Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Dear Mouse,

I was planning to post the testimonies against Andres Bonifacio but when I saw the news about the flood that killed more than 300 people, I digressed. I wanted to ask these questions:

How do the illegal loggers feel when they saw people clinging to the last object that they could hold of to save their lives?

How do the families of businessmen engaged in illegal logging and wanton destruction of environment wallow in luxuries from the windfall profits at the expense of people's lives?

Ano kaya ang nararamdaman nila habang nannood sila sa HDTV widescreen TV nila habang ang mga pananim ay sinisira, ang mga hayup ay inaanod at ang mga tao ay nakikipaglaban para sila ay mabuhay?

May konsensiya pa ba silang natitira ?

Dapat sa kanila ay ito.

The Ca t

The Charges

Dear mouse,

As a tribute to Andres Bonifacio, I am featuring the charges, testimonies and the verdict of the court martial of the hero.

(Pic courtesy of Polo)

Andres Bonifacio

  • Hero of the Philippine Revolution
  • Father of the Katipunan
  • Father of the Revolution and Philippine Democracy
  • the "Supremo"
  • the Great Plebeian
  • born November 30, 1863 in Tundo, Manila
  • died May 10 1897, in Mt. Buntis, by execution
  • Many of us know very little why Andres Bonifacio was executed. Many of us do not know that the decision was not to kill him.

    Many of us do not know the charges, do you?

    The Charges

    Maragondon, May 7, 1897.

    To His Honor the Commander-in-Chief of the Army:

    The auditor, after having examined the investigation papers, declare that the Bonifacio brothers, Andres and Procopio, residing in Limbon, enlisted soldiers with guns (and swords without proper authority from this government of the Tagalog provinces; that Andres Bonifacio, with his brothers, Procopio and Ciriaco, often held secret meetings with Diego Mojica, Silvestre Domingo, and Santos Nocom, and that it was their design to overthrow the government and kill the president. When rumor of this evil intention reached the government, soldiers were sent to the place where Andres was staying. On the arrival of the government soldiers, Andres and his brothers ordered their soldiers to fire if the government soldiers did not halt; they also ordered their trench to be closed. Their soldiers did not obey this command. Immediately Ciriaco Bonifacio fired, killing two government soldiers. As a result of this provocation, the leader of the government forces ordered his soldiers to fire in the direction of the shot which had killed two of their companions. They were able to enter the trench. Here Andres and his brothers were still firing, and Procopio surrendered only on seeing Andres and Ciriaco fall.From this, it can be inferred that there is truth in the charge that these brothers, in maintaining an army, had the intention of overthrowing the government and killing the president. This is borne out by the testimony of their soldiers, Pedro Giron, Benito Torres, Bibiano Rojas, and others whose names need not be mentioned.Aside from all this Andres Bonifacio, by means of money, induced the government army officers, together with the soldiers under them, to transfer to his side. This money, I think, comes from Diego Mojica and Ariston Villanueva. The acts of these men are not secret-for example, the frequent meetings of Mojica with the Bonifacio brothers in Limbon, and the resistance of the soldiers against the government forces. It is suspected that the money was intended for the transfer of the government forces to the authority of Andres. The latter's reason that the money was a reward to the soldiers who had fought in Noveleta is not true. Therefore, it appears true that the Bonifacio brothers,Andres, Ciriaco, and Procopio, had the intention of overthrowing the government of the Tagalogs, of killing the President, and of resisting the government army forces. Because of these crimes, they deserve the punishment dictated by the Council. It depends upon Your Honor, however, to decide on what is most proper to do. With reference to other things, a copy of the testimony of Andres Bonifacio, Pedro Giron, and others should be taken so that proper investigation may be made of Diego Mojica and Ariston Villanueva. The testimony of the wife of Andres Bonifacio about the attempt to dishonor her should also be looked into. The guns, books, and other things seized when Andres and Procopio Bonifacio and their soldiers surrendered should be placed under the authority of the government.

    Maragondon, May 8, 1897.


    The Ca t

    Monday, November 29, 2004


    Dear Mouse,

    I like to read this when I am depressed.

    One night a man had a dream.He dreamed he was walking along the beach with the Lord. Across the sky flashed scenes from his life. For each scene, he noticed two sets of footprints in the sands; one belonging to him and the other to the Lord.

    When the last scene of his life flashed before him, he looked back at the footprints in the sand. He noticed that if it happened at the very lowest and saddest times in his life.

    This reallybothered him and he questioned the Kord about it. "Lord, you said that once I decided to follow you, you'd walk with me all the way. But I have noticed that during the most troublesoe times in my life, there is only one set of footprints. I don't understand why when I needed you most, you would leave me.

    The Lord replied."My precious, precious child, I love you and would never leave you. During your times of trial and suffering, when you saw only one set of footprints,it was then that I carried you.

    --Margaret Fishback Powers


    The Ca t


    Dear Mouse,

    Headline:Garcia papers switched?

    AFP colonel under probe

    Armed Forces chief Gen. Efren Abu has ordered the investigation of the military’s records custodian following reports that Maj. Gen. Carlos Garcia’s financial statements have been tampered with or replaced with fakes to conceal his alleged ill-gotten wealth. Col. Vincent Bahia, the chief custodian of Garcia’s statements of assets and liabilities (SALs), is the latest senior military officer to be embroiled in the scandal that has put the military’s credibility into question.

    The Ca t sez

    Tsee , what's new?

    The Ca t


    Dear Mouse,

    Click print.

    thanks jobert

    @#$%^&& Printer jammed.

    The Ca t

    Sino Ka ?

    Dear Mouse,

    Hindi siya nanakit, hindi siya nagsasalita.

    Ano kaya ang iniisip niya ?

    Mula kay Polo.

    Ito po ang tula na kasama sa larawan.

    Banig ko ngayong gabi ang sementong ayaw hiwalayan ng nalilibugang alikabok.

    Kumot ko ang usok, ng lansangan. Kasiping ko at katabi ko sa pagtulog, ang mga lamok.

    Hindi ko sila itataboy at hindi nila ako pandidirihan.

    Mangingibig silang hahalik sa nagnaknak kong talampakan.

    Walang radyo na aawit ng banyaga para aluin sa papaantok ng gabi.

    Ihehele ako ng busina at pagmura ng ayaw matulog na kalsada.

    Bukas ay lilipat ako ng ibang basurahang matutuluyan.

    Muli bago ako maidlip, pupunasan ko muna at patutuyuin ang banig kong iyong pinag-ihian.

    The Ca t

    Sunday, November 28, 2004

    Coolest Inventions

    Dear Mouse,

    Computer in your shoes? Believe it.

    Go to Mel's infraternam and see the COOLEST INVENTIONS OF 2004


    He has a lot of stuff that you won't find in other blogs.

    Excuse me while I take a break from my computer.

    pcoven pic by bayi.

    How can I run out of topic in my blog when there are wonderful friends who send me interesting stuff. more to come from other contributors.

    The Ca t

    Look Up

    Dear Mouse,

    To a fellow blogger...K

    Sorrow looks back,worry looks around and faith looks up.

    The Ca t

    Saturday, November 27, 2004

    One Lazy Afternoon

    Dear Mouse,




    Pic of the cat, courtesy of Bayi

    The Ca t


    Dear Mouse,





    tagal magbilang kasi eh. Hmmp

    Tenks batjay for allowing me to use your pics.


    A good laugh is sunshine in the house

    The Ca t


    Dear Mouse,


    (pic. courtesy of bayi,more to come ...abangan)

    The Ca t sez:

    Ang di matawa, pangeeeet.

    Ang marumi ang isip, marumi ang isip.


    Quotation of the day:

    The most wasted of all days is that one which has not laughed.

    The Ca t

    Friday, November 26, 2004

    True or Truelse or False ?

    Dear Mouse,

    The news article is entitled to Tax or not to Tax.

    Let me express my agreement /disagreement on the ff: statements made by the PIDS senior research fellow by writing true or false as my response.

    PIDS senior research fellow Rosario G. Manasan said the shift to gross income taxation is perceived by many sectors to be a "bad tax." "This measure will not reduce the scope for negotiations between taxpayers and tax examiners as its proponents aver; rather, it will widen it. Instead of plugging loopholes, it will create more."


    Businesses are now taxed based on Net Income i.e. Net Sales less Cost of Sales =Gross Profit less Operating Expenses=Net Operating Income-Other Expenses +Other income.

    Assuming that there are no OI and OE, a company will pay higher tax using gross income taxation.


    Net Sales $ 100

    Cost of Sales 60

    Gross Profit 40

    Operating Exp. 30

    Net income 10

    Assuming tax is 25 per cent on the first 100 k

    In the present system where the basis is $ 10.= Tax is 2.5

    Proposed GIT where the basis is $ 40 the Tax is 10.0

    During tax audit, there are expenses that are rejected by the tax examiners. The exlusion of such expenses lead to higher income tax assessments. Tawaran na pagdating dito.

    With the implementation of the GIT, the issue will be the allowance of the treatment of expenses as part of the cost of sales as overhead.

    All the bean counter has to do is to transfer operating expense items in the manufacturing overhead.As to its allowance, it depends on the tax examiners' "valued" discretion.

    She also said gross income taxation tends to violate the tax neutrality principle. Under the scheme, the effective tax burden of firms will vary according to cost structures, with firms in the services sector likely to be hit hardest.


    Unlike manufacturing concerns, the service industries have no costs of sales to present as deductions. Their net incomes subject to tax are derived by deducting the expenses from the sales.

    She is right.

    If the reporting system however would allow recognition of gross income as the difference between the sales and direct costs attributed to the services rendered e.g. as consultancy fees received as against consultant's paycheck then gross income could be determined.

    Thus, I said Truelse, it can be true and false.

    Ms. Manasan said three of the eight tax measures proposed by the administration are not likely to be helpful. These include the adoption of the gross income tax, imposition of the windfall tax on telecommunications companies, and tax amnesty. The same is also true of the proposal to reduce the corporate and individual income tax rates to stimulate supply side effects.


    It boggles my mind how a reduction of individual and corporate income taxes help the country increase tax revenue collections.

    The individual income taxpayers pay their taxes not because they want to but because they are being withheld from their salaries.

    Single proprietorships are entirely another story.

    The corporations on the other hand lower their income taxes by padding their operating expenses with expenditures that are not even corporate expenses.

    Enron execs charged their private parties expenses to the corporate account.

    The IRS people did not know? They can be easily charged as entertainment expenses, travel,representations,promotion, blahblagblah.

    Family or closed corporations can even charge their family leisure trips as travel expenses.Who would know?

    Tax examiners, if they are diligent enough to itemize the expenses.

    Who audit the examiners. No one.

    The Ca t

    Garage Sale

    Dear mouse,

    Marami akong natutuhan sa aking propesor sa Management Accounting. Kunektado siya noon sa bangko Central at marami siyang kuwento na wala sa foreign-authored naming libro.

    Kung buhay sana siya ngayon ay maririnig ko siyang magcomment ng:

    @#$ina naman. Marami na naman ang makikina- bang nito.

    DBP to sell up to PhP12-B bad loans

    The bank is looking at disposing P10 billion to P12 billion worth of nonperforming loans (NPL) and those classified as real and other properties owned or acquired (ROPOA). The bank plans to hire a financial adviser to assist in the preparation of its nonperforming accounts portfolio for eventual sale to a special purpose vehicle (SPV) for a six-and-a-half month contract with a budget of P21 million for base fees.

    Pag tinanong mo kung bakit, ito ang sagot niya:

    Alam mo bata, may mga kumpanyang baon sa utang na hinahayaan na lang ang kanilang mga collateral na maforeclose. Tapos hihintayin nilang i-auction ito o ipagbili ng bangko sa mas murang halaga.

    Ibang kumpanya na ang ginagamit nila sa pagbili.

    Itatanong ninyo sa aking kung paano.

    Ewan ko, uwian na noon at nagmamadali akong umuwi.

    Patay na rin ang propesor ko. Namatay sa cancer.

    Ang alam ko, yong boss ko sa isang auditing firm, nakabili ng isang printing company sa ganitong paraan.

    Kung baga sa karaniwang tao, garage sale, wala ng lang garahe.

    The Ca t

    May kasabihan

    Dear Mouse,

    May kasabihan, 'wag bilangin ang sisiw hanggang hindi pa pisa ang itlog.(kung pisa man ay huwag lulutuin. aheek).

    Kahit sa Accounting, may prinsipyo ng Conservatism.

    Hindi itinatala sa libro ang hindi pa kinikita.

    Kailangan pa bang ipamukha sa kinauukulan na hanggang hindi naipapasa ang mga batas tungkol sa buwis ay hindi pa ito dapat asahang ito ay magiging kita na ng gobyerno.

    Ang pagkakasulat pa ay parang nagulat sila.

    Para ang ang sabi ay ahaaaa!!!!

    Govt 'discovers' P84 billion more revenues in 2005

    Around P84 billion more in revenues next year from several sources was discovered during the meeting of members of the Legislative Executive Development Advisory Council (LEDAC) in Malacañang Friday.

    Coming out of the LEDAC meeting, Finance Secretary Juanita Amatong said that a total of P54 billion more in revenues is expected from the Bureau of Internal Revenue and Bureau of Customs, and P30 billion more from three tax measures now pending in both chambers of Congress.

    The Ca t


    Dear Mouse,

    Dahil sa pag-aakalang nakihalo ako sa usapan sa isang web site kung saan sobra ang pag-insulto sa Pusang ito, mayroon ding mga kaibigan ko ang humalo sa diskusyon.

    Sa mga sumuportang ito,salamat sainyo.

    Oras na siguro ang hayaan natin sila sa putik na kanilang kinalulubugan ngayon dahil sa mga kinukulapol nila sa isa't isa.

    Paumanhin ang hingi ko sainyo sainyong pagkakaramay.

    The Ca t


    Dear Mouse,

    While checking my referrers, I chanced upon the website of inquirer7, so I clicked and look what I found... this Ca t is among those sites about cats for sale/adoption/etc/ Scroll to the last item.

    Ain't that sweet?

    Hindi pala ako kung hindi yong mga links ko.

    Searched the web for ragdoll philippines

    Results 1-10 of about 257 . Search took 0.100272 seconds.

    Sponsored Link:

    Beautiful Ragdoll Cats Long Haired Blue Eyed & Docile Kittens Available Now through Xmas ragdoll.myphotoalbum.com

    Philippines Cats for Sale, Adoption, Buy, Sell @ Adpost.com ... ... Cats for Sale, Adoption, Buy, Sell @ Adpost.com Classifieds - Philippines Cats for ...3, RAGDOLL, —, Days, —, Manila Metropolitan Area > Manila, ragdoll searcher 0 ... http://www.adpost.com/ph/pets/Cats/

    KittySites.Com - Cat Clubs ... Feline Fanciers of the Philippines, Inc. ... Now, you must not be a kitten, you mustbe a full grown cat, who is small like m Progressive Ragdoll Breed Cat Club (UK ... http://www.kittysites.com/clubs.html

    The Manila Times Internet Edition | LIFE & TIMES > A grand show ... .. beautiful feline friends, the Feline Fanciers of the Philippines ..

    Meetup.com › Ragdoll Cat › Ragdoll Cat Meetup Groups Home All Ragdoll Cat Meetup Groups. 24 Groups worldwide; 35 Members; MonthlyMeetup: Fourth Saturday @ 2:00 PM. .. More Ragdoll Cat Groups. ... http://ragdoll.meetup.com/

    Now What, Cat ?: Freelance Philippines ... CATDOM-Philippines. ... parallel universe; manuelquezon3; secondthoughts; angelhouser;pedouin Ragdoll Cats are intelligent and affectionate; they are very playful . ..

    http://www.cathcath.com/2004/06/freelance -philippines.html

    Please, no. I will be a good ca t.

    The Ca t


    Dear Mouse,

    1. Please be informed that I do not post using the nickname Cathcath in any website.

    My friends know my distinct signature.

    2. I have not posted any remark /opinion about the faye fiasco except in titorolly's website and my own. I am too decent to respect other people's website.

    3. If some bloggers misunderstood my sense of humor, then I apologized. But I do not apologize for my opinion.

    4. I won't even respond to the remarks posted in one website. I am too secure to know what is the truth about me and what respectable people such as Manuel Quezon the 3rd, Angelo Ancheta, Sassy, Titorolly, Ting, Batjay, and Dr. Emer say about me.

    To my detractors, let us move on.

    The Ca t

    Thursday, November 25, 2004

    Adam and Eve in the Garden

    Dear Mouse,

    One time Polo sent a tomato that had an odd shape.

    These veggies were also found in the garden.

    The Ca t sez: Stop it, I swear, I did not open my eyes; not even peek.

    The Ca t


    Dear Mouse,

    Another scenic spot for Polo.

    The Ca t sez : Bless me father for I have sinned.

    The Ca t

    Tourist Spot -Sa taas nakaturo ?

    Dear Mouse,

    Si Polo ang aming naughty elf sa grupo.

    Siya ang nagpapadala ng mga photos na hindi karaniwan.

    Kaya ang mga sumusunod na larawan ay para sa kaniyang rare na collections.

    Isang kaibigan ang nagpadala sa akin ng mga retrato ng "kalikasan" o ginawa ng "kalikasan na ito.

    Please,may magwiwisik sa akin nito ng holy water.

    The Ca t

    Wednesday, November 24, 2004


    Dear Mouse,

    Days ago, Sassy blogged about the sandwich that was claimed to have an image of the Virgin Mary being auctioned in the eBay.

    Here's the update:

    Casino buys Virgin Mary sandwich for $28,000



    Stick a fork in it.

    Diana Duyser's ''Virgin Mary'' grilled cheese sandwich is done.Sold, as of 8:22 p.m. Monday, for $28,000 on eBay.

    The lucky winner? GoldenPalace.com, an online casino whose executives say they were willing to spend ''as much as it took'' to own the 10-year-old sandwich half with a bite taken out of it.

    ''It's a part of pop culture that's immediately and widely recognizable, '' GoldenPalace spokesman Monty Kerr said.

    ``We knew right away we wanted to have it.'' The new owners of the sandwich, which the 52-year-old Hollywood woman says bears an image of the Virgin Mary, didn't want to risk it getting lost in the mail.

    Kerr and Steve Baker, CEO of Golden Palace's management company, Cyberworld Group, flew to South Florida on Monday to meet Diana and Gregg Duyser, wine and dine them and make arrangements for a sandwich hand-over.

    And I thought that my bid of 4.99 without soda and french fries was enough.

    The Ca t

    What Turkey ?

    Dear Mouse,


    Via Dave.

    The Ca t

    Tuesday, November 23, 2004

    Parang Basketball

    Dear mouse,

    Arroyo: Budget deficit reduced by P60B in early 2005

    Lira Dalangin-Fernandez

    SAYING that the government was slowly closing the budget gap, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo gave assurances that 60 billion pesos would be shaved off from the budget deficit by the start of 2005.

    Para ba akong kinakabahan,

    pahayag na ito ng pamahalaan,

    Pakiramdam ko ay di kalutasan,

    Parang basketball,ito ay pasahan.

    Arroyo said she was basing her statement on the projections of Trade and Industry Secretary Cesar Purisima, the head of her economic team.

    Of the 60 billion pesos, she said 40 billion pesos would come from the 98-centavo per kilowatt hour increase in power rates.

    Hindi naman nila sabihin ay maliwanag naman,

    dagdag sa bayad ng kuryente, bayan din ang papasan,

    Taas ng bilihin, isa pang parusang karagdagan,

    Pilipinong lugmok, ang pangalan ba ay si Huan ?

    Five billion pesos was expected to be raised from the two percent tariff imposed on fuel, and 7.5 billion pesos from additional taxes on alcohol and cigarettes.

    Pati manginginom at naninigarilyo,

    Bawa't buga ng usok may dagdag na sentimo.

    Mga tomador pati na ang mga tagayero,

    Sa mahal ng alak,huwag magtira sa baso.

    She also added that about 10 billion pesos was also expected to be raised from the passage of the lateral attrition bill, which mandates the setting revenue targets for government collection agencies and specifies incentives for exceeding the targets as well as penalties for failing to meet them.

    Parang luksong tinik, mayroong dayaan.

    Ang "tinik" na gagamitin ay mababa lamang,

    Para madali itong mapunuan

    Hindi rin sila mapaparusahan.

    Menu for the day:

    Pinadapang alimango

    The Ca t

    Do You Hear Me Now ?

    Dear Mouse,

    Dan Rather stepping down in March from CBS News

    Dan Rather, embattled anchor of the "CBS Evening News," announced Tuesday that he will step down in March, on the 24th anniversary of taking over the job from Walter Cronkite.

    The veteran anchor has been under fire in recent months for his role in a "60 Minutes Wednesday" story that questioned President Bush's service in the National Guard, which turned out to based on allegedly forged documents.

    Rather, 73, (hindi 18) said he will continue to work for CBS, as a correspondent for both editions of "60 Minutes."

    He made no mention of the National Guard story in announcing the change, saying he had agreed with CBS executives last summer that after the Nov. 2 election would be the right time to leave.

    "A report on what went wrong with the National Guard story, from a two-man independent investigative panel, is due imminently. Rather anchored the story and initially defended it when it was criticized.

    May kasabihan:

    Minamahal habang mayruon, kung wala ay patapon-tapon.

    Menu for the day:

    Ginataang alimango

    The Ca t

    Pasko,Pasko, Pasko

    Dear Mouse,

    My little Christmas tree

    Santa and the Elf

    The Nativity

    The Three Kings, Santa and Garfield

    The Dining

    The Stairs

    The Ca t

    Monday, November 22, 2004

    Balik sa Baboy

    Dear Mouse,

    Sumama na sa isang singing group si Budget

    Secretary Boncodin.Ang chorus nila ay:

    Sa tune ng kantang NAKAKAALIW

    Nakakatulong, nakakasulong,

    Nakakaunlad sa mapapalad,

    Nakakapogi sa mga lalake,

    Nakakaganda sa mga babae,

    Kaya ibigay na ang baboy.(pork barrel)

    Kaya ibigay na ang baboy.(pork barrel)

    At the Palace, apparently resigned to the decision of the House to fully restore the pork barrel in the 2005 budget, Budget Secretary Emilia Boncodin yesterday joined the chorus of legislators defending the much-maligned pork barrel system.

    Sa isang nagtapos sa graduate program, alam dapat ang sabihin upang masabing may pagbabago.

    Hindi sapat ang sabihing ito ay nawala o nabawasan. Kailang ang orihinal na numero at ang kasalukuyang numero at ang kaibahan (difference) ay ang masasabing ebidensiya na may pagbabago nga.

    Katulad din yan ng pagdidiyeta para magbawas ng timbang.Kung noon ang timbang mo ay 150 libra at tapos kang hindi kumain ng 365 days ay 50 na lang ang iyong timbang, masasabing nabawasan ang timbang ng isandaan.

    Sumalangit nawa ang kaluluwa.

    Bakit kanyo? Hindi ka ba naman kumain ng isang taon. Ano ka hilo?

    Eto ang dapat hello,hello,hello.

    "The wastage of pork barrel is now very limited compared to, say, 10 years ago. Now, I would say only a very small percentage (is lost to corruption). It's just that in the minds of the people, pork barrel is associated with corruption," Boncodin said in an interview over Radio Mindanao Network.

    Dito tama siya.

    Boncodin issued the statement defending the pork barrel, officially called the Priority Development Assistance Fund or PDAF, in the wake of allegations that it had been abused and was perceived as a major source of corruption.

    Dahil hindi lang sa Senado at Congress ang corruption.pati rin sa military.

    Kaya ang tingin ng publiko ay nabaling sa military.

    Kaya may kasabihan si Pusa:

    Pag ikaw ay pinag-iinitan, gumawa ng apoy sa kabilang kalan.

    Sa English:

    The journey to the blogsites starts with a single click.

    Don't post bad words.

    The Ca t

    Sunday, November 21, 2004

    Ang Bulag at Pilay

    Dear Mouse,

    I am sorry to know that one soul in the planet is terribly affected by my support to Patricia Evangelista. If I can just send her double strength sleep inducer tylenol, I would UPS a year supply.

    She wrote:

    Cathcath, people have had enough of your lame reasoning and your unrequited allegiance

    You, naman, noong minsan ginawa mo akong bulag, now naman, ginawa mo akong pilay. Baka susunod deaf na.Unrequited allegiance? When I took her side, I did not expect her to acknowledge your what you called blind allegiance. But she is a sweet young lady to write me a thank you letter and entrust an article that had not seen print yet. Yes, I like her for that even if I scold her for too trusting to faceless strangers in the net.

    to an erring journalist who committed a collosal blunder

    Wow,colossal? Did it erode the reputation of any established journalists and TV bigwigs who believed the mother and daughter.

    Was it so big a mistake that it brought down the "honor" of the members of the Senate who were maligned in the article. Was it so big a mistake that our economy is in peril to collapse?

    Was it so degrading to the President's Office that they demand for apology?

    I did not hear any from Mr.Bunye, but I always heard him apologized for "misinformation" due to misunderstanding.

    Change your focus, my dear friend, there are other people who are driving our economy to the edge.

    You are barking up at a wrong tree. It is not even a tree, it is just a shrub.

    and apologized only after feeling pressure from public outcry, most of which were carried through blogs and emails.

    My friend,when you "get burned" once, use potholders next time and be extra cautious not to be burned again.That's why she had to wait for all the dust to settle before she made another step. Will it give you ulcer, if I tell you that she made a good move?

    Your blog is about the only one who shamelessly supported her, and all what the public wanted was an apology.

    Patricia apologized.I cannot understand what is it that you need. I am sorry that I am more concerned about you than the San Juans. The baggage must be so heavy that you cannot move on.That is why I am giving you attention.Baka kulang niyan. Sometimes the anger towards our fellowmen is not because of what they did but what you have not done.

    You should read my previous blog about me walking out of my professor alone to protest his favoritism. I risked my grade and my career almost had a setback when our paths crossed after I graduated.

    But that is me, even if I were the only man standing, I would not quit if I believe in my cause.

    There is nothing to be shameful about a cause that does not harm people...ow excuse me, I gave you a lot of stress lately. Don't worry, you are not alone, there are more accomplished people who fell from their ivory tower because they like to get my neck. The issue was not as trivial as yours though.

    Your comments that you are looking for publicity was equally pathetic so don't blame people for turning sour against you.

    No,my dear friend,nobody turned sour against me. We are matured enough not to be sugary sweet though.

    I doubled my readership and you could have also increased your traffic if you do not remain anonymous, then I can always redirect the traffic to your site.

    If you want the public to continue to respect you and visit your blog to listen to what you have to say, you should portray respectablility in everything you say.

    Thank you for the advice. Much as appreciate those who read my blog, I cannot and am not writing to please anybody. I also do not need people to say good morning to me everyday. Sometimes, their silence means respect for my opinion if they differ from mine or concurrence if we are in the same page.

    So my friend, I am more concerned about your health. Malakas magpatanda ang galit. Do not wait for me to agree with you. Pagputi ng uwak.

    The Ca t

    Two Open Letters that I cannot "close"

    Dear Mouse,

    I do not want these two missives of importance to be buried in my archives.

    An open letter to Patricia Evangelista


    Dear Pat,

    I believe that you have every right to use your age as one of the reasons why you erred. I have to admit that at that age, my wings haven’t gained the right strength yet to fly freely. When I was 19, I couldn’t even write a good article as good as yours to pass my English courses.

    I am a little saddened to see how narrow-minded people can be.

    I bet you those people who seemed not to be contented with your explanation carry so much baggage with them. Why they find themselves having been misled by you is beyond me. You have been misled too by Faye and yet you chose to face the brighter side and you are only 19.

    I bet you these guys are older than you are.

    See maturity does not come with age, really.

    I did get my handy dictionary to find out what a “Journalist” meant and these are the words I found out: A journalist could be a reporter, commentator, columnist, magazine columnist, press officer, member of the press. I went to check Philstar again to find out if your column was a news and in my humble opinion, it was not.

    It was more like a feature, a magazine feature.

    I did not want to comment on this against or for you until I read all sides. I must say that I followed the posts of Angelo Racoma and Cathy and read all the sides given by the government and Faye’s church everyday.

    Why some people are fuming about you committing a mistake, I do not know. The real victim here is Faye not them. I cannot understand how your “lies” affected their lives tremendously. Why they think they have the right to be correcting your errors, I do not know. Why they comment like you’ve done the biggest mistake in the whole world, I cannot fathom.

    I can only tell that they are cowards because they comment as anonymous. In fact, these maybe people who envy you so much because you have been successful ten hundred folds than them. I bet you they are even way older than you are and probably, they are the kind whose articles couldn’t even make it to the Ad section of classifieds.

    Finally, to err is human. It is just right to shed tears even if you are a journalist, unless you have the heart of a stone. Can you imagine how the world is going to be if people if have no compassion at all?

    I hope you'll use this experience to further your career! You go girl!

    Yours truly,

    Ting Aling

    www.kuwentong-buhay.blogspot.com www.dsurfer.blogspot.com


    Second: To whom it may concern letter


    First of all I left my e-mail address for anyone to write me should they have any questions about my open letter to Pat Evangelista. I can then reveal myself to them, you included. Why are you so sour about Pat in the first place? Have you not committed any mistakes in your life at all? Why the crabby feeling? What has she that Faye story done to you personally? I know that this is one trait we Filipinos have to shake off..we try to clip our youngs' wings when they're just about to take off so they stay on the ground instead of letting them fly so they can explore the sky.

    Oh by the way, what good is an apology if it is forced anyway? Why do you think Patricia have to apologize to you?

    I should be mad at her because she condemned the Filipinos leaving the Philippines and I happen to be one of them. But you know what? It was her opinion. I should not be bad b ecause it is not true. I love my mother country. And hey, everyone is entitled to his/her opinion.

    Here's wishing you will learn how to forget, how to forgive and how to move on... or you will live as miserable as you are now, forever.

    Ting Aling

    www.kuwentong-buhay.blogspot.com www.dsurfer.blogspot.com


    The Ca t

    Oops wrong script

    Dear Mouse,

    Maybe I am watching too many movies where Secret Service Agents of the US president die to save the President from assassins.

    See this picture and say whooops. Astig talaga.

    SANTIAGO, Chile (Nov. 21) - President Bush Saturday night reached into a throng of squabbling bodyguards and pulled a Secret Service agent away from Chilean security officers after they stopped the U.S. agent from accompanying the president into an elegant dinner for 21 world leaders.

    The Ca t

    Saturday, November 20, 2004

    George Canseco, Ngayon at Kailan Man

    Dear Mouse,

    Isa na namang dakilang Pilipino ang pumanaw.

    Siya ay si George Canseco na kilalang manlilikha ng awit at tagapaglapat ng musika na nagpatanyag sa mga batikang mang-aawit ng bansa.

    Ang katha niyang "AKO AY PILIPINO "ay awit na pagmamalaki sa isang lipi.

    Ang kaniyang mga likhaing awit ay halos sa sariling wika.

    Bilang pagsaludo sa isang Pilipinong malikhain at hindi na maaring mapantayan, ay pinagsama-sama ko ang ilan sa mga sikat na ngalan (titles)ng kaniyang mga likhang-awit.

    PAANO BA ANG MANGARAP, ang katulad ko,

    KUNG AKO'Y IIWAN MO, puso’y magtatampo,

    KAHIT AKO'Y LUPA, ako’y tapat saiyo,

    NGAYON AT KAILAN MAN, ay ‘di magbabago.


    HIRAM na PANAHON, kahit pansamantala,

    Tayo ‘y magtitiis SA HIRAP AT GINHAWA,

    LANGIS AT TUBIG ,maari ring magsama.

    GAANO KADALAS ANG MINSAN,aking banggitin,

    Pag-ibig ay sinrupok ng KASTILYONG BUHANGIN,,

    SAAN AKO NAGKAMALI, nang kita’y ibigin?

    SINASAMBA KITA,iyan ay hindi nilihim.

    SALAMIN NG BUHAY,ang bukas ay madilim,

    PAGPUTI NG UWAK,ang aking hihintayin ,

    MULING BUKSAN ANG PUSO,ako ay gisingin ,

    SAAN DARATING ANG UMAGA, tanong sa akin?

    SIYA NA BA ang ‘yong bagong kaligayahan?

    DITO Ba magtatapos, ating sinimulan?

    KAHAPON LAMANG, tila walang katapusan,

    SAAN DARATING ANG UMAGA't ang liwayway?

    The Ca t

    My friend Wanderlust

    Dear Mouse,

    This one is from a long time friend, Wanderlust.

    And where you sat, I must sit

    At night, when the moon's lit

    Gazing up at the silvery sky

    Finding a lucky star there up high.

    Or as the sun rises in the morn

    As the mist seemingly goes in forlorn

    Leaving a leaf or a petal a dew

    Watch 'em flowers freshen anew.

    The Ca t writes:

    A true friend is a treasure,

    He isn't easy to find,

    He is unique and priceless,

    He is that one of a kind.

    A true friend is forever,

    He'll always stand by your side,

    Regardless of the weather,

    No matter how rough is the ride.

    A true friend is always there,

    Even if you are apart,

    He shares your deepest despair

    Even if it breaks his heart.

    Sensiya na kayo kay Pusa. Trying hard lang ako iimpress si W.

    The Ca t

    Friday, November 19, 2004

    Christmas Party

    Dear Mouse,

    Christmas party sa pinoyblog barangay sa December 30.

    Yong mga gustong umuwi may offer si Sassy na murang ticket.


    Ako magtitiyaga dito sa sasakyan ko courtesy ni Jobert. Aabot naman siguro ako kahit bagong Taon. Hiyaaaa.

    The Ca t

    When Experts Speak

    Dear Mouse,

    Expectorants’ blog entitled THIS DAY in 1954 shows a picture of a model of how a home computer would look like in 2004. It was using PREM FORTRAN RARA language.hehehe

    Do you know that so many people called experts doubted the viability and demand for Computer.?

    In 1852 , Sir George Bidell Airy, K.C.B., M.A.,LL.D.,D.C.L.,F.R.S.,F.R.A.S. (sandali hingal,haba ng titulo nito…wala bang DSL?.)the Astronomer Royal of Great Britain estimating for the Chancellor of the Exchequer of the potential value of the “analytical engine” invented by Charles Babbage, had only one word for the forerunner of computer.


    (Ay taray!!!!).

    source: The Autobiography of George Bidell (Cambridge, England:Cambridge University Press,(1896),p.152

    As a result of this Airy’s expert opinion, the British government stopped the funding of Babbage’s experiment.

    The brilliance of Babbage’s design was eventually recognized and this English mathematician was hailed as inventor of the computer.

    Thomas Watson, Chairman of the Board of IBM (International Business Machines)was quoted to have said in 1943:

    “I think there is a world market for five computers.”

    Said the Editor-in-charge of business books of Prentice-Hall in response to Karl Karlstrom who had recommended a manuscript on the new science of data processing in 1957.

    “I have traveled the length and breadth of this country and have talked with the best people in business administration, I can assure you on the highest authority that data processing is a fad and won’t last out the year.”

    “There is no reason for any individual to have a computer at home"

    ---Ken Olson (President of Digital Equipment Corporation) in the Convention of World Future Society in Boston-1977.

    It was only in 1982 when over a million of computers were already installed in American homes and offices when the DEC launched its microcopmputers.

    Experts? Leave me alone.

    The Ca t

    Si Pinay sa Bagong Opisina

    Dear Mouse,

    Basahin si Pinay sa bago niyang opisina.

    The Ca t


    Dear Mouse,

    Now that the article is out, I feel I can publish already in my blog what she sent me days ago.

    For her and my detractors, read how she humbly asked for apology.

    For myself, I cannot ask for an apology because I know I did not err in standing by her side and believing in her.

    Read and be enlightened:

    The foolish and the weak

    CRAZED By Patricia Chanco Evangelista

    The Philippine STAR 11/19/2004

    Three weeks ago I wrote a story about a young girl named Faye. I read about her account in an advertisement by Bread of Life Ministries, and like so many others, I was shaken by what I read.

    The story painted the picture of a young girl who, alone and unaided, persevered in the face of incredible odds to bring honor to the Philippines.

    Thanks to so many who believed in her cause, her story has been flashed from channel to channel, her name featured in newspaper columns and news articles all over the country, and her experience discussed in chat rooms and e-mail exchanges all over the world.

    I was once in her shoes, but I was luckier than she was. I wanted to give her the chance I was given. It was against all I believed fair and just for such a situation to remain as it was. I called Bread of Life Ministries immediately upon reading the article – I may be guilty of many things, but that of "malicious journalistic adventuring" is where I draw the line. Bread of Life assured me of the truth of the story, the existence of a web site and the promise of an interview with Faye scheduled for the following week. I blame no one but myself for relying on the word and documentations provided by Faye and Mrs. San Juan. It was my failure that led to the misleading of many. I used to say that my generation had a special mission of our own. We are accused of being a generation without an identity, and maybe there is some truth in that.

    It has been said that every generation is defined by a cause. But unlike the last generation who rallied on EDSA, this generation does not have a definite wrong to correct, or a distinct institution to oppose. But we grew up with the Ninja Turtles, Spiderman and the Power Rangers – we want to be heroes too. So we fight our own battles, we slay our own demons. We find our own causes. I found my cause in Faye. I live in time and place when Filipino pride and the Filipino identity are questioned. It sounds like typical teenage idealism, but I’m a teenager. I believed I could make a difference. My cause was to inspire, to bring to the forefront unsung heroes who give the Philippines cause to be proud.

    This one girl was a symbol of Filipino excellence triumphing in the midst of adversity – the same story many of our athletes, singers and writers have experienced. I grew up faster over the past few days than I ever did in a year. Maybe we all come to a point where those rose-colored glasses are ripped away. I did make a difference – only it was a difference based on a lie. The story of Faye Nicole B. San Juan is a lie. The shock of that revelation is made worse with the knowledge that Catherine San Juan, Faye’s mother, willfully created a story for her child to tell. There was no competition. There are no records of the pair leaving the country. The trophy is not real. The certificates were forged. It is a towering pile of lie upon lie built on intentions we cannot as yet understand. Those wiser and more credible than myself believed her story too, from powerful newspapers and television networks to respected churches. We all believed in her account, for how can a twelve-year—old girl speak such an incredible untruth with such innocence? This is no excuse, merely an attempt to explain the context. I was proud to have been part of the movement that gave Faye San Juan the recognition she deserved. Now I am humbled, and can do nothing more than apologize to the many readers who believed me enough to defend my cause. There are many who went out of their way on nothing more than my word. To them, thank you. It has been said that it is the foolish and the weak of the world that will humble the strong. Perhaps my foolishness and weakness will serve as an example to many who risk believing blindly. Today, I write knowing that much of what I stood for and defended was untrue. I am a writer; I trade by my word. I have been in the business for less than five months, but I grew up knowing that truth is a journalist’s only weapon. A writer’s power goes only as far as her credibility. As I write these words now, I am filled with both helplessness and anger. More than the fact that I was deceived, it is infinitely more painful to be responsible for others’ deception. My responsibility is to correct that untruth. I still have a cause. I may be the least person now with the credibility to speak of serving the country, but I will try. There are many who warrant the praise that Faye has unjustly received. In time, I’ll take up that cause again, in the hope that this one failure will not taint the names of all those who still deserve their recognition. I stand for my convictions, and can only wish that my doing so would in some way aid this cause. In a world where change is the only thing that’s constant, there are a few things that I still count on. I count on my family’s support. I count on my friends’ understanding. I count on the sun rising in the morning and setting in the evening. Most of all, I count on the idea that all people are basically, inherently good. After all that has happened, it’s hard to hang on to even that. But I’m nineteen, and I guess it’s a good thing that I’m not-quite-grown-up yet. I still believe in the goodness of people, and the greatness of the Filipino. It is one of the few truths that no lie, however big, can ever blot out. * * *

    Saiyo Patricia, Mabuhay!!!!! from

    The Ca t

    Thursday, November 18, 2004

    Cheap ko

    Dear Mouse,

    Pinakabising araw ng aking NOW WHAT,Cat, ay noong Monday nang halos umabot sa limandaan ang mga umusyoso sa aking balahibo.

    Hulaan ninyo ang may pinakamaraming searches?

    Pag nahulaan ninyo ay bibigyan ko kayo ng isang supot na babol gam.

    Mali ang nasa utak ninyo. Hindi F ang simula kung hindi G.

    Tssasan...Gretchen Barreto ang number one sa searches ko. (Kamot ulo.) Nagkakandatutuwad ako dito ng pagsulat sa iba't ibang topic tapos artista lang pala ang hahanapin. Kaya tuloy magkakaroon ako ng isang feature kung saan pipilitin kong hanapin ang talambuhay ng artista. Cheap ko noh?

    The Ca t


    Dear Mouse,

    May problema ang aking browser, hindi ko nakikita ang aking recent post pati ng iba. Akala ko tuloy, tumigil ang pag-inog ng mundo. Kaya nandito ako sa aol, nakikiblog.

    Wala lang, pero ang nangyari kay Korina ay magandang case sa Organization and Management.

    Sa aking Pinaysaamerika, nabanggit ko ang minsan ay nag-munimuni ako sa dahilan ng paglipad ko sa Estet.

    Nabanggit ko rin na mahilig sulutin ang aking upuan, kahit walang kutson.

    Inaasahan na sa isang organisasyon ang magkaroon ng "clique". Hindi yong isang click mo lang lalapit na. hehehe.

    Sa swardspeak, ito ang sinasabing pederasyon. Kailangan mayroon kang kakampi. Ito ang isa sa mga ayaw sa ating mga Pilipino sa banyagang opisina, na oras makapasok ang isa ay may kasunod na hanggang mayroon ng barangay sa loob ng opisina.

    Ang mga dahilan ng ibang manedyer sa ganitong praktis ay para sa mas epektibong pamamahala dahil daw oag kakampi mo ang iyong kasama ay may team work.


    Isa pang pulitika sa opisina ay ang pag-alis sa puwesto ng isang empleyado na lumalabas hindi siya inaalis kung hindi inillipat lang.

    Panay pa ang sabi saiyo na "it's not because of performance, it is just reorganization for a more effective delivery of services. EKEK.

    Dito makikita mo ang mga paglalaban ng mga personalidad. Ang kasabihang ako ang nagtanim, ako ang nagbayo, ako ang nagsaing...bakit walang bigas ay hindi pinatotohanan.

    Ganiyan talaga ang buhay, parang lata ng sardinas...makipagsiksikan ka para ka makasama sa lata. Uhmmmm lansa

    The Ca t

    Now, What ?

    Dear Mouse,

    Some wrote closure on this faye hoax thing. I don't, even if my detractors ask me to shut up.

    First as Sassy had commented in my blog, there is a question on Cathy's parental authority.Ceres Doyo shared the same view with Sassy.She wrote:

    I was curious about the legal implications of all these so I consulted a lawyer. “Estafa” [swindling] does not apply because there did not seem to be a financial motive. Apologies have been made so libel is out. But this case could fall under the "Special Protection of Children Against Child Abuse, Exploitation and Discrimination Act." Faye is only 12 years old and she has been dragged into this by her own mother.


    The DSWD or whatever agency is responsible to children's welfare should look into the proper custodial issue.The mental instability of the mother which could cause irreparable damage to the psyche of the 12 year old kid. Faye also admitted that her mother physically abused as punishment.

    Faye has not attended her classess anymore. I can sympathize with her. If more matured people in the cyberspace can call her names, what kind of reaction can we expect from much younger classmates or schoolmates of hers after the competition winning hullabaloo.


    The school can make an arrangement for her until the impact of the hoax issue dies down.

    Misplaced priorities message of Pat and the BLM still stands. This is not addressed to the government alone but also to star-struck Filipinos.


    Adoption/installation of feedback or reporting system of government agencies about achievements/accomplishments of Filipinos in the areas that are in their direct supervision. These make reports official.

    Budget for students/teachers/government employees who compete in the international competitions.

    The Ca t


    Dear Mouse,

    My “admirer” asked me why I defended and am still defending Patricia Evangelista who they labeled as irresponsible journalist.

    She/he wrote

    Yeah, blind allegiance. "No matter what,I'll be there for you..." Is that what you will do for Patricia Evangelista? I would expect that you will stop defending her... Maybe your ego is too big to give up defending Pat? Now,you are playing on emotions... "Go get them, girl"... and other "you can do it" rhetorics. Why not accept the fact that Pat Evangelista has blundered?

    I will give two good reasons:

    1.She is an inherently good person. She e-mailed me the apology and an article that I could have easily used in my blog in order to get the “Scoop of the Week” . She trusted me even she didn’t know me from Adam.

    2. I like her cause of giving honor to the lesser known heroes.

    Her point still stands regardless of the Faye hoax.. Give equal recognition to people whose achievements bring honor to the country.

    This excerpt of the apology that she e-mailed to me and that is now published in the website of Bread of Life of Ministries tells more of Patricia as a person.

    Yes,my dear Anonymous, between Filipino crabs like you and Patricia, I will take her anytime.

    I personally went to see Ms. Patricia Evangelista and her parents to inform them of the fraud we were all led to believe and to apologize for the damage her belief in Faye’s story could do to her reputation as a writer. Out of the nobility of her heart and the idealism of her youth, she wrote Faye’s story based on her personal interview. All she wanted was to inspire her readers to make a difference in our country.

    Before I met Mr. & Mrs. Evangelista, I had the least idea what kind of people they were, to be able to raise up such a spirited and brilliant daughter with a heart for our country. After our discussion, I discovered their secret. These are parents of character. They are people who do not only think of the good of their daughter but the greater good of others. Right away, Patricia decided to face the issue squarely. Her cause of making known unsung heroes who truly bring honor to the country still stands. More than anything else, I saw her genuine concern for her readers. She wanted the truth out even if it would mean painfully declaring that she too was defrauded. Her response reminded me of Rudyard Kipling’s poem “If.”

    If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs and blaming it on you; If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,But make allowance for their doubting too; If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,Or being hated. don’t give way to hating,And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:

    The Ca t

    Wednesday, November 17, 2004

    Psychic Photography

    Dear Mouse,

    Marahil nabasa na ninyo ang blog ni Sassy tungkol sa larawan ng Virgin Mary sa sandwich na ipinaauction ngayon sa e-bay.

    Ang collection ko ng retrato na tinatawag na psychic photography ay authentic dahil ipinadala ito sa simbahan at sa photolab.

    Hindi kailangang magkaroon ka ng third eye para makita ang hindi dapat na sa larawan. Walang double exposure ito dahil digital ang ginamit.

    Ang angulo ng retrato ng bata ay nakuha ang puno sa malayo. Pero sa halip na ang dahon ng puno ang lumabas ay may mukha ng tao.

    Ito naman ay ordinaryong camera lang na luma na. Napansin ang kakaibang retrato pagkatapos ng ilang taong pagkakakuha dito.Ang dapat makita na background ng larawan ay puno ng niyog. Ang birhen na nasa kanan ay birhen ng may-ari ng bahay kung saan ay nakatanim ang puno ng niyog sa harapan.

    May nakikita ba kayo ?

    The Ca t

    Himala sa Indonesia –Kuweba ng Sawa

    Dear Mouse,

    Pagkatapos ng almusal na sangkatutak, pumunta na kami sa sinasabi nilang kuweba ng mga paniki. Akala ko si Batman makikita ko o kaya si Batjay pero talaga palang mga paniki.Marami silang nakasabit sa bukana ng kuweba, kung saan sa labas ay maraming mga taong nakaluhod.

    Akala ko ay nagdadasal sila sa mga paniki.Sabi ng kanilang parang pari, ang kanilang pinagdadasalan daw ay ang kanilang diyos na lumalabas sa anyong malaking sawa.

    Pero bihira lang daw itong magpakita. Yong aking kaibigan ay hindi pa raw nakita yong sinasabing sawa mula nang pagkabata niya. Namimili lang daw nang pakikitaan ang sawa, kaya parang himala pag ito ay nagpakita.

    Sa isip ko huwag sanang magpakita kasi takot ako sa ahas. Eh napakalaki raw ito at makikita sa isang malaking butas kung saan ito ay sumisilip.

    Marami ring turistang nandoon at katulad naming ay nakikiusisa sa mga pagsamba ng mga tagaroon sa kanilang diyos.

    Paalis na kami nang tawagin kami ng pari nila. Lumabas daw ang malaking sawa.

    Nandoon sa butas. Tuwang tuwa at nagluhuran ang mga tagaroon. Kami naman ay tumingala at nakita nga naming ang napakalaking sawa.

    Kinilabutan ako. Sabi nang aking kaibigan.Ngayon lang daw lumabas yon. Tila ba may gustong pakitaan.

    Baka papaniwalain ako dahil sa isip ko ay baka gawa-gawa lang nila yon.

    Sumakay na kami sa van. Nang pauwi na kami ay huminto ang aming sasakyan. Mayroon daw puting aso na sumusunod sa aming likod.Sabi ko so ?

    Wala raw kasing aso doon. Lalo puting aso. Ngiiiii

    Pagkatapos ay pinababa kami ng aking kaibigan. Dumaraan daw kasi ang kanilang diyos.(Maraming diyos sa kanilang relihiyon).

    May isang prusisyon kung saan may mga taong may pasan ng isang parang kahon na may tabing. Dadalhin daw ito sa sapa.

    Pinaalis sa amin ang aming sapatos bilang paggalang habang ito ay dumadaan.

    Nang malayo na ang prusisyon,sabi ng kaibigan ko na nakakapagtaka raw. Bakit may prusisyon sa ganong buwan ay hindi naman kapanahunan ng ganoong ritwal.

    Malay ko.

    Kung baga sa Holyweek natin, ito ay Marso o Abril ginaganap.

    Ganoon din sa kanila. May nakatakdang buwan ang prusisyon.

    Para raw mga omen.

    Something’s weird going on, sabi ng kaibigan kong Indonesian.

    Ang alam ko gutom na ako. Ang aking relos ay hindi naging ginto.

    Ang aking kasamang abugada ay nakatitig sa aking braso.Sabi ko kahit titigan niya yon ng isang oras, hindi magiging ginto ang aking relos.


    Hindi niya ako pinansin. Tiningnan niya a ng retratong kuha ng mama sa Polaroid. Tiningnan niya ang aking braso. Tiningnan niya ako sa aking mata. Whaaat ?

    Nasaan itong mga gold bracelets? Tanong niya sabay turo sa aking retrato.

    'nong gold bracelets ? Tanoong ko rin.

    Tiningnan ko ang aking retrato.May suot nga akong bracelet.Marami.

    Hmmm wala naman akong suot nang retratuhin yon.

    At wala rin akong dalang bracelet.

    Habang sinusulat ko ito ay hinanap ko ang retrato para iiscan.

    Pero ibang retrato ang nakuha ko.


    The Ca t

    Ang Himala sa Indonesia -Templo ng Ginto ?

    Dear Mouse,

    Mula sa Jakarta ay dinala kami ng kaibigan ko sa Bali,lupa ng mga templo at ng mga lumang uri ng pagsamba sa kanilang mga anito. Kung sa Jakarta ay may mga mosque halos sa bawa’t kanto, sa Bali naman ay maraming mga templo ng lumang relihiyon na nagsasamba sa mga hayup at mga anito.

    Unang pinagdalhan sa amin ay isang templo kung saan ay pinatubog ang aming kamay sa munting balon ng tubig pagkatapos naming humiling.parang wishing well. Para raw malaman kung matutupad ang hiniling, ang aming relos o anumang stainless na nasa katawan ay magkukulay ginto. Seiko ang aking relos,stainless. Masaya ito. Kailangan daw maghintay ng 18 oras. Haa. 17hours and 35 minutes to go.

    Sunod na templo ay kailangang akyatin. Isandaan at dalawampung baytang.Walang Hawakan. Ano sila nababaliw. Sila na lang at ako ay maghihintay na lang sa baba. Lrt lang hindi ko pa maakyat nang hindi ako nahihilo. Kaya nga ako hindi naging Darna.

    Habang naghihintay, may isang lalaking may dalang kamera ang lumapit sa akin. Iyong Polaroid. Libo-libong rupiah ang sinabi niya sa akin. Ilang pesoses din yon pero kahit parang highway robbery kinagat ko na. Dala ko nga ang camera ko noh.

    Nakunan ako ng retrato. Nadevelop siya habang tinitigan ko. Para akong paru-parong nakadipa sa hardin. Green na green kasi ang aking background at ang cocor (kukurtinahin) na caftan kong suot ay iba’t ibang kulay na Batik.

    Umuwi muna kami pagkatapos naming madalaw ang iba pang bahay ng aming kaibigan.Kinabukasan daw ay marami pa kaming papasyalan.

    Hindi ako nakatulog nang gabing yon. Hinihintay kong maging ginto ang aking relos.

    Nang mapikit ako, ginising ako ng aking kasama para mag-almusal.


    Abangan: Ang Kuweba at ang Sawa at ang ginto.

    The Ca t

    Ang Aswang at ang Himala

    Dear Mouse,

    Naisulat ko ang tungkol sa aswang ayon sa pagkakakuwento ng aking mader sa nakaraan kong blog.

    Kamakailan lang napanood ko sa MGB yong sabi nila ay batang pinatay ng aswang. Ang masasabi ko lang ay namatay ang bata sa sakit at hindi sa aswang.

    Hindi ganoon kung pumatay ang aswang. Hindi rin naninirahan sa maraming tao ang aswang dahil nga maraming kontra sa kanilang kapangyarihang itim. Hindi rin umaatake sa umaga katulad ng kuwento ng lola ng bata dahil ito ay takot sa araw o liwanag.

    Bakit ko alam.kasi aswang ako….hakhakhak Pakisara nga ang bintana. Ang maniwala,aswang din.hihihihi

    Himala ng Sto.Nino???

    Ipinakita rin sa MGB ang nagpapawis na Sto.Nino sa Saranggani.Ipinakita ang imbestigasyong ginawa ng simbahan, ng pamahalaan at ng media.

    Bago ako lumipad (siyempre sa eruplano) papunta rito sa Estet,nahila ako ng aking kapitbahay na pumunta sa isang bahay sa BF Homes kung saan ang mga kalye ay may pangalan ng mga Beauty queens.

    May breast cancer ang aking kapitbahay at gusto niyang puntahan ang chapel bago siya magpaopera. Mayroon daw doong Santo Nino na nagpapawis ng langis.

    Pumunta kami ng gabi.Kaunti lang ang tao. Hindi nila pinapayagan ang mala-circus na pagdalaw ng mga tao sa pamamagitan ng pagbawal sa gamutan mismo doon. Namimigay lang sila ng boteng may langis kung hihingi, Hindi rin sila nanghihingi ng limos.

    Ang may-ari ng chapel ay may-kaya subalit ang isa niyang anak ay may kapansanan. Hindi ko maalalakung ito ay celebral palsy o isang disability dahil sa sakuna.

    Walang pagpapawis kaming nakita.

    Kinabukasan,maaga pa ay naisip kong bumalik. Curious ako.

    Walang tao sa chapel maliban sa akin at sa isang babaeng humihingi ng tulong sa kaniyang sakit at ang kaniyang alalay.

    Ako na ususera ay umupo sa likod habang minamasdan ang buong altar na puno ng mga imahen.

    Maliban sa Santo Nino, Ang Birheng Maria at si San Jose,hindi ko na kilala ang mga imaheng nasa altar.

    Una kong nakitang kumintab ang noo ay ang imahen ni St. Joseph.Akala ko ay tama lang ilaw. Sumunod ay ang kay Birheng Maria. Tapos sabay sabay umagos ang langis sa mukha ng mga imahen na tila tubig na bumasa sa altar.

    Nagpanic ang may-ari ng bahay. Kumuha sila ng cotton balls.Hindi maampat. Tuwalya ang ginamit nila para mapigilan ang Pagpatak ng umaapaw na langis sa altar.

    Lumabas ang may-ari para makipagkuwentuhan sa amin.Kaya raw siya nagpagawa ng chapel dahil ang Santo Nino raw niya ay palaging nawawala sa kaniyang lalagyan.

    Sumunod ay nagpapawis na nga ang mga Santo sa altar.Hindi nila gustong magulo ang kanilang buhay kaya hindi nila ito ipinalalagay sa media dahil ayaw nila ang mapanatikong pagsasamba dahil lamang sa himala.

    Tinanong niya ako kung anong palagay ko.Sabi ko naman ang himala ay makikita mo kahit saan, kahit anong relihiyon, basta nandoon ang puso.

    Totoo ang kuwentong ito.

    Maari kayong pumunta sa BF Homes kung saan ang mga kalye ay pangalan nina Gloria Diaz,Margie Moran.etcetera.

    Hindi nga lang lahat ay pinagpapakitaan.

    Susunod:Himala sa Bali, Indonesia

    The Ca t

    Tuesday, November 16, 2004

    Sumuko ka na na na na(echoeffect)

    Dear Mouse,

    Hindi ako nakablog kaninang morning. Bumili ako ng bagong sapatos.

    Nakatapak yata ako ng kalyo ng ibang tao.

    Hindi ako tinatantanan para pasukuin.

    Husme naman bakit naman ako susuko?

    Hindi naman ako ang nagkanulo kay Bonifacio.

    Hindi rin ako ang pumatay kay Rizal.

    At lalong hindi ako lumaban kay Bush sa pagkapangulo.BAKIT AKO SUSUKO? kokokoko(echoeffectulit) Wala naman akong baril.

    Pinagalitan ako dahil bakit daw ako nagpapaniwala sa mga kuwentong kutsero?

    Eh kanino ako maniniwala sa kuwentong kabayo ?

    At ako raw madaling mabagbag ang damdamin aya ako ay nabulag sa pagkakampi sa inaakala nilang may kasalanan.

    Ganiyan talaga ako mababa ang luha.Sa kababaan nga, kailangan pang tumayo sa bangko para maabot ang aking mata.

    Pag tumulo naman, ay sobrang dami kaya ginagawa kong bangka ang bangko. Pakisagwan nga.

    Ang may kasalanan ay humingi na ng tawad. Ano naman ang hihingin kong tawad, wala naman akong binibili?


    (Iling kanan, iling, kaliwa, tingin sa taas, tingin sa baba. Tseee.

    Sa aking mga natapakan, huwag kayong mag-alala walang tae ng aso yong sapatos na naitapak ko,baka tae ng pusa... Saka palagay ko, nauna ang sigaw ninyo bago ang tapak ko.

    Teka, sino ba ang kausap ko?. Hello. Hello.

    The Ca t


    Dear Mouse,

    All of us feel depressed at one time or another. The death of a loved one, divorce, loss of job or other hardships can leave us feeling so down that we doubt we’ll ever be up again.

    While most of us pull out of it, lots of others don’t. Women have more chances of suffering from a major depression including the feelings of worthlessness or thoughts of suicide and death.

    There is a theory that depression revolves around anger. Women who repressed their anger ,turn it inward and as a result get depressed.

    Depressed people with the support system as relatives and friends who can listen and let get things off their chest survive this bleak time.

    When depression is chronic, then it is already considered a psychological problem.

    It is now a displaced aggression where a person feels that someone she loves has abandoned her, physically or emotionally may turn her anger on herself or to someone she loves.

    In other cases, depression may be an escape of life and the stresses.

    Here are some stress relievers.

    Stress Reliever # 1

    Son: Mom, when I was on the bus with Dad this morning, he told me to give up my seat to a lady.

    Mom: Well, you have done the right thing.

    Son: But mum, I was sitting on daddy's lap.

    Stress Reliever # 2

    Father to son after exam: "let me see your report card."

    Son: "My friend just borrowed it. He wants to scare his parents."

    Stress Reliever # 3

    "How was your blind date?" a college student asked her roommate.

    "Terrible!" the roommate answered. "He showed up in his 1932 Rolls Royce."

    Wow! That's a very expensive car. What 's so bad about that?"

    "He was the original owner."

    The Ca t

    Monday, November 15, 2004

    Pusa Award

    Dear Mouse,

    Inaayos ko ang aking printer pero wala ring nangyari. Tuluyan na siyang pumikit-pikit na tila ba nagsasabing, cheapskate, lubayan mo na ako..bumili ka na ng bago. Santa Barbarang hindi taga Pangasinan,gastos na naman ito.

    Nagbloghop tuloy ako. Biglang nawala ang kunot ng noo ko. Di na kailangang magpabotox.

    Si Angelo, irerekomenda ako sa Pusa Award kung may ganoong award.

    Hmmmm,nakainom kaya ito? naaalimpungatan kaya ?

    Basahin ang sinulat niya na ninakaw ko. hehehe..Ahem

    Gusto niyong maiyak, mainis, maasar, makiliti, matakot, maaliw at mabaliw ?

    Puntahan nyo si CathCath at ang Now What, Ca T ? Poetic, nung una napagdidikit ko ang CaT, buti napansin ko agad, me pause muna.

    Creative and amusing. Kung may category na Carlos Palanca Awards for Creative Humor, wala nang iba. So ...

    Salamat Angelo. Marami raw mas nababaliw. Marami ring naiinis.Kung puwede nga lang punit- punitin nila ang aking webpage,ginawa na nila. Di punitin nila,bibigyan ko pa sila ng gunting.

    Napapakanta tuloy ako.


    Nakakainis, nakakabuwisit,


    The Ca t

    Faye Nicole San Juan and The Law and Order

    Dear Mouse,

    I wrote in my previous blog that I would not write anything about Faye until I read a confession or a denial from where the story originated.

    I googled the news item about the confessions of the 12 year old Faye and her mother,Cathy San Juan and found a story written by a certain Blanche Rivera on inquirer7.

    It seems that it is the mother who is suffering from depression and psychological turmoil because of the separation with Faye's dad, according to Arnel Salgado, principal of St. James College of Quezon City in a phone interview.

    She confessed that she made up the story because she felt that nobody loved them.

    When I read that the story was phony, my first reaction was to search for reason why a woman of her education could lie without batting an eyelash infront of a TV camera and viewed by millions.

    I had seen her talked about the competition, the obstacles,they hurdled in between assuring words to her daughter that things would be okay .. now I realized that the assurances were addressed more to herself than to her daughter.

    She lied and as there were questions about the authenticity of the story, she lied some more.

    I am not justifying what she did even if her intention was to get the attention of the husband...that they exist. that they are also his family. Her account of their hurdles, setbacks and hassles were meant to make him guilty.

    She had hurt people. She had put Patricia’s credibility under fire. She had given her stress and frustrations .

    It is always easy to condemn people but those who have been in Cathy’s shoes could have also done the same-- weave a tale of her own world to escape her depression.

    Nobody knows what we are capable of doing when it seems the world has turned against us.

    I remember one episode of the Law and Order. Although, the drama in the Law and Order are fictionalized,many of them are based on true stories.

    One such drama was the case of a young man who killed two Arabs because he was made to believe by the mother that his father was killed by these people during the Desert Storm.

    In his desire to win acquittal, the lawyer showed that a portion of his client’s brain displayed agitation everytime the word Arabs or Muslims are mentioned without the need for more serious agitation.

    It turned out the father was not dead. He left the family to live in with an Arab woman.

    The mother knew this but in her attempt to conceal the truth from the son, she concocted a story that his father was dead.In his growing years, he nurtured the hate for Arabs who killed his heroic father.

    The Ca t

    Sunday, November 14, 2004

    Dear Pat,

    Dear Mouse,

    Let me respond to Patricia's message to me.

    hello miss cathy,

    i would like to express my warmest, sincerest thanks for your defense of the faye story, and even my london speech. i personally want to express my apology for the articles written on faye that may have caused the misleading of so many. my belief in her was absolutely unjustified. I can only hope that what credibility i have will still stand for the cause of recognizing filipino excellence.

    it is difficult to defend myself in the face of accusation, and i have no right to. however, if you have the time, please email me atxxxxx as there is something i wish to share with you before it comes out in print. my part in the "faye fairy tale fiasco," as you so aptly call it, will end on wednesday with the publication of my response on philstar.

    miss cathy, again, thank you. you have no idea how much your support meant.

    pat evangelista.

    The Ca t's response:

    Dear Pat,

    Expectations about how things are supposed to be, how people should behave in a certain way are a part of life and ingrained into our thinking.

    If they did not happen as we expected them to be, do not allow this to let you down because life is rarely exactly the way we would like it to be.. the way we expect it to be.

    Certainly, there are times when you will demand for certain standards of behavior and that’s fine but it does not mean that you are to be blamed if people whom you put your trust on did not meet the standards.

    Of course you have every right to defend yourself. It is important that you defend your position and do not allow anyone to walk over or take advantage of you.

    There is no individual who can boast that he did not commit any mistake. It is not commission that matters, it is acknowledging the mistake that counts.

    Your belief on her is justified. It is your enthusiasm to promote Filipino excellence that drove you to use her story. Although, I know your effort to seek the truth, I will let you tell your own story in your article on Philstar.

    Get them girl, you are but a David among the Goliaths of the media. Your journey of life is just beginning. What you went through are mere pebbles on the road you take. Tell me when you get to the boulder and I will tell you, you have understood what life really is.

    The Ca t

    Patricia Evangelista bow ulit 2

    Dear Mouse,

    We see life differently. We have our own special way of explaining why things happen. Each of us usually validate our own versions of reality by using examples.Some use parables; others use the stories in the bible and some, real stories. Mostly, I use the last;sometimes my own life story, even to the extent of tooting my horn.

    To illustrate the virtue of humility to share success with people who have given support to one's endeavour, I used Patricia's article about Faye.

    Patricia, on the other hand expounded on the importance of this "support" that she believed was missing on Faye's case.

    Then came the bomb. The veracity of Faye’s story.

    Patricia was bombarded with criticisms as she remained silent about her effort to find out the truth.

    Many people including respectable writers, columnists and bloggers judged Patricia to be an incompetent journalist.The same people who have not done the investigations themselves.

    I was criticized too for defending Patricia and keeping my silence about Faye. I was stalked in my e-mail and in other blogs. The worst is shown below:

    Mongrel: why don't you take your fight to Cat's website? Bat dito kayo nagtatahulan? Isa pa, hindi mo ba alam na ang mother ni Faye ay si Cathy San Juan? Baka siya pa ang nanay ni Faye hindi natina alam..hi hi hi..

    Ikaw naman Cat, hindi mo ba na-amoy ang baho ng Faye story from a distance?

    Aso | 11.13.04 - 8:33 am | #

    Truth is, I am waiting for the denial or confirmation where the story originated.

    Patricia will come up with her article explaining her side and I thank Patricia for sharing it with me. Read Philstar this coming Wednesday.

    By this time,Bread of Life Ministries must have already published the results of their investigation.

    To my stalkers, I am not deleting any of my blogs about Pat and Faye.

    I am firm on my stance that the more accomplished journalists should have con- ducted their investigations to confirm their doubts before they wrote these unsavory remarks about Patricia.

    Your below the belt attack to my persona is a validation of my theory that there is inverse relationship between the size of the ego and the brain.

    The Ca t

    Pagkaing Ukay-ukay

    Dear Mouse,

    Noong maliliit pa kami, iminulat na sa amin ng aming mader na ubusin ang pagkain sa pinggan.

    Pag kami ay kumakain sa labas, sinasabihan niya kami na hindi na muling lalabas pag hindi namin inubos ang pagkaing inorder.

    May mali kasing ugali ang pinoy na hindi pag-ubos ng pagkain sa restaurant sa hiyang masabing matakaw o kaya ay dayukdok sa pagkain.

    Magpabalot man ng tira ay sasabihing para sa aso kahit ang aso ay matagal na ring naging asucena.

    Habang ako ay nakikitsika-tsika sa aking mga kaibs sa telepono, nanonood ako ng Kontrobersiyal.( Oo na, oo na, binitiwan ko ang binabasa kong aklat na Angels and Demons para panoorin si Boy Abunda sa kaniyang programang nagtatalakay sa Kasaganaan ng mayayaman at gutom ng mahihirap.

    Ngayon ay iniisip ko kung tama pa rin ang ugaling ipinamulat sa amin ng aking mader dahil sa bawa’t tirang pagkain sa fastfood o restaurant, maraming mahihirap pala ang nakikinabang.

    Ang mga tirang itinatapon sa basurahan ay kinukuha ng isang kooperatiba Ng mga mahihirap at ipinagbibili sa halagang 20 pesos isang supot na plastic.

    Ang isang matandang babaeng ginawang negosyo ang mga tirang ito sa pamamagitan nang paghugas at paglutong muli ay kumikita ng 150 pesos isang araw.

    Ang mga ibang tira-tira na inilagay nang tuluyan sa basurahan ay pinagkakaguluhan naman ng mga tao na tila ukay-ukay.

    Habang ang mga mahihirap ay nagtatawid ng gutom sa pamamagitan ng pagkain sa basura, may mga mayayaman naman tayong nagpapasasa sa pagkaing mamahalin, masarap at hindi abot kahit ng hindi naman kahirapan na Pilipino.

    Nakita ko ang buffet type na pagkain sa bahay ni Cherry Cobarrubias. Araw-araw lang yan.

    Nakita ko ang collection ng imported na tsokolate ni Doctor Vicky Belo. Ang tsokolateng Swiss na may alak sa loob. Ang mga tsokolateng binili sa Costco. Naalala ko tuloy ang mga naninigas na tsokolate sa aking refrigerator.

    Binili ko yon dahil sa mga batang inaasahan kong magtitrick or treat ngunit hindi dumating at para sa isang kaibigang Puti na walang kinakain sa bahay kung hindi tsokolate.

    Lalo akong nadepress.

    Naalala ko ang mga AFP Generals at ang mga corrupt na mga opisyales ng gobyerno.May kunsensiya pa kaya sila. O inaanay na?

    The Ca t


    Dear Mouse,

    Isa munang patalastas galing kay MLQ3. Sa mga istudyent na researchers, kayo ang makikinabang sa The Philippine Presidency Project

    Sa mga Pinoy sa Amerika,kilalanin din ang ating mga nakaraang pangulo.

    The Ca t

    Saturday, November 13, 2004

    Another fairy tale?

    Dear mouse,

    The Faye Fairy Tale Fiasco gave me not only wide readership but also a few stalkers.

    Here comes another one. Is the billion lobby fund story also a fairy tale?


    There is lobby but no money involved

    The Ca t sez:

    HAHAHAHA. Ka-tawa sila.

    According to the news,Mison stressed that Teves's claim that a lobby fund of P1 billion was used to water down the sin tax is downright unbelievable because of the huge amount.

    The Ca t sez:

    Baka mali lang ang number of zeros.

    Mison, therefore, said that it would be unwise to invest P1 billion in lobby funds when your projected "tax saving" is only minimal or P900 million to be exact.

    The Ca t sez:

    This statement is false when the 900 million is regarded as series of annual inflows from savings generated per calendar year.Using the simple payback, capital outflow of 1 billion can be recovered in less than two years. It is still a wise investment.

    The Ca t

    Kulit ko kasi

    Dear Mouse,

    Una-unahan lang yan magpadala ng package kina Sassy at yuga with the note that "it will self-destruct with a bang if you decide not to feature my Now What, Ca t as the blog of the week". (Mission Impossible sound track please).

    Sainyong dalawa, salamat sa kaintri- intriga ninyong pag feature sa aking blog.

    Let me add some more bits of information about me aside from I am techno-challenged.

    A=I want to write my alibiography.

    B=I love bowling. I knock things down when I am pissed.

    C=I am a consultant.I am too smart to tell you how to start,run your business and too smart not to start my own.In short I am unemployed. hahaha

    D=I always have a wastebasket. It is called desk.

    E=My favorite expression is etcetera, etcetera.Don’t ask.I am damn lazy to write why.

    F=I love my first grade teacher. She knew how to make little things count.

    G=I am a ghost writer. I write about ghosts.

    H=I am not a human dynamo. I do not charge everything to my credit card.

    I=I love intelligent conversationalist -one who nods in agreement when I am talking.

    J=I carry my investment even in the toilet.Diamond is my best friend.

    K=I dislike know-it-all-people. They force me to read more.

    L=I am a believer of life. I can not kill a roach.

    M-I love Mondays. Holiday in the US always fall on a Monday.

    N-I hate neighbors who think that my luxury is their necessity.

    O-I love going to the zoo. It is only theplace where I can have one-way conversation with the animals.

    P-I am perfectionist. I never finish any work I started out to do.

    Q=I got a quiet place on a hill.

    R=I am on a life support system--- my refrigerator.

    S=I am a woman full of surprises. Do not open my drawer.

    T=I love traveling especially if it is all expenses paid.

    U-The only things I hate to collect are unpaid bills.

    V=I am a vegan. I do not know how to cook.

    W= I am a writer. I write checks from my checkbook,always with an unhappy ending.

    No X,noZ,asI have said I am a perfectionist.

    The Ca t

    Friday, November 12, 2004

    The Lady in White

    Dear Mouse,

    This is a true story.

    It was Friday night, he worked overtime and was forced to go home alone around 11:00 in the evening.

    No one was inside the building, aside from the night patrol and it was quite dark on that floor. He went to the elevator and pressed the down button, then, the door opened without anyone inside .... he went in and then pressed "G" for ground floor.

    But, unknowing why, the elevator went up. He tried to press the down button again but it continued to go up. When it reached the 59th floor, the elevator stopped !

    The door opened, and then, a woman who was mysteriously so beautiful, with long black hair and white dress, smiled sweetly at him and entered the elevator. The guy was wondering who she was,since he never saw her ever since he worked in that building.

    He was asking himself ... who is she, and why haven't she gone home yet when it was nearly midnight, it's not safe for a lady to be alone late in the evening. He wanted to ask her but since he was shy, he just kept silent.

    In the silence, the elevator went down slowly from one floor to another...48 ... 47 ... 46 ... 35 ... 34 ... 29 ... when suddenly ... on the 13th floor, the lights in the elevator went off and the elevator suddenly stopped.

    It was pitch darkness ... he pressed the emergency button ... waited... but nothing happened. Suddenly, he smelled a very foul odor of something rotten... goose pimples went all over his skin ... his heart beat faster,cold sweat broke out his brows, he could not breathe ... and so, he felt he wanted to throw up and tried to calm himself, breathe normally ... while moving backwards slowly ... then, the lights suddenly went on.

    Suddenly, the woman who was behind him gave an eerie laugh ...

    and said ....

    "Sorry, nautot ako ..... galit ka?"

    The Ca t