Friday, December 31, 2004



Happy New Year



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Mga Balik-tanaw

Dear Mouse,

May kasabihan na ang hindi lumingon sa pinanggalingan ay nagmamadali. ehek.

Kaya babalikan natin ang nakaraan bago sipain ng batang 2005 si Matandang 2004.

Sa Local muna

Sa Pulitika

In pa rin si GMA, nahalal siyang pangulo sa gitna ng mga protesta at mga tungayaw ng kalaban. In din si Ate Glow, out si Willie Nepomuceno as Erap. hahaha (tawang Ate Glow, na labas gilagid.

In pa rin si Erap dahil nakakulong pa rin siya pero sa magarang bakasyunan at pangulo pa rin siya ng Republika ng Pilipinas. (ayon sa kaniya at anak niyang si Jinggoy).

Mabuhay ang Republika ng dalawang tao.

In pa rin si Chavit Singson. Ninerbiyos lang siguro siya na baka magrebolusyon ang mga tagahanga ni FPJ at magkaroon ng people power kaya nauna na siyang magdedefect. Bawi ulit. Ganiyan lang ang buhay Birhinya.

In pa rin si Manapat, ang taong nagpeke ng birth certificate ni Fernando Poe, Jr.

Wala na raw ang mga witnesses.

Paano kaya kung nanalo si FPJ?

Mga Out na dahil namaalam:

Fernando Poe, Jr.

Nestor de Villa

George Canseco

Rio Diaz

Dely Atay-atayan

Katy dela Cruz

Mga out dahil nagkahiwalay:

Jomari at Ara Mina

Rosanna at Lito Molina

Kim at Dino


Kris Aquino at Mark Lapid (meron ba talaga?

Rosanna Roces at Vicky Belo

Rosanna Roces at Lolit Solis

Korina at TV Patrol


Keanna na hindi talaga 22 at mayroon ng anak na tinedyer

Anak ni Osang na buntis talaga

May anak si Sheryn Regis

Girl friend pala ni Jericho ay si Cindy Kurleto.

Pakialam ko ba sainyo.

Goodye sa mga sikat na tao sa buong mundo na nagpaalam na rin.

Yasser arafat

Akhmad Kadyrov

Ronald reagan

Boris Trajkovski

sheik zayed

peter ustinov

Julia child

Christopher reeve

marlon brando

francis crick-father of dna

estee lauder cosmetics

henri cartier bresson

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Thursday, December 30, 2004

Mga Prediksyon ni JOJOKE AKURIN

Dear Mouse,

Nanonood ako ng isang programa sa TV kung saan ay isang manghuhula ang tinatanong kung ano ang mga magaganap sa 2005.

Kaya kinunsulta rin ni Pusa ang kaniyang kakilalang manghuhula.


Antok na ako.

The Ca t

Makainis nga

Dear Mouse,

Kainis, nagpaparty na ngayon ang pinoyblog community.Hindi ako kasama.

Makainis nga sa mga nagbabasa.

Erap in Hongkong

He has consistently maintained that he remains the President of the Philippines. Estrada has threatened to lead the fight against the “corrupt regime” of Mrs. Arroyo, as he vowed to “stand up and be counted in our continuing revolution against the tyranny of hunger and poverty, the reign of corruption and mismanagement and the regime of hopelessness and growing alienation now dominating our country.”

Ito pa ang nakakaheartburn na balita.

Estrada's knee surgery delayed

HONG KONG, China -- The Philippine government is working to get the Hong Kong Medical Society to issue a license, which normally takes a month or two to release. A temporary license to operate is normally issued to foreign doctors only to demonstrate new techniques or for academic purposes

The Ca t sez


The Ca t

I am Dreaming of a White Christmas

Dear Mouse,

While many Pinoys wish to have white Christmas...

Polo wishes...

picby polo.

The Cat sez

Daming ice cream at icecone nito.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Tsunami's eerie warning sign

Dear mouse,

If you live in the coastal area or vacationing in some beach resort,take note of these signs for tsunami.


Tuesday, December 28th, 2004

Five to 10 minutes before it strikes, a tsunami usually gives a powerful warning that's hard to miss from the shore. It's not a roiling wave coming in, but the reverse - all the water in view going out to sea in the most massive and powerful undertow imaginable. "If you're standing on the beach, the water can recede all the way out to the horizon," said Brian Yanagi, Hawaii's program specialist for earthquakes and tsunamis. "Our biggest worry is for surfers, swimmers and Boogie Boarders because that giant undertow starts quickly and moves out at about 30 mph, pulling everything down beneath the surface. "If you're standing in waist-high water or even less, it will pull you out and down and kill you," he said. Those on the shore have 10 minutes to reach high ground before the tsunami waves - actually walls of tumbling water - strike. On April 1, 1946, before a tsunami struck the town of Hilo on the eastern shore of Hawaii island, the town's entire mile-wide harbor drained into the ocean. "People came rushing down to see what happened, there were fish flopping around on the ground - and then the wave hit," said Ray Novell, spokesman for Hawaii's Civil Defense Department. More than 150 were killed in that incident. That first killer wave is just the beginning of the tsunami. The big damage is caused by the third, fourth or fifth wave, according to Yanagi. An undersea earthquake causes seismic shocks that produce numerous waves, each more powerful than the previous one in the cycle of massive undertows and debris gathered up and into the incoming waves, Yanagi said. A tsunami can last from 30 minutes to 10 hours

The Ca t

Survivors all

Dear Mouse,

The killer tsunami claimed thousands of lives last Dec. 26.

In every disaster like this, there are stories that make people wonder in disbelief.

This is the Vailankanni Shrine Basilica

According to the legend, it was built by the Portuguese after a group of shipwrecked sailors were rescued from the sea and brought there. This is the only structure unscathed in a landscape of death and devastation.

As I have mentioned in my blog, fishermen have ways to know if there is an impending disaster in the ocean.

The two fishermen in these pictures noticed the unusual rise in the water level as well as the uncanny noise before the tsunami struck on that fateful day.

But there those who were lucky not because they were warned. The angel of death must just have missed them.

One 13-year-old girl survived after spending just clinging to a wooden door in the Indian Ocean after being swept from an Indian air force base on the remote Car Nicobar island. Locals found Meghna Rajshekhar walking along a beach in a daze after she had drifted for 48 hours in water teeming with snakes and turtles.

Six-year-old Yeh Chia-ni from Taiwan, clung to a coconut tree for more than 20 hours before she was rescued.

A four-year-old boy in southern Thailand spent two days on a tree-top without food or water.

All news via clickmomukhamo.

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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Do we need a crystal ball?

Dear mouse,

There were two reasons why I spent the whole day collecting data about earthquakes.

Yesterday, I read about the opinions of the experts on the recent destructive calamity that hit Asia.

I have to admit that I loathe the way these experts assume the role of prophets of doom and spouse theories, the validations of which make their research firms richer by a few more millions of dollars.

Then there is an ongoing discussion about the most effective warning system that poor third world countries can use in ordert to save more lives in the future.

The second reason was to research the when and the what of the story I heard from my mother about how my great grandparents were saved from a tsunami. (Of course, the term used was not tsunami. It was more of a tidal wave. So, I started browsing the internet about earthquakes particularly in the Phils between early 1900s to the Second world war.

In so doing, I got the records of earthquakes all over the world. I found out that the Philippines was not listed among the countries that had devastating big temblors.

I was about to give up researching for the earthquake that happened during my great grandparents'time until the last source pointed to one earthquake that happened in the Phils. in 1918.

That must be it.

Recalling the story, I remember that there must be a warning made before it happened since the people were made to prepare for the coming killer wave. They were asked to flee from the coastal areas and tie themselves in coconut and other sturdy trees.

Some died but my great grandparents were among those who were spared from what they called a wave of death.

Who must have known that it was coming? What kind of warning device did they make use of in 1918 ?

I had read a story about an old man in Japan or China who owned practically all the rice farms in that small coastal town.

One day, the people saw him torching the almost- ready-to-harvest rice crops.

The people thought that he had gone mad.

All of them run to his direction in order to stop him.

When they were all in the upland, a big wave struck the low-lying area of the town. The old man burned the farm in order to make the people go to an elevated safe place. How he predicted that the swellings that he saw from afar was a killer tsunami was never explained in the story. There must be a natural way by which these old folks explained the phenomenon of the nature's wrath but many of us dismissed that as superstitions.

Do you know that old people believe that when animals get restless, it is a premonition that there will be an earthquake?

Do you know that fishermen can predict typhoon by the waves' movements and directions ?

Crude and unscientific maybe but even the scientists failed to warn the people from the Asian tsunami killer last week.

Do we need a crystal ball ?

The Ca t

Countries with major earthquakes

Dear mouse,

Richter scale measures the intensity of earthquakes and categorizes them to great to very minor earthquakes. (see my previous post.

Bayi sent me these data :

The Richter Scale measuring earthquakes.

0 to 1.9 Can be detected only by a seismograph.

2 to 2.9 Hanging objects may vibrate or swing.

3 to 3.9 Comparable to the vibrations of a passing truck.

4 to 4.9 May break windows, cause small and unstable objects to fall.

5 to 5.9 Furniture moves, chunks of plaster falls from walls.

6 to 6.9 Damage to well-built structures, severe damage to poorly built ones.

7 to 7.9 Buildings displaced from foundations; cracks in the earth;underground pipes broken.

8 to 8.9 Bridges destroyed, few structures left standing.

9 to 9.9 Near total destruction; naked eyes can see shockwaves moving through the earth.

Source: AFP

Below were the major and strong earthquakes that ranged from 7 to 7.9 and 6 to 6.9:

United States

1812 New Madrid, Missouri n/a 7.9

1857 Fort Tejon, California n/a 7.9

1868 Island of Hawaii n/a 7.9

1900 Kodiak Island, Alaska n/a 7.9

1987 Gulf of Alaska n/a 7.9

2002 Central Alaska n/a 7.9

1872 Owens Valley, California n/a 7.8

2003 Rat Islands, Aleutian Islands n/a 7.8

1892 Imperial Valley, California n/a 7.8

1811 New Madrid, Missouri n/a 7.7

906 San Francisco, California n/a 7.7

1915 Pleasant Valley, Nevada n/a 7.7

1812 New Madrid, Missouri n/a 7.6

1992 Landers, California n/a 7.6

1952 Kern County, California n/a 7.6

1927 West of Lompoc, California n/a 7.3

1954 Dixie Valley, Nevada n/a 7.3

1959 Hebgen Lake, Montana n/a 7.3

1812 New Madrid, Missouri n/a 7.3

1999 Southern California,n/a 7.2

2001 Kodiak Island region, Alaska,n/a 7.1

1999 Kodiak Island region, Alaska,n/a 7.0

2003 Rat Islands, Aleutian Islands, Alaska n/a 7.0


2000 Sumatra, Indonesia n/a 7.9

1998 Ceram Sea, near Indonesia n/a 7.8

2000 Minahassa Peninsula,Sulawesi, Indonesia n/a 7.6

1999 Molucca Sea, Indonesia n/a 7.6

2002 Irian Jaya, Indonesia n/a 7.6

2002 Sumatra, Indonesia n/a 7.4

2001 Southern Sumatera, Indonesia n/a 7.4

2004 Southern Sumatra, Indonesia n/a 7.3

2004 south coast of Papua, Indonesia n/a 7.3

1999 Celebes Sea, Indonesia n/a 7.1

1998 Banda Sea, near Indonesia n/a 7.0

2003 Halmahera, Indonesia n/a 7.0

2004 Papua, Indonesia n/a 7.0

Papua New Guinea

2002 Papua New Guinea n/a 7.6

2000 New Ireland, Papua New Guinea n/a 7.6

2000 New Ireland, Papua New Guinea n/a 7.5

1999 New Britain, Papua New Guinea n/a 7.4

1999 New Britain, Papua New Guinea n/a 7.1

1999 New Britain, Papua New Guinea n/a 7.1

1998 Papua New Guinea n/a 7.1

1999 New Britain, Papua New Guinea n/a 7.0

1999 New Ireland, Papua New Guinea n/a 7.0


2000 Volcano Islands, Japan region n/a 7.6

2004 the south coast of Honshu, Japan n/a 7.4

2003 Hokkaido, Japan n/a 7.4

2000 Bonin Islands, Japan Region n/a 7.3

2004 the south coast of western Honshu, Japan n/a 7.2

1995 Japan: 5,100 killed 7.2.

2004 Honshu, Japan n/a 7.0

2003 Honshu, Japan n/a 7.0

1998 Bonnin Islands, Japan n/a 7.0


1897 Philippines n/a 7.5

1918 Mindanao, Philippines n/a 7.6

1976 Mindanao, Philippines n/a 7.9

2002 Mindanao, Philippines n/a 7.5

1990 Luzon, Philippines n/a 7.8

2002 Mindanao, Philippines n/a 7.5

1999 Luzon, Philippines n/a 7.3

Vanuatu Islands

1999 Vanuatu n/a 7.5

2002 Vanuatu Islands n/a 7.3

2001 Vanuatu Islands n/a 7.0

2001 Vanuatu Islands n/a 7.1


2002 South of Fiji Islands n/a 7.7

2002 Fiji Islands n/a 7.6

2004 Fiji Region n/a 7.1

1998 Fiji Islands region n/a 7.2


2003 Southwestern Siberia, Russia n/a 7.4

2002 E. Russia-N.E. China Border Region n/a 7.3

1999 E. Russia-N.E. China Border Region n/a 7.1


1999 Izmit, Turkey: 17,000 7.4 quake

1999 Ducze, Turkey: 700 7.2 quake

1999 Bolu Province, northwest Turkey 7.2 quake

New Zealand

2001 Kermadec Islands, New Zealand n/a 7.2

2003 South Island, New Zealand n/a 7.2

2001 East of North Island, N.Z. n/a 7.0

S. Pacific Sea

1998 Loyalty Islands region (S. Pacific Sea) n/a 7.4

1999 Santa Cruz Islands (S. Pacific Sea) n/a 7.3

1998 Santa Cruz Islands (S. Pacific Sea) n/a 7.1


2002 Taiwan region n/a 7.1

1999 central Taiwan:2,295 severe 7.7

1998 Southeast of Taiwan n/a 7.4

Indian Ocean

2000 South Indian Ocean n/a 7.8

2003 Carlsberg Ridge, Indian Ocean n/a 7.6

1999 South Indian Ocean n/a 7.0


1970 Peru 66,000 7.9

2001 Near coast of Peru n/a 7.6


2001 Bhuj, India: 20,000 people 7.7

2001 Gujarat, India n/a 7.7


1990 Iran, Gilan 35,000 7.7

2003 Bam, Iran: 30,000 6.6


2001 Qinghai-Xinjiang, China n/a 7.8

1932 Gansu 70,000 7.6


2003 Colima, Mexico n/a 7.6

1999 Oaxaca, Mexico n/a 7.4


1998 Off coast, southern Chile n/a 7.0

1998 Near coast, northern Chile n/a 7.0


1948 Turkmenistan 110,000 7.3

2000 Turkmenistan n/a 7.0

New Caledonia

2003 Southeast of the Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia n/a 7.3

2004 Southeast of the Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia n/a 7.1

Mariana Islands

2002 Mariana Islands 7.1 n/a 7.1

2002 South of Mariana Islands n/a 7.0


2000 Jujuy Province, Argentina n/a 7.2

2000 Santiago del Estero Province, Argentina n/a 7.0


1988 Armenia: 25,000, 6.9

1999 Armenia, Colombia: 1,185 6.2 earthquake.


2002Hindu Kush region, Afghanistan n/a 7.4

2002 Afghanistan: 1,000 6.1 in magnitude


1988 Near coast of Ecuador 7.7

Balleny Islands

1988 Balleny Islands region n/a 7.1

Central America

2001 Off coast of Central America n/a 7.7

Tonga Islands

2000 Tonga Islands n/a 7.2

Solomon Islands

2003 Solomon Islands n/a 7.3


2003 Northern Algeria: 2,266 6.8


2001 South of Australia n/a 7.1


1935 Pakistan, Quetta 30,000 to 60,000 7.5

Kuril Islands

2002 Northwest of Kuril Islands n/a 7.3

El Salvador

2001 El Salvador:850 7.7


2003 Scotia Sea, Canada n/a 7.5

Banda Sea

2001 Banda Sea n/a 7.5


2003 Amazonas, Brazil n/a 7.1

n/a 7.3

Molucca Sea

2001 Northern Molucca Sea n/a 7.1


1908 Italy, Messinaest 70,000 to 100,000 7.2

The Ca t

Monday, December 27, 2004

Strongest Earthquakes

Dear Mouse,

Update(Dec.28, 2004)

The magnitude of an earthquake is described in intensity.

8 or higher= Great

7-7.9= Major





2-2.9=very minor

I decided to exclude earthquakes with magnitudes below 8 in my list below and moved them to another blog.

When I was a kid, old folks prophesied that the end of the world is when the earthquake measures more than 8 in the richter scale.

These stats have proven them wrong.

Chile may have recorded the strongest earth- quake at 9.5 in 1960 where 5,000 lives were lost but China suffered the highest number of casualties since the year 1290. An earthquake in 1556 claimed 830,000 while the latest in 1976 killed 255,000 people.

This is also the country that has the most number of strong earthquakes closely followed by Iran.

Below are the countries with devastating earthquakes up to the last earthquake on Dec. 26, 2004 in Aceh, Indonesia.


1290 Chihli 100,000 n/a

1556 Shansi 830,000 n/a

1920 Gansu 200,000 8.6

1927 near Xining 200,000 8.3

1976 Tangshan 255,000 8.0


c.893 Iran, Ardabil 150,000 n/a

c.856 Iran, Damghan 200,000 n/a

1727 Iran, Tabriz 77,000 n/a


1957 Andreanof Islands no record 9.1

1964 Yukon Territory and British Columbia, 125 9.2

1965 Shemya Island no report 8.7


1693 Italy, Sicily 60,000 n/a

1783 Italy, Calabria 50,000 n/a


1923 Japan, Kwanto 143,000 * n/a

1667 Azerbaijan, Shemakha 80,000 n/a


1923 (Russia) – Kamchatka no lives were lost 8.5.

1952 no lives were lost 9.1


1938 Banda Sea no report of casualties 8.5

2004 (Indonesia) -Aceh province 44,000 9.0


1755 Portugal, Lisbon 70,000 8.5


1960= Santiago and Concepcion, 5,000 9.5


(Tibet/India) –

1950 Brahmaputra Basin in northeast India. 1,500 people were killed. 8.6


1906 Ecuador and Colombia, 1,000. 8.8

The Ca t

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Taong 2004

Dear Mouse,

Nabasa ko ang blog ni Tina at alam ko ang kaniyang nararamdaman ang maghanap ng trabaho.

Sa buong panahon mula nang ako ay sa kolehiyo ako ay nagtatrabaho. May mga panahon na ako ay nawalan ng trabaho pero panandalian lang. Wala pang Pasko na ako ay walang hanapbuhay. Ito ang unang Pasko na ako ay di nakatanggap ng bonus dahil wala rin akong trabaho. Palamunin ko ang sarili ko. Wag kayong iiyak. Ako ang sasampal sainyo.

Sa panahong ganito mo malalaman kung sino ang iyong kaibigan, hindi dahil sa sila ay dadaanin sa pagsubok kung hindi dahil sila mismo ang iiwas saiyong makausap ka na tila ba uutangan mo sila. Sampalin ko kaya sila ng aking checkbook.

(malay ba nila kung may pundo yan. Hekhekhek.Tawa Megastina. Oragon ang mga Bicolana).

Masasabi kong mabibilang mo ang aking kaibigan sa daliri ng pusa. Ilan ba ? Pero lahat sila ay handang ampunin si Pusa oras na magdildil na lang ako Ng artichoke. (vegan ako, kaya kinakain ko lang ay spinach, bok choy, bitter Melon, eggplant at saluyot.)

May isa akong kaibigan na naglitanya bakit ako hindi nagpadala sa ospital nang ako ay high blood. Ano raw ba ang nasa isip. Nababaliw na raw ba ako ? Nagreresign na raw ba ako sa buhay? Hindi noh. Kaya lang tamad akong pumunta sa Ospital at oras na maglokoloko sa akin ang mga hinayupak na doctor ay baka di ako makatiis. Katuald noong minsan, kausap ko yong doctor na baae. Sinasabi niya sa akin yong mga sakit na akala ko ay sa akin. Pero bakit ganoon ay sakit ng matatanda yon eh.

Tiningnan ko yong medical record. Sus ginoo eh hindi nga akin. Oke, oke dapat nga nagpadala ako. Kahit na tanga ang mga doctor na namemeet ko. No excuses. Tindi, talo pa ang nanay ko sa daldal ng aking kaibigan.

Isang kaibigan naman ang nagtulak sa akin ang lumabas at mag-attend ng party. Kung problema ko raw ang pangregalo, sabihin ko lang. Gusto kong sabihin, eh di sa akin mo na lang ibigay ang regalo. Nagbibiro lang sir, pero kung totohanin eh puwede mong Ipadala sa PO Box ko.

Siyempre nandiyan ang aking mga kapatid na isang tawag ko lang ay may darating na tulong pero ang sabi ko nga, nasanay na akong nakatayo sa aking sariling sapatos, huwag na nila akong pasuotin ng boots.

May isa pa akong kaibigan na aking nakaibigan. Kahit na kami ay magkaibigan lamang na dating nag-iibigan ay nandiyan pa rin siyang nakaantabay.

Ang gulo ko na naman.

Hindi ko man siya kalahi ay para na rin siyang noypi sa isip, sa diwa at sa gawa. Malandi lang kasi kaya hindi kami magkasundo. Minsan gusto kong kurutin.

May mga kaibigan din na pagkatapos mong tulungan ay pagsasamantalahan ka pa.

May mga kaibigan din na pag sila ay may kailangan, kahit hatinggabi, ikaw ay gigisingin, pag ito ang ginawa mo sa kanila, sila ay magmamaktol. Ito ang masarap gilitan at budduran ng asin ang sugat.

Hindi ko na ililitaniya ang aking mga natulungan magkaroon ng kinabukasan. Sinabi ko na sa kanila na regalo ko na lang sa kanila yon para man lang masabing may pinuntahang makabuluhan ang aking mga pinagpaguran maliban sa mga damit na kumukupas, mga sapatos na napupudpod, mga alahas na kumikinang na hindi mo naman masusuot na sabay-sabay, mga larawan ng mga paglalakbay na kumukupas.At bahay na inaanay.

Sandali, bakit ko ba sinusulat ito. Oo nga pala, dahil kay Tina.

Pagkatapos daw ng dilim Tina ay bukangliwayway. Kung madilim pa rin, gumamit ng ilaw.

Kung ang kinalalagyan mo ay hindi inaabot ng sikat ng araw, kailangan ay lumipat sa may makikitang liwanag.

Yan ang dahilan, Tina kaya ako ay unti-unting uusad upang makita ko ulit ang pagsikat ng araw. Samantala, isipin mo lamang na balang araw, lilingon ka sa nakaraan at sasabihin mong paano mo natalon ang bangin na iyon? Ako nandadaya. Nakikisakay ako sa ibon. Hekhekhek.

Malay mo may mga bloggers tayo sa Canada na mabibigyan ka ng tulong.

Yong ibang bloggers may kailangan ba kayong pusa? Marunong akong matulog, magngiyaw at mag- blog.

The Ca t


Dear mouse,

Hindi ito tsismis. Balik. Balik…alam ko namang mahilig kayo sa tsismis.

Okay, naisulat ko na nacancel ang isang party na dapat ay dinaluhan ko.In fairness, ikukuwento ko lang ito para mapulutan ng aral. Hmmm sige na Nga.

Ang mader ng aking kabigan na sixty years old ay bi-yu-da. Nagtatrabaho pa siya at maganda naman ang kaniyang kita kahit na wala siyang inabot na mataas na pinag-aralan.

Sa kaniyang trabaho ay may nakilala siyang isang matandang lalaki . Nanligaw at nang nabalitaan ko ay nagsasama na. Hindi ko inusisa kong kasal. Ano ko Tsismosa.

Part time lang ang trabaho ng lalaki ngunit may part time pa raw siya sa gabi hanggang ala-una nang madaling araw.DAW.

Minsan nagkita kami sa isang okasyon. Tindi pala talaga pag ang mga matatanda ang inlab. Para silang Siamese twin na magkadikit. Umiingos ang aking kaibigan. Sabi ko, pagbigyan niya ang kaniyang ina sa kaniyang kaligayahan. Kainggit.Ahahay

Noong isang Linggo, tinawagan ako ng aking kaibigan. Nagtatanong daw ang kaniyang mader bakit overwithdrawn ang kaniyang bangko, eh direct deposit ang kaniyang paycheck, dalawang tseke lang ang kaniyang inissue at hindi siya nagwithdraw sa ATM, hindi siya marunong.

Ako naman si Attorney-out-law na walang kampanilya para sa mga taong walang masyadong naabot, pinatawag ko siya sa bangko para alamin ang mga latest transactions sa kaniyang account.

Hanep, siyam na ATM withdrawals at isang nagclear na cheke.Nang pumasok ang kaniyang paycheck, hindi sapat. Savings-cum--checking account ang kaniyang bangko.

Tanong daw ng mader niya kung puwedeng magwithdraw ang ibang tao kahit wala silang card.Dahil nasa bag raw naman niya ang kaniyang ATM card. At dalawa lang silang nakakaalam ng pin, siya at ang kaniyang boyfriend. AHAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

Ano siya baliw. Kahit na nga may card, kung wala ang pin code, hindi rin makakawithdraw.

Pupunta raw sila sa bangko, aang mader at ang boypren at magrereklamo.Ehem, nasan ang suspect ko kung siya mismo ang pupunta at magrereklamo.

Kailangang gamitin ko si Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie, Monk,Matlock, Law and Order, Perry Mason at John Grisham.

Sabi ko sa aking kaibigan. Good, dahil malalaman kung saan winithdraw, anong oras at pag nalaman ng bangko kung sino, ito ay makakasuhan ng tep eheste theft.Tapos, tiningnan ko ng patagilid yong aking suspek. Para bang namula siya kahit maitim ang kaniyang kutis. Doble Ahaaaaaaa.

Tawag nang kaibigan ko. Nagtapat na raw ang suspek ko. Yong boypren. Kaya lang daw niya nagawa dahil pinadalhan niya ng ticket yong ampon niya na darating na galing sa pinas.Kaya lang daw siya nagcacasino para nga makatulong dahil part time lang ang trabaho niya.

Pakisampal ako, please lang. Yong malakas ha. Puwera si frat .

Pinatawad ng kaniyang mader. Kulang lang daw siguro sa kasal. Kaya ganoon.

Pakibugbog nga ako.

Ayun pati party, kanselado kasi ayaw makipagplastikan ng aking kaibigan sa kaniyang stepfather-to-be.

Pag-ibig talaga.

Ahh ewan, manghihiram na lang ako ng knitting needle kay kiwi anoh.

Disiplina raw o

Dear mouse,

Ang isa sa mga natutuhan ko ngayong taon ay maging tolerant. Dahil sa disiplinang natutuhan ko mula sa pagkabata, nagiging sanhi ito tuloy nang aking pagkawalang pasensiya sa mga taong walang disiplina. Ngayon ay nalimi ko na kailangan ng tao ang habaan ang pisi upang hindi mamatay sa kunsomisyon. Maaring may dahilan ang mga tao sa hindi pagkakarating. Ang hindi ko lang siguro mapapatawad ay ang hindi pagtawag upang sabihin na hindi makakarating o hindi matutuloy. Isa pa kasing disiplinang natutuhan ko ay ang huwag tumanggap ng mga usapan na ang oras ay nagkakasabay-sabay o nag-ooverlap. Dahil madali akong mastress, kailangang maglaan ako nang maraming sandali upang lahat sila ay mapuntahan ko.

Ang aking “American time” discipline ay nakuha ko sa kuyakoy. Kasi isang dahilan kaya siya nakuha sa trabaho niya noon sa mga Puti ay dahil ang mga ibang nag-aapply ay dumating nang huling ilang minuto. Mula noon ay ito ang kaniyang inukilkil sa aking murang isipan. Karaniwan mo na akong makikita sa gate ng iskul nang napakaaga. Sabi nga nila, tagabukas daw ako.Minsan nga iniwanan ako ng guwardiya para bumili ng sigarilyo. Ang lintek, ginawa pa kong look-out.

Ang pag-iiskedyul naman ng mga aktibidades ay mula saking titser ng grade 4.

Oo Birhinya, siya ang aking titser na nagtampo sa akin dahil nahuli ako sa aking klase at nasira ang kaniyang record na walang istudyanteng nahuhuli at nasasarhan ng gate.

Tinuruan niya kaming gumising ng maaga. Bigyan ng timetable ang aming gagawin. (Para bang Gantt chart) Halimbawa :

5:30 –5:45 maligo at magsepilyo

Noong bata pa ako, nagagawa ko ito nang ilang minuto lang lalo kung malamig. Sabon, tabo,sigaw lamig, sabon, tabo, sigaw lamig. Nang minsang magbakasyon kami sa isang malayong kamag-anak na nakatira sa Sampaloc, kung saan mahina ang tubig, ang istayl ko naman ay sabon, sigaw tubig, sabon, sigaw tubig.

Batok ang inabot ko sa aking mader dahil hindi ko raw nalilinis ang likod ng aking tenga at leeg. Hmmm.Sayang daw sa tubig. Noong kasing mas bata ako at siya ang nagpapaligo sa akin, torture ang abot ng aking tenga sa face towel na may sabon at ulit-ulit na kinaskas sa aking tenga at leeg hanggang ito ay mamula sa linis.

5:50 –6:15 kumain ng agahan

Nasoshortcut ko rin ito. Isang kamay, isang tinapay, kabilang kamay ay ang palaman, inom ng gatas o tsokolate. Isang kagat ng tinapay, lunok.

Batok ulit ng mader ko. Kaya raw pala akong naiimpatso dahil hindi ko masyadong nginuya ang aking pagkain.

Palagay ko nadala ko itong ugaling ito sa aking paglaki dahil mabilis akong kumain kahit sa handaan.Kaya mabilis akong matapos. Minsan iniisip tuloy ng aking mga kasama na hayok ako sa gutom.


Isa pang masamang ugali ko ngayon ay ang pagkain ng palaman ng sandwich bago ang tinapay.

Sabi noong aking kasamang Puti noon sa opit: Why do you that ?

Sabi ko: What ?

Eating the fillings before the bun.

Ngayon ko naalala noong bata pa ako na kain muna ako ng hotdog o burger patty bago ang tinapay, tapos, iniinuman ko ng coke o juice. Sa tiyan na sila nagkikita. hehehe.

6:15 to 6:30 bihis

Minsan sa aking hangad na matapos ito sa takdang oras, pumasok ako sa iskul na isa ang medias.Kaya pala lahat ng mga bata ay makatingin sa akin. Waaahhhh

Minsan naman sa pagmamadali,paghubad ko ng aking padyama,hindi ko namalayan na nakasama ang aking (bulong, bulong, bulong).


Inihatid kami ng aking pader sa iskul. Pagbaba ko sa sasakyan para yata akong hina- hangin kahit ang uniporme ko ay hanggang kalahati ng aking binti.

Habol ko sa dadsy ko. Uwi ng bahay. Tuloy ako sa bedroom. labas. Hindi ko pinansin ang momsy ko na nagtanong bakit ako bumalik. Hatid ulit si dadsy. Hindi naman niya ako tinanong.Bait na pader.

Nadala ko rin ito hanggang ngayon. Minsan pumasok ako sa opisina na ang sapatos ay magkaibang kulay. Owss ?Hindi ko kayo binobola.

May pagka Imeldific ako na pag nagustuhan ko ang sapatos, bumibili ako ng iba’t ibang kulay. Lima yata ang kulay ng walking shoes kong yon. Dahil ako ay partially colorblind at nightblind at madilim ang aking closet para sa sapatos, naglakad ako sa downtown na ibang kulay ang sapatos sa kaliwa at kanan. Sabi ng isang babaeng nakasabay ko sa pila ng kape, nice shoes, nice colors. Hehehe, hindi ko siya masipa. Mas mataas siya sa akin.

The Ca t

Saturday, December 25, 2004

Journey of the Soul

Dear mouse,

A few weeks ago, I saw this movie for TV entitled Five People You Meet in Heaven where the father of Angeline Jolie starred as the principal character. I didn’t catch the beginning of the story but the mention of the Philippines as the war setting made me dropped the book of Dan Brown and stayed glued in front of my TV set for 2 hours. As I watched the story unfold, I was surprised to realize that some of the conversations I had with people in the other realm were validated by the story. Whoever wrote this fiction must have had read some testimonials about life after death experiences.

I have to confess that I haven’t found a book that narrates what happens to the journey of the soul after the end of the tunnel or after the entry in the pearly gate. Who ‘s in charge of the orientation of the new arrivals?


The Ca t


Dear Mouse,

I do not want to blog about it but here I am writing it as I looked back what happened to me last night.

I was determined not to attend any party this year but some friends insisted that I should join them.

The first one to invite me was my friend who has the boy-from-hell-son and a a sweet- little angel-three year old girl.

Two gifts for each and for the family.

The second one was my former officemate.

Gifts for the kid and the family.

The third one was a former scholar of mine.

Five gifts for the family.

I did not go to the mall to get the last minute gifts.

I was used to hoarding little things that I picked up from my travels so that one of my closets is practically a storage of items addressed to- whom- it- may- be -given for some occasions.

One thing that I cannot shake off up to now is my compulsion of spending hours to put personal touch to the gift.

I prepare the ribbons and the bric-a-brac that go with the gifts such as small stars, leaves, dried flowers, etc.

People can fault me for being meticulous with gift wrapping that they feel guilty whenever they open their gifts and destroy those "works of art".

Yesterday, I wrapped the gifts...Mikasa vase for a friend, childrens books,jewelry box,coloring pencils,picture frames, etc.

At 3 pm, my friend, the mother of the boy-from-hell informed me that she called off the party due to family squabble.

I sighed a relief. At least, I do not have to put up with the boy-from-hell's mischiefs.

In his latest visit, I said goodbye to my antique dainty Christmas ball and a decanter filled with dried rose petals. While I was helping his father apply for a job in the internet he was busy with his demolition job.

Second to call was the former officemate.

The Christmas party was set to a late afternoon get together.

I said I'll call if I can make it.


Six o' clock, after writing an e-mail, I felt pain in my neck and a splitting headache.

I am a vegan. I do not eat fatty foods. Our family has a history of hypertension.

My father, my aunts and uncle died of stroke.

My father died of cerebral hemmorhage at the age of 44.

During my hectic work skeds back there in the Philippines, I was brought to the emergency due to abnormal blood pressure. No headache, no dizzines, no symptoms, just a feeling of cold feet and cold sweat. The doctor diagnosed it as due to stress.

My family asked me if I was given a form of medications to keep my pressure down. I said none. The doctor did not think that I need it. He just checked if some of my organs were damaged by the exceptionally high blood pressure of 240.

Yesterday, the pain in my nape was unbearable.

Took my blood pressure and it was 190/110.

Wow,all that gift-wrapping and calls gave me that pressure?

Called my nurse .(he's related). He asked me to prepare to go the emergency but the panic must have raised the level higher to more than 200. The digital sphygmomanometer already recorded an error. I won't go not unless he personally pick me up. I always remember my mom saying that when my dad had a high blood, she would see to it that he would not fall.

The nurse asked me to take aspirins and gave me something that would drastically lower the pressure. He thought that with my stubborness, it's no use bringing me to the emergency if the stress would cause further rise in the readings.

While waiting for my bp to normalize, I was thinking if I gonna go, Christmas pa naman. Pero sabi ko, daya naman. Naalala ko hindi pa oras sa sinabi niya sa akin. No one is going to miss me, anyway. Sabi ko lang sa prayer ko, pag ako namatay that night, (drama ko di ba), gawin niya akong angel at dadalawin ko si Ting-aling. Ipapakita ko ang aking pakpak. hehehe. Natakot yata si bossing na magkakaroon ng makulit at matigas ang ulong angel kaya in a matter of minutes, the pressure went down to 170/90. I told my assisting nurse to transfer the channel to TFC. Gusto niya akong sipain. Taas na nga ng blood pressure, nanonood pa ng depressing ng balita. Subukan niya, pinag-aaral ko siya noh.

Time for appointment with my doctor.

The Ca t

Friday, December 24, 2004

Merry Christmas

Dear Mouse,

The Ca t wishes everyone...

The Ca t

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Ano ikaw lang ?

Dear Mouse,

Jobert blogged:

"The BRICKIA is a genuine vintage mobile phone converted into a plug in headset. Dating from the 1980's these lovely creation were modeled on an oil-tankers, had talk-time battery life of about three minutes and took four people to carry.

Ano kayo lang? Meron din kaming Ca t

Saan kinakabit? eh di dito. byukbyukbyuk

Merry Christmas, human beings.

The Ca t

I survived Christmases like this...

Dear Mouse,

Jet David, the bitterbetter-half of Batjay wrote in her article " When Christmas lunch is up to us:"

It's still a lot of fun... but I'm not one to yelp in glee anymore. I'm just one of the aunts now, catching up on my siblings lives, listening to our husbands talk shop or talk silly, hearing about my nieces' and nephews' year's worth of mischief.

'Kuya El, yung bunso mo andun sa may garden nakikipag-away!'

Ako rin. Uhm uhm uhm

Merry Christmas, my human pets.

The Ca t

How can i survive Christmas ?

Dear Mouse,

Jobert wrote:

Normal though is not a word to be used during a Filipino Family Reunion. Let alone one done on Christmas Day. There are certain rules and guidelines one must be aware of, to hold such an event. Here are some;

1. Ornate Christmas decorations are not required. Most of us Filipinos, appreciate even the simplest of decors.

YEAH, even a Ca t


Merry Christmas, earthlings.

The Ca t

How I will survive Christmas

Dear Mouse,

Mark's fourth item in his survival guide:

4. Carollers cannot be chased off with dogs, no matter how terrible they are. Instead, make them sing 5 more songs after their initial repertoire is done and then give them 2 pesos. They won’t come back to your house after that.

I got a better idea.


Merry Christmas, humans.

The Ca t

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Pelikula ng Buhay ni Fernando Poe, Jr ?

Dear Mouse,

May importanteng appointment ako kahapon kaya mga kuntil-buntil lang ang nasilip ko sa TFC.

Buti na lang at may isinulat si MQ3 sa kaniyang blog tungkol sa Libing ni Fernando Poe, Jr.

Sa kaniyang isinulat at sa mga balitang aking nabasa ang mga taong nakipaglibing at nakiramay sa kanya ay ang mga sumusunod.

Mga tagahanga sa pelikula

bata,matanda,lalaki,bakla,matino, may-sira...

Mga kamag-anak

..ampong si Grace, tunay na anak na hindi kasama sa upuan ng pamilya, nasaan ang ibang anak?pamangking mga Cruz,half brother na si Conrad Poe, sister na si Elizabeth, mga di-kilalang pinsan...

Mga kaibigan sa pelikula: Dolphy-luma na ang patawa niyang nababakla siya sa kaguwapuhan ni Fernando Poe, Jr., kung baga sa bakya, pudpod. Hindi na ako matawa sa patawa niya. Hindi rin ako mapigil sa pag-isip bakit ni hindi niya sinilip ang burol ng kaniyang apong nabaril?

Eddie Garcia-gusto ko siyang actor, huwag na niyang sirain pa ang paghanga kong yaon.Mas magaling pa siya kay Fernando Poe.

Joseph Estrada- ang pangulo raw na inagawan ng upuan at binusalan. (Excuse me while I puke).

Mga artistang mga laos na. Laos na laos na nagpupumilit pa ring pumapel. hmmm

Mga militanteng grupo na mahilig laging makasakay. Dapat tanggapin nila na wala pa rin silang kapangyarihan kahit sa masa.

Mga tagasunod ni Villanueva.

Mga tagasunod ni Ely Pamatong.

Mga pulitikong sumakay sa popularidad ni FPJ.

Mga taong kumita sa tshirt, wristband, arm band, pamaypay na may tatak:

Bayani ng Bayan


Ituloy ang Laban?

Hanggang kailan?

May pelikula kayang darating tungkol sa buhay ni Fernando Poe, Jr.? Sagot, meron. abangan.

The Ca t

21 gun salute?

Dear mouse,

Isang bansa, tatlong pangulo.

Pangulong nakaupo.

Pangulong inagawan ng upuan.

At kahapon sa paglibing kay Da King,

Isang pangulong hindi pinaupo dahil daw sa dinaya.

21 gun salute, kanino ?

Pakisampal nga ako. Hmpppp

The Ca t

Monday, December 20, 2004

Christmas Parties and Parlor Games

Dear Mouse,

Sa December 30 na ang party ng pinoyblog. Sayang di ako makakapunta. Sasamahan ko sana si Batjay sumayaw sa mesa. Lagot.

Masaya ang Christmas party pag may parlor games. Iba-iba ang mga pangalan nila pero ganoon din ang ideya.

1. Trip to Jerusalem o Musical Chair

Paborito ng bata, pati rin ng mga hindi na bata pero hindi pa matanda , lalo na kung sa halip na silya ay mga tuhod ng mga binata/binata /pag /nasa /labas /ng bahay /ang gagamitin. Sa mga kalalakihan ay okay ito lalo kasama yong babaing gusto nilang mahawakan.

Pag ang ako ang in charge sa parlor game na ito, madalas ay nakakuha ako ng request sa mga boys na medyo tagalan ang music.Mga salbahe. Kung kasali ako, puwede pa. ahahay

2. Bring me or Scavengers'Hunt

Huwag kayong magkamaling ako ang gawing in-charge sa game na ito at hindi rin sa akin puwede yong halos dalhin na ang kanilang bahay para lang manalo. Isang kaibigan ko ang laging may dalang malaking tote bag na may lamang karayom, sandok, martilyo, pako para lang manalo sa contest. Ako hindi bagay ang aking hinihingi kung hindi tao Para hindi lang yong kasali sa contest ang involved.


1.Babae o lalaking may dimple sa pisngi

2.Babaeng may pinakamalaking sukat ng dibdib. Hehehe kailangang sukatan.

3.Lalaking may pinakamalaking……PAA (akala ninyo kung ano na.)

4.Babae o lalaking may pinakamababang timbang

5.Babaeng walang boyfriend (laging nakasimangot)

6.Lalaking walang girlfriend(laging nakangiti)

7.Lalaking ay suot na bikini brief (paano malalaman? pilitan ninyong hubaran)

8.Babae o lalaking may nunal below navel



Ito ay laro ng grupo.Ang mga miyemro ng grupo ay pagdudugtungdugtungin ang lahat ng makukuha nila sa kanilang belt, socks,shoes, bra ooops, briefs. ooops.

Newspaper Dance

Dapat mas mabigat ang babae para pag maliit na ang diyaryo, babae ang kakarga sa lalaki.

Egg Relay

Kailangan hilaw ang itlog.


The Ca t

Happy Birthday Batjay

Happy Birthday Batjay

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Wanted Babies

Dear mouse,

Eery minute, every second, unwanted babies end up in trash bins, doorsteps, churches, toilets and even in unlikely place such as under a vehicle.

And yet, there are women who are in desperate need for babies that they'd do anything to have one.

The case was not an ordinary kidnapping but was a murder to get the fetus from the womb before it was delivered.

Woman Said to Show Off Stolen Baby

Sunday, December 19, 2004

MELVERN, Kan. — A woman charged with killing an expectant mother and cutting the baby from her womb was showing the child off to people at a cafe and to her pastor hours before she was arrested, residents said Saturday.

Lisa M. Montgomery , 36, was charged Friday with kidnapping resulting in murder and was expected to appear in federal court Monday. The baby, whose mother had been eight months pregnant, was in good condition.

The arrest stunned many in this community of about 420 residents who apparently had believed for months that Lisa Montgomery was pregnant.

U.S. Attorney Todd Graves said Lisa Montgomery contacted Stinnett through an online message board after seeing a Web site about the rat terriers Stinnett bred and raised. The site included a picture of Stinnett, showing she was pregnant.

Wanted Heir

Crown Princess Masako has to give birth to a baby boy for the heir to the throne of the Crown Prince.The pressure made the princess suffer from depression so that she retreated from public life of a princess.

The Japanese royals may not be as scandalous as Britain's Windsors have managed to be, but Japan's royal household is facing a crisis - there is no heir apparent once the current Crown Prince Naruhito ascends to the throne. Only men can ascend to Japan's Chrysanthemum Throne and no male has been born to the imperial family since the 1960s. That would leave the obvious candidate, Crown Prince Naruhito's and Crown Princess Masako's three-year-old daughter Aiko, out of the line of succession. However, with it looking less and less likely that Crown Princess Masako, who is suffering from a well-publicized bout of depression, will have another child, the question on many people's minds is whether the succession law be amended to allow Aiko to become empress.

The Ca t

Ingat ang mga Pulitikong mahilig

Dear Mouse,

I have never liked the camphone. Methinks, it can invade the privacy of an individual. A few months back, the picture of midget TV personality, Mahal taking a shower in the bathroom was circulated in the cameraphones.

No one was charged for the mischief.

Ingat ang mga pulitikong mahilig sa mga clandestine affairs. Baka ang mga makatagpo nila ay hindi na kasing tanga nina Keanna na hanggang salita lang ang pagbunyag nila sa kanilang mga sex partners. Baka ang iba ay magkaroon ng ganitong ideya.

The recent incident of explicit sexual pictures of a student in a top school in the Capital, which is being forwarded on cellphones, has sent a ripple of shock throughout the city.

A female student of the school can be seen indulging in a sexual act on an MMS or mobile video clip.

The person, who has circulated the picture, also happens to be a student of the same school.

The worst part is that the picture is not confined to the school anymore but has found its way to cell phones of many children even outside.The clip traveled around India and overseas via the Internet and the VCDs.

Latest update in this scandal was the arrest of CEO ebay-owned for the attempted sale of the video clip in the auction portal.

Hey stop taking my pictures. Hindi ako si Mahal.

The Ca t

So young but not in Santa's list

Dear mouse,

He's making a list and checking it twice,gonna find out whose naughty or nice...

I am sure these young people did not make it in Santa's list.

In India, a young student was arrested for circulating a sexual act with a partner as MMS.

Here is the excerpt of the news.

MMS scandal: Delhi police arrest student

Sunday, December 19, 2004 (New Delhi):

The police have arrested a Delhi Public School student involved in the MMS case.

Since the boy is a juvenile he cannot be put in jail. He is now being held in the Economic Offences Wing in New Delhi.<

These graders did not wish for toy guns from Santa. They had the real thing.

2nd-Graders Tote Guns to School

Saturday, December 18, 2004 MOUNT AIRY, N.C.

Two North Carolina second-graders are facing charges after one of them brought a pistol to school. The two were caught when one student told a teacher that a boy had brought the 22-caliber gun to school and let another boy handle it.The gun wasn't loaded.The boys were charged with possessing a firearm on school property — a felony. They also were suspended from school for ten days.


The Ca t

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Christmas Gifts for the "Unattached"

Dear Mouse,

Some last minute gift ideas for friends.


For details, ask Mark.


For details, don't ask me. Hmphhhp

The Ca t

Friday, December 17, 2004

Patuloy ang pag-ikot ng mundo

Dear Mouse,

Hindi naman siguro ako dysfunctional para hindi maexcite pag nakakita ng artista.

Lumingon naman ako noon sa mesa nina Aga Muhlach nang makasabay naming siya sa Pancakes. Nakita ko na si Susan Roces, magninang sa kasal. Si Amalia naman ay nakita ko na sa isang restawran.Hmmmm.

Tinapunan ko naman ng tingin si Boboy Garovillo namang minsang makasabay namin siya sa parking ng isang hotel. Tamis pa ng ngiti. Kilig yong kasama kong 3rd kind.

Binigyan ko ng second look si John Malkovich nang masalubong ko siya. Tiningnan din niya ako.

Pero gusto kong ipukpok ang ulo ko sa dingding pag binubuksan ko ang aking TFC.

1.Nandiyan ang makikita mo ang buong pamilya nagcamp-out sa labas ng Sto. Domingo para raw makiramay sa namatay na si Fernando Poe,Jr. Bakit kailangang ibilad sa elemento ang mga bata para lang makita ang kanilang idolo? Pakisampal nga ako.

2. Nandiyan ang makikita mong isang reporter ang napapaligiran ng mga ususerong gusto lang mapanood sa TV ay halos magkalmutan para makasingit sa likod ng TV reporter. Sarap buntalin ng sunod sunod ala Fernando Poe at saka bigyan ng left hook.

3. Nandiyan ang mga reporter na kung sino-sino na lang ang iniinterview na wala namang kawawaan.

4. Nandiyan ang ipakita ang mga taong sinamantala ang pagkakataon para kumita ng pera sa pamamagitan ng pagbebenta ng mga larawan, mga souvenirs, tshirts at ibapa.

Sa totoo lang kaliwete akong sumulat. Sabi nila ako ay nakatalikod sa mundo kaya marahil kaiba ang aking mga opinion sa nakakalahat. Pero bakit kailangan nating idolohin ang artista na kulang na lamang ang sambahin sila. Dapat pa nga sila ang magpasalamat sa tao dahil kung hindi sa perang binabayad sa ticket sa sine ay matagal na silang laos.

Beep beep sa mga kakilala kong tagahanga ni Fernando Poe na ang isa ay bumalak pang umuwi upang makipaglibing , pero ang mga naririnig kong mga kawanggawa niya ay ginawa rin ng maraming nakilala ko. Sakripisyo pa ang sa kanila dahil kailangang ibawas sa kanilang maliit na badyet ang kanilang itutulong.

Sabi nga ng paborito kong pari, give until it hurts.Isang kaibigan ko ang bumili ng kumot dahil ang isa niyang tauhan sa opisina ay hindi nakuha ang inaasam-asam niyang kumot sa kanilang Christmas raffle. Hinanap pa niya ng bahay upang personal na Ideliver ang regalo.

At habang ng sambayanan ay ugagang-ugaga sa balita tungkol kay FPJ at pagtataray ni Susan Roces, ang Pangulong Arroyo naman ay hindi magkandaugaga sa pagpirma ng batas para sa mga buwis ng mga kasalanan.(sin taxes).

Ang pagpapawalang sala kay Danding Cojuangco sa graft charge napagdonate ng coconut levy funds sa pribadong tao at kumpanya ay wala man lamang reaksiyon sa mga columnists na ang topic din ay si FPJ.

Patuloy ang pag-ikot ng mundo ng mga somebodies

at nobodies.

Makapanood nga ng pelikula ni Jet Li.

The Ca t

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Kuwentong Pasko-the name is Bond

Dear Mouse,

Dec. 26. Pasok ulit. May nakasabay ako sa elevator. Kaya lang hindi ko magagawa ang mga suggestions ni Ringhithion.

May kasabay akong Puting lalaki. Tinitingnan ang aking kuwintas.

Nasalubong ko ulit siya sa desk ng receptionist. Nagpipirma siya sa visitors’log.

Kinakausap ko yong babae sa counter.

Sabi ni Puti: Your voice is familiar. I think I know you.

Tumaas ang isa kong kilay. Sa isip Ko ta….na narinig ko na yan. Pero familiar din ang kaniyang boses.

Sabi ni Puti: Hi the name is Bond. James Bond. Sabi ko naman: Hi, I am Moneypenny.

Saka ngumiti ako ng labas ang buong ipen.

Sinundan niya ako. Pumasok ako sa kuwarto.

Pumasok din siya.

Tinamaan ng matsing, ako ba ang sinusundan nito?

Sabi niya sa boss ko: Hi Dad, I am here for the holidays.

Sabi ni boss: Good for you. By the way, have you met, the Ca t?

Sabi niya: Ow, did not have a chance. Hi, I am Zorro. Inabot niya ang kamay ko at nakangisi rin siyang labas ang ipen. Nakakaloko ang anak ng pating.

Kailangan ding iintroduce ko ang aking sarili.

Sabi ko naman: I am Darna. OOPssy,mali.Ngumiti rin ako hanggang tenga.

Ito pala.

Who's that

Is she among the Xmen?

Oh loko,sisimulan niya ako, di siya ang nabuwang.

The Ca t

Mga Kuwentong Pasko

Dear Mouse,

Malungkot ang una kong Pasko sa Estet.

Kalilipat ko lang sa aking lugar noon dahil pinalayas ako ng aking kaibigan. Nakakaiyak ba ? Kumuha muna kayo ng kumot dahil iiyak pa kayo.Hige makinig kayo.

Kailangan kong lumipat malapit sa trabaho dahil ang tinitirhan ko ay nasa lugar na walang mga dumadaang pulic transport, kaya pinayagan ako ng isa kong kasamahan sa trabaho na tumira sa bakanteng kuwarto ng malaki nilang bahay. May-asawa na lahat ang anak nila at silang dalawang mag-asawa na lang ang nakatira doon. Nagkasundo kami sa upa na reasonable dahil hindi naman ako nagluluto.Isa pa pansamantala lang yon habang naghahanap din ako ng sarili kong lugar.

Mabait ang kaniyang asawa, katunayan parang anak ang turing niya sa akin na inaalala kung ako ay may kinakailangan.

Hindi ko siya masisisi kung magalit siya sa akin. Inalis siya ng employer naman dahil iskandalosa at intrigera. Samantalang naging paborito ako ng aking amo na Hudyo at Puti dahil mukha raw akong mabait. (hekhekhek).Yong asawa naman niya ay gusto akong ipakasal sa kaniyang anak na lalaki na hindi ko pa nakikita.

Limang araw bago mag Pasko ay nakakuha ako ng notice na kailangang maghanap na ako ng matitirhan dahil babalik na ang kaniyang anak.(may PS. Pu@#$%^&na mo.)

Kinakailangan maghanap ako nang matitirhan kaya nag-absent ako sa isa ko pang trabaho Sa Human resources department kung saan ang Sales Manager na sipsip sa CEO ay naghihintay lang akong magkamali para ako ay ipatanggal. Ang dahilan kabago-bago ko pa lang daw ay may promotion na ako, samantalang siya ay naghirap ng sampung taon bago niya nakuha ang puwesto.(Kasalanan ko ba kung mas maganda ako sa kaniya?(hekhekhek).

Kinabukasan, pinaresign nila ako dahil absent daw ako without notice. Alam kung may laban ako at kung nasa Pilipinas lang ako, bibigyan ko sila ng ulcer sa sama ng loob.(Nakarma rin yong sipsip na yon. Deported siya nang makuha siya ng INS na pinalsipika niya ang mga papeles niya. Karma nga naman.)

Sandali nalalayo tayo sa kuwento.

Sa isang bahay ng nars na natulungan ko sa empleyo ay nakakuha ako nang pansamantalang tutuluyan.

Sa loob ng ilang buwang pamamalagi sa Ester, palipat-lipat ako ng estado para bisitahin ang aking mga kapatid at mamasyal din, kaya wala pa akong masasabing gamit sa bahay.Ang aking personal na mga gamit ay nasa kaibigan ko pa. Ang dalang gamit ko lang ay aking aking mga workclothes. Lumipat ako nang isang araw bago bisperas. Kaibahan sa Pilipinas, dito ay hindi mo madarama ang Pasko. Tahimik at maliban sa magagandang ilaw na nakapalamuti sa mga bahay lalo na sa mga Pilipino, wala ka nang makitang ispiritu ng Pasko.

Nang bisperas na iyon, ako ay mag-isa sa aking munting mundo. Ang aking unan ay ang aking tuwalya at ang aking kumot ay and aking wool na outer coat ang aking banig ay diyaryo.

May kaibigan din akong mapagpapalipasan ng Pasko pero ang Pasko nila ay hindi ang hatinggabi kung hindi Hapon ng Dec.25 dahil sila ay nagtatrabaho kahit Pasko. Isa pa talagang madrama ako. hekhekhek.

Bumalik ako sa pagkabata na bago matulog ay inaasam- asam ko ang regalo ng aking daddy na inilalagay niya sa medias. OO Birhinya, nakalakihan kong nagtatrabaho ang aking ama sa isang American company kung saan malapit siya sa amo niyang Kano kaya may mga mansanas, ubas at peras kami pag Pasko.

Namiss ko ang aking mga Pasko sa Pinas, ang simbang gabi, ang mga Christmas Parties, ang mga Kris Kringle, ang mga regalo, ang puto bumbong, ang mga Kaibigan. Malayo rin ako sa aking pamilya na nasa ibang Estado. Kung ginusto Ko ay maari akong tumira sa kanila pero palagay ko talagang Gypsy ako na mahilig magsapalaran nang nag-iisa.

Nakatulog akong walang luha. Hindi ako mahilig umiyak. Ang aking idol ay si Scarlet O Hara. Ang lahat ng lugar sa akin ay Tara.

Mahilig kasi akong magsabi ng Tara na.(hekhekhek)

Bukas ay mag-iiba ang aking mundo.

Kinabukasan nga ay tinawagan ko ang kaibigan na may sasakyan.Bibili ako ng gamit.

Pagbaba ko sa hagdan ay may isang lalaking kapitbahay na French na ngumiti at binati ako.

Sabi niya : Joyeux Noël . Que je veux être votre ami.

Sagot ko naman : Joyeux Noël. que vous ressemblez à Bruce Willis. Yong huli sa isip ko lang ahahay.

The Ca t

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Post no bill

Dear Mouse,

When I was a pre-schooler, the sign that amused me no end was the post no bill in a Meralco post.

I thought the meaning was ang "posteng walang tuka."

At least these signs have translations.


The Ca t

Nagiging mamera na ang bayani?

Dear mouse,

Ano? Ililibing si Fernando Poe,Jr. sa Libingan ng mga Bayani ?

Pakisampal nga ako ng malakas.

Dahil ba sa marami siyang napatay na Hapon sa pelikula ?

Dahil ba sa matagal siya sa pelikula at siya ay nagkaroon ng mga awards?

Eh di bayani rin si Eddie Garcia,Dolphy, si Nora Aunor at Vilma Santos?

Dahil ba sa nagsakripisyo siyang tumakbo pagkapangulo para sa kaibigan niyang si Erap?

Dahil ba marami siyang natulungan na mga kaibigan at kakilala niya?

Naniniwala akong mabuti siyang tao at matulungin subali't hindi sapat ito para maging bayani ang isang tao.

Hayaan na natin siyang maging bayani sa puso ng kaniyang mga tagahanga pero ang maging bayani ng buong bansa ay masyadong pinababa na ang kahulugan ng pagiging bayani.

Hello,hello..pinagbabaan ako ng aking kaibigan ng tagahanga ni FPJ at Susan Roces.

The Ca t

Washing machine

Dear mouse,

Ancient peoples washed their clothes in rivers or streams where they used sands as abrasives to remove the dirt and the water for rinsing.


Did the wives nag the husbands to help them in these chores or did the men think that women spent a lot of time washing clothes that they invented the washing machine.

The earliest washing "machine" was the scrub board invented in 1797. James King, an American patented the first washing machine that resembled the modern machine only it was handpowered.

In 1858, Hamilton Smith patented the rotary washing machine.

In 1874, William Blackstone of Indiana built a birthday present for his wife. It was a machine which removed and washed away dirt from clothes. The first washing machines designed for use in the home.

The first electric-powered washing machine was introduced in 1908, by the Hurley Machine Company of Chicago, Illinois. Alva J. Fisher was the inventor.

The Ca t sez:

What about the dryer?

The Ca t

Dr Emer

Doc Emer's PARALLEL UNIVERSES is hosting the 12th edition of Grand Rounds, a weekly round-up of the best health-related posts from around the medical blogosphere.

This week, the readers will all be treated to interesting posts covering current events and health issues, tips to improve the healing art of medicine, diagnostic tests and clinical procedure discussions, patient issues, and opinions on health care delivery.

The Ca t sez:

Punta na.

The Ca t

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Prophecy and Fortune Telling part 2

Dear Mouse,

What is the difference between prophecy uttered by biblical prophet and the minor prophet/fortune teller of our time. The inherent difference would be in the quality of the gift of prophecy.

Take for instance:

And Jesus answered and said to them: See to it that no one misleads you. For many will come in my name, saying, "I am the Christ," and will mislead many. And you will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars; see that you are not frightened, for those things must take place, but that is not yet the end. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and in various places there will be famines and earthquakes. But all these things are merely the beginning of birth pangs. Then they will deliver you to tribulation, and will kill you, and you will be hated by all nations on account of my name. At that time many will fall away and will deliver up one another and hate one another. Many false prophets will arise and will mislead many.

And because lawlessness is increased, most people's love will grow cold. But the one who endures to the end, he shall be saved. And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world for a witness to all the nations, and then the end shall come.


The Ca t

Monday, December 13, 2004

Prophecy and Fortune Telling

Dear Mouse,

Are fortune tellers considered as modern prophets?

Some people believe that predictions of great prophets such as Saint John, Nostradamus, Malachy and Edgar Cayce will come to pass exactly as prophesied.

Some people do not believe at all to any kind of prophecy.

Some people examine the track record of prophesies fulfilled and unfulfilled.

I am one of the people who believe that there is no such thing as accurate prophecy or prediction.

Prophets or psychics are mere human beings who may filter the information through their personalities and minds. The original messages may then be lost as the recipients of the knowledge may inject their own interpretations and expectations.

It could be also that the Universal Power allows only so much certainty in order to help humanity to deal with it by preparing and choosing the courses of actions that may change the course of destiny.

Prophecies are of two kinds; the events that will surely occur and the events that may occur but may be changed for even though the prophets and the seers can predict catastrophies, they cannot predict the reaction of the people when the events happen.

Great Prophets ?

The most documented prophet was Michel Nostradamus a 16th century French physician and astrologer.

Among his prophecies that had already been realized were:

  • The Priests would be threatening the astronomers about their discoveries that run counter with religious tenets. When Galileo used his instrument to discover that the earth circles the sun, the Church asked him to recant his pronouncement.
  • He predicted the colonization of England of a country named America. The prediction was made when colonists had not yet come to America.
  • He talked about communism, aerial bombardments, atom boms, submarines when these ideas, had come in the later centuries.
  • And many more...

  • Edgar Cayce, a well-known psychic and healer predicted the following:

  • Between 1968 and 1998, Los angeles, San Francisco and New York would be hit by a major destruction.
  • End of Communism and Russia and America becoming allies and friends
  • Saint Malachy, a medieval abbot prophesied about the end of the Vatican.

    He characterized the reign of Pope John Paul 1 as “ of the waxing moon because his reign lasted only for 34 days.

    Prophecy should not be feared but should not be ignored either. We come into terms with the prophecies by acknowledging a higher POWER governing our destinies.

    Next fortune telling.

    The Ca t

    MicroPenis? What's your size?

    Dear mouse,

    Op can boost size of micro-penis

    Surgeons are perfecting a way to build up the size of very small penises, enabling proper urination, and a full sex life. It is estimated that about one in 200 men is born with what is known as a micro-penis. Whereas the average size of the human penis is around 12.5cm (5 inches), a micro-penis spans less than 7cm.

    University College London surgeons will present their work to the European Society for Sexual Medicine. A micro-penis can develop from inadequate levels of the male sex hormone testosterone during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, or from an inability to respond to testosterone in the normal way. In the past doctors have recommended gender reassignment, so the child was brought up as a girl, but this is a practice which has ceased in recent years.

    However, there are a number of treatments available. The UCL team has been refining a technique called phalloplasty, or penile enlargement.

    Will it help if they eat dirty ice cream?


    The Ca t