Saturday, July 31, 2004

Cat's Walk of Fame

Dear Mouse,

Thanks Jobert for the link. Get one yourself too.


Get your own star at Hollywood Blvd!

The Ca t

Inquirer: Burnham story stirs row -did she or did she not

July 29 Now What, Ca t?

Blogtitle: Gracia Burnham-Did she or did she not?

August 1 newsbreaker-Inquirer.

Updated 11:43pm (Mla time) July 31, 2004

By Alcuin Papa, Philip Tubeza

Inquirer News Service
Editor's Note: Editor's Note: Published on page A1 of the August 1, 2004 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

WHEN Gracia Burnham flew back to the United States on Friday night, she left behind a country she said she had come to love. She also left a controversy behind.

Did she or did she not

clear the Philippine military of charges of conniving with the Abu Sayyaf Group when she testified in court against the bandit group?

Read the entire story from inquirer.

If you have read the news, it is very clear that Gracia was prevented from saying anything or she said something but it was stricken off the record and a statement purported to be hers was published in the media. This is not the first time that Gracia was upset by the discrepancy between what she said and what came out in the media. Page 288 of her book narrates that she asked for the correction of the media account about the death of his husband.

To quote her:

"The one that really upset me originated with the Associated Press and waspicked up by the Time Magazine.They quoted me as saying of Martin's death: That is God's liking. That is probably his destiny. I would never day such a thing.In fact, this sounds more like an Abu Sayyaf comment than anything else. I wrote Time to protest the blatant misquote and got back a letter passing the buck to AP. The magazine refused to run a correction."

Knowing Gracia as a brave woman who survived the year' ordeal with the terrorist group, I am positive that she said nothing about the clearance of the military involved in the hostage taking if she believed there really was.

Sabi ko nga may usok, may niluluto.

The Ca t

Friday, July 30, 2004


Copcar to car in the pool of water: Okay time's up.

Let's roll.

(picture is from AP).

Any "suggestment" ?

Read my new blog.

The Ca t

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Gracia Burnham-Did she or did she not?

Dear Mouse,

I saw her poker face. She did not smile to the people she met while boarding the van after she testified against the ASG. It was a face that harbored grief, anger and despair for the last two years.

In the news, she confirmed ransom payment after it had been denied by the both governments.It had been the policy of the US Government not to give in to the demands of the terrorists/kidnappers,so they claim.

Gracia Burnham confirms ransom, clears military

AMERICAN missionary Gracia Burnham on Thursday cleared the military of accusations it had colluded with her former abductors, the Abu Sayyaf bandits. She also confirmed that a P15-million ransom had been paid for her and her husband's release. But she said they were not set free even then, because the gang asked for $1 million more.Burnham made these statements during her much-awaited testimony before Judge Lorifel Pahimna of the Pasig City Regional Trial Court, during the hearing on the Dos Palmas kidnapping incident in May 2001, Department of Justice officials said in a press conference Thursday.The hearing was held in a heavily guarded special courtroom in Camp Bagong Diwa in Bicutan, Taguig. Burnham was represented by Alvin Price, a legal consultant of the US Embassy.During the proceedings, Burnham identified six of her captors, including ranking ASG leader Alhamser Manatad Limbong, alias Kosovo."There was no collusion between the ASG and the military," State Prosecutor Nestor Lazaro quoted the witness as saying.Acting Justice Secretary Ma. Merceditas Gutierrez said Burnham's statement, "given under oath and in open court, should clarify any misunderstanding that her book might have created."Burnham had written in her book, "In the Presence of My Enemies," published last year, that the late Abu Sabaya, one of the gang's leaders, had held negotiations with a military general. The DoJ investigated the allegation, but has yet to release its findings.

Are they referring to page 222, last paragraph ?

Our food supply at this time actually quite good for a most unusual reason. The armed forces were feeding us! A group of the met some of our guys and handed over quantities of rice, dried fish, coffee and sugar. This happened several times over the course of few weeks. (Take note, it happened not only once).

Why in the world did President Arroyo's troops provide the ASG with their daily bread? We were told that it was because Sabaya was wheeling and dealing with the AFP general of that area over howto split up any ransom that might be paid. Arlyn dela Cruz had warned us about that. " You know this is going to be really big deal", she said " and everybody's going to expect their share."

Sabaya was willing to give the general 20 per cent of the action. But the messenger reported back that this was not enough. The general wanted 50 per cent-when his own government steadfastly condemned the ransom concept altogether. We weren't really at this, as over the years, we had read newspaper articles about the generals wives installing floorsof smuggled marble in Corinthian Gardens, an elite section of Manila and about their children's attending the best schools abroad. Those things don't happen on a Filipino general's salary.

We soon learned from Radyo Agong that negotiations had broken down.

Cat sez, it is difficult to prove the alleged negotiation between Sabaya and the general without a face. Dead men tell no tales and as I have blogged before, Sabaya's death was shrouded with mystery. Janjalani is still missing.Who are going to testify?

May kasabihan, pag may usok, siyempre may naninigarilyo..oops.

The Ca t


Dear mouse,

Essplain to me mousey why they chose Boondocks .

The place is a road and not a hill nor a mountain.

News excerpts:

'Jap Road' to Be Renamed 'Boondocks Road'

Texans living on "Jap Road" decided the best way to remove the racial slur from the country lane would be to rename it "Boondocks Road" after a defunct catfish restaurant, officials say.

What is interesting is that, news said that everyone in this area, even newcomers haven't even been to the Boondocks or have heard about Boondocks.

The word boondock has a Tagalog origin, bundok.It means rural area or a rough country filled with dense brush.

Mga tagabundok ba sila at hindi nila alam ang ibig sabihin?

The Ca t

Tax on Liposuction

Dear Mouse,

Palawan Rep.Abraham Mitraproposed higher taxes for cosmetic surgeries such as body sculpting, face lifts and breast augmentation,the government should be raking in additional taxes from people who can deduct these expenses as tax deductible items.

Wasn't it Edu Manzano (former Mr.Vilma Santos and Mr. Maricel Soriano)himself who said that the celebrities needed the cosmetic enhancements to stay competitive in their trades.

The rich matrons can always charge their regular visits to their derma and cosmetic surgeon to the operating expenses of their husbands'businesses as Miscellaneous Expenses.

Four years ago, one CEO of a big non-profit organization in California was found to have charged his facelift to the operating expenses of the organization under the account, Public Relations. He claimed that to be able to reach the donating public, he had to have a pleasing and charming personality.

The Ca t


Dear Mouse,

A friend who scored high in the " are you a psychic quiz" e-mailed this to me. The origin of the e-mail is a young man named Junski.

my friend was going home to manila and was traveling a stretch of road na madilim, then it happened, tumirik bigla yung kotse for no apparent reason. He checked the gas gauge, half filled naman, no other engine malfunction sa gauges. basta the car just "died" on him.

nearby was this acacia tree so he decided na mag jingle muna, then he heard a, "psssttt, halika dito". there he saw this very old man. medyo natakot and nagulat siya, kasi nanlilisik yung mga mata mahaba ang buhok, mukhang ermitanyo. tinawag siya and he saw the old man was carrying a book. at first hesitant, pero there was this force urging him to come over.

when he came over, the old man handed him the book, para lang siyang pocket book, but colored black. the old man then told him that he has to pay for it, 700 pesos daw. thinking that he still needs money to have his car fixed,siyempre ayaw niyang tanggapin yung book. pero nanlisik lalo yung mata nung matanda at pinipilit siyang bayaran yung book. dahil sa takot, binayaran din niya yung libro. after paying for it, sabi sa kanya na huwag na huwag niyang titignan yung last page ng libro, or he will regret it...!!!

wanted to ask for directions, but the old man started walking towards the darker part of the fields, and biglang nawala. luckily may bus na dumaan and he asked to be brought down sa bayan. there he looked for a place to spend the night, para balikan yung car niya the next day.

In his room, he couldn't sleep, and remembered the book he bought for 700 pesos, kaya kinuha niya ito and read it. it was about the supernatural and engkantos. he has read a chapter na rin and was feeling sleepy, so tinabi niya sa side table. then he remembered yung sinabi nung matanda about the last page.He was undecided at the same time natatakot dun sa warning nung matanda about opening to the last page. so he gathered enough courage to open it to the last page, opened his eyes and got the shock of his life. ang nakasulat?????

>>>> highlight the answer below: <<<<


>>national bookstore  P49.75<<


The Ca t

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Catcuts-Deadly killer

Dear Mouse,

Hindi ako papayag na mali ang sagot ko. Misery loves company. What am I rambling about?

Dr.Emer posted an article (just in case you miss his blog update in Sassy's weblogs) about the deadly killer. Go and pick your answer but do not peek first.

Tingnan ko kung pareho ko kayong matalinong (Ahem)hindi nakuha ang sagot. Be sure you make a comment. That is a threat or else I am gonna ask you to withdraw the troops from Iraq. (Sandali, sorry, ano ba ang pinagsasabi ko.. this is just an effect of not being able to get the right answer).


The Ca t

Australian Foreign Minister Downer Down under

Dear Mouse,

I've been itching to post about Downer's downing comments on Angelo dela Cruz and the pull-out of the Filipino troops. Sassy wrote an article about the Foreign Minister and the issue against him. This blog of mine will now serve as a reaction to her blog. Pag nilagay ko doon, giba ang comment box niya sa haba.

After the abduction of the Egypitan diplomat,Australia was one of the countries in the Coalition group that was warned to withdraw the troops or else.

The Australian foreign minister was quick to blame the Philippines and Spain to have empowered the terrorists. He said that the terrorist group's threat to "create pools of blood" in Australia was a direct result of the Philippines caving in to their demands.

To quote him:

"This is the problem with the Filipino decision, you see," Downer said. "They’ve acceded to the demands of terrorists and within a day or so of the Filipinos doing that, six more people were taken hostage in Iraq." He said "these actions have encouraged terrorists to continue these threats, so now we are subjected, as the Italians are and the Poles and the Bulgarians, from this particular group,to further threats."

CAT says: He lives up to his name DOWNER. If he is going to READ THE NEWS he would find out that Mr. Qutb had led hostage negotiations earlier this month that led to the release of an Egyptian truck driver in exchange for a pledge from his Saudi employer to leave Iraq.Egypt also has promised it will not send troops to Iraq. He referred to the terrorist groups as particular group. Doesn't he realize that there may be three groups that are into kidnapping business in Iraq. One;demanding for the withdrawal of the troops and or release of some prisoners, two: demanding for the pull-out of the companies that are engaged in the reconstruction business and three; one that would like to paralyze the flow of supply from outside Iraq by kidnapping drivers and make money before killing them.

The first group's agenda is to see US out of Iraq. The second group's agenda may be competition-motivated. My theory is..some unscrupulous businessmen-contractors are eliminating business rivals by kidnapping their employees and demand for their pull-outs. To have an idea how much dollars we are talking about here, take the offer for an US offshore job for an international police on a civil police mission in Iraq..the annual package is $ 120,632 free meals, lodgings and transport. The advertiser is a private company that must be supplying non-combatant personnel in Iraq. The 120k is just a cost. Somehow, there is a mark-up for that like any headhunter's commission of 40per cent? The third group's agenda is guerilla war strategy. They isolate communities by cutting off supply from the Source.

So the Australian foreign minister has no business using the Philippines and Spain as scapegoats for his decision to deploy troops in Iraq.

Kasi hindi naman tayo mga goats.

Sabi ni CA t...Meyt, you owe as an apology.

Sana pinakutusan ko kay Spideyman na dala ni Batjay sa Australia.

The CA t

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Egyptian Diplomat Freed

Dear Mouse,

I would like to hear the reactions of the Prime Minister of Australia and the US Defense Secretary Rumsfeld on the release of Qutb, an Egyptian diplomat.

He was abducted on Friday after the Egyptian government thru spokesman Magad Abdel Fattah told The Associated Press that Egypt was "willing to help" in Iraq.

According to the news, the kidnappers did not ask for money when they released the ambassador.

The "managed news release"said that the group that kidnapped him REALIZED that Egypt was not sending troops to Iraq, the official said from Cairo.

CAT sez: Hinayupak na...(ooops,ooops,ooops)they would like the world to believe that Egypt did not give in to the demands. It suddenly dawned on to the group the fact as if they were enlightened. Hallelujah, THEY SAW THE LIGHT. SO THEY RELEASED THE DIPLOMAT. Just that simple.Haaah. They would like me to believe that? And the Filipinos were called cowards and one Filam Republican Michelle Malkin called the Bataan heroes, bastards and the Australian prime minister used us a scapegoat for the threat the country received for sending their troops to Iraq.

The Ca t


Dear Mouse,

Among the bloggers, Xp is a man of few words.


His July 26 blog said nothing but...

Fraternities as a form of elitism

Again, from C.

Just the title that consisted only of 6 words and reference to sassy's post.

I am going to outdo him.


Two words and link via Mq3 and link to Sassy.

The Ca t

I won the lottery- Eat your heart out baby

Dear Mouse,

I won one million US dollars from the National Euro lottery. A cat winning from the lottery. Allelujah.








After a successful completion of the 2nd category draws of NATIONAL EUROLOTTERY, held on 22nd July 2004, we are pleased to inform you of the official announcement today, that you have emerged one of the winners of the NATIONAL EURO LOTTERY INTERNATIONAL PROGRAMS, which is part of our promotional draws.

Participants were selected through a computer ballot system drawn from 25,000 names/email addresses of individuals and companies from Africa, America, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, Middle East, and New Zealand as part of our International Promotions Program.

You are attached to ticket number N.E.L. 714-5-9827, drew the lucky numbers N.E.L.03- 15- 23- 25- 35- 40 and consequently won in the 2nd Category.

You have therefore been awarded a lump sum pay out of US$1,000,000.00(One million united state Dollars) which is the winning payout for 2nd category winners. This is from the total prize money of US$5,700,000.00 shared among the three international winners in the 2nd category.


Your fund is now deposited with a financial institution with REFERENCE NUMBER:N.E.L A718-3 and batch number BATCH NUMBER: 224-DA, insured on your name.To avoid mix up of numbers and names, we request that you keep this award strictly from public notice until the entire process of transfering your claims has been completed, and your funds remitted to your account. This is part of our security protocol to avoid double claiming or unscrupulous acts by participants of this program.

We also wish to bring to your notice our end of year (2004) high stakes where you stand a chance of winning up to US$1.3 billion, we hope that with a part of your prize you will participate.

Please contact your claims agent immediately,to begin your claims process;





PHONE:0031 645 966 793

For due processing and remittance of your prize money to a designated account of your choice. Remember, all winning must be claimed not later than 25th of August 2004.

NOTE: To avoid unnecessary delays and complications, please remember to quote your reference and batch numbers provided above in your correspondence with your claims agent.

Congratulations once again from all our staff and thank you for being part of our promotions program.

YOURS Sincerely,



Kwris Aquino got wind of my luck that she interviewed me.

Kwris: Ay saya saya naman..totoo ba yong you won one million dollars?

Ca t: Ay saya saya rin, oo, I won one million US dollars from the National EUROlottery.

Kwris:Wow, kalucky naman you are.What did you do to win ba?

Ca t:Frankly, I do not know. I must have bilocated myself one day and join the promotional contest.

Kwris: What are they promoting?

Ca t:I am really clueless.

I do not want to call the number naman that was provided in the letter. For A Netherlands based corporation, the name is so American, di ba ? I am used to calling toll free number 1-800 for verification purposes and phone card for long distance. They may not be able to forward the call to Bahamas where they can earn as much as 300 dollars per minute.

Kwris:Ay..(fixes her low cleavage blouse top). Why don't you just e-mail then ?

Ca t: Oh, that ? I am afraid that they are going to harvest information about me when I respond to the e-mail.

Kwris: You mean this is a SCAM. So what you gonna do naman? (Faces camera and fixes her hair).

Ca t: I am going to send them one way ticket.

Kris: Ay you are very generous naman. Whereto?


Kwris: hahahaha you're funny naman. Magpapatuloy ho tayo pagbalik ng THE BUTT.

The CA t

the Ca t.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Clock and Chicks

Dear Mouse,

Got that beautiful clock from clocklinkvia jobert.

It will make a beautiful pendant if you got a beautiful chain. Cool necklace,don't you think so ? People you meet need not ask you "Got time ?" All they have to do is stop you and stare at your round timepiece hanging in your neck.

First time I heard the question, " you got time?" (ano oras na)from an officemate, I replied, None. True, I had my hands full to get rid of the papers doing balancing acts in my in and out tray. She looked at my $ 1.99 Mc donald watch that I borrowed from my friend's niece,(i forgot mine)and blurted out..."It may be a Mickey Mouse or a dinosaur but it can tell time, won't it." Taray !!!!humph.... Sagot ko naman...It is not mine ; its my friend's niece's.

From then on, I covered my wrist with the watch. I might forget that it is one way of asking what time is it?

Di kasi bumili ng sariling relo eh. Marami rin namang wanna -buy -watch- Joe dito kung saan ang ROLEX ay Rollex.

So much with the clock, pick your choice from among the gallery of chicks in jobert's blog. Kaya nalalagay sa best porn site eh.


Ca t

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Shadow Government-Booo

Dear Mouse,

Miriam talked about living dead.(see my latest blog) Now,Estrada is forming a shadow government.

It is becoming spookier.

Estrada said:


I will form a shadow government to monitor all (government) departments on the implementation or non-implementation of Gloria’s 10-point program," said Estrada, who is being held without bail while on trial for plunder, among other charges.

In his statement, Estrada said members of his planned "shadow government" will remain anonymous.

"They will remain just as shadows. If we name them, the administration officials might be alerted," he said.

Read the news from the Philstar.

Cat says:

Watch out for shadowy characters and shadowboxings.

With all these shadows expected to lurk, I see a big production of PHANTOM OF THE OPERA -tion of Philippine government. Do I see a masked brilliant lady senator singing an aria,now that she has gotten off from K4- the vehicle that she used to get to the Senate, (brilliant political manuevering I should say,can you fault her?).


The Ca t

The Land of the Living Dead

Dear Mouse,

Quote of the Week

"The Senate is "the land of the living dead." -Miriam Santiago.

From Inquirer:

"You can also view it as a state-of-the-art cryogenic facility in the sense that most senators lie there preserved in ice," she said deadpan. "There are no stimuli as far as they are concerned, and of course, there are no responses."

Commenting on her own remarks, Santiago pointed out that there was "no prohibition on criticism of the Senate's political culture or its procedures."

"What is prohibited is to diminish the Senate as an institution," she said.

She can see living dead and I can see dead people.

As my grandmother would say, Be afraid of the living and not of the dead.

Let's welcome the brilliant jester in the Senate, Brenda Santiago.

The Cat

Saturday, July 24, 2004

DSWD-De Castro Out; Soliman In?

Dear Mouse,

And the plot thickens.

De Castro declines DSWD post No reasons

SHE was at SM Megamall and had just stepped out of a hair salon when Social Welfare Secretary Corazon "Dinky" Soliman heard the news.

Vice President Noli de Castro's office had just released a statement saying he had declined President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo's appointment of him as new head of the Department of Social Welfare and Development.

De Castro said he will continue to assist Mrs. Arroyo as her alternate in chairing the National Anti-Poverty Commission (NAPC), while Soliman will remain at the helm of the DSWD. He added that his decision and Soliman’s retention in the department "will be good for our people."



Philippine Star

In a related news:

House members allocate P15-B ‘pork’ for anti-poverty program

President Arroyo’s anti-poverty program is expected to get a P15.3-billion boost after 201 of the 236 members of the House of Representatives agreed to allocate the "bulk" of their pork barrel funds to a more specific cause, Speaker Jose de Venecia Jr. said yesterday. "We have the commitment of 85 percent of our colleagues in the House to give bulk of their pork barrel to programs in support of President Arroyo’s 10-point agenda," De Venecia said, referring to the programs the President vowed to accomplish within the next six years that she will be in office.


Philippine Star

The thicken plots.

The Ca t

Friday, July 23, 2004

Ask Mom part 2-guest mouse

Mouse: Now that the Ca t is away, allow me to respond to the following bloggers:

Dear Mouse,

The Philippines as habitat of dwarfs and giants If you haven't noticed it yet, the islands harbor the ff. oddities:

  • smallest primate
  • smallest fishes (Pandaka, Mistichthys)
  • smallest ungulate (hoofed mammal)
  • smallest bat
  • smallest seashell
  • I'm too lazy to do the research for a long article, perhaps somebody out there is willing?


    Dear Xp,

    I do not have time to research but I can offer you some theories.

  • 1. smallest primate- a good source for brain in case some politicians need brain transplant.Size matters for compatibility,you know.
  • 2. smallest fishes-food for small people
  • 3. smallest ungulate -pets for the hobbits
  • 4.smallest bat-you mean baseball or the nocturnal animal ?
  • 5.smallest seashell: for earrings perhaps?
  • The Mouse

    Dear Mouse,

    What if during the time the phone was in the hands of the teacher, or in my office and the phone was stolen, then what?


    Dear Titorolly,

    Ask him to bring a cordless minus the answering machine.Ooops.

    The Mouse

    Ask Mom

    Dear Mouse,

    For the last four days, I have been meeting with some former classmates. I requested some friends to take care of my blog as I reminisced the good old days with old friends.

    I got an idea from pinay/expat when she let her JP did the blogging for her.

    Meet my guest bloggers. They are willing to answer your questions.

    The Ca t

    huh?thanks but no thanks. Ask mom.leave us alone.

    Okay,shoot.Us gorillas are smarter than humans.tssk tssk

    Doc Emer got some questions:

    Doc Emer: Did you know that 2 men die for every woman during the years between adolescence and adulthood?

    Mom Gorilla: So ?

    (Canned applause for a very enlightening response).

    Doc Emer: In the US men had higher death rates than women for all 11 leading causes of death. The biggest differences between male and female mortality rates were for suicides, homicides, nonautomobile accidents and autombile accidents.

    Mom Gorilla : Doc,I can offer you causes of suicides.

  • mother-in-law, not the meddling in-law types but those stay-at-your-home -in -laws whose weather beaten faces-devoid-of-makeup greet you first hour in the morning at the kitchen while your wife is still snoring in bed. You do not want to see the future.
  • the wifey left. It could have been good riddance if she did not withdraw your last cent in your joint account.
  • unpaid bills. yourlucky to have a wife and neighbors named Joneses.
  • causes of homicides

  • your wifey tried the recipe of radical chef but used/substituted a wrong ingredient (on purpose perhaps?)

  • several times, you forgot to check the pockets for motel receipts, the shirt's collars for lipstick marks(your wife is allergic of lip gloss)and you talk during sleep.
  • you overslept in your mistress' home
  • your gambling debts give your creditors heartburn
  • causes of automobile accidents

  • your wife volunteered to drive that reduced you to a backseat driver
  • you eluded the cop that could have asked you to take the breath analyer test
  • you thought that your speed should be equal to your normal diastolic.
  • Non-autombile accidents

  • You are fond of lechon and other fatty foods. You think that your wife is just a nagger when she reprimands you.
  • Beating the red light by crossing the street when the traffic light is already red saves you precious minutes but won't save your life.
  • whoever copies this blog without the guest bloggers'permission.Pick your weapon.
  • Thursday, July 22, 2004

    The Singing Ghost

    Dear Mouse,

    My sister met a singing ghost. If it was me, I could have sung duet with him.

    Another choice cut of mine.

    The Ca t

    Near Death Experience of an Ape-Oooops

    Dear Mouse,

    Skeptics dictionary defines reincarnation as the belief that when one dies, one's body decomposes, but one is reborn in another body. It is the belief that one has lived before and will live again in another body after death. The bodies one passes in and out of need not be human. One may have been a Doberman in a past life, and one may be a mite or a carrot in a future life. Some tribes avoid eating certain animals because they believe that the souls of their ancestors dwell in those animals. A man could even become his own daughter by dying before she is born and then entering her body at birth.

    The movie HEAVEN CAN WAIT was a story about reincarnation. A wrongfully-killed Los Angeles Rams quarterback comes back to life in the body of a recently-murdered millionaire.

    How is reincarnation related to my title ?

    This has something to do with a very interesting news from Israel.

    JERUSALEM - A young monkey at an Israeli zoo has started walking on its hind legs only — aping humans — after a near death experience, the zoo's veterinarian said Wednesday. Natasha, a 5-year-old black macaque at the Safari Park near Tel Aviv, began walking exclu- sively on her hind legs after a stomach ailment nearly killed her, zookeepers said. Monkeys usually alternate between upright movement and walking on all fours. A picture in the Maariv daily on Wednesday showed Natasha standing ramrod straight like a human. The picture was labeled humorously, "The Missing Link?" Two weeks ago, Natasha and three other monkeys were diagnosed with severe stomach flu. At the zoo clinic, she slipped into critical condition, said Igal Horowitz, the veterinarian. "I was sure that she was going to die," he said. "She could hardly breathe and her heart was not functioning properly." After intensive treatment, Natasha's condition stabilized. When she was released from the clinic, Natasha began walking upright. "I've never seen or heard of this before," said Horowitz. One possible explanation is brain damage from the illness, he said. Otherwise, Horowitz said, Natasha's behavior has returned to normal.

    It is just me. What about if there was a human soul who has mistakenly grabbed the Ape's body to reincarnate when the ape was between life and death? OOOOPSSSS

    The CA t

    No Way

    Dear Mouse,





    I am reacting to this news:

    The new threats against Poland, Japan and Bulgaria were worrying signs that militants may be emboldened by their success against the Philippines. The United States and other coalition allies had criticized the government for agreeing to withdraw its 51-member contingent to save the life of truck driver Angelo dela Cruz, who was kidnapped two weeks ago.

    Some many weeks ago, Johnson, a 49-year-old American engineer who had worked in Saudi Arabia for more than a decade, was kidnapped by militants in Riyadh who followed through on a threat to kill him if the kingdom did not release its al-Qaida prisoners. The video of the beheading was posted in the internet. The US did not give in to the demands; instead hours after the pictures of the beheading,Abdulaziz al-Moqrin, alleged mastermind of Johnson's kidnapping and killing.

    If I remember right, Osama once said that he can be killed but never their dream of becoming the Supreme Power in the World so another leader will emerge and another and another and so on.

    Just a few weeks after Johnson's beheading, a Japanese nationality was hostaged and released unharmed.

    It was unclear why he was released. The Japanese government did not make any move to pull out their troops. Shall we say that ransom money spared the life of the hostage? If this is so, then their demand was met. How come, another victim was abducted and was executed when the demand for his release was ignored by his country, Korea.

    Came Angelo and two Bulgarian drivers next to be abducted. Angelo got freed but the Bulgarians were not as lucky as he is.

    The latest news is about the 7 foreign hostages.

    BAGHDAD - A group in Iraq calling itself the "Black Flags" are holding seven foreign truck drivers hostage, according to photographs and a video made available to Agence France-Presse.

    The seven were said to be three Kenyans, three Indians and an Egyptian, according to the video, which could not be authenticated.

    The demand was not directed to any nation of the foreigners but to the Kuwaiti employer of these drivers.

    This is not the same group that abducted Angelo. Other groups will emerge. Among themselves,there is also a competition for leadership.

    The CA t

    Wednesday, July 21, 2004

    Is it obvious?

    Dear Mouse,

    WHAT ? Nobody loves you more than yourself.

    The Ca t

    Ransom and Trade-offs/Concessions

    Dear Mouse,

    Nobody believed me that there is a money angle in the negotiation for the release of Angelo dela Cruz.

    The lack of money of the hostage or his country had never deterred them to demand for ransom.

    Tribune's credibility to me is below my knee-level because of their journalistic style of editorializing the news. But I would take this one to be an exception because it supported my two theories.(Isn't it this is what criticism is all about; agreement or disapproval depending on having the same or different views? ;( )

    First theory:

    1. The Department of Foreign Affairs seemed to be clueless in what's going on with the negotiation for the release of Angelo dela Cruz. They were in the dark and all they did was to make an appeal in the media.

    The news said that it was Foreign Minister Syed Hamid Albar who conveyed the Dela Cruz' release. If it were true, Bakit ?

    Bunye admitted that Malaysia and other foreign friends an allies helped in opening thecommunications with the militant group.

    I never came up with my theory because some disgruntled Malacanan staff have been leaking confidential information to the Media. (Malacanan should start looking for these people who by reason of bruised ego or for fatter pocketbooks may be selling for-your- eyes-only information).

    These Muslim rebels woould never deal with non- Muslim go-betweens. Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi is the chairman of the 57-member Organisation of the Islamic Conference (OIC).Although OIC does not support radical Muslims, the Islam faith binds them and give them access communication to the hard core Islam fundamentalists.

    I do not know what has Angelo dela Cruz to do with his meeting with Bush and his suggestionto rebuild Iraq mobilizing Muslim FORCE.

    Theory 2

    The ransom money theory came to me based on observations and readings of the activities of these groups.

    1. Militant/rebels/terrorists need money for their operations. The only available means to raise funds very lucratively is hostage taking. The money extortion is discussed between the highest ranking leaders of the group and the negotiating group.The "legitimate demand" such as release of hostage or release of prisoners such as the caseof Johnson is what is floated in the media and among the lower rank group members.

    2.Al Qaeda members operate as independent cells and therefore do not receive funding from a mother organization.

    3. There is too much risk at stake for their security so they have to make the most out of the demandsand even if poor countries could not afford to pay the ransom, some richer countries would foot the bill for any concessions or trade offs that it can negotiate with the country needing help.

    The bottomline is that Angelo dela Cruz is not only worth six million if the rumor is correct but he is more than an ordinary driver who gave the political opportunists to shine and other countries to raise their bargaining power.

    His first name means Angel, a Messenger of God, a bringer of news, good or bad while his last name means with Cross.

    The Ca t

    Tuesday, July 20, 2004

    Dalawang Mukha ng Buhay

    Dear Mouse,

    Nakita ko sa TFC and dalawangmukha ng buhay. Una ay ang kaligayahan nang isang mag-anak na naghihintay ng pagbabalik sa amang napasa kamay ng mga terorista sa mahigit nalabingpitong araw.

    Ang mag-anak ay may bagong bahay, may mga scholarships ang mga  bata, mga donasyon ng mga pulitiko na hindi natin alam kung kinuha sa kaban ng bayan.

    Hindi masama.

    Ang isapang  mukha ay larawan ng isang mag-anak na nagda- dalamhati habang inihahatid sa huling hantungan ng isa ring ama na OFW na namatay din sa parehong bansa.

    Ang mag-anak ay walang masyadong natanggap na tulong. Ang mga batang anak ay hindi inalo ni Volta at ni Spiderman. Walang mediang nag-away sa pag-uunahang makausap ang mga kamag-anak, malayo man o  malapit. Walang gobernador na dumalaw sa kanilang tahanan at walang senador na magsasapelikula ng buhay na namatay.

    Ganiyan talaga ang buhay; isa ay may ngiti at isa ay may lungkot.


    The Ca t


    Sunday, July 18, 2004


    Dear mouse,

    Parang espada ni Damocles ang balitang isa sa amin ay kailangang mag goodbye na sa aming maliit na kaharian sa opit.

    Mula ng 9/11, lahat halos ng mga negosyo, malaki at maliit ay nagbawas ng mga empleyado kung hindi man tuluyang nagsara. May mga empleyado noon na nagising isang umaga at nakita nilang sarado na ang kanilang opisina.

    Ang aming organisasyon ay hindi para kumita at wala kaming mga dapat pasayahing stockholders.

    Ang aming misyon ay tumulong sa mga naliligaw ng landas dahil sa pagkakalulong sa bawal na gamot,nabaliw dahil sa abusong natanggap o sanhi na rin sa pagkakalulong sa alcohol at droga, mga walang tahanan, mga walang pambili ng damit, mga walang pinag-aralan na nangangailangan ng atensiyon sa kanilang kalusugan o karamdaman, mga anak ng mga nagbabagong buhay na mga drug addicts o ang mga magulang na labas masok sa bilibid. Lahat ng kumatok ay tinulungan.

    Pero para matupad ang misyon na ito ay kailangan ang tulong ng mga taong magbibigay ng donasyon kahit ang kanilang intensiyon nila ay magkaroon ng ibabawas sa kanilang buwis na babayaran. Nang kasagsagan ng mataas na ekonomiya ng bansa,maraming tinaggap na donasyon at ang iba nito ay naitabi para sa kinabukasan. Subali't dahil sa pagbagsak ng ekonomiya ang mga nagbibigay ng donasyon ay tila napalis. Ang mga dating kumikita ng malaki ay nagkakasya na lamang sa maliit na kita upang may maipang-agdong buhay. Wala na silang maibigay.Mula sa milyong milyong donasyon, naging daang libo na lamang na hindi sapat para sa araw-araw na pangangailangan.

    Sa loob ng taong nakalipas, tuwing bahagdan ng taon, may mga desisyong kailangang isakatuparan para mabawasan ang gastusin.

    Ang mga naunang naapektuhan ay ang mga nasa pinakamataas na puwesto. Kung hindi gumulong ang ulo, nabawasan ang kanilang mga araw.Sa sumunod na arangkada, ang mga nahagip naman ay ang mga nasa ibabang bahagi ng hagdan.Sa sumunod ng pagpapatupad ay walang inalis subalit binawasan naman ang pribelihiyong libre ang insurance ng kahit ilang dependents. Natamaan ang aking kasama. Parang nabawasan ang suweldo niya ng kulangkulang na 500 dollars isang buwan dahil sa mga anak niya at asawa na kasama sa coverage. Solong katawan ako kaya wala sa aking epekto.

    Noong nakaraang Linggo,bumagsak ang espada ng Damocles.Alam kong naputol na ang lubid na nakatali dito.

    Hindi raw personal at hindi sa aking performance dahil wala silang mairereklamo, pati ang mas mataas sa akin ay umamin na marami silang natutuhan sa akin.

    Sabi ko hindi masama ang loob ko. Nauunawaan ko yon dahil dumadaan sa aking kamay ang mga numerong nagbabadya ng masamang kalagayan sa pananalapi. Hindi kami tulad ng ibang kumpanya na maaring magtaas ng presyo para lumaki ang kita.

    Kung ako rin siguro ang pagdesisyonin, hindi ko aalisin ang empleyado na malapit ng magretire. Kung ako rin siguro ang papipiliin sa pagitan ng isang empleyadong sakitin at kailangang may insurance at may mga anak na maliliit at pinag-aaral,kahit na hindi siya masyadong magaling ay pipiliin ko pa rin siyang manatili kaysa sa isang empleyadong walang maliliit na anak na magihirap. Tulad na rin ito nang pagbibigay ng priyoridad sa mga taong napagbago ng organisasyon kaysa sa mga aplikanteng nanggagaling sa labas upang mabigyan sila ng pag-asa upang magsimula muli.

    Kung ako rin ang mamili sa pagitan ng aking kaibigan at isang istranghero sa bansa, pipiliin ko na rin ang aking kaibigan.

    At marahil sa pagitan ng empleyado na ang suot na singsing ay puwet na baso at ang isa ay isang diyamanteng kumikinang, pipiliin kong alisin ang huli.

    Subali't ayaw kong isipin na ang mga pagkakataong kailangang ipakita ang mali sa mga taong inaasahang alam ang nararapat para sa puwestong kanilang kinalalagyan ay nagkaroon ng kaunting konsiderasyon sa pagpili ng taong bibigyan nila ng papel na rosas. May kasabihang ang katotohanan ay mas masakit pa sa mariing sampal.

    Ano man ang dahilan, isa pa ring karangalan ang makapagtrabaho sa isang organisasyon na nakakatulong sa mga mahihirap kaysa sa mga kumpaniya na nagpapahirap sa mga mamamayan. Kung sakaling pagod na ako sakahahabol sa berdeng dolyar, marahil magtatayo rin ako ng ganitong organisasyon sa Pilipinas.

    Ibig kong pagdating ng panahon,at ako ay tanungin sa numero, hindi ang numero ng aking kinita ang aking sasabihin kung hindi ang bilang ng buhay na aking natulungan. Ambisyosa,noh?

    The Ca t

    Saturday, July 17, 2004

    Justice for the Rich and Famous

    Dear Mouse,

    Half of the prison time conviction for Martha Stewart is the house arrest or home confinement.

    Ex-President Estrada is now on a house arrest.

    Martha Stewart is going to wear an electronic bracelet while serving her time in her 153 acre- winter house.

    Is Estrada still wearing the hideous wrist band while confined in his Tanay resthouse?

    Stewart is going to foot the bill incidental to serving the sentence in her house.

    The Filipino people are paying the expenses for the security of the ex-President.

    Isn't that amazing ?

    I feel like checking the blindfold of the Lady Justice.

    The Ca t

    Friday, July 16, 2004

    Martha Stewart and Lying

    Dear Mouse, 

    Martha Stewart  is going to be sentenced today. Just for lying. For savings of $51,000, she lost her chairmanship in her empire and messed up  her life.  

    In another universe, another powerful lady keeps on lying, hosts lavish parties; runs for elective positions and  thanks her Creator for being free.





    Martha was sentenced to five months. House arrest. Hmmm.

    That sounds "familiar" .


    The Ca t

    Thursday, July 15, 2004

    Super CA t

    Dear Mouse,

    Here is Super Cut CAT  in action.




    oops, I forgot my costume and my shoes.


    I will be back.


    The  Cat

    Wednesday, July 14, 2004

    Minority Report

    Dear Mouse,

    Minsan siguro dapat huwag na akong manood ng pelikula.

    Isa sa mga pinanood ko noon ay ang Minority Report ni Tom Cruise. Isang futuristic movie na ang mga police ay tinutulungan ng psychic sa paghuli ng kriminal ehestee,magiging kriminal.

    Sa pelikula, si Tom Cruise ay naging fugitive from law dahil hinulang magigi siyang criminal.

    Basahin ninyo ang justification ni Bush sa Iraq War pagkatapos na malaman na ang WMD ay hindi naman makita.

    "We removed a declared enemy of America who had the capability of producing weapons of mass murder and could have passed that capability to terrorists bent on acquiring them. In the world after September 11th, that was a risk we could not afford to take," Bush said.

    Ano sa palagay ninyo?

    Napanood na ba ninyo yong pelikula ng paborito namin ni Sassy at Ina---si Brad Pitt at Robert Redford na may-ari ng Sundance Film and Acting Academy na siyang naglulunsad ng Sundance Film Festival kung saan nanalo Si Ramona Diaz sa pelikulang Imelda sa cinematography?

    Sa pelikula ay nahostage si Brad Pitt at ayaw ng US government nang gumawa ng anumang paraan para siya iligtas dahil makokompromiso ang trade talks sa dalawang bansa.

    The Cat

    Tuesday, July 13, 2004

    Totoo kaya ang aking kutob?

    Dear Mouse,

    Bago uminit ang balita ng pagkahostage kay Angelo dela Cruz, nairita ang Palasyo dahil sa pinaabot na mensahe kay GMA sa pamamagitan ni Ambassador Ricciardone.

    UNITED States Ambassador Francis Ricciardone said US development assistance to conflict areas in Mindanao, amounting to 30 million dollars, would be sent to other troubled countries if the peace process failed to settle the decades-long Muslim insurgency in the south.

    "There is a lot of demand for US development assistance around the world," Ricciardone said. "That money will go where it is most needed."

    He said the money could go to Afghanistan or Iraq, where US troops were based, restoring normalcy after toppling the Taliban and then Iraqi president Saddam Hussein.

    Kabuuan ng balita.

    Ang pag-uulik-ulik ng pamahalaan sa pagpapauwi ng tropa ng Pilipinas ay nagtulak sa Estados Unidos upang:

    1. magbigay ng pang-uuto---eheste pagbibigay puri sa hindi pagsuko sa mga terorista. Si Colin Powell ba yon ? Ito ang sinasabing inuunahan na para hindi magbago ang isip.

    2. Utusan si Embassy Counsellor for Public Affairs (bakit kaya hindi na si Ricciardonne, halata bang iniisnab ni GMA noong minsang sila ay naglalakad nang magkasabay)para iparating sa Malacanan na ang 30 million dollars ay available pa at kabalintunaan sa sinabi ni Ricciardonne,kung irerechannel ito ay sa USAID mapupunta na karamihan sa programa ay sa Mindanao rin.

    Pero,subali't datapwa't hindi ito maaring maaprubahan ulit ng Kongreso ng America hanggang sa susunod na taon. Di ganoon din yon. Wala na talaga yong development aid.

    Sana mali ang kutob ko na hindi ang pagtatampo at pagtitikis ni GMA sa Estados Unidos ay ang dahilan ng pag-aalis niya ng tropa sa Iraq kung hindi ang hangaring mailigtas ang kababayan. Kung sakali lang na ang development aid ay matatanggapng Pilipinasito ay natanggap ng Pilipinas, siya kaya ay may ibang kapasyahan ?

    Kung totoong nag-offer ng ransom money,tinanggap ba ito ng mga terorista pero hindi rin pinakawalan ang bihag tulad ng nangyari kina Burnham. Tapos hindi sila makareklamo dahil sa balita ay sinasabi nila na hindi sila pumapayag magbayad ng ransom money.

    Kaya kahit kailan ayaw kung suotin ang kaniyang SAPATOS.Isa;maliit ang sapatos niya,hindi kasya sa akin; ikalawa, ang dami niyang utang na loob na babayaran ;ikatlo, pabago-bago ang isip niya at ikaapat marami siyang dapat desisyonan.

    Ngayon lang nahihirapan na akong magdesisyon kung ano ang iuulam ko;kung magbubukas ako ng delata o magbubukas ng bintana para palabasin ang amoy nglulutuin kong tinapa.

    Makikain na lang kaya ako.Ngiyaw.

    The CA t

    Ang Media at ang mga sumasakay sa balita

    Dear Mouse,

    Hindi ako pabor sa giyera. Gusto kong makaligtas si Angelo dela Cruz.Alam ko ang nararamdaman ng isang anak sa pag-alala sa amang nakabingit ang buhay sa kamatayan.

    Subali’t ang gawing kahalintulad ng kay Ninoy pagbabalik ni Angelo dela Cruz ng mga grupong sumasakay sa kaguluhan, kalungkutan at kahindikhindik na paghihintay ay masasabing OVERKILL.

    Yellow ribbons sprout in Metro for Filipino hostage

    TREES and posts in several areas in Manila have sprouted yellow and white ribbons -- a symbol of hope for the liberation and homecoming of Angelo de la Cruz.

    Two militant groups, the League of Filipino Students (LFS) and Gabriela, conducted separate activities Tuesday reminiscent of the operation preceding former Senator Benigno "Ninoy" Aquino's return in 1983. (inquirer)

    Oo nga’t tinuturing na bayani ang mga OFW /OCW pero kung talagang hangad nila ang tumulong sa mga nagiging biktima ng tadhana , bakit hindi man lang sila tumirik ng ISANG KANDILA sa isang domestic helper na natagpuang patay at sinasabing nahulog sa ikalawang palapag ng condominium na tinitirahan ng kaniyang amo. Bakit hindi nila imbestigahan ang sanhi ng kamatayan. Wala pang isang minutong ipinakita sa balita ang malungkot na pangyayari sa Pilipinang yaon.

    BAKIT, dahil ba ang lahat ng media ay nakafocus kay Angelo dela Cruz? BAKIT, dahil wala ba silang makukuhang media mileage sa isang kawawang hindi kilalalang OFW ?

    The CA t


    Dear Mouse

    Sabi nga ni Sassy… Ina yan…Ngayong umaga, gabi sa Pinas…muntik nang maligwak ang kapeng iniinom ko dahil sa pinanonood kong Magandang Umaga sa TFC at sabihin ding Ina...yan.

    Kababalita lang ng correspondent sa Iraq na nagpahayag na nang pag-pull out ng Philippine humanitarian troops. Ipinakita ang Undersecretary na nagpahayag ng sumusunod.

    In the name of the Filipino people and the name of humanity and the family of De la Cruz and his eight children, the government of the Philippines is pleading for his release. In response to your request, the Philippines will withdraw its humanitarian force as soon as possible," Seguis said.

    "I hope the statement that I read will touch the heart of this group," Seguis said during his appeal to the Iraqi kidnappers, who identified themselves as the Khaled Bin AlWalid Corps of the Iraqi Islamic Army.

    Ilang sandali lamang ay tinanong ni Julius ang correspondent sa Iraq kung ano talaga, dahil ang balita sa Pinas ay hindi magpupull-out.

    Biruin mo Mousey, biglang nagloko ang connection nila sa Iraq at pagkatapos sigurong magmura ng !@#$%^& ang correspondent dahil palagay niya nakuryente siya muli siyang bumalik at sinabi niyang binase niya ang balita sa pahayag ng Foreign Undersecretary.

  • 2. Will withdraw or is withdrawing?
  • Ano ba ang tama ? Will withdraw ang nagsasabi na pakawalan ninyo si Angelo dela Cruz at iuuwi na naming an gaming tropa. Kung ako ang mga kidnappers sasabihin ko sa kanila…ano bale, iwithdraw ninyo muna.

  • Is withdrawing –ibig sabihin ginagawa na nila o sinisimulan na. Nalilito ako. Pakisampal ako.
  • The CA t

    Dear CA t,

    Mukha yatang wala naman lang silang open communication sa mga kidnappers. Ang statement ay parang panawagan sa radio na;

    Kung nakikinig ka Pedro, nasaan ka man ay umuwi ka na. Dahil kung may communication sila sa mga rebeldeng ito, magiging pribado ang kanilang pag-uusap. Opinyon lang ito ng daga na maaring pumasok kahit sa maliit na lungga at makinig sa usap-usapan ng mga tao.

    The Mouse

    Monday, July 12, 2004

    Naiiyak ako

    Dear Mouse,

    Naiyak ako. Kasi napanood ko sa TFC na naiyak din si Lorenzo noong siya ay magbitiw sa kaniyang puwesto sa Department of Agriculture. Parang nakakaawa siya. Sino ba naman ang di maawa sa kaniya. Biruin mo inalis nga siya pero inilagay naman siya sa Land Bank of The Philippines.Hawak niya ang mga credit and lending institutions pagdating sa lupa at pagsasaka. Di ba nakakaawa yan ? Pahingi nga ng panyo.

    Naiiyak din ako sa tuwa dahil sa balitang ito.

    Mga Filipinong ibig makatulong sa bayan at hindi mapang-upasala sa kanilang mga iniwan sa Inang Bayan.

    Filipino MIT students plan entrepreneurial contest,

    By Erwin Lemuel G. Oliva

    TEN Filipino-American graduate students of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) will hold a competition cum search for the best innovative ideas in information technology in the Philippines, learned Monday.

    According to the competition's lead organizer Neil Ruiz,the competition intends to find the best innovative ideas,as well as top entrepreneurs, in the country, and help develop them into commercial ventures.

    "We want to to bring the academe, local entrepreneurs, industry, and venture capitalists together in this competition," Ruiz later said in an interview.

    Basahin ang balita dito.

    Naiiyak ako pero hindi ko alam kung bakit.

    Ang mga kababaihan ngayon ay pinapasukan ang mga dati ay panglalaki lang. Ito ang bahagi ng balita.

    The women of Cebu Pacific Airlines are taxiing off the runway — and they have full control of their aircraft, from the cabin to the cockpit.

    The local airline’s maiden flight with an all-female crew took off from Manila for Cebu at 1 p.m. yesterday, with Capt. Catherine Marie Castillo handling the plane’s controls.

    Castillo, 34, hails from San Juan and is a graduate of the University of the Philippines (UP), where she earned a bachelor of science degree in business administration.

    Kung ang tawag sa mga lalaki ay piloto, anong tawag sa mga babae? Teka, nasaan na ang mga kalalakihan?

    The CA t

    Mga Anak ng Mayayaman

    Dear Mouse,

    Sabi nila, money is root of evil. Ito ba ang dahilan kaya ang mga anak ng mayayaman ay nagiging problema ng sosyedad kaysa makatulong sa ikauunlad nito.

  • Anak ng mayaman, papatay dahil sa pera ?

  • A reward of P1 million would be given to anyone who could pinpoint the whereabouts of Jose Maria Panlilio, son of prominent jeweler Fe Panlilio, who is wanted for the crime of robbery with homicide in Calamba City, Laguna.

    Basahin ang kabuuang balita dito.
  • Hindi ba’t nasa balita ang anak ni Jaworski dahil sa awayan tungkol sa illegal na tayaan sa NBA. Pera rin ang dahilan.
  • Sa ibang dako, dalawang mayayamang pamilya ang may iskandalo rin sa pamilya dahil sa mga anak.

    Dahil ba sa dami ng pera, sila ay nagkakaroon ng paniniwala na lahat ng gagawin nilang hindi ayon sa batas o ayon sa magandang kaugalian ay mapagtatakpan ng kanilang salapi. Nasa inyo ang pagtitimbang-timbang.

  • Her 'first love' tried to kill her
  • HER husband approached her with a gun in his hand. In a "hushed angry tone," he told her: "P----- ina mo! Who the hell do you think you are?" Then he wrapped his left arm around her, raised the pistol to her abdomen, then pulled the trigger. Bleeding, she pleaded with one of her husband's bodyguards, a certain Castillo, to rush her to the hospital, and as they staggered out of the condominium unit her husband yelled: "P----- ina mo, Castillo! Mamili ka, pera ko o buhay niya? [Choose, my money or her life?]" Castillo then shouted back: "Buhay po, sir [Life, sir]."

    Rushed to the Makati Medical Center, Melissa Mercado Martel underwent an emergency operation and remained in the intensive care unit for a month, after which she remained hospitalized for two-and-a-half more months.

    Kung hindi ninyo kilala si Melissa Martel, siya ay anak ni Luis Gonzales at asawa ng anak ng may-ari ng Harrison Plaza.

    Basahin ang kabuuan ng artikulo ni Rina David.

  • The case of Chiho Watanabe-Magsaysay, the estranged Japanese wife of Francisco "Paco" Magsaysay, is yet another illustration of the way our laws and societies discriminate against the foreign spouses of Filipinos. Her dilemma is complicated by the fact that she is up against not just her husband, but also against his politically and socially influential family.

  • A FEW days ago, Chiho filed a case of attempted rape against her husband, stemming from an incident last March during which, Chiho claims, Paco barged into the conjugal residence unannounced (he had left and brought his things with him the day before) and declared that he would be taking their three children with him.

    Basahin ang kabuuang artikulo ni Rina David.

    Ang tanong, kung kayo ang magulang, ano ang inyong gagawin?

    The CA t

    Sunday, July 11, 2004

    Angelo dela Cruz at ang In the Presence of My Enemies

    Dear mouse,

    Hindi ko pa ginagalaw ang aking domain na nilipatan. Masusi akong sumusubaybay sa mga pangyayari sa Pilipinas at sa Iraq.

    Ipinanalangin ko ang kaligtasan ni Angelo dela Cruz. Umiiling ako habang nababasa ko ang mga grupong sumasakay sa issues na sa halip makatulong ay lalong nakakapagpalala ng sitwasyon. Nagtataka ang aking kasamang daga, bakit kung may black-out tungkol sa negosasyon, nasa pahayagan, nasa TV ang bawat'galaw ng pamahalaan.

    Ang aking "paboritong "kolumnistang si De Quiroz,ay inuutusan ang pangulo para pabalikin ang tropa sa Iraq. Ayon sa kaniya:

    Not because it was bowing down to terrorists but because it was bowing down to reason.

    Kahit na anong tingin o basa, sa terorista,ito ay isa ring ay pagsuko at ang ipapamarali nila ay "sumuko".

    Sa aking pagbabasa ng In the Presence of My Enemies na sinulat ni Gracia Burnham, ang asawa ng misyonaryong si Martin Burnham, tila ako si Jody Foster na binabasa ang utak ng isang criminal sa pamamagitan ng pakikipag-usap kay Hannibal Lecter.

    Ang mga teroristang kumidnap sa mag-asawa ay nahahawig sa mgakumidnap sa OFW na si sa mga panulat ni ni Manuel Quezon III. sila ay nagkakahawig sa mga paraan ng pananakot at pangsisikil sa mga walang malay na mamamayan.

    but we should consider the fact that, in the hands of people so unbalanced, so ruthless, so contemptuous of decency and yet so cowardly, the question of his living or dying could be decided at whim or for purely tactical political considerations.

    Sa buong kapanahunan nang pagkakabihag ni Gracia, nakita niya ang karuwagan, ang pagbabago ng isip,ang pagkagahaman sa salapi, sa pagbabalatkayo ng pagmamahal sa kapakanan ng bayan;ang pagsunod nang nakapikit sa kabalintunaan ng itinututo ng kanilang pananalig. Ilang beses siyang nagpasalamat sa mga balitang pagpapalaya sa kanila dahil sa matagumpay na negosasyon ngunit pagdating ng takdang panahon, nagbabago ang isip ng mga kidnappers. Naroong taasan nila ang ransom kapag nakita nilang kayang ibigay ng mga pamilya o ng mga nagmamalasakit na grupo sa Naroong tanggapin nila ang pera ngunit hindi nila pinapakawalan ang mga bihag. Sa kanila, sila ang batas ...Batas na mababali nila sa kanilang kapakanan.

    The CAt

    Saturday, July 10, 2004


    Dear Mouse,

    This Ca t can be reached in a new domain name...

    I am now with ploghost, kaya kabarangay ko na si Sassy. Ayan,plugging yan, yuga. :) Meron silang banner kay Sassy. Malakas ang traffic doon.

    Sandali,may naliligaw. Hey Garfield, looking for something ?

    Garfield: I tawt,I taw a mouse?

    Tinamaan na Garfield ito, pati ikaw mouse, hindi pa patatawarin. Hey Garfield, ayun ang kalaban mong si Spiderman ni Tambay. Naku huwag mong scratch ang screen ng laptop ko. I-paflush din kita sa toilet.

    The CA t

    Thursday, July 08, 2004

    Spiderman versus Garfield

    Dear Mouse,

    Bago ang lahat,isa munang patalastas. Nandito na po ako sa bago kong tirahan.

    Akala ni Batjay at at Jof, sila lang ang may laruan. Sukdulan nang magpalahaw ang may-ari ng stuffed toys na ito,kumakasa si Garfield at ang alalay niyang mother of George of the Jungle laban kay Spiderman.

    Background music..tinutinunining....

    Garfield: Kahit na magmakaawa ang sinuman, huwag kang aalis sa puwesto mo para hindi mabuksan ang toilet bowl.Manigas si Spiderman sa loob.Hmphhhh

    Gorilla:Huwag kang mag-alala bossing. Bibigyan ko na lang sila ng orinola.

    Spiderman: Kah kah kah...Buti na lang walang tao dito sa kabilang toilet.Lagot sa akin ang Pusa at Gorilyang yon. Kah kah...ano ba ang kinain ng mga tao dito.

    Big Bird: Basta ako walang pakialam sa away ninyo. I am Elvis. aham aham Amoyshuka...aham aham...

    Dog:Galing talaga ni Bossing Big Bird. naiiyak tuloy ako.

    The CA t

    Death March relived

    Dear Mouse, The blog of Sassy about the Film Center reminded me of my encounter with the spirits of the soldiers in the Death March during World War 2. Read on.

    The CA t

    Wednesday, July 07, 2004

    Si Spyderdaw at si Dinky

    Dear Mouse,

    Para sa makabiyak na pusong resignasyon ni Dinky, ito ang masasabi ni SPYDERDAW, kamag-anak ni Spiderman ni Batjay.Kaya SPYDER siya dahil nag-iispy siya sa mga pangya- yari sa gobyerno ng Pilipinas.

    "But Soliman reportedly refused to give up her Cabinet position stating that it was a "political accommodation"and would go against her principles,Palace sources told the Inquirer."

    Ani SPYDERDAW: Sa larangan ng pulitika, prinsipyo ay walang puwang. Pagbabayad ng utang ay mas matimbang kahit kaibigan.Hindi ba kanya ring inaasahan na utang na loob si GMA ay tatanaw, sa ginawa niyang tulong na maabot ang mahihirap na tao noong halalan. Mas matimbang siguro ang pagpaparaya ni De Castro sa kaniyang mithiing maging pangulo kaysa sa tulong ni Soliman na maabot ni GMA ang mahihirap kaya mapait man daw ay kailangang inumin ang pildoras. Yan ang pulitika. Walang makakaalis sa karumihan

    Aaminin ko ring masasaktan ako pag ako ay binitiwan ng aking boss na pinagsisilbihan. Ang magiging reaksiyon ko ay magalit at magsalita ng masasakit, humingi ng tulong nang papanig sa akin...kung ang gagamitin ko ay aking batang isip. Kung ako nga eh baka maglupasay pa ako na parang batang inagawan ng candy. Nguni't kung ang aking isip ay sa isang marunong magtimbang-timbang ng mga pangyayari, bilang kaibigan ni GMA (magkaibigan ba sila?) ay iiwasan ko na lang ang gumawa ng mga paghahayag dahil kahit sabihin niyang Puti ang Kulay, lumalabas pa rin na ITIM. HIndi ko kinakampihan si GMA. Pero ito ang tunay na mundo. No one is indispensible in an organization, not even a CEO. (hiram ko lang yan).

    Soliman also thought De Castro should not handle the department because he was "not a professional social worker," the source said, adding, "It's a very sensitive thing and this is now a big problem for the President."

    Si GMA ay hindi social worker, pero hinawakan niya ang katungkulan noong siya ay Bise Presidente. Ang pagiging Social worker ay hindi sapat na kualipikasyon lalo na kung ang katungkulang hahawakan ay nangangailangan ng pang-unawa ng pamamahala ng malaking organisasyon. Ang nars ay maaring magaling na Nars pero maaring hindi siya magaling na manager ng isang departmento ng mga narses.

    Dapat nga dahil siya ay nanggaling sa NGO, hindi siya dapat napunta sa DSWD na kung saan magkakaroon ng hinala na ang mga kakilala niyang mga taga NGO ay maaring nabibigyan niya ng magandang pabor.

    Hindi lamang siya ay umalma. Ang kaniyang mga empleyado, natural yon dahil maapektuhan sila. Mga kaibigan niya... natural yon dahil kailangan suportahan siya pero sa huli, siya lamang ang maaring magpasya.

    Kung gusto talaga niyang magsilbi sa mamamayan, hindi siya aalis sa gobyerno. Kung ako, hindi ako aalis. Tatanggap ako ng bagong puwesto.Hindi ko sila bibigyan ng kaligayahan na makita ako ay talunan.

    Ang mga bugso ng damdamin at pakikinig sa mga sulsol ng ilang kaibigan ang pinagsisihan minsan ng ibang nilalang.

    Para rin yang iniwanan ng isang boypren kapalit ng panibagong girlpren. Bakit ka iiyak at magmumukmok. Manatili kang aktibo at nakikita ng mga (hinayupak na mga taksil)delete delete, mag-ayos at ipakita mong 'no sa akin. Pagdating mo sa iyong sariling kuwarto saka ka bumanghalit ng iyak.


    The Inquirer tried to get Soliman's side. She said she would talk about "that Noli issue" in a press conference at noon Tuesday at a restaurant in Quezon City

    Ang press conference ay palaging pinanggagalingan ng mga maling pahayag dahil pinalalaki ng media ang mga isyung makakaakit sa pagbabasa ng publiko.Isa pa ito ay parang reaksiyon ng talunan, ng masama ang loob.

    Ang isang nasabi na ay hindi puwedeng bawiin.

    Hindi ito kagaya ng kanin na mainit at iluluwa kong walang ULAM. ahee.


    Tuesday, July 06, 2004

    Analiza Josefa Marcos ?

    Dear Mouse,

    Sa totoo lang hane inis ako lately dahil kailangan pang ulit-ulitin ang pagclick para mabuksan si Pusa.

    Lalo namang gusto kong magshadow boxing nang mabasa ko ang balita sa ABS.CBN News tungkol sa posibleng ang perang kinurakot ng pamilyang Marcos ay nasa Australia. ang ibang bahagi.

    Hindi lang pala tayo nagkakandahirap sa binabayarang utang dahil sa commission na natanggap ng isang nagngangalang Disini mula sa kontrata ng Nuclear Power plant kung hindi dahil pagkurakot ng dating Pangulo at diktador sa Japanese war reparations.SASABIHIN NINYO LUMANG BALITA NA IYAN. OO LUMANG BALITA NGA PERO KUNG SINO AT NA KANINO ANG PERA AY ANG BAGO.Akala ko si Dovie Beams lang ang faregner na nabalitang nagkaroon siya ng kaugnayan.Yon pala mayroon pang isang batang bata na nagbigay pa ang anak ang pangalan daw ay Analiza Josefa Marcos ? Ang tindi. Nakalusot kay Madame.

    Dahil minsan nawawala ang link, ito ang bahagi ng balita.

    Basahin. Libre ang rolls ng toilet paper. Hindi sa luha yan. Sa inis eh baka eh untog ninyo ang ulo ninyo eh masugatan.

    Marcos’s Aussie links exposed

    Former dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos funnelled millions of dollars into the company of a young bikini model from Sydney, a year before declaring martial law and months after he got rid of Hollywood actress Dovie Beams, according to an investigative story in Australia’s The Sun-Herald. The money used to set up the first of model Evelin Hegyesi’s investment firms was sourced from a “secret account” (called Azio Foundation) of the then-Philippine president, who, for some reason, signed papers making Austraphil Pty. Ltd. “the sole and only beneficiary” of Azio. Austraphil was th e company set up by the then-23-year old and pregnant Hegyesi. Investigation by The Sun-Herald’s Frank Walker, based substantially on court documents unlocked by Swiss authorities in the continuing global search for alleged stolen wealth of the Marcoses, showed the so-called Sydney link in the Marcos network. Hegyesi’s daughter, named Analisa Josefa, has been described as a vivacious young woman leading a flamboyant life. She is living in with Dean Fleming, son of the wealthy racing and fruit markets family worth $270 million. The Sun-Herald noted that Josefa is the name of Marcos’s late mother. According to Walker’s report, Evelin Hegyesi started working as a bikini model when she was 19, “and once graced the pages of Playboy magazine.” Marcos accounts kept in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.” Walker’s report said Hegyesi had set up Austraphil on October 14, 1970. She was 23 years old and three months pregnant at the time.

    Ito ba ang dapat ilibing sa Libingan ng mga Bayani?

    Pareho pala kami ng blog ni Sassy.Sa English nga lang siya at ibaanglink niya.

    The CA t

    Sunday, July 04, 2004

    Is your house haunted?

    Dear Mouse,

    My house is.These are not ghosts that appear in front of you and say BOO.

    Read on.

    The CA t

    Saturday, July 03, 2004

    Doc Emer, Alay ko saiyo

    Dear Mouse,


    Birthday ngayon ng paborito nating doctor-blogger. Si Doc Emer. Very informative ang kaniyang mga blogs---at libre ang consultation...sey.....(lagot ako nito)

    Para sa kaniya, inaalay ko ang isang maikling peronality profile nang ipananganak sa araw na ito. July 3 di ba? Disclaimer: Hindi ito horoscope.Hindi ako astrologer. Bigay lang sa akin ang librong ito ng isang kaibigan. Madalas kasi libro ang ibinibigay sa akin na para bang libro lang ang tinatanggap kong regalo.Puwede rin yong alahas--kaya lang dapat hindi bababa sa 18 k. --below diyan nagkakaroon na ako ng warts. (yukyukyuk). Yong anak na abugado noong isang mabait na matandang babaeng dinadalaw ko sa retirement home ay binigyan ako ng 3-inch thick cloth bound dictionary para sa crossword puzzle. Akala ko dahil nakikita niya kami na binubuno ang mga crossword puzzles sa dayaryo. Yon pala ang author ay PILIPINA na may asawang Puti.

    Balik tayo sa libro ng 366 personality profiles. (Bakit 366 kanyo? Kasi, kasama yong Ibig sabihin, bawa't araw ng taon ay may profile. Kaya kahit ka birthmonth ni Doc Emer si Imelda,hindi ibig sabihin ay mahilig din siya sa high heeled shoes na umiilaw at mga mink coats na kailangang i- refrigerate dahil kung hindi, baka mangamoy.Patay na hayup yon,noh.

    Those born in July 3 , are chroniclers, diarists and commemorators of events and traditions. They think of themselves as upholders of the rights of the common man/woman.True champions of the strangest and most wayward individuals, they themselves may just be as likely be conservative appearance and habits.

    Many July 3 people seem archly cynical. Yet on closer exaamination, one finds that their cynicism is a facade sent up to hide a marked senstivity; thus they build a protective shell around themselves. From inside their fort, they survey the world around them, missing very little of what goes on. Those born on this day are not only interested in strange people ( me- gulp..ahaa)but in the peculiar traits of normal people as well as with unerring accuracy assess the eccentricities of the creature known as human being.

    These people must work against the tendency to isolate themselves from the world.

    BTW,Doc, ka birthday mo rin si Tom Cruise,Michael Burton(director of Batman).

    Kaya naman pala ako ganito. Hmmmmm interesting. Binabasa ko rin yong aking personality profile, noh. Hmmm hmmmm at hmmm pa.

    Good morning/evening to everyone.

    The CA t

    Friday, July 02, 2004

    Poet RaWriatLaureate ?

    Dear Mouse,

    This is an award winning poem.

    Read and weep.

    flobble bobble blop

    yim yam widdley woooo

    oshtenpopple gurby

    yip yip yip

    Read and be warned !!!!!!

    Internet Poetry Winners Find Out $50 Books Aren't Alike

    'We Got Made Fools Of' Says Mother

    June 28, 2004

    WORLAND, Wyo.

    A Worland woman and Thermopolis girl say they are disappointed after being nominated for "poet of the year" by

    After submitting poems for the Web site's poetry contest, Mandi Reynolds, 12, and Maxine Delarosa received a volume entitled "Colors of Life" and a letter saying they had been nominated. Mandi saw her poem on page three of the book.

    "I was overwhelmed at first that they thought my 12-year-old daughter's poem was so good," said Elaine Reynolds, Mandi's mother. Then Mandi compared her book with the one Delarosa received. In that copy, Delarosa's poem was also the first one in the anthology -- and Mandi's poem was nowhere to be found.

    Both got documents saying they could purchase the books for $49.95. Other options included two books for $80, six books for $199, and 12 books for $369.

    Contributors also have the option of including biographical information on a separate page for another $25.

    Unknowingly, my friend who is a good poet must have fallen to this scam, long before the investigation of ABC 20/20 was conducted.

    A victim of this alleged scam took it as her crusade to keep track of the activities of the suspect. She wrote:

    Well, has managed to do it again. This time they scammed a few bereaved mothers I know. As it isn't enough that these women lost their children. Now is taking their money for nothing and scamming them. Why do I know it's a scam? I had the same experience with them.

    So I've kept track of their scam all these years coz it was such a huge imprint on my brain and heart. And I try to warn people when I can.

    She gave this link and this and this and this .

    My google search yielded this link and this.

    Some groups had initiated petitions. See this link.

    So if you receive a letter that offers you the title poet laureate or the best poet in Saturn,remember this blog. Baka sinawsaw lang kayo sa sarili ninyong toyo.

    The CA t

    Thursday, July 01, 2004

    It's a plate, it's an egg,

    Dear Mouse,

    "Is it a plate ?" The mother of the boy- from -hell asked when I showed her the pics.

    "No, it looks like an egg to me", sez the father

    "You're wrong dad. It looks like the pupuplace,",sez the boy-from-hell.

    "Jasp (boy-from-hell's name)" is right,"agreed the grandma. It is the handy portable type that the senior citizens would love to have in their rooms especially during the night.(Translation,orinola.

    This blog does not mean to be funny. It is more like of the story of the elephant and the three blind men who described how the elephant looks ike.

    If you want to know what they are, go to Tambay and brownpau .

    They have links to the raw images taken by Cassini. (Ano kaya siya ni Oleg ?)


    "Did you ever experience receiving a long call while blogging and when you hung up, you get a prompt that your computer can not find the server? "


    The CA t