Saturday, April 30, 2005

Old soldiers never die

Dear mouse,

Balita: Magsasama-sama ang mga PRO-ERAP, PRO-GLORIA at ang mga MILITANTENG ORGANISasyon.

Pro-Erap- Hohum

Pro-Gloria-Hohum. Dumadami ang mga disgrutled na may mga beef sa administrasyon.

Militanteng organisasyon. Hohum. Para silang Si Madam Auring na kailangang palaging nasa balita para hindi makalimutan ng tao kaya lahat ng isyu sinasakyan nila pero oras na nakapuwesto na sila, wala ring nangyayari. Beep beep sa mga kaibigan kong kasapi sa mga militanteng grupo.

Si Madam Auring nga tatalon daw sa San Juanico Bridge at ipapacover pa sa CNN para lang controversial pa rin siya at laging in the news.

Pag pinapakita ang footage niya na nakikipaghalikan sa kaniyang batang batang boyfriend, para akong nanonood ng lolang humahalik sa apo.

Sandali pala, titol ko nga pala ay Old soldiers never die.

True...Sa Pimas, they are recycled and given juicy positions in the government or else they threaten to join a group that will destablilize the administration if it continues to check their lifestyles..

Sa Estet, iba naman. Sa susunod na blog.

The Ca t

Care Bears ni Piolo Pascual

Dear mouse,

I do not publish all the comments that I receive in my blog. Pero ito i-publish ko na kasi baka ako kurutin at i-tsee. ba namin kay kami for PIOLO...well for everybody's info....PJ is a german....and hindi po siya bading... siokla...or what so ever...gentleman at napaka respetado lang talaga si papa PJ kaya napagkakamalang joding...kahit na ano pa ang lumabas na masama about him..hinding-hindi kami diba may kasabihan nga na "one word is enough for a wise men...." sinabi na niya sa "the buzz" na hindi siya bakla and i think its about time para i-end na ang chisms na yan kahit na anong gawin ng taga ibang walang magawang CHANNEL........!@)(7) (@!..PIOLO PASCUAL IS PIOLO PASCUAL...that's it ....and we,PJ's supporters...will stick to our beliefs... PJ IS NOT GAY.....and we'll always be here for him through stormy weather.. --kris _yap

The Ca t sez:

Oy care ko rin si Papa Piolo ha. Pinaiyak niya ako sa Milan. MILANG BESES BA AKONG NAGPAHID NG LUHA DAHIL naghihiwa ako ng sibuyas HABANG pinapanood kong nirenta kong DVD.

Talaga, Piolo Pascual is Piolo Pascual... hindi siya si Claudine Baretto noh. :) :)

The Ca t

A Day Without the Internet

Dear mouse,

I was reading an article about Dr. Raymmundo Punongbayan, the former Chief Of Philvocs who died in copter crash and at the same time watching the interview of his granddaughter when I was disconnected from the internet.

Mine is dsl in a wireless router.

It was still early in the evening but i was just too tired to call SBC tech support as advised by a friend who put all the wires together so I can make use of the router given to me by my brother.

All the external modem's lights were on but I cannot log in.

Early morning, I called them. Theirs is 24/7 service.

Intructions, instructions,instructions... nothing happened. But I have to go for a very important appointment. So the techie suggested that I call them again when I get back using the case number as my reference.

Going home, I got by a store where many people seemed busy taking exams or what... an Apple Computer store pala where several laptops and desktops are available for customers' use. Parang cybercafe pero libre.

Ahaaa, makausisa nga. One old lady was writing an e-mail to.....(ewan ko noh). Haba naman.

I can't use the Apple NOTEBOOKS. Wala akong PEN. ahek wala palang mouse. I am a "mouse" person kahit ako si Ca t. Yeah I am using my laptop at home but I have an extra keyboard, my old IBM. It's fingers- friendly.

So I waited for those peeps who were using the desktops with the mice.(Plural ng mouse, diba?) (Mahihimatay talaga si Sir X-P sa blog ko, daming typos, dami pang grammar nightmares.)to log off.

One young lady, a Filipina was BLOGGING.. of all places. Hindi makapaghintay sa bahay. LIVEJOURNAL pa.Matagal pa ito, gagamit.

Ahmmmmm, bakit hindi. Total wala akong internet sa bahay. It will take sometime before we can troubleshoot the connection problem. unit became available. Haaaa. ang laki ng monitor Day...sobrang 27 " yata.

Maaccess nga ang NOW WHAT, Ca t.

Wow bilis. pero teka, hindi Now What,Cat ang nakasulat kung hindi The Ca t lang doon sa yahoo search...hmmmm.

Click, click...

Dadayaanng. Laki ng retrayto ni Ca t sa monitor.

Tingin sa likod baka may nakakakita.

Ngeeek, may isang mamang tumingin sa monitor, tumingin sa akin, tingin ulit sa monitor.

Saka biglang nagtanong?.Habla Espanol.

Pag dating sa bahay, may internet na ako.

Huh ? wala naman akong ginawa sa p'yuter ko. Siguro sa line talaga nila, ayaw lang aminin. Tsee.

The Ca t


Pag ang Pusa po ay nawawala, maari hong pumunta sa pinaysaamerika.

Friday, April 29, 2005

A Woman with a Big Heart

Dear mouse,

Months ago, she was hurting when I wrote her a letter.It was a different pain she was going through.

Now the pain is physical. She had an accident last Friday which she survived miraculously.

Though she is hurting soul and body, she still cares not for herself but for the children of the man who caused the accident.

An excerpt of her letter to the Berks group shows that she is a rare gem of a lady.

A character that you may not find to a person who has had her share of the insensitiveness of people she had learned to love and care for.

She wrote :

All I can say is that he already have his hand full with the family of that lady who died. Adding my case to it will not make any difference or heal me any faster.

To you G, spiritual roses for your faster healing.

The Ca t

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

"Senator Luisa Estrada" wrote :

Dear Mouse,

I do not receive spam except for one or two.

My spam guard is very effective.

But this letter went direct to my spam box. Letter pa naman ni Senator Loi Esrada.

I wonder if you out there in the Pinas receive this letter.

Dr Luisa Pimentel Estrada (

Dear Friend

Greetings and peace of the lord unto your household.

I am Dr Luisa Pimentel Estrada, the wife of Joseph Ejercito Estrada,former president of Philippines. I have children with my husband Jose, Jacqueline and Jude.Two sons and a daugther. This mail may be coming to you as a surprise or an article but it is very real.I contacted you via chat some couple of hours back due to my desperation for help

I will want you as the receiver to read through it and think very well if you can help or render us any assistance.My husband Joseph Ejercito estrada was elected as the 13th President of the Philippines in May 1998 by the people of Philippines due his popularity in the film industry made him to win the largest popularity in the history of election in Philippines.He attained the position of Senate in 1987,then vice-president in 1992 and later become the president 1998.My husband was made mayor of his home town, San Juan in 1969 but it was 1972 that he had a string of public successes. My husband was named one of the ten Outstanding Young Men in Public Administration.He was also named Most Outstanding Mayor and Foremost Nationalist and Most Outstanding Metro Manila Mayor.My husband is recently accused of illegally acquireing some four Billion Peso ($80M) during his 31 months in office as President backed up by an uprising of mass Demonstrators and Senate Traitors.

They also said that he has skimmed off tobacco excise Taxes benefitting from government business deals.Most of them benefitted from my husband's generousity when he was in office. But they just turned around to be the ones to impeach him.I have tried every possible means to get him out of Detention without success.

blah blah blah. Pinutol ko po. Parang transcript na ng isang chapter ng Philippine history ang isinulat.

Para mas lalong authentic, may link pang inilagay.



Haven seen the way things are going with us.He decided to let me know that he deposited some money with security companies in Asia and Europe .He said that he deposited the sum of twenty Million dollars $20,000,000 in my name (Pimentel Luisa Estrada) in Europe.Now I want to start a new life with the money.I want to invest the money outside Philippines. What I am begging you is to assist me in receiving the money on my behalf.You will have to represent me in receiving the money with the security company.I have discussed with the security company here in Metropolitan Manila about this arrangement,they assured me that the money will be released to my representative.In that regards,I have gone to collect the documents needed from Gomez Carlos who my husband kept the documents with.


Ito na amg masaya. Pagkahaba-haba man daw ng prusisyon, marami ang umuuwi sa kalagitnaan.

If you are willing to assist me in receiving the money.You will send me your full names,contact Fax and Telephone numbers to enable me forward your information to the security company.

Once you get back to me,we will discuss the percentage you are likely to take for your kind a ssistance.I will be communicating with you by email because my telephone lines are not safe for the transaction because of the heighten security around me and my family.

I would want us to be in partnership in any good business you may suggest in your country.Please handle this transaction with maturity and sincerity.

Best Regards,

Luisa Pimental Estrada

N.B;Please reply to my confidential email address at

Thank you and God bless you.

Gaya gaya sa nigerian scam.

Kung akala ninyo walang baliw na papatul-patol dito, dyan kayo nagkakamali. Dahil may isang Pilipinong Heneral ang nabiktima ng Nigerian SCAM.

Sabi nga ng LOLOko, dalawa lang ang klase ng tao sa mundo, isang nanloloko at isang nakikiloko rin.

The cat

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Tsunami and Tsee

Dear mouse,

Isang seryoso at walang kakwentang topics po ang blog kong ito.


Last Sunday, I watched Tsunami 2004 , a documentary film about the December tsunami in Asia.

I hope our local media people should learn a lesson or two in covering this type of disaster from this documentary.I did not see close-up photos of dead people in their grotesque forms.

One thing that sticks to my mind is this fact that may also serve as a warning to people who may be caught in a tsunami stricken area. Lalo tayong mga ususera/ro.

Tsunamis do not come in one big wave. They come in several with intervals of at least thirty minutes.

More deaths resulted in that calamity in Asia because people did not bother to go to a safer place after the first wave. Instead, their curiosity to see the extent of the damage made them scamper for their lives when waves started coming in again.


  • Hindi raw kumita ang pelukang Itim ni Eddie Gil. Keber.
  • Isang balita ang pasasabugin ng isang child star----Bakla po ako sabi ng anak ni Dolly/anak ni Ate Luds. –Keber
  • Bumalik na si Sandara mula sa Korea. Keber
  • Bakit umalis ba? Sensiya na ang mga Sandara Park Fans ha, pero siguro kung sasabihin ninyo sa idolo ninyo na baliin ang kaniyang leeg at kumuha ng wardrobe consultant (ahem) baka panoorin ko siyang sumasayaw na matigas ang katawan.

  • Sharon Cuneta—Paborito ko si Sharon sa kanta. Maganda ang boses niya. Pero last Sunday sabi niya tungkol sa tax evasion case ni Richard Gomez—Yan si Rixhard minsan gumagawa ng tseke na hindi niya alam kung kanino napupunta.
  • Sana mapunta o maligaw sa bulsa ko—pag pay to CASH.

  • Nora nagsalita na tungkol sa kasong drug. Sabi ni Ate Guy. Sana ho wala tayong siraan. Magmahalan tayo.
  • Tabi po sa mga Noranian fans.(Kasi ho muntik ng magiba ang e-mail ko sa naging blog ko kay Nora). Pero hindi ka naman sinisiraan. Nasa diyaryo yon eh. (LSS....LUPASAY SA SAHIG).

  • Nora: Tigilan na ho ninyo si John. May pamilya yong tao. May sarili siyang buhay. (Ahem, hindi niya kaya nakita yong mga footage niya sa US na laging nakatabi sa kanya ang John na yan. (ANDYAN KASI LAGI SA TABI MO.) (IMBT—Ikot mata, baba taas..transation..Roll eyes.

    The cat

  • Monday, April 25, 2005

    The Music of My Layp

    Dear mouse,

    Third topic namin ito sa blogkadahan.

    Sa topic na ito ay kailangang magresearch ako para sa lyrics na aangkop sa aking buhay. Hindi dahil sa hindi ako mahilig sa musika, (kaboses ko raw si Nora Aunor, ahem sabi ng aking kapitbahay na madalas mangutang sa akin. hindi ko lang alam kung aling kanta ni Nora, dahil wala akong alam ni isa kung hindi yong Pipel, pipel who need pipel at haggang doon lang), hinga... kung hindi dahil wala akong oras noon sa Pinas na huminto at makinig at alamin kung sino ang kumakanta. Isa pa, nabasa ko sa isang magasin na kung malungkot ka at may problema, huwag daw makiking ng mga musikang lalong makapagpanaknak (lalim ng Tagalog ko, sisid bata) sa iyong sugat.

    Ako ang kaladkarin, pagdating sa musika. Kung sino ang kasama ko, yong musika niya ang naririnig ko. Tulad ng aking naging mentor na tagahanga yata ni Frank Sinatra na wala na akong narinig kung hindi MY WAY at LET ME TRY A GAIN sa kaniyang opit. Hindi naman ako nagagandahan sa boses ni Sinatra. Pag nagkaroon ng party noon, unahan pa sila sa karaoke pagkanta ng MY WE.

    Nang mapunta ako sa Estet at maging boss ko ang doctor na magkakaroon ng malaking bahagi sa aking buhay, napilitan akong makinig sa Chopin, Beethoven at iba pang classical music. . Dami niyang cd. May paborito ako na hindi ko alam ang titulo pero gusto kong pakinggan dahil naaalala ko ang paborito kong cartoon na may mga dagang naghahabulan, mga nagsasayawan. Akala niya inaapreciate ko yong music dahil ako ay nakatingin pa sa itaas at medyo nakangiti. hekhekhek.

    Dito ko rin narealize na ang Ave Maria pala ay hindi lang pangpunebre. Doctor nga ang boss ko, pero musician siya by heart dahil siya ay tumutogtog ng cello.(nanay ng biyulin).

    Kaya pag pinalalabas ang mga konsiyerto nina operatic singers na sina Placido Domingo, Luciano Pavarotti at Jose Carerras (tawag ko ay tatlong itlog) sa isang TV channel ay pinipilit niya akong manood. Sarap ng tulog ko.

    Trying hard pa ako na may alam sa mga operatic singers nang tinanong niya ako kung gusto ko raw si ANDREA BOTECELLI, kasi manonood daw kami.

    Akala ko babaeng soprano, ANDREA eh, yon pala yong bulag na Italian tenor. Nang pinapanood ko siya, hindi ko malaman bakit ang ating mga diva ay panay ang emote para maabot ang mataas na nota, samantalang siya ay nakatayo lang, nakapikit ang mata. Kinilabutan ako nang kantahin niya ang AVE MARIA. Parang gusto kong lumuhod.

    Basahin ho ang karugting DITO.

    Magsisisi kayo pag hindi ninyo tinapos ang pagbasa. Isusumpa-sumpa ko ring makamukha ninyo si Madam Auring... oops.

    The cat

    Sunday, April 24, 2005

    The Female Pope and the Da Vinci Code

    Dear mouse,

    I originally planned to write this blog in a novel format but I am afraid that readers may think that the story about the female pope is just a fiction.

    If many of those who have read and believed that Da Vinci left a code in his Last Supper painting, they're right.

    If many of those who believed that the Da Vinci code was the feminine figure of the apostle next to Jesus and that it was Magdalene personifying the non-existent Holy Grail,they may be wrong.

    I believe that it was a code for a female pope who reigned during Da Vinci's period.

    Ahaaaa, some would check the name of the pope between the era when the Last Supper was painted.

    For a backgrounder:

    In 1495, Leonardo Da Vinci began painting the Last Supper on the wall of the refectory (dining hall) of Santa Maria delle Grazie in Milan, Italy, and completed it in 1498. Leonardo was commissioned to execute the painting in the Dominican monastery of this Church by Duke of Milan, Ludovico Sforza. The church and friary found an ambitious patron in Ludovico Sforza. The Duke wanted to give visible expression to his position in both impressive buildings like the grand Church and grandiose paintings like the Last Supper. Therefore, Santa Maria delle Grazie became the court church, burial place for members of the Ducal family, and home to Leonardo's famous painting.

    So where is the connection between the female pope and Da Vnci when the pope between 1492 to 1502 was Pope Alexander the VI? If indeed there was a code, what drove Da Vinci to put one in his painting?

    Let’s meet Pope Alexander VI.

    In the same year that Christopher Columbus confirmed his place in history by discovering the Americas, and the Moors were driven from Spain, along with the Jews, a Pope, who would earn the moral condemnation of his co-religionists, and most historians of the period, was elected in Rome. This Pope would be one of the most notorious of those successors of Saint Peter. His reputation would add considerably to the discontent and disgust with the Roman Catholic Church that would eventuate in the Protestant Reformation. His name was Rodrigo Borgia and he would become known best to history as Alexander VI.

    When He was still a priest, Borgia formed a close relationship with a married woman, Vanozza de Catanei. She had borne him four children, two of whom were when he was already a Cardinal. They were Cesaere and Lucrezia, his favorite. When he decided to seek for the Papacy, he disposed of his mistress but not his daughter Lucrezia who came to live with him in the Palace together with his new mistress.Among the notorious crimes, he had committed was simony.

    Simony is the ecclesiastical crime and personal sin of paying for offices or positions in the hierarchy of a church, named after Simon who offered the disciples of Christ payment for the power to perform miracles.

    When he needed money for the Church, which was all the time, Alexander sold Church offices to the highest bidders, failed to fill vacancies caused by deaths of Bishops and Cardinals so that the Papacy could collect the wealth that flowed from such Bishoprics. He was equally open about selling dispensations and divorces. Anyone, it seemed could get whatever they wanted from the Pope, for the right price. If you wanted to marry your own sister, perhaps, the marriage could be sanctified by Papal decree for the correct payment to the Papal coffers.

    After he executed a very vocal critic of his reign people hated him more.

    Even his son Cesare, the model for Machiavelli’s prince started distancing from him as much as possible.

    So his other favorite daughter Lucrezia was left in charge of the papacy when he was out of town. It was not only because he was turning the papal position to a family affair but rumors persisted that both father and daughter were resposible for the orgies held in the palace for bishops and cardinals.

    So Lucrezia shared the papal power with her father making her the female pope.

    Even with the public knowledge of his many sexual relationships he liked to put on appearances. To cover up for his incestous relationship with his daughter Lucrezia, he arranged for her marriages. Lucrezia was given first to Giovanni Sforza of Milan, and when that marriage was annulled by papal decree on the grounds of impotence, she was married to Alfonso of Aragon. Upon his assassination Lucrezia received as a third husband Alfonso I d'Este, duke of Ferrara.

    Going back to Last Supper, the duke who commissioned the painting of the Last Supper was Ludovico Sforza.

    Alexander VI was a great patron of art. One of the paintings that he commissioned one of the Renaissance painters to do was the portrait of Giulia, his last mistress. Pinturicchio painted a likeness of Giulia ... as the Virgin Mary.

    Image hosted by


    I hold two theories for the paintings of Da Vinci.

    First, the feminine figure in the Last Supper was Lucrezia; either it was a code to future generations of the existence of a woman power in the Roman Catholic hierarchy or he was instructed by Sforza to paint it in the likeness of Lucrezia in order to impress the unofficial and official popes.

    Image hosted by


    But looking at the similarity of the woman in the Last Supper and the woman painted by Pinturrichio I wonder if the DA Vinci code was the mistress, Guilia.

    Image hosted by

    And Mona Liza was a portrait of Lucrezia?

    Image hosted by

    Mona Liza was supposed to be a portrait of one wife named Liza but after Da Vinci finished the painting, he kept it to himself and brought it to France. Could it be that the mysterious smile was about the secrets, lies and sins of Alexander VI and his daughter?

    Sources: m0018498.htm

    The cat

    Saturday, April 23, 2005

    Finger Finder Arrested-WALAYANSALOLOKO

    Dear mouse,

    Ako ang Cat in the Coffee Shop that does not go to the coffee shop but when I do, I am an eavesdropper.

    Guy1: What’s that for?

    Guy2: just checking if I can drop a digit in my coffe, so I can sue and make money.

    Lady 1. Funneee, that lady was already arrested. Shame, planting evidence so she can sue.

    Pinag-uusapan nila yong babae dito sa Estet na inaresto na dahil nalaman sa imbestigasyon na walang putol na daliri sa staff ng Wendy’s fastfood sa San Jose, California at may history siya na madalas magdemanda para magkapera.

    Parang gusto kong magjoyn at sabihing WalaYAn sa LOLOKO.

    Patay na ho ang lolo ko pero ito ang kuwento. Minsan daw kumain sa Ongpin ang aking lolo at may nakuha siyang sahog sa kaniyang mami.

    The cat: Lolo, sabi ni mama, madalas daw kayo sa Ongpin?

    Lolo: Mama mo masakit ang ngipin?

    Uhhhhm kailangan nito golpe de gulat.


    Lolo: Eh bakit ka ba sumisigaw? hindi naman ako bingi. (talaga hong hindi siya bingi)Oo masarap ang mami at siopao doon.

    The cat: Meron daw kayong nakuhang daliri sa sabaw?

    Lolo: Ano, yong tubig umaapaw?

    Akala ninyo kukuha ako ng bullhorn para marinig ako ng lolo ko.Hindi.

    The cat: 'Lo (pabulong)sabi ni Marya, yong katulong sa kabila, nood daw kayong sine.

    Lolo: Anong oras daw?

    Sabi ko sainyo, hindi siya bingi.Nagbibingihan, para hindi namin kinukulit sa kuwento ng mga apo.

    The cat:memya raw alas dos. Balik tayo sa tanong ko. May nakuha ba kayong daliri sa mami ninyo ?

    Lolo: Oo, apo. (ngiti ni lolo, hanggang tenga, iniimagine na ang kaniyang date).

    The cat: Anong ginawa ninyo ? Tinawag ba ninyo ang may-ari at nagreklamo kayo?

    Lolo: Ano nabubuang. (Diyan ko minana yong expression ko na ano nababaliw?) Eh kung bawiin sa akin ang daliri noong naglagay doon ?

    The cat: Lolo naman, sino ba ang naglagay? Huwag ninyong sabihing kasama kayo sa sindikato ng mga naglalagay ng bubog, ipis, at anu-ao pa sa pagkain para lang makakuha ng pera. Lo, cheap ninyo ha. magsisindikato lang kayo small time pa.(kala ninyo pagagalitan ko siya? nwejjeje).

    Lolo: Naku apo, hindi ako kakutsaba. Nilagay noong lalaking biglang pumasok sa restawran. Hinahabol ng pulis.

    The cat: Bakit naman nagkainteres kayo sa daliri ? Buti sana kong nakamanicure.

    Lolo: OO, naman, may kyuteks pa ngang pula.

    Lolo ko, me sira rin. mewhehe.

    The cat: 'Lo, seryoso ako ?

    Lolo: Eh ako man apo eh. Kasi may nakasuot na singsing na may brilyante.

    The cat: Saan galing yong daliri?

    Lolo: Pinutol yata doon sa babaing mayaman na nakalawit yong kamay doon sa bintana ng kotse. Tapos tumakbo sa restawran. Hinulog sa mangkok ko yong daliri at tumakbo, palabas sa likuran.

    The cat: Sinuli ninyo sa pulis yong daliri?

    Lolo: Bakit ko isasauli.Maikakabit ba nila ? (Yan lolo ko, pilosopo. Kasalanan lang ho ang mambatok ng lolo).

    The cat: Pero ' Lo, hindi sainyo yong singsing.

    Lolo: Alam ko, pero hindi mo ba naisip na baka mapagbintangan akong kakutsaba ng magnanakaw. Ganiyan kasi ang modus operandi nila Yong pinapasa ang ninakaw.

    The cat: Eh ‘Lo, nasaan na yong singsing ?

    Lolo: aling singsing. Siyanga pala, anong araw na ba ngayon ? Sino ka ba?

    Huwag ko kayong maniwalang ulyanin ang Lolo ko. Strategy ho niya yan pag ayaw na niyang makulit.

    The cat

    Friday, April 22, 2005

    PAPAtawa ako o sila ?

    Dear mouse,

    Iwanan muna natin ang tungkol sa PAPA hanggang di ko tapos yong blog ko about the female pope. Susulatin ko kasing ala Dan Black eheste Brown. mwehehe.

    Pakisampal-sampal nga ako.

    Eksena 1

    Nanood ako noong program ni Boy Abunda, Homeboy ba yon?

    Mga HR people ang imbitado, kasi it's about job fair/

    Boy: Ano ang maibibigay niyong advice para sa mga interviews.

    HR girl from Jolibee: Kailangan diretso ang mga sagot nila. Huwag yong maraming PALABOK.

    The Ca t : Ano raw ? Eh Chicken joy, pwede ? mwehehe.

    HR guy from ...: Kailangan malinis silang tingnan. Nakabutones ang kanilang polo at dapat sila ay mabango.

    The Ca t : ahahay, kurutin kita riyan.

    Eksena 2

    Joke time daw. Sabi noong tinawag: Anong tuyong isda ang hindi basa ? Eh DI TUYOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Gagahhhhhh. Matutuyuan talaga ako ng dugo sainyo.

    Eksena 3

    Batang lalaking artista: At that time, we have this thing going... blahblah.

    Batang babaeng artista: Wala ho talaga. Friends lang kami.

    HOYYYYYYYYYY, pakisabi sa PR Manager ninyo, irehearse kayo ha. Hmpphhh bakit ko ba kayo pinapanood?

    Eksenang lokal as in si Ca t ang isa sa mga characters.

    The Ca t: Ito po ang pinepress para sa elevator call. (tinuturuan ko yong isang Pinay na lahat na yatang nakitang buton sa may elevator ay priness).

    Ngumiti siya at sabay kami pumasok. Mali na naman ang priness niya.

    The Ca t: Kung close door, ito ho.

    Ngiti siya at nagtanong.

    Babaing Pilipina: Pinay ka ?

    Batukn ko kaya ? Ano sa palagay ninyo? Susme hindi naman Latin ang kausap ko sa kanya.

    The Ca t : (nagpipigil) Ano ho sa tingin ninyo?

    Babae: Kasi mukha kang Latina.

    Maglupasay kaya ako sa elevator.

    The Ca t : Madalas nga ho akong mapagkamalang ibang lahi pero sinasabi ko mas maganda yong ang tingin sa akin ay Filipina.

    Ang mga Puti naman ay talagang ang tingin nila sa akin ay Pinay. lalo yong marunong tumingin ng may class at GANDA. (aray bakit kasi kayo nambabato ng PUSA?)

    Have a good weekend folks.

    The Ca t

    The Female Pope- A Myth ?

    Dear mouse,

    I am expecting Frat to give me the story about Pope JOAN, the female pope. But she is not what I am referring to, Frat and she was real.

    This is the story of Pope Joan as pasted by Frat to my comment box for your easy reference.

    Some 600 years after the Papacy had secured a temporal crown for itself, an unknown genius of propaganda launched into history the bizarre and enduring story of the woman who crept on to the papal throne and ruled under the name John. The legend of Pope Joan first appeared in literary form on the 13th century when the temporal claims of the Papacy reached their dizzier height. Produced as anti Papal propaganda, it became a folklore.It was told again and again in various forms.In the main version of the story, Joan was another H eloise, an Anglo-Saxon girl of great beauty and learning who began her career in a monastery disguised as a monk, ultimately went to Rome and was elected Pope. She betrayed her secret only by giving birth to a child during a procession and died shortly afterwards.After the Reformation, it was believed by Catholics and Protestants alike, and as late as 1600, a bust of "Johannes VIII, femina ex Anglia" was unquestionably accepted among the row of papal busts that glare out over the heads of worshippers in Siena Cathedral. Okey... i hope i satisfied your curiosity. another History 101, on "Tu es Petrus, et super hanc Petram Aedificabo Ecclesiam meam et tibi dabo claves Regni Coelorum".

    For the information of the readers, Frat is an ex-seminarian.

    Latin ba yan na ang ibig sabihin ay binibigay niya kay Pedro ang susi ng Kalangitan.

    Curiosity kills a cat but to this cat, curiosity is a never ending search for truth.

    Abangan ang story of the female pope.

    Wala bang background music na suspense ?

    The Ca t

    Disclaimer: The readers should be aware that the elections of the popes during the early centuries were done by popular voting. Some of those elected nade it to the position thru votes buying and or thru nepotism. Akala ninto ha.

    The Ca t

    Thursday, April 21, 2005

    The Female Pope-Now What, Frat ?

    Dear mouse,

    Do you kow who is this female pope way back 14th century. Kidding you not.But I have to wait for the promise of Frat that he is going to blog about the good and the bad popes.


    Wednesday, April 20, 2005

    The Pope has a blog erm blogs

    Dear mouse,

    i am not surprised to learn that we got a new Pope. I know that some of the considerations of the cardinals are the age as well as the expectations that he would be as conservative as the late pope when it comes to issues of abortion, contraceptives and gay marriages.

    Besides ,this is the age of technology so what would prolong the choice when information about the candidates have been disseminated electronically for the cardinals' perusal/references?

    Btw, read infraternan meam's comment in my blog, the youngest pope. He discussed exhaustively the manner by which the young pope was chosen and how he lived his life as a pope. The article was not meant to discredit the Vatican but to compare the past and the present selection process of the highest position in the Roman Catholic hierarchy.

    Going back to the Pope's blogs, here are the links.

    Pope blog

    Pope blog

    And here is the pic of the new Pope courtesy of polo.

    Image hosted by

    Ooops, polo. I did not mean Pope Bean idict.

    PH...pahabol, sabi ni polo hindi siya may kasalanan, ermmm hindi raw siya ang may gawa. Sige na nga.

    Here it is:

    Image hosted by

    The Ca t

    Pa-HIRAM ng Fan you Kris Aquino

    Dear mouse,

    I know how it is difficult to open my comment box. It's my internet provider folks. The firewall must be as thick as the Great Wall of China and the password open sesame must be recited by the Forty Thieves in order to open my e-mail. There was a time when they scanned the e-mail test that i sent to myself so long that I forgot what it was for when I received it. mweheee

    Hindi biro yan, Tanungin ninyo si Jmom.

    Because of that, I appreciate those who leaves remarks, kilometric at that and blog in my archive at that and worth to be heard at that. Since they were made in my archived blog, there is no way by which I can find them except in my comment/mailbox. And I want to share them with my readers too.Here is one.

    In my blog, Give me a Bwreak, I wrote:

    There is Geoffrey Eigenmann, who I believe is a son of Gina and Michael de Mesa, a grandson of Rosemarie and Eddie Mesa and nephew to Cherie and Mark.

    Every time I see him, he is delivering kilometric dialogues about his pain,about lost love,about his sacrifice, blah,blah.

    While he is mouthing his speaking lines, tears form in his beautiful eyes. The emotions run high as the lady partner delivers her tear jerking piece.

    Now you see the young man soaked in tears as if he needs two aspirins to prevent heart attack.

    Ang sakit ng panga ko. Ang sakit ng dibdib ko. Tigilan ninyo na ako.

    This is a letter from a fan of Hiram.

    To borrow Ms. Kris Aquino's words in "Pilipinas, Game Ka Na Ba?, let me salute you for your comments & tell you, "C-o-r-r-e-c-t"!Yes, it could have been in our Filipino culture that men don't usually cry, or for that matter would not shed a tear or two for just a miniscule problem. But in matters of the heart, that of LOVE - be it agape, eros or philos, man usually loses himself into the realm associated with women, that of "crying". But showing themselves in such situation will not demean their being one, but rather, add color their kind, that behind man's hard mantle is a soft spot & core for people to dwell upon!Besides, things change & "Hiram's" projection of Geoff as a crying specie even if he is a man portends of the changes in time, that man thru the years & thru the roller-coaster that life has presented him all these years, including the travails & tsunami disasters that had walloped & hit man aces after aces of serves & strikes in matters of the psyche & heart, had eventually settled to its precipitate role of an emotional other side to give way to human emotion & blend with the angst & pains experienced by the opposite sex.Anyway, so much for that, I just want to say thank you for the positive comment which otherwise requires a constructive rejoinder. By the way, I watch Hiram nightly as it sort of somehow, released the Hiram tensions I had in my mind's air-pockets. Moreover, because Ms. Kris Aquino & Dina Bonnevie are in it! Luv u Krissy!


    The Ca t : Anong masasabi ko kung hindi, pa-Hiram nga ng Fan you. hehehe.

    The Ca t

    Tuesday, April 19, 2005

    Weird Dream about Fernando Poe, Jr.

    Dear mouse,

    I have never been a fan of Fernando Poe, Jr.

    Except for the movies where he was paired with Juday Santos and Sharon Cuneta, I have never get to watch his famous PAnday series, not one of his action movies that portrayed him as a good contender for boxing championship.

    Last night, I dreamed of this man.

    You see, I have a pain that won't go away.

    It is not as depressing as the thoughts that they said drove Irene Chang (author of Rape of Nanking) to shoot herself inside her Oldsmobile. Yes, it's true that I am easily affected by what I read and research especially those about inhumanities and abuses but it does not reach to the point of becoming depressed. Some people have a theory that it was not depression that made her commit suicide. It was fear for her life that haunted her after that controversial novel and the novel that she was about to write, the Bataan Death March.

    It is not the same feeling of frustration and hopelessness for injustices that drove Ted Borlongan to commit suicide.

    I have accepted that life is not fair.

    It was just a pain that is soothed by the thought that even Jesus Himself was abandoned by His trusted disciples in His time of need.

    In case you misinterpret that I am suffering from loneliness due to loss of friends, you are mistaken. When friends leave me, I consider that as blessings for I have realized the kind of frienshhips we really had.

    It's another kind of pain that I endure. Every night, I included in my prayers that if it pleases HIM, I am ready.

    Then I dreamed.

    I went inside the church with some young children. I do not know their faces. I do not knw who they are. All I know is that I have the obligation to bring them to Church.

    The church was not full but all seats were taken. So I asked the kids to kneel on the pew that was empty.

    While I was about to join the children, a figure from a pew away, waved me to join him where one seat was available.

    He was dressed in barong and was seated among the people who were also dressed in white and were seemed to be praying.

    I smiled and formed thank you in my lips. It was Fernando Poe, Jr.

    Then the next scene was meeting the husband of a dear friend whom I have not communicated with for a long time. He hugged me and I felt cold. He was in tears. I just thought that he was happy to see me.

    So where is my dad who used to come to my dream during these days when I have to endure the pain.

    Ahak, nagsawa na siguro.

    Is Fernando Poe on that part of the other side that welcome newcomers to that realm? Posible.Pero bakit siya ang nakita ko. Was it because of Susan Roces whom I saw in the TV? Hmmmm.

    I just felt, I should write this.

    The Ca t

    Monday, April 18, 2005

    The Youngest Pope was a Womanizer ?

    Dear mouse,

    Don't get scandalized. During the time when there was no separation of Church and State errm even until now, apprently there is none, there was an 18th year old pope and a womanizer at that.

    Read his bio.

    Born: c. 937 (Germany)

    Died: May 14, 964

    Pope: December 16, 955 - December 4, 963 (7 years, 11 months) Restored Holy Roman Empire: 962


    Pope John XII was just 18 years old when he was elected pope on the orders of Duke Alberic II of Spoleto, ruler Rome and his father. This was very much a scandal, something made even worse by the fact that he was such a womanizer that the papal palace came to be described as a brothel. This, however, did not affect his popularity and standing outside Italy.

    John XII was only the second pope in history to have changed his name from that which he was born with, Octavian. When he crowned the German king Otto I, he restored the Holy Roman Empire - this, in turn, allowed Otto and his successors to exert secular influence over future papal elections. More than that, Otto managed to convene a Roman synod which deposed John on December 4, 963. He, however, managed to depose his successor and returned to the papacy. It is believed that he later died in the arms of a mistress.


    The Ca t

    Saturday, April 16, 2005

    Gay Married Men

    Dear mouse,

    She lost a husband but she gained a friend.

    This was the statement of a housewife who was able to work out a relationship with the husband who after their 20 years of marriage came out of the closet and dropped the bomb... He is gay.

    At first, she could not deal with the truth. She loves the husband but she could not accept his change of heart. There was also the problem of breaking out the secret to the two children.

    And the last was the anxiety of how this would affect the reputation of the man who as a doctor had already established a lucrative medical profession in the community.

    This is the gist of the afternoon movie that I had just watched in between catnaps.

    It ended with very congenial relationships between the husband and his male lover and the wife of 20 years.

    The children went through the periods of rebellion, adjustment and acceptance of the parents' decisions to separate but remained as friends and doting parents.

    If this were a true story, would it have the same ending?

    I have previously written about a neighbor-dentist who decided to leave the famiy and deal with his sexuality after more than 20 years of marriage.

    He joined the world of fashion where people belonging to the third sex are more welcomed and respected.

    The marriage ended in a sour note. The wife scandalized the husband who at that time had more fashion sense than her "promdi" manner of dressing.

    You asked why, I got interested in this story?

    My lips are sealed. hehehe

    The Ca t

    Kickback Scandal

    Dear mouse,

    This did not happen in the Philippines.

    This was not publicized in international newspapers.

    This news is for Filipinos who think that we deserve the disrespect of the foreigners because our country is listed as number 2 among corrupt countries according to the survey.

    But who would think otherwise if our newspapers are practically screaming the accusations of corruption even before the public inquries have been initiated. Yan ang sinasabing usok pa lang sunog na ang sinisigaw. And why do these disgruntled politicians and government officials alike have to use media to air grievances. Don't answer.

    This news is also a good example of a case where internet blogging can serve as alternative media when the mainstream media are gagged.

    I first saw this news in a local newspaper, buried in page 12 along with not so significant news.

    When I googled, this is what I found.

    Corruption scandal torments Canadian PM

    by David Usborne

    The Canadian Prime Minister, Paul Martin, was fighting yesterday to stave off the collapse of his 10-month-old minority Liberal government amid a financial corruption scandal described by some commentators as the worst in the country's history.

    The crisis, spawned in part when the author of an American internet blog last week published testimony from court hearings into the case that had otherwise been shrouded by a blanket media ban, worsened last night with when one of Mr Martin's parliamentary members defected to become an independent .

    The Ca t

    Friday, April 15, 2005

    Richard Gomez-Tax Evader -Kainis

    Dear mouse,

    Kainis 1:

    Si Richard Gomez daw ay hindi nagfile ng ITR since year 2000.

    Ito ang kaniyang mga statements.

    1. Wala akong kinita. pakisampal nga ako frat. (slapslapslapslap)

    2. May kinita ako pero idinonate ko lahat. pakibatukan mo ako frat.( boinkboinkboink)

    3. Bakit hindi ako pinaalalahanan ng BIR. pakitulak mo ako frat sa hagdan.( ahhhhhhh ahhhhh) tinuloy nga. hekhekhek

    Kainis 2

    Isang lalaki ang ininterview tungkol sa hula na may tatamang tsunami sa Manila.

    Sabi niya: Sana naman huwag silang gagawa nang ganoon kasi kaming mahihirap ang naapektuhan.

    Pakingudngod ako sa lupa Frat. Anong kinalaman ng mahirap sa mayaman pag tumama ang tsunami. Pipiliin lang ba ang mahirap?arghhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Kainis 3

    Piolo: Ganon lang talaga kaming magkaibigan (Yul)naghahalikan. Pero hindi ho ako bakla.

    Italian kasi siya. siguro.

    Kainis 4

    Nasasanay ako sa html. pag sulat ko ng report, html ang ginamit ko. O, frat huwag mo na akong batukan, binatukan ko na ang sarili ko. Toiktointoink.

    The Ca t


    P.S. Huwag kaligtaang basahin ang mga comments. Mas bagyo. Very revealization. hekhekhek whatever that means. Salamat frat at watson.

    Nora Aunor at si Bona 2

    Dear mouse,

    Ang nakaraaan...(Basahin ninyo na lang yong latest blog entry ko noh).

    KArugtong na Kabanata...

    Noranian: Tapos kinuha siya ni Artemio Marquez at para iderek siya sa mga korni- korning istorya pero pumapatok.

    The Ca t: Sinong Aretmio Marquez?

    Noranian: Di Tatay ni Joey Marquez

    The Ca t: Joey Marquez yong kapatid ni Melanie Marquez at , ex ni Kwris (correwct)Aquino. No ba yan.(taas ang kilay , kalahati lang.

    Sumimangot ang Noranian. Tuloy pa rin ang salita ko.

    The Ca t:No ba yan, wala bang makakain? (palusot).

    Tayo ang kaibigan ko, Kinindatan ko. Pagbalik, meron na siyang dalang bagong lutong pop corn.

    The Ca t :Wala bang soda ? Saka French Fries?

    “No ka nasa loob ng sine. tawa ng aking kaibigan.

    Image hosted by

    Paano naman kami.

    (Pic courtesy of reader S.)

    The Ca t :Matagal pa yata ito, nasa intro pa lang.

    Tuloy ang kuwento.

    Noranian: Tinambal sia kay Tirso Cruz III. Patok ang kanilang pelikula. Naging GUY and PIP sila.May manyika pa sila. Si Maria Leonora Teresa.Away bati sila. Marami na ring mga sumikat na mga writers at movie reporters. reports. Nanadiyan si Inday Badiday, si Ike Lozada na artista rin at siyempre si German Moreno na tagasalo niya sa SUPERSTAR pag lasing siya at di makagulapay sa kalasingan.

    The Ca t:Ano ? lasing siya?

    Noranian:Oo, marami kasing pakialamera sa buhay niya. Mga taong kumikita sa kanya. Dinidiktahan siya. Kaya siya nalilito at naiinis. Pinartner na rin siya sa iba.Nakapartner niya si Don Johnson.

    The Ca t : Sinong Don Johnson ?


    Eh di yong “merkanong naging asawa ni Melanie Griffith at sikat noon sa TV sa Miami Vice.

    The Ca t :Ha ?

    Noranian:Nakatambal din niya si Sajid Khan.

    The Ca t : Sino naman yon ?

    Noranian :Sikat siyang Indian actor.

    Noranian:Si Cocoy :Laurel sa Lollipops and Roses at Burong Talangka. Si Victor Wood. Si Dolphy.

    The Ca t :Yong anak ni Doy Laurel Si Victor Wood , yong ex na hindi naman ex ni Madam Auring ? Grabeh.

    Noranian:Oo ah. Daming naging kapartner ni Nora. Si Erap at si Boyet at si Dennis Roldan.

    The Ca t : Si Erap, yong ex-president ? Si Dennis Roldan yong ex-congressman ?

    Noranian: Mismo, pelikula nila, Erap is my GUY.Si Boyet, si Christopher de Leon tatay ni Ian de Leon.

    The Ca t :Eh si Lotlot, si Matet at yong iba pang anak ni Nora ?

    Noranian: Mga ampon sila.Lahat mga mestisahin. Parang manika niya.

    The Ca t :Sinong nagturo sa kaniyang umarte ?

    Diyan ka nga bibilib sa kaniya. Ang ibang artista, hanggang pakanta-kanta lang sila, pacute-cute, pero si Nora, naging magaling na dramatic star. Mismong sina Lino Brocka ang nagdidirect sa kaniya at nakasama niya ang mga batikang artistang kagaya nina Eddie Garcia, Lolita Rodriguez.

    Noranian: Saan ka nakakita ng artista na ang mga dayalog ay natatandaan ng tao, kagaya ng "WALANG HIMALA."

    The Ca t

    Thursday, April 14, 2005

    Nora Aunor at si BONA

    Dear mouse,

    Dapat Tuesday pa itong post na ito pero may lover's quarrel ang blogger ko at ang aking host server. Di sila magkabati.hehehe

    So for two days, this is what I did.

    Image hosted by

    The Ca t : Ano sasabihin mo na?

    The Mouse: Sige na nga, pakawalan mo na ako, Ika din di ka makakapagblog.

    Anyway, here it is...Nora Aunor the Superstar, as narrated by a Noranian.

    Ang mga Noranians ho yata ang mga tagahangang hindi nagbago sa paglipas ng taon. Matapat pa rin sila kay Nora, ano man ang marinig nilang masamang balita tungkol sa kanilang idolo.

    Nagsimula silang mga tinedyer, bitbit ang mga sampagita, nakiiyak at nakisaya. Sila ang tinawag na bakya crowd ng 1970’s.

    Ito ang isang pakikipag-usap sa isang Noranian. Tiya siya ng aking kaibigan. Nakapagtapos ng Education pagkatapos niyang sumunod-sunnod kay Nora noong bata pa siya. Nakapag-asawa ng isang US Navy at ngayon ay naninirahan sa Estet.

    Noranian:BONA ako.

    The Ca t : Anong BONA ?

    Noranian:Bona, yong tagahanga, Yong makikipagpatayan para sa idolo. Pelikula ni Nora yon. Siya si Bona, yong taghanga, alalay, nagpa-alila kay Philip Salvador.

    The Ca t : Si Philip Salvador ? Yong ex ni Kwris (correwct)Aquino at dalawa pang ibang babae?

    Die hard po ni Nora Aunor ang aking kausap. Kaya pagpasok ko palang sa bahay ay b inulungan na ako ng aking kaibigan na magbiro na ako sa lasing, huwag lang sa tiya niya pag tungkol kay Nora. Tumira raw siya ng ilang Linggo sa bahay ni Nora kasama ang ibang mga alalay nito. Hanggang matunton siya ng kaniyang nanay at iuwi sa bahay nila.

    Noranian:Madalas ang punta namin noon sa CBN.

    The Ca t :Walang ABS ?

    Sumimangot ang kausap ko. Sabad-sabad kasi me. O sige na nga, ibibigay ko na lang ang microphone sa kaniya.

    Noranian : Sikat noon sina Perla Adea. Maputi si Perla pero maliit din. Lumalabas sa programa ni Johnny “Lundagin: mo Baby, ang isang sikat na announcer.

    The Ca t :Hindi si Noli de Castro?

    Aray...Dinunggol ako ng kaibigan ko. Tahimik.


    Noranian :Si Noli Boy, tagatakbo lang ni Johnny non.

    Galing ng istorya.Para bang rewind. Tsusutstususutsususutss.(sound ng rewind).

    At sa saliw ng Tiny bubbles,,hmmhmmmm

    Noranian:Sinali niya si Nora sa Operetang Putol-putol.Kapapanalo pa lang niya noon sa Tawag ng Tanghalan.

    The Ca t:Hindi Star in a Million ?

    Arayyyy. Kalyo. Sumusobra na itong kaibigan kong ito. Kung hindi ko lang naalalang siya ang maghahatid sa akin pag-uwi disin sana’y iniwan ko na sila.

    Tuloy ang kuwento.

    Noranian :Unang picture ni Nora ay extra lang siya at ang kasama niya ay si Edgar Mortiz.

    The Ca t :Si Edgar Morttistiztizitiz? (echo kunwari)Yong ex ni Vilma at ngayon ay bayaw ni Malalala mo kaya Ate Charo ba yon ?

    Noranian: Oo yon nga .Nanalo rin si Edgar Mortiz sa Tawag ng Tanghalan.

    Galing ng memory ng tiya mo, bulong ko sa kaibigan ko.

    Utangan mo ng pera, biglang magiging maakakalimutin yan, pati ako akala niya, kapatid niya, sagot naman niya.


    Naalala ko nga pala, mayroon akong pupuntahan.

    Subaybayan ang susunod na kabanata.


    The Ca t

    Testing Mike 123

    Dear mouse,

    For two days, was not able to post and the comments of my readers did not go through. My long post about Nora Aunor as per her BONA had to wait.

    And to Jim Swingle who is looking for Dolphy, Jr.--maybe you can write or inquire from ABS CBN Channel 2 where the Dolphy Sr.has a sitcom entitled Quizon Ave. He features his children including your cousin, Dolphy, Jr. I think he is now active in Gospel Ministry after he was pardoned from his life sentence in prison.

    Testing Mike 123, I do not want to type my long post,tapos sabihin sa akin...error na naman kaya testing muna.

    Testing Mike, Mike, teka sino bang Mike yon. Hindi si Aruy you ha.

    The Ca t

    Tuesday, April 12, 2005

    Human Resources Deepartment

    Dear mouse,

    I got sore throat. I cannot speak so I will just give you some pics.

    As if I need to talk in order to blog.... hehehek...ooops...too much cough syrup.

    Image hosted by Image hosted by

    The Ca t

    Monday, April 11, 2005

    Why the Duchess of Cornwall?

    Dear mouse,

    Image hosted by

    So much about trading off the crown for endless love.

    Although I was not the romantic type, I sighed when I heard the story about King Edward VIII, the king of England in 1936 who abdicated the throne to marry an American divorcee Mrs. Wallis Simpson.

    He must be truly in love to leave the hall of power and the luxurious lifestyle of a monarch.

    But in all the years that he was away from the throne until he died, he maintained the same lifestyle with less burden of responsibility of leading a very powerful country.

    So how did he subsist without doing anything.

    He derived his income from the net surplus of the Duchy of Cornwall, an agricultural estate run on a commercial basis by the parliament.

    The Duchy was meant to provide income for heir apparent independent of the State.

    Now its Prince Charles who is the Heir Apparent. Even if he does not become the king, they will have a regular income from the duchy which averages about 7 million pounds a year. Not bad compared to the allowances to other dukes, princes and princesses which average to 300,000 pounds a year only.

    The future queen shall not own the royal palaces, heirloom and other royal assets.

    All of these belong to the Her Majesty as Sovereign and not as an individual.

    The Ca t

    Sunday, April 10, 2005

    Three Funerals and A Wedding

    You read it right. Three Funerals and a Wedding.

    Last week, the World witnessed the burials of Pope John Paul II and Prince Rainier of Monacoand then the wedding of Prince Charles to her lady-beloved Camilla.

    Where’s the other funeral ?

    For some Princess Di-fanatics, the wedding was a funeral.

    The Ca t

    Millions of Butterflies in California- is this a sign ?

    Dear mouse,

    Alarmists would interpret the descent and migration of millions of butterflies in the Central Valley, California as a sign of an impending calamity.

    Pious people who associate the souls of the people to those beautiful winged creatures may interpret this as a sign of homage to the departed Pope.

    Whatever the interpretations are, how would you like to see hordes of these beautiful insects in your garden?

    This is the excerpt of the news and the accompanying photo.

    Image hosted by

    "This may be the biggest migration of modern times," said Arthur Shapiro, a professor and expert on butterflies at the University of California, Davis. There are now reports of billions of painted lady butterflies around Trona, near Death V alley, and in the San Fernando Valley, Shapiro said. More waves of butterflies are likely to appear in central California over the next few weeks.

    The Ca t

    Saturday, April 09, 2005

    kulit bulilitz corner-3

    Dear mouse,

    A young Berks member/ mother sent this cute picture of her boy on his G day. With him is his proud papa.

    What could be in his thoughts ?


    Image hosted by

    Hmmm. Wonder what that big grin means ? I can't help but become suspicious every time my papa is all smiles.

    Or this ?

    Image hosted by

    papa, that was not what the teacher said about me.

    This was a candid shot. A tip to young mothers to keep their cameras ready all the time. You would never know when toddlers give you a priceless moment to remember.

    Image hosted by

    hmm look ma, no hands.

    Sounds in the backgound: dali,dali...saan ba yong camera. lintek na bata kasi ito, magpopose hindi sinasabi. CLICK.

    The Ca t

    kulits bulilitz-gradweysion na weeee

    Dear mouse,

    It was not easy to keep these kids in their seats while the graduation ceremony stretched for a few more hours. What with the awarding seremonies, the inspirational talks,etc.

    Let's make kulit to the bulilitz and see what they are doing during the program.

    Camera roll.

    I wonder what’s inside this rolled paper they call diploma.

    Image hosted by

    Harang!!! nothing’s inside. It is a good telescope though.

    Image hosted by

    Ooops!!! huli ako.

    Image hosted by

    The Ca t

    Kulitzbulilitz-gradweyt na ako

    Dear mouse,

    I planned to feature pictures of kids with funny captions. If you have pics of your kids or nephews and nieces, you can send them to me. Old pics are also accepted. I would keep them anonymous. Only the viewers would know who they are. The captions are guaranteed not to make fun of the children.

    Let’s start the camera rollin’.

    Parents are excited when their children don the toga comes graduation.

    During prep grad.

    Image hosted by

    As well as college grad.

    Image hosted by

    Pretty fast heh?

    No kiddin', this brat is already a university professor.

    The Ca t

    Friday, April 08, 2005

    Paalam muna

    Dear mouse,

    Una, humihingi ako ng paumanhin kay MLQ the third, dahil ngayon ko lang nacorrect (Kris Aquino accent) ang aking blog entry, kahapon ng yesterday. hehehe .Sabi nga niya hindi siya out kung hindi binuking lang lang siya. Bobame.

    Hindi ko maaccess ang blogger-dashboard (doon kasi ako nakikiraan para makapag-blog) kahapon hanggang ngayon.

    Pagkatapos nakita ko may comment ako sa aking blog. Therefore, hindi ang blogger ang may problema. So subok, subok, palagay ko nang i-shut-down ko ang aking laptop na hindi ko isinara ang mozilla dahil may dumating akong bisita, nawala o kung ano man yon. Aasikasuhin ko na lang pag balik ko.

    So, ang gamit ko ngayon ay ang aking Dell desktop at naaccess ko noh.

    Eniwey, ako ay malalayo sa aking computer nang hindi ko alam kung ilang oras, araw dahil ako ay pupunta sa isang lugar na bawal ang internet.

    Pag sinabi sa akin na isang araw lang ang aking pamamalagi. Yeheeeey.

    Babu muna. Huwag ninyo akong batukan kung memya ay may entry ako. Ibig sabihin noon, ako ay nagbaging, bumaba ng building ,lumangoy ng dagat, tumalon sa mga bundok...OPPPS Ano ba ang pinagasabi ko.

    The Ca t

    Thursday, April 07, 2005


    Dear mouse,

    O naintriga kayo sa title ko noh? Ibig sabihin niyang tili to the max sa inis. Para bang EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

    Don’t pansin me. Inis lang talaga ako.

    Di ko alam kong ang mga broadcasters natin at ang mga game show hosts ay may mga common sense. COMMON ang sinabi ko ha.


    Isang game show host ang nagtanong sa isang 10 taong gulang na bata na galing sa depressed area AKA squatters’ area na alam ng audience na isang kahig isang tuka.

    Ito ang tanong: Paano mo sinicelebrate ang Easter Sunday ?

    Taas kilay na hmppph

    Miss, hindi ba ninyo alam na sa mga batang halos di kumain, ni hindi nila alam kung alin ang Pasko at alin ang ordinaryong araw.

    Saka baka hindi nila alam ang ibig sabihin ng Easter Sunday. Baka si aling Ester, puwede pa.

    Kung yong mga matatandang nasa squatter, hindi pa alam kung sino ang three KINGS. Bata pa. English pa. Hmppp.

    Isang ABS CBN roving reporter naman ang madalas kumuha ng opinion tungkol sa mga latest issues.

    Reporter: Umiyak ba kayo nang mbalitaan ninyo ang pagkamtay ni PAPA?

    Sagot : OO

    Reporter: Tanggapin ninyo ang isang lata ng gatas...blah blah.

    Sus Santa Tecla, alangan naming sumagot yon ng HINDI HUMALAKHAK PA AKO.

    Toink toink toink KAINIS

    Dito rin sa Estet, meron ding mga “Pilipinong” reporter na ganiyan.

    Reporter: (Tanong sa isang batang tinedyer na Filam) What is your opinion on Nora Aunor’s drug busting issue?

    Filam: Nora Aunor who?

    Susmarianong Kulafu. Tatanungin niya ang generation na baka hindi pa ipinanganak nang namamayagpag pa si Nora. May concert nga rito sa States pero mga dating fans niy a lang ang nanonood. Tanungin din niyo kung s ino si Juday at Sandara, baka masagot nila.

    Tungkol naman sa pagkamatay ni Papa

    Puwede ba, para lang magkaroon kayo ng balita, huwag namang pati yong mga taong nagdrive lang siguro nang isang araw at mga taong hindi naman authority tungkol kay Papa ay tatanungin niya ng tungkol sa PAPA. Kung gusto talaga nilang mainteres ang mga tao ng balita tungkol sa Papa, magresearch sila ng mga impormasyong verifiable tungkol sa Papa na hindi pa nalalaman ng mga tao.

    Kagaya halimbawa ng :

    1. tumulong siyang maiinstall sa gobyerno ang isang labor leader sa isang Latin country

    2. Ronald Reagan saw a white spot among the multitude from the roving space sateliite taking pictures of Planet Earth. It was Pope John Paul II being welcomed by a big crowd. He was really an easy target for an assassin because he stood out in the sea of humanity.

    3. Out na si Korina sa mga international coverage ng ganitong mga balita. Si Karen Davila na talaga. Dati siya ang unang-unang makikita mosa TV monitor sa mga important events.

    Kagaya rin ng pagkakaouster ni C.Fiorina sa HP>

    Ikanga, the greatest battle is not fought in the war zones but in the board room.

    Yan ang sinasabing corporate politics.

    Iba naman ang pagkaka"out" ng paborito kong si Manuel Quezon III as editorial writer ng PDI.

    OOPs ano ba ang pinagsasabi ko?

    The Ca t

    Wednesday, April 06, 2005

    The Rebel with the Because -Parang Komiks

    Dear mouse,

    It's my turn...parang kanta. Kornikonanaman.

    Ako ho kuwentorer (nagkukuwento, may reklamo ang mga Tagalista ?)ngayon sa blogkadahan sa topic na "Paglaki ko ano ang gusto kong maging..."

    Ito ho ang pasakalye...yong kalahati ay nasa blogkadahan.

    Para akong pinagtakluban ng langit at lupa. isama na ninyo ang palanggana at batya sa aming batalan, nang ang aking ina ay sabihin nang walang kakurap-kurap, “Hindi ka mag-eenroll sa UP.”

    Pagkatapos kung maglakad ng parang zombie, buwan bago lumabas ang resulta ng entrance exam; pagkatapos kong sumumpa-sumpa na ako ay di na kukupit ng baon sa ilalim ng kama ng aking madir; pagkatapos kong muntik ng kulamin ang aming valedictorian na baka raw hindi ko kayanin; pagkatapos kung lumakad ng paluhod sa Baclaran, sa Quiapo at sa St. Jude...sasabihin ng aking madir, hindi ako mag-eenroll sa UP Diliman Hindiiiiiiiii. Sabihin ninyong nagbibiro lang siya. Sabihin ninyong nagmemenopause lang siya na hindi pa naman.

    ( Ahem, okay ba ang emote ?)

    Sabi niya, napagod siya nang kapupunta sa Guidance Counsellor noong ako ay Grade School at sa tingin niya lalo akong magiging problema kung ako ay nasa UP. Baka raw mawalan na ako ng Diyos. Bakit ang mga kapatid ko? Hindi naman. Kasi ang utak ko raw ay iba. Siguro may retrato siya ng utak ko.

    Rewind muna tayo.engekeshengesken (sound ho yan nang nagrerewind, o di va).

    Titser ang aking madir, naging titser pa nga siya ng aking kapatid na panganay. Pero pagdating sa akin ay full time housewife na siya kasi gusto ng aking padir na nasusubaybayan niya kami sa aming pag-aaral. Kasama siya ng mga kapatid ko sa paggawa ng mga assignments at projects, habang ako ay nagbabasa ng komiks.

    Uhrm. Maikwento ko lang, tatlong taon, marunong na akong magbasa dahil sa komiks kaya una kong gustong maging noong ako ay bata pa ay maging si DARNA. Madalas tinatali ko yong bandana sa aking leeg at tumatalon ako mula sa sopa habang sumisigaw ng DARNA. Pagbagsak ko, arayyyy. Kurot ni madir. Bakit ba ang galing niyang kumalkula sa singit ang bagsak ng kurot ? Kainis.

    Pero nang ipagbawal niya ang komiks sa bahay dahil nahuli niya akong nagbabasa habang kami ay nagdadasal ng rosaryo (nasa likod po ako) nabago naman ang aking gustong maging paglaki ko. Gusto kong maging madre para ako ay maging santa. Kasi ang nilagay ng aking madir na babasahin ay tungkol sa mga buhay ng santo at santa. Kaya gamit pa rin ang bandanang malaki, pinapandong ko naman ito sa ulo ko habang ako ay tumatayo sa bangko at kunwari nagbabasbas. Nangingiti ang aking madir. Siyang-siya. Pangit lang ng tunog ng pangalan ko pag maging Santa. Parang sinabi mong Santa Bruha. hehehe.

    Sinusulat ko pa sa mga lumang notebook ng aking mga kapatid ang “I want to be a none (nun)." Minsan nasulatan ko pala yong ginagamit pa nilang notebook. Tinanong ako kung anong ibig kong sabihin. Noong malamang gusto kong maging madre, nagkakandaiyak, katatawa. (ROLF baga.) Kung hindi nga lang pinalaki kami na huwag lalaban sa nakakatanda, nabigwasan ko na siya katulad ng kaklase kong lalaki na tumawa rin sa akin. Naglapitan ang iba ko pang kapatid at nakitukso rin. Sabi ng isa, pag pumasok daw ako sa kumbento, magsasara yon dahil sa magugulo. Sabi naman ng isa, hindi pa nga raw siya binabati noong kapatid ng kaklase kong itinali ko yong buhok sa likod ng upuan namin.

    Sundan ang karugtong sa blogkadahan (para talagang komiks, hane po?)

    The Ca t

    The Filipino veteran who was fed with dog food

    Dear mouse,

    In my early years in the US, I moved from a suburban area to the City for convenience and accessibility to public transport.

    The house owned by a friend-nurse was three houses away from his mother's house where many Filipino veterans waiting for their papers and benefits were renting the so-called in-law (that is not a relative by affinity but a garage converted into a room that is often rented out by the homeowner).

    There were about eight of them in that one bedroom/kitchen/living room accommodation.They were like sardines packed in a small can.

    That was the most practical living arrangement that they could find with their 500 or so dollar monthly welfare check considering that with their age and status, they still sent money to their relatives back home, and I thought these geriatrics should be enjoying their twilight years.

    Among the veterans was an old man who was barely 5 feet tall. He was so small that you would think that he was a small boy wrapped in that thick woolen jacket.

    One of the veterans that I befriended intimated to me however that, that small man got a lot of money awarded to him by the court as a victim of abuse by some people who first took them in upon arrival from the Philippines.

    This is an excerpt of that story of the Filipino veteran who was made to eat dog food.

    Legendary WWII vet passes on

    MAGDALENO Duenas, 90, a small and gentle Filipino American World War II veteran, died February 27 at the Nob Hill Health Care Center in San Francisco.

    Duenas gained undeserved fame in December 1993 when the San Francisco Chronicle featured photos and news stories about him and 16 veterans who were held in virtual captivity by an abusive landlord in Richmond, Calif. who beat and chained them.

    The Filipino landlord fed him dog food and kept his monthly welfare payments. They were rescued by Contra Costa County police and later filed suit against the landlord and won.

    Duenas’ case received extensive news coverage in 1994 in California. It brought to public attention the plight of poor and elderly Filipino veterans who came to America expecting to receive VA pensions for their honorable U.S. military service but were terribly disappointed to learn that they were excluded by the Rescission Act passed by Congress on Feb. 18, 1946.

    At first, I thought that the veteran whom I befriended was luckier because he was able to bring the wife with him.

    But with two mouths to feed with a meager monthly welfare pension, the old woman who was a lot younger than the husband had to work as live-in caregiver, leaving the husband all by himself during weekdays.

    One time, he was gone for a day. He did not come back not until the following day. He was no longer wearing his much prized old Bulova watch. His clothes were torn and dirty. He was incoherent.

    In his attempt to explore the streets, blocks away from his residence, he wandered in the notorious area populated by black thugs. There, he was beaten to pulp and got robbed of his only treasure, the watch.

    He was never normal again after that traumatic experience that he had to be shipped home accompanied by a nurse in the airplane.

    He lost also his welfare since his pension is only good if they stayed here in the US. That was the reason why many of them at their old age came and lived in the US.

    Tssk tsssk, who sez that old soldiers never die; they just fade they away.

    The Ca t sez, old soldiers never die, they just become names in the memorials.

    The Ca t

    Tuesday, April 05, 2005

    The Ca t, The Pope and the CSI

    Dear mouse,

    Who do you think among the candidates is going to be elected as the next Pope?

    Got to call God.


    The Ca t : Well what do you know, it isn't engaged. The people must be busy condoling with the Catholics.

    God: What is it this time Ca t ?

    The Ca t: I want to recommend the Archbishop for the next pope.

    God: I have nothing to do with the choice of the Pope, Ca t?

    The Ca t: Well, they claimed that inspiration comes from you.It is tantamount to saying You whisper in their ears while they are in deep meditation.

    God : You believe that ? I did not choose the popes who were responsible for the deaths of people who were accused of heresy. I am not responsible for the popes who shared power with the monarchs and massacred non-believers. But let’s go back to your first statement ? Who are you recommending for the position? Granting that you have the privilege to vote for the selection of a Pope.

    The Ca t: I recommend Godfried Danneels.

    God: Don’t you want a Black Pope, Ca t? You have to realize that the highest number of Catholics are no longer found in Latin and European countries but in Africa so do not be surprised if a Nigerian Pope is elected.

    The Ca t : True, God but just like the parable of the Lost Sheep, your Son left the flock of sheeps to look for one lost sheep. The latest pope came from a communist country where Catholicism was banned. Catholicism is slowly becoming unpopular in some European countries. Isn't it time to restore the faith where it is already lost because of too much conservatism?

    God: But Catholicism is not my religion. It is some peoples' religion.

    The Ca t: Okay, God for the sake of argument, I will accept that and please consider my recommendee in case you want to do some whisperings. Look, he is the only Cardinal who urged the Vatican to allow women to hold posts normally taken by the cardinal.

    God: Uhum. Is that the only reason ?

    The Ca t : Well he recommended that condoms can be used in the fight against AIDs and what is important is his recommendation that the Bishop would have more say in the running of the Church.

    God :Uhuhu, the Vatican would not like dissipate its powers.

    The Ca t: Ahaaaaa...

    God : What ahaaaaa?

    The Ca t : So you know that they want the power monopoly.

    God: Why should I not know but as you have said, your recommendee wanted to have a say in the running of the Church. Catholicism is not the only religion in my World, Ca t. If I am going to intervene in all the adminstrative processes of these churches, I might as well run the whole thing.

    The Ca t : Why don’t you ?

    God: You want the End of the World ?

    The Ca t: You mean you are choosing the Italian Cardinal as the next pope ?

    God : What do you mean?

    The Ca t: Well, they have this belief that the moment, the Vatican leadership is returned to an Italian, the end of the word is nigh.

    God: Tell that to the Non-Catholics, Ca t.

    The Ca t: Oh one more thing, GOD. Don't you know that Grissom is a Catholic?

    God: Who’s he ?

    The Ca t: My favorite CSI character .

    God: How did you know?

    The Ca t: Because the priest told him so. He addressed him as Father instead of Reverend or Minister like non-Catholics do when they see a man of God.

    The only difference is he does not have the Catholic guilt anymore.

    God: Are we going to talk about the incoming Pope or the CSI.

    The Ca t : Ow, can you excuse me for an hour, God , I want to watch the next episode. It's on.

    God: And I was enjoying the conversation with a Ca t. Humans, I mean Cats.

    The Ca t

    Monday, April 04, 2005


    Dear mouse,

    Ikanga, all roads lead to Rome these days. So the Ca t decided to embark on a cyber trip to Rome via the photos taken by her brother who lived in Italy for four years before he moved back to USA.

    Image hosted by

    Tara na.

    Tanong muna tayo ng direction.

    Ito ang isang mama.

    The Ca t: Sir, where can I find St. Peter’s Square?

    Michaelangelo: Sorry, Ca t. Although I designed the Dome of St. Peter's Basilica, it's been centuries and I myself might get lost looking for it. Why don't you ask Leonardo.

    Image hosted by

    (Michaelangelo Buonnarroti (1475-1564) The greatest painter and sculptor of all tme. His famous works include St. St. Peter’s Dome, Sistine Chapel Ceiling, La Pieta, David and many others. He wrote:

    This comes from dangling from the ceiling– I'm goitered like a Lombard cat (or wherever else their throats grow fat)– it's my belly that's beyond concealing, it hands beneath my chin like peeling. My beard points skyward, I seem a bat upon its back, I've breasts and splat! On my face the paint's congealing.)

    Da Vinci:Sorry, Ca t. I cannot even remember where I placed my painting of Madonna with a Cat.Besides, after I was impeached for accusation of homosexuality, I moved to France. Ask Galileo. He can use his telescope.

    Image hosted by

    (Leonardo Da Vinci 1452-1519 was a painter, sculptor, engineer, musician and scientist. His famous works include Last Supper, Madonna and the Child and Mona Liza. A remarkable event happened on 8. April 1476. At this time it was usual to put anonymous accusations in a wooden box (called tamburo), which was put up in front of the Palazzo Vecchio (Picture). On 8. April Leonardo and four others were accused. The anonymous person accused Leonardo to have a homosexual affair with Jacopo Saltarelli, who was a model. The procedure ended for all participants with an acquittal of the charge. This story is an indication of the supposed homosexuality of Leonardo da Vinci.

    Galileo: Sorry Cat. Rome disowned me after I contributed to its greatness. Ask Machiavelli.

    Image hosted by Galileo Galilie 1564-1642

    (It was a sad end for so great a man to die condemned of heresy. His will indicated that he wished to be buried beside his father in the family tomb in the Basilica of Santa Croce but his relatives feared, quite rightly, that this would provoke opposition from the Church. His body was concealed and only placed in a fine tomb in the church in 1737 by the civil authorities against the wishes of many in the Church. On 31 October 1992, 350 years after Galileo's death, Pope John Paul II gave an address on behalf of the Catholic Church in which he admitted that errors had been made by the theological advisors in the case of Galileo. He declared the Galileo case closed, but he did not admit that the Church was wrong to convict Galileo on a charge of heresy because of his belief that the Earth rotates round the sun.)

    Machiavelli: What shall I say Ca t, you might misunderstand me as they misunderstood my writings and philosophies.

    Image hosted by

    (Niccolo Machiavelli was born on May 3, 1469, in Florence, Italy. He eventually became a man who lived his life for politics and patriotism. Right now, however, he is associated with corrupt, totalitarian government. The reason for this is a small pamphlet he wrote called The Prince to gain influence with the ruling Medici family in Florence. The political genius of Niccolo Machiavelli was overshadowed by the reputation that was unfairly given to him because of a misunderstanding of his views on politics. )

    The Ca t: I just find it myself. Maybe I can follow the horse.

    Image hosted by

    or the water?

    Image hosted by

    I wish I will find it. (drops coins in the fountain).

    Image hosted by

    Oh no, not the coliseum.

    Image hosted by

    Nor Ate Vi...

    Image hosted by


    St. Peters at night.

    Image hosted by

    The Ca t

    Saturday, April 02, 2005

    Babala -Hindi lang Buhok ang Pinapakintab

    Dear mouse,

    Hindi ko man gustong panoorin si Boy Abunda, pinanood ko rin sa Kontrobersiyal dahil sa isang segment ng programa kung saan ang mga tindero at tindera ng kalamansi at kamatis ay pinakitang may mga di kanais-nais na ginagawa sa kanilang paninda upang maging sariwang tingnan ang kanilang produkto.

    Ang lalaking tindero ay nakatawa pang nagpaunlak kung paano niya sinashampoo ang kalamansi para maging makintab at magmukhang sariwa.

    The Ca t sez: Alam ba ninyo kung ano ang ingredient ng shampoo. Water, fragrance, salt at higit sa lahat ay ang ginagamit sa laundry detergent. Isipin ninyong ibinababad ang kalamansi sa shampoo, hindi binabanlawan, tapos ay bibilhin ninyo at padadaanan lang ng tubig. Minsan pag katulong, hindi pa hinuhugasan. Ano ang inyong na-iingest ? Laundry detergent... Isipin na lang ninyo ang tindi nito sa paglinis ng damit, ng ito ay papasok sa inyong katawan.

    Kaya maraming sakit ang hindi maipaliwanag sa ospital dahil ito ay mga naipong epekto ng mga nakakain nating chemical.Ang iba ay nasisinghot kagaya ng lead na nasa gasolina kaya ang mga pag- iisip ay saliwa. Karamihan yata dito mga pulitiko.

    Ang kamatis naman ay pinupunasan ng gaas. Tawang- tawa pa ang tindera na sinabing pati ang kaniyang kamay ay nangangamoy gaas. Wala naman daw nagrereklamo. Eh !@#$%^& pala siya, paano magrereklamo yon ay di mila alam. Siguro kung may naamoy silang gaas ay di nila inisip na nanggagaling sa kamatis.

    Kung tatanungin ninyo ako bakit hindi ako kumakain ng hipon sa Pinas. Sasabihin ko sainyong ang dahilan ay iniihian ng mga mangingisda ang mga hipong huli nila para hindi masira kaagad.

    Siguro naman alam ninyong imibtado lang ang mga langgam na nasa lanzones.

    Ang mga tao talaga, para lang kumita.

    The Ca t

    Sinong Kausap ni Pope John Paul II ?

    Dear mouse,

    Hindi ako malungkot sa pagkamatay ng PApa.

    Hindi dahil galit ako sa kaniya o kaya ay hindi ako Katoliko.

    Masaya ako dahil tapos na ang kaniyang pakikibaka sa kaniyang naging sakit na Parkinson's disease.

    Masaya ng ako dahil pauwi na siya.

    May sumundo na sa kaniya.

    Sino kaya iyon na kausap ni Papa?

    Sa bandang huli ng balita tungkol sa pagkamatay niya ay ito ang aking napansin.

    Ang Papang hindi na makapagsalita ay may winika na alam ko ay hindi patungkol sa mga taong kumakausap sa kaniya dahil malayo ang sagot niya.

    Ano sa palagay nnyo?

    He said aides had told the pope that thousands of young people were in St. Peter's Square on Friday evening. Navarro-Valls said the pope appeared to be referring to them when he seemed to say: "'I have looked for you. Now you have come to me. And I thank you.'"

    Sinong sumundo sa kaniya ?

    The Ca t

    Nagkatotoong Hula?

    Dear mouse,

    Napapansin ko na pag pulitika ang aking topic ay hindi masyadong kinakagat ng mga tao, kaya magsoshwobiz muna ako.

    Sa aking blog na Hula ni Jojo Acurin, isa sa mga hula ay ito:

    Acurin: Isang sikat na artistang babae ang madedeport sa Pilipinas dahil sa druga.

    The Ca t: Ahaaa, kilala ko siya. Maliit siya di ba?

    Acurin: Marami namang maliit na artista ah.

    The Ca t : Super ang sagot mo. Star ka talaga. hehehe

    Show biz nayanig sa pagkakahuli kay Nora

    Nayanig ang industriya ng show biz sa Pilipinas nang kumalat noong Biyernes ng gabi ang balita na naaresto at nakulong ang aktres na si Nora Aunor sa Los Angeles, California. Ayon sa mga ulat, naaresto si Aunor sa Los Angeles International Airport noong Miyerkules. Nasamsam sa bagahe ni Aunor ang walong gramo ng shabu na nakalagay sa isang sisidlang plastik. Gayundin, nakuha sa kanya ang isang babasaging pipa na nakabalot sa kamiseta. Ikinulong agad si Aunor at kinasuhan ng pag-iingat ng ipinagbabawal na gamot. Pero matapos magpiyansa ng $10,000, pinalaya siya noong Huwebes. Itinakda ng korte ang pagdinig sa kaso sa Abril 21.

    The Ca t: aksuhally, hindi na hula ito dahil ito ay usap-usapan na rito sa Estet.

    Kaya lang ang mga blind item ay talagang hindi pinapansin ng mga bulag na umidolo sa Superstar.

    The Ca t

    Friday, April 01, 2005

    Politics' Politics

    Dear mouse,

    The blind item is no longer "blind". So it was the FG who stayed in the $20,000 suite just to watch PAcquiao's fight.

    Initial press releases mentioned that it was courtesy of friends and relatives.

    Now, direct from the horse's mouth...

    Mike Arroyo: It was free; what's the problem? WITH his granddaughter Mikaela sitting on his lap, First Gentleman Jose Miguel Arroyo yesterday faced the press for the first time since the controversy arose over his alleged use of a $20,000-a-night suite in Las Vegas during the recent boxing match between Manny Pacquiao and Erick Morales of Mexico. At a press conference in Malacañang yesterday, Arroyo said he did not see anything corrupt about accepting a generous offer of a suite from the MGM Grand Hotel as he thought that his stature as the husband of a head of state entitled him to such perks.

    "It was free. What's the fuss all about? Why don't they check on Erap?" said the President's husband, referring to ousted president Estrada, who is known for his luxurious tastes and is now on trial for corruption. Arroyo said that some friends of his had offered to pay for a room for him at the same hotel but the hotel management offered to give him complimentary accommodation.

    "What person will say 'No, I will pay' if it's free? What's the fuss all about? If it is free, would you insist to pay? So what's their problem if it is for free?" said Arroyo who could not hide his anger.

    Image hosted by

    The Ca t sez: The word is delicadeza.

    The Ca t

    Joseph Estrada Jr.?

    Dear mouse,

    Got to wear a wrist band as per the doctor's advice. Then I decided to have the complete look of the personality who is famous not only of being the first President to have been ousted but also because of his wrist band.

    Ito o, una, hiya pa.

    Image hosted by

    Sige na nga.

    Image hosted by

    Sabi ni Celia kusinera, BALIW.

    Sabi ni JMom, BUANG na pusa.

    Sabi nito. COPYCAT.

    Image hosted by

    The Ca t

    I am lost, help

    Dear mouse,

    I know, I know, I did not blog yesterday. It's because I got lost.

    Not in the depths of my meditations, solitude and meanderings....

    Hanep, akala mo totoo.

    Very puwetic ang dating.

    Aksuhally, I visited my doctor. I have this pain in my wrist for a week now. I thought that it must be carpal tunnel syndrome. I need a pain killer prescribed by a doctor. Not the OTC extra strength tylenol. It does not work.

    So, off to the doctor, I went with a friend driving for me. This was his first time to bring me to my doctor since, oftentimes, it was my lady friend who is very familiar with the place who did the task. She used to work in the hospital in that vicinity so she knows the place like the back of her palm.

    This time, I was giving the direction. Left, right, left, right.

    I remember my mom, who often warned my siblings, not to trust me when it comes to directions because i am a lefty. According to her we view the world in another angle of the planet. Mothers....they seem to know everything.

    Then it happened...we were lost. I could not find the building.

    It seemed, it just disappeared.

    Instead, we found a small chapel.

    Is this an ominous sign that I have to mend my ways ?

    Is this a sign that I have to believe in angels in chariots ?(patama kay sassy), hehehe.

    So three times, we went around the block.

    Ahaaa, the cross street at the end of the block is different from the one I remember.

    Does it mean, the whole block was moved ?

    Hindi lang sampal-sampal me, mecsy, bugbog pa. Huwag kang sasama frat. Hindi bugbog ang gagawin mo, torture. bwahahaha

    I asked my friend, where is Valencia?

    Sabi niya: sa kabilang side ng main street.

    We should have turned left and not right.

    So we found my doctor.

    Sabi ko sa kaniya.

    I have been looking for you doc, for half an hour. Akala miya alibi ko dahil late ako sa appointment.

    Diagnosis for my wrist: did I remember doing a task that could have violently wrench my joint not necessarily tearing a ligament?

    I remember, fixing my curtain and I twisted my arm a little bit but the pain came a day after.

    He said that it is possible that there is a delayed reaction.

    Hanep pati ba naman, sakit nakakalimot pa at dumarating na lang pag nakaalala kahit huli.

    After giving me prescription, he advised me also to refrain from eating fatty foods when he noted that my bp was a little over the normal reading. Sabi ko nagalit lang ako and kumain ako ng eggmayo sandwich for my breakfast. Saka pala, may dala yong kaibigan ko ng sitsaron na may suka.

    Sabi niya: if you want to stay healthy, give these fatty foods, a holiday.

    So yon ang gagawin ko.

    Happy holidays mga p're.

    Image hosted by

    picture by polo.

    CORRECTION: Sabi ni polo, hindi kaniya."From the web" lang daw. So whoever the creator is of the pic, pahiram ha?

    Pero visit pa rin polo's photoblog. Galing ng mga NUDES niya.

    O yan, polo, sabi nga ng berks, shameless plugging.

    Pero talagang magaling si Polong beauticianslash VIckyBelo(napapabata niyaangmgamatatandaatnapapatandaniya angmgabata)slashcouturierpa.

    The Ca t