic about kids from the eyes of grown-ups cute. Dear W et al, For now, gusto ko shallow lang sana, but am getting deeper, as am feeling blue. I better try to go to bed. The kids are leaving mid-AM. Am in pain and can't sleep again. I feel disoriented. For the first time, parang I've missed something. They grow so very fast, nakakalungkot and ang ganda-ganda nila because of their warm and happy personality. They're independent, disciplined, funny, loving and yes, artistic. I love the feel of their little hands stroking me, kissing me. Its heart breaking to see them go. Have a good week, W Philamgypsy Dear Pgee, Are you experiencing a "separation anxiety" or this pain you carry is physical? I hope you were able to catch a good sleep. I turned in early too but sleep seems to claim me, that I believe is a result from overstretched physical and mental exercise. Yes dear, the hands of little innocent kids feel good as they touch you, kiss you, as they run their little fingers into your hair combing them, as they beam a cheerful smile with glittering eyes and ask you the many whys without assuming any answer.... leaving you in awe, more touched and filled with the wonders of them...all. Then, you can just breathe in the wisdom of the youngs. Now dear, allow me to be childlike as I try to give you the same touch.... deep down in your I can take it shallow if it deles out the blues. Come! Wanderlust Dear Diary, Do you remember the youngest Von TRapp kid when she saw Maria? She showed her bandaged little finger. I do not look like her when I was a kid but my finger looks like hers nowadays and my mouse keeps saying ouch that hurts. The CAT

Friday, June 27, 2003

Samot-sari Among the samot-samot forwarded to me by my brother, I picked two of them. 1. Anak: Dear Itay, padalhan mo ako ng pera kasi ang mga damit ko pinagkakain ng mga daga. Itay: Dear Anak, wala akong pera. Kung gusto mo, meron dito pusa. Gross. This newly ordained CAT eats veggies and fish only. I do not want to be seen eating dead poultry made stiff with some cornstarch and cooking oil. I was home early. Witthout airconditioning unit, I feel like I am back in the Philippines So what that has to do with my food preferences ? Because it was pretty warm, I got a quick shower after I put small slices of salmon in a casserole, add some teriyaki sauce and mushroom and little oil. I must have lingered in the shower long enough to see that my dinner for the night burnt into stone-like volcanic vomits after they cooled off. Oh well, half of the slices were still salvageable.Salmon with mushroom. Overoverover welldone. Thank you. story 2 Isang babae bumili ng asukal. Inabot ng tindera, pero sabi ng babae, "Miss,asin itong binigay mo sa akin." Tindera: Hindi, asukal yan. Minarkahan lang naming "Asin" para hindi langgamin. This reminds me of my college days when the barkadas used to switched sugar with salt in the sxchool canteen , waited for the victims and burst into suppressed laughters after watching the victims blurt in “unprintable” profanities. Bad, bad, bad…. rinnggg Friend: your phone does not ring. CAT: how cum I picked up the phone? Friend: No really, it took a while before it started ringing. CAT: Baka, sleeping pa siya. Friend: Was that the old phone ? CAT: You guessed it right, you win one broken answering machine. Friend: Where is the phone system, I gave you to replace that unit you bought from a fire sale. CAT: Hindi naman fire sale. Yard lang. Friend: Ganiyan, ka you don’t appreciate what I give u by using it. CAT:I appreciate it naman ano. Ganda nga eh. Muk’a siyang maiit na laptop and the numbers you dial appear in the screen. Made in Japan. Cool and high tech. Friend: So why are u not using it? CAT: Because I do not know how to install it. Friend: There is an instruction manual. CAT: Can your read Japanese ? This CAT can only speak little French and Latin. Friend: Like what? CAT: ' TU as grossi Friend: What that does mean? CAT: You put on a little weight. Friend: Bangs the phone CAT: Oew…that hurts. . Dear Diary, How could I be so insensitive by being straightforward. I could have just said. “ Je pense que la robe est trop petitie pour vous. Translation: I think the dress is too small for you. She lost her sense of humor. Meow

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

SPAM REVISITED Methinks that the long months of tossing spam day in and day out made my brain develop an alert station in my finger tips that triggers the reflex action of typing block and send before my snake pointer can shed its skin to assume the form of an arrow. It seems spamming is a very lucrative and effective sales strategy that no amount of threat of legal actions can diminish its proliferation. Ringgggg Friend: Open a spam Cat: Am not hungry. Friend: I mean spam mail Cat: No Friend: Sige na CAT: Ayaw Friend: Just one CAT: Kulit mo. Sabi na ayaw eh. Why ba? Friend: Kasi ako inopen ko three. CAT: ‘ ahaaaa, naghahanap ko noong…nong.. Friend: viagra ? not need that yet. CAT: Xxxxrated ? Friend: Shower at shampoo ka. Dumi sa utak lang yan. CAT: Baba ko phone. Friend: Sige , di kita turuan ng html. CAT: Oke, what do you want me to see sa spam. Friend: Hanapin mo yong nag-oofer ng instant ordination. CAT: ' No yan? Friend : Yon yong you just pay so much tapos magiging minister ka na. CAT: Syanga ? Saang Church ka naman magmiminister ? Friend: Di start you own church. O kaya ride ka sa malaking church kagaya ni Mike Velarde. CAT: Di naman minister yon ano. Friend: Pero may congregation siya. Di lalo na kung Reverend ka. CAT: Hmmmm, so gusto mong maging minister ? Friend: No, ikaw ang gusto kong maging minister. CAT: Eh ano ang role mo ? Friend: Ako ang in charge sa collection. CAT: Utak criminal ka talaga. Friend: Hindi yon. Just think about the lives that you would touch, the broken hearts that you are going to heal, the pockets that you are going to rip open(guffaws). CAT: Oo nga ano, I can minister to the sick, to the dying, to the people who needed to be inspired… Friend: Sige, pag-isipan mo. Tawag ako ni Mommy. Drive ko raw siya. CAT: Bless you my child hehehe Ringggg CAT: ow ‘nong nangyari ?…ooops God, is that you ? GOD: (with heavenly voices and thunder and lightning in the background) You cannot be a minister. CAT: Pati ba naman sa phone conversation, YOU eavesdrop. GOD: Besides being Omniscient, marami akong techies /hackers here. CAT: You are against the idea of me becoming a minister because I am woman. GOD: NO, with these sex scandals of my priests and Church princes left and right, I would like to see women in frock. CAT: What is it then ? GOD: You are a CAT. CAT: That is discrimination. I can sue you for that. GOD: You are suing ME? CAT: Yeah, I know you got no lawyers up there. GOD: I am allergic to CATs. Dogs go to heaven but CATS go to special place where your hair cannot reach my nostril. Achooooo CAT: Bless you. GOD: Thank you (hangs up) Rinngggg Answering machine: You have reached the number of REVEREND CAT. Please leave a message after beep. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep.

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

June 24 Saint John the Baptist. Araw ng Maynila and pista sa San Juan. Pista ng San Juan is "basaan". Young and old people alike lined up the streets and throw water to passersby.I do not know if this is still practised back home and if it is, do they throw the bottled water too. (corn, mainit pa). We, ladies do not want to get caught in "wet look" fashion so we always brought with us some extra clothes. Since this is a holiday in Manila, we accepted invitation (accepted daw oh, he was usually arm- twisted to make handa and invite us) from our classmate who unfortunately lived in that domain of the deposed President Estrada. A forever girl scout in heart, we went to the battle prepared; I with an umbrella, my friend in her funny-looking raincoat and the other friend with a soap.(she said just in case she needed to take a shower). hehehe The Saint was a baptist and throwing water symbolizes his works of cleansing the people of the original sin in preparation for the Coming and Acceptance of the Mesiah. Methinks that if water symbolizes cleansing, it will take the whole Pacific Ocean to make the corrupt politicians sparklingly clean and very dead. Dear Diary, One thing that they should remember is, children can baptize their dolls but never a Cat. mweheehehe The CAT

Monday, June 23, 2003

The thing they call love. I read also other blogs that are more of personal diaries that chronicle their anxieties when they lost their jobs; anger and disappointment, when they were betrayed and sorrow and depression when they are broken -hearted. I do express my innermost feelings but I write in metaphors, similes and allegories. I do not go near my desktop when my rage level can set the alarm code red. I go to bed when it pertains to the emotions controlled by hypothalamus. Yes, I have been expert to that suppression that friends asked me if I ever have a heart. Meron naman ano. But the reason why I did not blog for two days can be explained in the following conversation. Friend: Di ka nagblog ha. CAT: Hindi, nakabasa kasi ako ng ibang blog, naiyak ako. Friend: What about? Love story va ? CAT: OO, nafind niya na may ibang love yong kaniyang MU. Friend: Eh MU lang pala eh. CAT: Bakit love na rin yon di ba. Friend: Hoy makinig ka. Ang MU ay yong akala ni babae, boyfriend niya si lalaki, pero si lalaki hindi nya alam na boyfriend siya ni babae. CAT: Di ba pag MU kayo Mutual Understanding na. Kayo na nga. Friend: So anong nangyari doon sa blogger ? CAT: Sinundan ko yong diary niya…may time na sweet yong lalaki, may time na formal makipag-usap sa cell phone. Friend: Day, ganito yon. Pag sweet ang lalaki, wala siyang katabing girl friend o asawa, Pag sumagot siya ng yes madam, no madam, at your service madam, asahan mo may katabi at kasama siyang naririnig siyang may kausap.. CAT: Tindi mo , authority ka nga pala sa mga iniwan at pinagtaksilan. Friend: Naku ha, Confidential secretary po ako noon ng isang Casanova. Pag nandito si Mrs. Behave siya sa mga phone calls. CAT: Ganoon nga ang nangyari sa blogger. At di niya alam kaibigan pala niya yong girl friend noong akala niya boyfriend niya. Friend: Wawa naman siya noh? CAT: oo pero naawa naman ako kay Princess Diana. Friend: Bakit naman nasingit pati ang patay na princesa sa hindi mo pagblog. CAT: Kasi nabasa ko engaged na sina Pince Charles at si Lady Camella. Friend: So ? CAT: Binigyan pa ng engagement ring na $ 500,000 worth. Friend: So ? CAT: Aalisin na nila ang tradition na ang King ang head of the Anglican Church para puwede na rin siyang King kahit asawa niya diborsyada. Friend: Bibigyan din kita ng dolar para maghanap ka ng kausap. Labo mo. Eh ano nga ang sinisintir mo ? CAT: Kasi naisip ko lang na all this time, mula nang pakasalan ni Prince Charles si Di at hangagang she died, wala talaga siyang love sa kaniya. Friend:Ay Day, di ka nga nanood ng soap opera, panay naman ang panood mo kay Regine at kay Kwris. CAT:Kawawa naman si Princess Di. Friend: at dahil doon hindi ka nagblog. CAT: Naawa ako sa blogger at kay Princess Di. Dear God, Thank you for not making me a princess. The CAT GOD: You're welcome. (sounds of clap and thunder)

Saturday, June 21, 2003

MAHIRAP MAGPALAKI NG ANAK (MAGULANG) A friend who is a mother to a 3 year old boy gave me a call. Friend: How cum there are schools for almost all professions but there is not a single school for being a parent. CAT: Why ? Friend: I enrolled my son in a special school, you know that. CAT: So how is he ? Friend: He can talk now... CAT: Dat's great. I used to hear old folks say that to make a child with speaking impediment talk, let him eat the bleep bLeep bleep of a pig. Friend: I am serious…. CAT: Who sez, you’re not. SO am I. Friend: My boy can already say I will call the police. CAT: Whoo, bakit, you make bugbog of your boy ba ? Friend: NO naman ano. Anong ‘kala mo sa akin, Child abuser. CAT: Do you punish him as in you make bitin him sa bubong ? Friend: Ikaw ha, sobra ang imagination mo. CAT: SO how do you punish him ? Like when sinikmuraan niya yong little girl doon sa birthday party. Friend: Well, I tell him, it is wrong and I make palo sa kamay ano. CAT : If he is my son, I am going to launch his movie career. Action star. Parang si Robin Padilla, parang si Joseph Estrada. Baka maging presidente pa. Diva. Friend: Pano ko kaya siya mapapatino. The counselor in his school advise us not to spank him. He is going to hate us for it. CAT: Sabi nga Bette Davis, you are not a parent if one time or another, your child did not hate you. Friend: Sino yon? CAT: Malay ko. Artista yon di ba ? Dear CAT, There is no school to become a successful parent but the home is a learning environment where the parents and the children are teachers and pupils at the same time. It should be a two-way learning process., not from top to bottom only because the parents are as confused as the children in dealing with situations that are thought to be handled with “if I am late start the crisis without me". Human Pet Dear HP, I believe you not because you impress me but I chanced to read the book you were reading last night when it fell to my head, a few minutes after you started reading it. Experience has taught me that the crisis model of young people is one which is a maze of anxiety, riotous swings of moods and rebelliousness. They also hold to inflexibly high ideals. My brother once saved a portion of his allowance for a leather jacket. He got to have one just like my older brother, you know the older-brother-hero-worship-kind of-thing stage.. After a few months, he found that his savings were not enough even for one sleeve of the jacket. . He asked my mom to give him money so he can buy his dream jacket. My mom thought that it was foolish to buy a leather jacket that he would outgrow in a few months. She said no. My brother rebelled. Normal for a child undergoing a turbulent passage from one stage to another so a psychiatrist/psychologist would say. He used all his money to buy grapes. My mom suspected that it was a deliberate reaction to spite her.Like Judge Judy, she handed the verdict. He was to be grounded for a week and he should eat all the grapes.(Methinks that I was doing him a favor when I offered to share his punishment by eating half). I considered the first punishment was over as in uber. The second was not a punishment until I saw my brother becoming tipsy as he finished the last few pieces.. Lessons learned by my brother: Eating grapes is intoxicating. He did not need to be forcibly grounded, He stayed in bed because of hangover. Next time he rebels he would buy a different kind of fruit. Lesson learned by mom: Deny your son something that he wanted would make him buy fruits. Next time he rebels, she prayed he would buy vegetable so she can make him eat some. Lesson learned by me. If ever I am going to be in the shoes of my brother, I would buy variety of food stuffs, so that when my mom punishes me to eat them all, I have a complete meal. The CAT

Friday, June 20, 2003

CATs and DOGS Mihi ignosce. Cum homine de cane debeo congredi Translation: excuse me, I have to see a man about a dog. Stray dogs back home are askals. But wait a minute, there are no more askals. They are the vanishing breed. They end up as “pulutan” of the tambay sa kanto.woof woof. In India however, an askal became a ( hold that spoon ) a groom for a nine year old girl. Kung di ba naman!!!!!!!! The marriage of the dog to the girl was meant to break an evil spell .According to the Hindustan Times, the tribe believed that tooth that grew in her upper gum is evil. Their family, however is so poor that they cannot afford a dowry to offer a boy to marry the girl. Dear Diary, I remember, I got a crush on my classmate when I was a grader until he showed me that tooth that grew in his upper gum. Last time I heard about him, he was whining he married a BITCH. The CAT If you think that bizarre beliefs are true only in remote bucolic countryside of Third World Country, think again. A person I know who recently lost her car to carnappers was advised by some ethnic people who have long migrated in the US to buy two turtles to break the bad luck. She cannot find a logical explanation for such a purchase. IS she going to cook the turtles or going to keep them as pets. Dear Diary, Shall I tell her the reason ?. Turtles make good bodyguards, especially when they changed into NINJA turtles. Whoaaaa. The CAT Still about dogs. A man with collections of canine portraits was recognized by the Book of Records of India. The Asian News International quoted him that it is his love for dogs that inspired him to paint the man’s best friend. Dear Diary, I should start collecting my portraits too. Ermmm I should start being kind to my human pet. The CAT Human pet: Fac ut vivas (Translation: GET A LIFE)

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

PAIN, PAIN GO AWAY I am tripping down memory lane when we used to sing Rain, rain go away please come back another day, little (insert name) wants to play. When the rain did not go away, we rushed outside the moment our mom turned her back. We did not sing in the rain ; we merely screamed on top of our lungs as we felt the heavy downpour coming from the broken dustpout like a big bath shower minus the sprinklers. Then after we were dry and warm, we would eat hot porridge or deep fried thinly sliced yam (our local version of French fries) . Dear Diary, It is now I realized the truth in my mom’s words. Enjoy your childhood for it is the moment whensimple joys can make you feel that the world is a beautiful place to live in. Sa madaling salita-mababaw ang kaligayahan. The CAT This time, the song is pain, pain go away, do not ever come back etc. etc...any day. I got a pain in the neck, figuratively and literally speaking. I used my personal holiday leave to be able to stay home even just for one day, resolved to get a good rest by staying in bed. No phone calls even if it comes from jerk who informs me that I won a trip to WZXYS wherever it is and all I have to do is to call a number. So without the knowledge of my human pet, I changed the message in the answering machine. Meow, meow, meow, meow no this is definitely not Dexter’s message to get him his favorite cat-food. Translated to pitiful human tongue, this is what my message says: Hello, Hello, speak louder please, I cannot hear you. That’s better. Now leave a message after the beep.This is a recording. Dear Diary, So you think it is funny? Wait till you hear my brother’s collections of weird answering messages and the once-upon-a time holiday-themed-song-answering- messages of my sister. I cannot remember the song she sang for Halloween. The CAT

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

BLAH BLAH BLAH When ladies are on the phone for two hours, what do they talk about, you may ask. A lot. Friend: what do u think, is Bishop Bacani guilty or not? Cat: I do not care if he is guilty or not. At least babae, dito sa States, mga boys. Friend: Naku ha ayaw ko niyang sagot mo. CAT: Ayaw ko rin ng sagot ko dahil may mga tanong ako. usually takes more than one lascivious act before a victim cries wolf. 2. Bacani is a candidate for the position of Cardinal Sin when he retires this year. 4.He is also the Spiritual adviser (whatever that means ) to the El Shaddai group. Isa pa kung totoo man yon ay puwede siyang kumanta ng Sapagkat’ Kami ay Tao lamang, duet ni Bishop Yalung.Kya lang ang question eh, bakit pinabayaan ng simbahan na lumabas sa press ? Friend: Ibig mong sabihin, marami pang kasong ganito ? CAT: Panahon pa ni Maria Clara. Day. Friend: Ay ayaw ko niyan. Kasi dati may crush akong pari, pero iniwasan ko na. CAT: anong nangyari ? Hindi ka hinarass sexually? Friend:Kahit gusto kong isexually harass niya ako, di puwede. CAT: bakit preferred niya boys? Friend: Hindi ha. CAT: Bakit nga? Hirap mo naming kausap. Bigyan kaya kita ng dollar para maghanap ka ng ibang kausap. Friend:Sige na nga. Ganito yon. Tuwing Linggo, nagcommunion ako para makita ko siya sa malapitan. Sabi niya BODY OF CHRIST. Sabi ko SAME TO YOU. CAT: hahahahaha Friend: sige pagtawanan mo ako. Bababa ko ang telepono. CAT: Subukan mo magleleave ako ng message sa answering machine mo. Uubusin ko yong 18 minutes recording time. Friend:Bago na lang tayo ng topic. CAT: oksee. Alam mo ba na yong girl friend ni Bishop Yalung, nanganak na naman. Friend: Eh yon pa rin ang topic. CAT: Oo nga ano ?Eh nabalitaan mo yong Bishop dito sa States na involve sa hit-and-run? Friend: Ibig mong sabihin kagaya ni Bishop Yalung. Binuntis tapos iniwanan. CAT: Eh balik na naman tayo sa topic. Friend: Sige baguhin natin. Dear GOD, Why does the church require the priests to be celibate? They do not get pregnant anyway. Ooops. The CAT GOD in his booming VOICE. IT WAS NOT I. CAT: Okay, do not get mad. just asking.

Monday, June 16, 2003

SAMUT-SAMOT Samut-samot is the Tagalog word for Miscellaneous. I want to use Tagalog words from my newly bought Tagalog-English dictionary. oooops that should have been a secret. I want to impress some people that I know the meanings of "malalim" na Tagalog. There were a lot of books in that booth of Filipino-made products and crafts, namely..Ibong Adarna...( i was tempted to buy it), Mga Kuwento ni Lola Basyang, Florante at Laura. Rare books really. **************************** My friend just gave birth to a baby girl. This is their first-born. Welcome to Planet Earth Baby. Next in the calendar is the Christening. **************************** I was out the whole day Saturday so Sunday, I decided to stay home. ringggggggg Friend: hello...wassup hey Me: Wassup yourself.. blah blah blah Friend: do you know that we're talking for 1 hours 49 minutes and 35 secs. Me: I didn't call, u did. Friend: i am using my cell phone, free 3000 minutes weekend. I have few hours more. Me: kya pala..byebye, i got stiff neck. alreadi. ring ringgggg Friend: hey..tsika tayo. Me: its long distance... Friend. I just switched to another carrier.... Me: okay Friend...I got a tsismis ....u remember... Me: talaga ? blah blah... Friend...gotta go. I got to pick up my mom Me: Okay Friend: Could not believe it, we've been talking for 2 hours. Me: I guessed so, my whole body is stiff. Four hours marathon...can somebody take me out from the couch. araaaay rinnnggggg Answering machine: HI, sorry, I miss your call. if you are a telemarketer, just leave your name and message and i will not call you back. If you want to reach the CAT, sorry she cannot come to the phone right now. She is literally stiff-necked. .

Friday, June 13, 2003

FRIDAY THE 13TH The most dreaded day of the year. But why 13 ? and why Friday?. It could not be because of the Last Supper. You know 12 apostles and Jesus. There were 13 of them but it was not Friday. It was Thursday or was it ? Besides, this superstition preceded the Chistian's Last Supper and Good Friday crucifixion. Considering that many primitive customs were "adopted" by the early Christians, in order to make it easier to reach the pagans and convert the non-Christians, it is not surprising if this was a supersition of ancient religions. This may not even superstition at all. I am thinking of a possibility that there were activities that people of authority would like to limit to 12 so that they conveniently spread the rumor that one more visitor will result into bad luck of the thirteenth diner. Rumors passed on soon become facts and embed in the beliefs and practices of the society. I do not know, I am just a CAT. Methinks that ancient people would not like to count after 12, not only ancient but also those people who designed the multiplication table. But why bad luck? Is it realerymamqwtyy,, bad luck?mbgns,qwtyr. Dear Diary, How come my ksyboard is typ,-=ing strange? Is it because it is Friday the 13th today ? The CAT Diary: No, it is because of the minute sunflowers' seeds under the keys. Time to clean it CAT. The CAT

Thursday, June 12, 2003

CIS (Call-in-SICK) I got a sore throat. I cannot talk, so I was not able to blog yesterday. Today, I just copied what I have posted in a forum. The cat yawns AGAIN. The Erap camp tried all  strategies in their desperate attempt to save him from the plunder case. 1.Foment a class revolt Status-done Outcome:  the revolt  was a dud. The deposed President lower class supporters were not paid enough to lay down their lives for their  idol. The fomentor was apprehended and was charged of rebellion.  He asked for an air conditioned detention cell. Dear Marginalized Class, Now that is what you call asking for a classy custody at the people's expense. Class dismissed. The CAT  2. file motions after motions as delaying tactics status: done outcome: The courts thrashed the motions. The defense lawyers cried that there is no justice in the judicial system Dear Liars ermm lawyers, Do not be a fox. The grapes are not really sour. If there is no justice, it is time to surrender the license to practice and plant kamote. The CAT 3.request to travel abroad for health reasons status: done outcome: request denied. Medical experts posited that surgery can be done in the local hospitals. Dear Doc, I know of a popular evangelist  who claimed that he checked in at a famous hospital in order to have his blood pressure checked. It is cheaper to use the digital sphygmomanometer. According to the  survey conducted in the Catdom, health conditions top the list of reasons for flying to the USA for people who are evading or avoiding the Philippines laws. Matuluyan sana.  The CAT 4.Attack the integrity of the judicial system and incite the howling mob for support Status: done Outcome: The howling mob dwindled into a few disgruntled individuals asking for money down before joining the crowd. Mahirap na, laging naloloko. On the way to the court, something hilarious happened;  the fallen idol admitted in the full of view of the camera what the lawyers have been trying to establish as pure circumstantial if not hearsay. Dear Liars ermm Lawyers, There is a saying that fish is caught in the mouth.  There are fishes which eyes are bigger than their brains. There are fishes which brains are nothing but slimy membranes lodged in their small heads. People are no different. Magpies think that people think alike. Their brains are in their mouths. Not the real magpies. The magpies in the board. The CAT . Fire the lawyers and play underdog Status: done Outcome:His appearance in the Court in slippers was a bomb in the box office. A has- been actor, he did not realize that he is no longer a hearttrob except to one ageing magpie. Robin Padilla is the hero of the masa while Cesar Montano is adored by both male and female fans. Dear Fans, The movie was withdrawn due to lack of moviegoers. Nilangaw sa takilya. The CAT 6.Question the legitimacy of the administration and call for people power from the millions who voted for him. Status: done and ongoing Outcome: I still have to see the crowd that is going to topple the current administration because they wanted the fallen President back. Dear Mob, Can you hear him now ? Can you hear him now ? Can you hear him now ? They must be watching the pirated soap opera. The CAT 7.  Ask for impeachment of the Supreme Court justices YAWN

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY My father was a man of few words.As far as I can recall, he barely talked that today, I could not remember how his voice sounds like. He was not very expressive about his feelings, his affections, his angst and his rage. Good news was met with a simple ermmhm and bad news with emmm. He died when I was still young He also died young. He did not live life to the fullest. He did not live to see his children the way he dreamed us to be. .But come to think of it, if he were alive, I would have finished an engineering degree. My mom told me that he did not want to grow old and become a burden to the family. He did not want to become senile that his grandchildren would make fun of him. I could still remember when we kids believed that Santa Claus was a fat guy with white beard and wearing a red suit. Our dad would put up a Christmas tree and hang socks near the windows. What so exciting about it? There was no daddy in the neighborhood who did that except my dad. Fathers were just too busy doing their manly tasks so that holiday decorating activities were left to the women of the family . At 12 midnight he would wake us up to eat the sumptuous meal that was prepared for the noche buena and allowed us to check what Santa brought us in our socks. Every new year, he would make us pick from a canister , a piece of paper with words of wisdom and fortune reading. These were the years when fortune cookies were never heard of yet. Fascinated by the glistening Christmas balls and colorful bows, I continued the family tradition even when my father had long been gone. Up to now even when there is just a single soul in my place, I see to it that there is one big Christmas tree that reconnected me to the past when my father would carry me in his arms so I can touch the top of the tree. . He worked hard and hard he worked It was his choice. He belonged to a landed family. He need not work. He may have just chosen to wait for his share from the family's estate. The harvests from the coconut plantation, rice farms and fish pens supported the clan for years after my grandparents died He was the youngest. He was brought up never to argue with his older siblings. So when dispute arose because of the landholdings, he simply went away. There were no harsh words spoken . He simply cut off the communication from his family. He vowed never to set foot to his birthplace. Cut from the source of nourishment, an umbilical cord would just dry up and become dust. Not my father. From a carefree and spoiled youngster, the forebearance, discipline and tenacity of spirit grew on him. He did not know the word unemployment or out of job. Wherever there was an opportunity, he would go. We kept on moving that we attended schools for one or two years and transferred again. My brothers can fill up a whole page for the names of the elementary schools they attended. Whatever academic honors they garnered from the school were denied due to lack of residence. He learned his trade. In the last company that he worked with, with the help of an engineer he saved his company, lots of money for assembling the needed heavy duty trucks for the company’s logging business. He could have made a lot money. He was trusted to make the purchases and he could easily have resorted to creative accounting in order to hide overpricing, unwanted materials and personal travel expenses but he didn’t. He would be considered dysfunctional in these times when scams and frauds are being unraveled as if it is the norm in a corporate world. This value was never pounded to our heads but was invested in our veins. The ties that bind us were not expressed in words. We just knew that we were made from the same stock. When I was growing up fatherless, my mom would say that may be our family came from a different mold. If my father was just as depraved as his co-workers in one company where internal control was a joke, we would be wallowing in luxury. At first, I thought that was “stupid” of him. But I myself, turned my back from an opportunity to get employed in one of the graft ridden government agencies where employees are known to have lifestyles that only drug lords, movie stars at their prime and corporate executives whose household expenses’ tabs are even picked up by the company and charged as entertainment expenses can afford. The recommendation came from a well-connected Person. What stopped me from pursuing my carreer in the government was the miserly pay. I was not naïve however not to know that to be able to amass the wealth, I should jump into the mudpools. Sabi nga ni Maricel ayoko ng maputik, ayoko ng masikip… I have never seen him, go out with the boys to drink. Cigarettes were taboo in the house that when my oldest brother got caught smoking, he did not get his belt as what a father would normally do. He bought a pack of cigarette and gave it to my brother. He made my brother puffed one cigarette to another until my brother was in tears begging him to make him stop. I had my shares of transgressions of the house rules. I do not remember him punishing me except for cold shoulder treatment. My cases were referred to my mom. It was my mom who would punish me and told me what my father felt for what I have done. Then he died while he was away from us. He was confined in the hospital for more than a month. My mom practically lived in the hospital to take care of him. That night, she came home to have a decent sleep. I was the only one who was awake. I saw my father or a shadow of my father entered the room. I could not move. He kissed me in the cheeks. He was sad. He was not talking. I knew it was not a dream. His kiss was cold. What I could not understand why he was there and not in the hospital. I thought that he was already well. The next morning, my eldest brother came from the hospital. He talked to my mom. They left together with the word that they are going to get my dad. I was happy because he was coming home. My aunts and uncle did not know. If it was a wish of my dad not to see them, I do not know. But my brothers young as they were ventured out to seek an aunt in the City in the latest address that was known to us. They came after my dad was buried. He was a great husband. He did the laundry for my mom when there was no maid. He did not care when his boss came to see why he was absent and saw him at the backyard washing clothes. He reached for his hand’s boss with his own hands full of bubbles. He was a great father.Down in the country he would bring us to picnic in the waterfall where he would wash the big stuff in the running water while allowing us to make a dip in the pleasantly cold water. The women giggled seeing him do the laundry. But Andres de saya he was not. My mother was just sick. At the end of the day, he would bundle the clothes and blankets and we would walk home with me on his shoulder. I liked typhoons. During this calamity, my dad would pitch a tent inside the house. No cooking, no going out. He would go out and come back with sliced bread, hot pancit and arroz caldo. Picnic. Unfortunately, I have no photo of my dad. Somewhere in between changes of residence, the albums of the family were misplaced and never were recovered. From my mom’s description.. he looked like a movie icon, tall, dark and handsome. He got high bridge nose and deep set eyes. In my memory, I would imagine him as the tall guy who would put me in his shoulder in order to cross a stream or to reach a fruit in a tree; a tall guy who stood in the crowd waiting for me to appear in stage with my awkward dance costume of a duck or balancing lights in my head and my hands while dancing in the tune of Pandanggo sa Ilaw. A tall guy who would stoop to pin my first medal and the other medals to come. A tall guy who would appear in my dream to pin my medal from the battles of life that I have won. Looking back and looking forward, there are challenges and difficulties to overcome but my father left us values that we can use to emerge victorious.

Sunday, June 08, 2003

TWINS Every Saturday, when my mom was alive, I would call her over the phone and we would talk for hours. She was a good storyteller. She kept a scrap book for everything. Her first bus ticket, star photos, news items about her favorite stars and letters. It was from her that I learned about some obscure truths about my family. Among them is that the family belongs to a clan where there are several sets of twins in generations. According to her, we got twin great granduncles who were separated when one left for the Big City and for a long time nothing was heard about him. When he came back, his twin brother had just gotten married. He decided to pay him a visit without informing him of his arrival. He did not knock nor call his brother’s name when he got in his house. He simply sat in a rocking chair at the porch with the intent to surprise him. It was the wife who came out. After she gave him a basket, a list and the money, she went back inside the house. The wife was sending him to the market. The market was a walking distance, so off he went scratching his head. Came, the husband who stealthily dashed to the rocking chair when he heard his wife’s footsteps towards his direction. The wifey came out and asked why he was still there. The husband said that he was waiting for the money, the list and the basket. What he did not tell her was he went to a neighbor to get his winnings from his favorite gambling past time…huweteng. The neighbor was not there and he did not tell the wife that he placed a bet and won. They were #@$^&*( when the neighbor got by. Husband: didn’t I win ? Wife: ahaaa, you’ve been gambling again. So you used the marlet money to place bet in that bleep bleep bleep huweteng. Husband: No, this was yesterday. You have not given me the money yet today. Wife: But I gave you the money. Husband: Not yet Neighbor: But I gave you the money. Husband: What ? I have been looking for you since yesterday to ask for my winnings. You have not given me a cent. Neighbor: But I did. I bumped on you in the market just a while ago. Remember. You were carrying a basket but you were wearing a nice green shirt then. They were in the middle of argument when the twin brother came with the basket of goodies and the winnings. Just like his brother he also do a few chores for his wife such as running to the market, babysitting the kids, cleaning the house, etc… Both scratched their heads. Identical twins indeed. If you think , I am fabricating this story, wait ‘till you hear my twin brothers’funny anecdotes. 1.When they were young, they used to play pranks on our first time visitors. One would conveniently position himself at the foot of the stairwell and the other would be at the entrance of the living room. It amused them to no end whenever they heard the remark would , how in the earth did he do that ? 2. They are so identical in looks that even my father was confused to who was N and who was N. The playful twin would ask allowance from my dad. In a short while, the same twin would ask for an allowance. The other twin would come later. My dad would blurt out..I gave you already your allowances a minute ago… 1. In school, they always belonged to the same section. But problems caused by misidentification, intented and unintented confusions drove the school management to put them in separate sections. It proved to be beneficial to both the teachers and my twin brothers. One can easily pass off as the other twin when any of them would like to ditch off a class. I do not mean they did that all the time. Other reasons included inability to review for a test, feeling sick or would like to be sick…or plain laziness. Bhwahhaaaha 2. When one of the twins got married, the other half was the best man. The groom-to-be and the best man were standing side by side at the foot of the altar when the priest walked in to start the ceremony. He gave the signal to the organist to start the march while he motioned to the not-the-groom-twin to step closer. The priest failed to see the groom-to-be-twin stooping to pick up something from the floor. Seeing the mistaken-groom-twin stubborn to move closer, the priest approached him. When he was a few inches away from the twins, the groom-to-be sprung up from his bent position. The audience laughed when the priest could not figure who was the groom-to-be. Seems like the comedy of errors. My mom said that the twins are born in the succeeding generation. My other twin brother is still single If ever he marries and has children, there should be twins, a boy and a girl. One, I will name Denise and the other Denephew. Mwehehehe

Saturday, June 07, 2003

MEMORIES Now where is it ? I probably put it my coat’s pocket.? Or in my tote bag? Or in my purse ? I better call myself. Ringgggggggggggggggggggggggggggg Got it. It is under the heap of clothes lying around my hamper for laundry. My cell phone. Now where is that darn TV remote. These are reminders to jolt my memory that I cannot write in the post it notes. BTW, where did I put that bright chatreuse-colored post it notes ? *********************** I am on a pensive mood and when I am, I try to recall happy errrm funny moments in my life. Kindergarten class. I found my classmate’s long braided hair beautiful and a good pencil holder. She sat in front of me. The two braids can hold two pencils. Cool. Then she stood up. Her mom was picking her up early. My pencils. They’re gone. The following day, I was moved to another desk. Elementary: I woke up late. My dad was going to drive us to school. My mom believed that an apple a day drives the doctor away. Do not forget to bring one for lunch. I did not forget. My dad dropped us off at the gate and drove away. I happily walked with some students. I got a funny feeling. I looked down. I had only one sock. Elementary: First Thursday. Classes start after lunch. Morning is devoted to confessios for First Friday’s Mass early morning. All students were required to attend. Only those who think they have mortal sins should go to confession, however. Confessional boxes were set up across the hallway or in designated rooms. . I did not consider ditching the class and going swimming was a mortal sin. Only my brother who ratted me to my mom thought so. I did not go to confession. Together with some non-Catholic students who were exempted from religious ceremonies, we went to a classmates’ house. They got trees. Star apples. Those who do not know what a star apple is or kaimito---it is a fruit that does not resemble apple or is shaped like a star. It is colored green or purple, soft white inside and with black seeds. It has a sticky juice that becomes rubber-like when it dries up. We enjoyed picking the fruit and eating them. We completely forgot that classes were going to resume at 1:00. It was half past one. We could not tell a lie when asked for an excuse of being late. The evidence was not circumstantial. The white stuff in my face and our loot of star apples stashed in a torn plastic bag. Wait ‘till my mom heard about it. My brothers are of another breed perhaps… They thought copying in class is a mortal sin. In their first confessions,one of my brothers told the priest. Bless me Father for I have sinned. My sins are…I copied from my seatmate. I copied from my seatmate..I copied from my seatmate. The priest said, okay, tell me your other sins. But father, I copied several times. Mwehehehe. ********************** Right after graduation, I applied for part time teaching in one university that used to be exlusive for girls. It was a Saturday class and a casual day. I was wearing jeans.That was my first day and I was walking along the corridor looking for the assigned room when a huffing and puffing young lady overtook me. Student: Oh I am late. Me: For what. Student: for my class down the hall. Me: Ow Student: Management Class Me: Ow Student: what about you.? Me: My class is also down the hall. Student: We must be classmates. Me: May be. Student: I usually sit at the back so the prof would not see me not paying attention. Got lots of magazines here. Would you like to sit beside me. I can lend you one. I tell you this class would be boring. Me: Ow Student: Come on, sit beside me. Me: Ow, No thank you. I prefer sitting infront. Me: GOOD AFTERNOON LADIES, My name is……Believe me, we will be together for one semester and this class will not be boring. . My name is… Dear Diary, I am a CAT but I can also be a mildmannered bitch. C Being a bitch is far from being mild mannered. Say catty instead. Dear Diary, I am a CAT and I am Cathy. There.

Friday, June 06, 2003

YAWN Phone: Ano tapos na? Hindi pa Ginagawa ko yong map of directions.. Ahhh Kaya lang hindi ko magenerate yong map sa internet ? Bakit? Ang address San Pidro Street di ba ? Hindi, San Pablo. Patay, San Pidro ang inilagay ko sa invitation. hehehe Bakit ? Iniisip ko kasi ST. PETER and ST. PAUL Babaguhin mo ang inivitation. Ano ka nababaliw. Lumipat na lang kayo sa San Pidro. mwheeeeehehe. Dear Diary, Bakit minsan ang corny ko? C Kaibigan: Buti alam mo. E-mail: Howcum you never discuss about your relationships like other bloggers. Well nobody asks. I am asking. Okay. I will describe them using the punctuation marks. First. #$&*@ period.. Second ??????!!!!! period Third @-@ ….question mark. I do not get it. Me too. *********************** I will lull you to sleep. The public relations propaganda and anti propaganda machine of Erap camp is on a high gear. (yawn) They are targeting two birds with one rock (they are not using sling shot).( Yawn) One is Davide and one is Gloria.(yawn) Hilario Davide is being silently pushed to run for Presidency in 2004 by a few civic-oriented groups. Gloria is Gloria. The evil named jealousy turned its eyes green again with the State Visit of the diminutive president gaining her mileage of popularity. Erap never had this kind of reception during his working visit. His was never a state visit. Even his expensive, high-powered pr machinery never get close to allow the White House to extend a STATE visit status for the ex-President.( Yawn.) I am amazed that an article about a bible reading Chief Justice of Supreme Court who uses bible as his guide for his daily life and invokes divine guidance in every judgement and decisions he made was used in order to push an impeachment case for the justices of the Supreme Court who allowed Gloria to assume the presidency. An epilogue of a book that mentions about Davide’s reliance on interpretation of bible passages was blown out of proportions by Paguia and Saguisag I used to admire Saguisag for his moral integrity. I still admire Saguisag for his brilliance but not for his moral ascendancy. He is brilliant because he knows that they are running out of good defense in the plunder case. Now they are invoking immunity by accusing Davide to have played God in declaring the legitimacy of the administration. YAWN

Thursday, June 05, 2003

The Evils that Humans do I am one of the Filipinos who believe that corruption/fraud is not a cultural thing that is indigenous to the country. (yawn) I believe that it is more of human weakness in character that makes one succumb to one of the seven capital sins…Greed.(yawn) Studies and polls about the pattern of corruption should not be limited to the so-called Third World. For about two years now, there is 'corruption eruption'in the “First World “. The corruptions in the Third World affect the citizens of the country while the corruptions/frauds in the Developed countries affect the citizens of the World. Take a look at these news: Feds arrest third former Enron trader in Calif energy crisis TERENCE CHEA, Associated Press Writer Tuesday, June 3, 2003 Federal authorities on Tuesday arrested a third former Enron official for allegedly manipulating California's energy market, leading to rolling blackouts across the state between 1999 and 2001. The U.S. attorney's office said John M. Forney, 41, was the architect behind several illegal schemes Enron used to drive up California's energy prices. FBI agents arrested Forney at the Columbus, Ohio offices of American Electric Power, where he has worked for the past 15 months. "While California consumers were suffering through blackouts and Stage 3 alerts, Enron was manipulating western energy markets for profit through illegal, fraudulent means," U.S. Attorney Kevin V. Ryan said in a Forney concocted a scheme known as "Ping Pong" designed to evade federal price caps on California energy, according to a complaint filed in a San Francisco federal court last Friday. The strategy involved buying energy from California and later selling it back to the state at inflated prices, creating the illusion the energy was generated elsewhere. The complaint also alleged that Forney was responsible for a scheme called "Death Star," known within Enron as "Forney's Perpetual Loop," that attempted to generate revenue by fraudulently charging fees for services the company did not provide. In October, Timothy N. Belden, Forney's former boss, was the first Enron executive to plead guilty to participating in what federal officials have described as a conspiracy to squeeze California as state officials desperately sought power to stave off the rolling blackouts. In February, Jeffrey S. Richter, 33, pleaded guilty to two federal felonies based on charges he helped defraud California through a scheme to inflate energy prices during the state's power crisis. "California consumers paid big time because of the manipulation of energy traders, and energy companies like Enron," Davis said. "It's time that someone from Enron paid big time." Cat's Mood: Angry: Haaah, may they rot in prison without airconditioning unit. Former Goodwill president arrested for alleged embezzlement Thursday, May 29, 2003 ©2003 Associated Press URL: (05-29) 05:19 PDT LOS ANGELES (AP) -- The former president of Goodwill Industries was arrested for allegedly embezzling millions of dollars in donations meant for job training for disabled people, according to a federal indictment unsealed this week. Andrew Liersch, 67, will appear in federal court Friday to face charges of money-laundering and wire fraud, which prosecutors and Goodwill officials say cost the charity $26 million. He is being held without bail. He was arrested Friday at Los Angeles International Airport after arriving from Guatemala where officials there expelled him when U.S. authorities alerted them that he had been indicted by a grand jury. Cat's mood: angrier: These people are robbing poor people of money that is supposed to be theirs. Sa Pilipinas, ito ang mga taong ninakaw ang pera ng nagpapalimos na bulag at pilay. Corrupt Filipino officials fly to the United States to escape conviction while their Caucasian counterparts fly to Latin countries to escape the long arm of law. Just thinking loud. If I were a god, I would send them to an island that will sink when a certain number of these fugitives has been reached. Methinks that islands will sink at the rate 24/7. CAT Murderer From Boston Globe: The police raided two Boston area homes of Erickson rescuing more than 100 sick cats and found several cat carcasses. Just like Hitler, she would like to produce a perfect race, but this time, it is from PERSIAN... CATS. Mood: Angriest;;;;;;;What are we cats, humans ? I hope that she will have a nightmare with all black cats surrounding her. -------------------- On a lighter note: Ano tapos mo na ? Piniprint ko na, bakit ? Kasi papalitan ko sana yong time. O sige papalitan ko pagkatapos nitong limang copies. after 10 minutes: Ano tapos mo na ? Nagprint na ako ng 20. Bakit. Kasi gusto sana ni Mr. ilagay yong isang ninong sa number 2. Sige, gawin ko sa next batch. after 10 batches. Ano tapos mo na? Sampu na lang ang natitira.Bakit ? Kasi papalitan sana niya yong pangalan niya. Bakit? Kasi mabaho raw pakinggan ang Tiago. Sabihin mo magtago na siya. Grrrrrrr. Dear Diary, Akala ko babae lang ang pabago-bago ng isip. C

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Hello, you got mail E-mail Did not know that you got bloody whack of sense of humor ? Why? Your blogs are funny. So what? My impression about you is different. Why so ? When I read you in that socio-cultural-poltical forum slugging it out with some high brow ego-stroking humans from Mars, I thought you are one hell of a serious lady who doesn’t know what humor is. Well. It was some pissing off contests to people who get to the google searh icon fast to impress that he is a good material for the MENSAyad crowd. I am just reacting to some people’s ridiculous opinions purely based on press releases and evil media manipulations. hahaha, that's what I am missing, girl. I can write my vague opinion about world issues but that would make other people yawn. I am ready to sleep. I may do that sometime but allow my IQ to play yoyo. I like it when it is at its lowest, I become funny and lovable. Tata, ciaooo ... just slipping a note. I will stick it to my ‘puter. Phone: Can you tell me the method how I can reconcile general to subsidiary? There is no specific method, just use your analytical mind. Tsuplada, nagtatanong lang. Wala ka ng analytical mind ? Wala, mind lang. Pahiramin kita ? Sige, kailan. Baliw. Aray, ang lutong noon. Phone: Tapos na? Di pa. Bakit? Nakalimutan mong ibigay ang pangalan ng sponsors. Oo nga pala ano ? Kasya ba ang dalawampu ? Bakit ang dami ? Sayang ang regalo. Bad, bad, bad. Biwo wang na totoo. Magkano ang regalo mo? Gusto mo ng mag-asawang sampal na nagdivorce sa dalawang pisngi? Aray. Face to face Wow nice shoes. Are you a Filipina ? Yes Do all Filipinas love shoes? All people do. Nice shoes, I mean. It is a matter of taste, maybe. Do you have lots of shoes ? In fact I do. I have 2000 pairs. You do? Dear Diary, I am happy to know that there are people whose iqs are lower than mine. C .

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

For want of a card, the system was lost e-mail hey, cat, you sick or what ? say meow. Arff nope. Why? No sound of blog from your board. That’s why. Ow, I forgot my password for the blogger. How come? Accidentally erased cookie. Why? Tried to clean the system because of a card. what card ? Invitation card Why are you answering me in monosyllables? Because I know you are not reading my mail when it is more than one sentence. Pano mo naman nalaman ? I Know you are finishing your take home final exam. Paano mo rin nalaman ? Nandiyan ka sa bahay. Syanga pla, paano ko iinterpreten yong trend analysis na ginawa ko para sa (insert name of company). Sabi ko na nga ba. Doon din ang tuloy. Yabang mo. Nagdaan ka rin sa ganito. Hindi naman ako nagkonsulta saiyo. Ano, tutulungan mo ba ako o hindi. Not in e-mail ha..pagod na ako nang katatype. Tawag ka. Ayy long idstance. Magdusa ka. Tawag ka o hindi. Ay mas suplada kaysa akin. Tatawag na. 26 incoming and outgoing e-mails *********************** Rewind, May 30. Phone: Hey Cat. Gawan mo akong invitation card para sa binyag ni J. Bakit ako ? Kasi ikaw ang magaling diyan. Kailan ka pa bumilib sa akin. Noong magkasama tayo, palagi mo akong sinasabihang huwag kong pakialaman ang TV, phone, kahit na ang bread toaster. Kasi yong TV pag ikaw ang nagset-up. Ang kulay ng tao, ampalaya. Kung hindi hilaw ay hinog. Sige laitin mo ako , hindi ako gagawa ng card. O sige na nga. May problema. Ano ? Malapit nang maubos ang ink ng aking printer Di bumili. Ubos na rin ang aking greeting card paper. Di bumili. Bakit kasi di ka na lang bumili ng invitation card ? Sige ka sasabihin ko paglaki ni J na ayaw mo siyang gawan ng invitation card. Blackmailer. Face to face Nakalimutan ko. Alin? Yong kahon ng ink cartridge. Di magtanong tayo doon sa ale. What’s your machine ? HP What’s the series ? Hmmm If you can’t remember, please take a look at our ink cartridges. Thanks Ayan, naalala mo na ? Dami niyan. Alam ko inassociate ko sa edad. Eto 17, 45, 56, 78 kaninong edad ba saiyo ? Sampalin kita. Kaliwa, kanan pisngi? A eto, puwede rin sa printer ko. Kaninong edad yan. Saiyo. Ako naman kaya ang sasampal saiyo. Huwag mo akong payukuin, pandak. Phone: Ano tapos na ? Di pa. Bakit ? Kailangan bumalik tayo sa store. Bakit? Sira ang scanner ko. Kailangan ba yan sa card? Tural, gusto mong pic sa card eh. Phone. Ano tapos na ? Nababaliw ka ba? Iinstall ko pa yong scanner. Gaano katagal. six months. Ayyy Phone: Ano tapos na ? Di pa. Bakit: nilinis ko yong likod ng aking computer. Bakit: Nakita ko marumi noong ginalaw ko. Bakit ? Para may mapaglagyan ako ng scanner Ahh. Phone: O tapos na ? Di pa nilinis ko yong likod aking printer. Bakit ? Kasi madumi. Ahh Phone: Ano tapos na ? Di pa. Bakit? Nilinis ko yong aking desk. Bakit? Marami ng abubot.Ah. Phone: Ano tapos na ? Di pa. Kakain pa ako. Sunduin kita, kain tayo sa labas para di ka na magluto. Hige. Phone: Ano tapos na ? Di pa. Bakit ? Inantok ako, pagkatapos nating kumain sa labas. Ahhh. Phone: Ano tapos na ? Di pa. Bakit ? Ni-load ko yong aking laundry sa machine Ahhh Phone: Ano tapos na ? Di pa. Bakit ? Inusyuso ko pa yong awayan sa kapitbahay. Ano yon? Tsismosa. Phone: Ano tapos na ? Di pa. Alam ko na kumuha mo yong laundry. Manghuhula ka na ba ? Arghhh Phone : Ano tapos na? Di pa. Bakit ? Nilipat ko yong CPU sa kaliwa para sa kanan ko ang scanner. Ano yon ? Di bale na. Phone: Ano, tapos na. Di pa ? Bakit ? Kinabit ko ulit yong mga cables sa likod noong tower. Huh ? Huwag mo ng intindihin. Baka naglalakad na si J bago mo matapos yan. Bakit tumatayo na ba? Kung hindi ka lang kumare….grrrr. heheheh Phone: Ano tapos na ? Hindi pa ? Bakit ? Mali ang kabit ko. Paano yan ? Tatawagan ko yong kaibigan ko si F para magtanong. Oke. Phone: Ano tapos na ? Hindi pa. Bakit ? Wala si F sa bahay. Hindi ko rin magamit ang ‘puter ko. Itutuloy... hanggang dumating si F. Dear Diary, Bakit may mga taong makukulit ? C Nabasa ko yan. Bakit ikaw lang ba ang makulit? .