Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Pork out of the Barrel

Dear mouse,

I do not understand what Jinggoy meant when he mentioned the salaries of the local government employees in his objection to the scrapping of the pork barrel. That is entirely a separate and distinct expenditure item that receives appropriation with or without pork barrel.

How do some legislators allocate the pork?

Earl Parreno provided the percentage distribution calculated from the statistics provided by the suppliers themselves.

The Ca t provided the pig to be slaughtered. Earl wrote:

"In most instances, suppliers of these goods automatically set aside 40 to 50 percent of the total budget for the lawmaker and his or her staff. (See number 1). Another 10 to 12 percent is allotted for the head of the office that will implement the project.( See number 3) Sometimes, suppliers say, they also set aside one to two percent for some Department of Budget and Management (DBM) personnel "to expedite the release" of the necessary documents that will ensure the transfer of funds from the National Treasury to the implementing agency.

"What is left with us is only about 37 percent of the total amount allotted," (See number 2) says an educational materials supplier. "But we don't end up in the red because we also manage to have some 12 to 15 percent profit (from the transactions)."

The Cat sez:

Even with only 37 per cent as their share, the supplier can still manage to earn a decent 12 top 15 percent profit. Production cost may be below 20 per cent. Kaya pala ang baboy nakakatungo pag lumakad; nahihiya. Tinutusok ng kawayan pag nilitson para hindi makatakbo.

The Ca t

Pork in the Barrel

Dear Mouse,

What is a pork barrel ?

The term "pork barrel," says US pundit William Safire, is derived from a practice during pre-Civil War days in the United States when masters would give their black slaves salted pork in barrels. In 1919, a US journalist wrote: "Oftentimes, the eagerness of the slaves would result in a rush upon the pork barrel, in which each would strive to grab as much as possible for himself. Members of Congress, in their rush to get their local appropriation items…behaved so much like Negro slaves rushing to the pork barrel."

Wikipedia defines it as :

A derogatory term used to describe government spending that is intended to enrich constituents of a politician in return for their political support, either in the form of campaign contributions or votes. Typically it involves funding for government programs whose economic or service benefits are concentrated but whose costs are spread among all taxpayers. Military spending, public works projects and agricultural subsidies are the most commonly cited examples, but do not exhaust the possibilities. Pork barreling is an important explanation for government deficits.

THE Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF), is the legislative term for what is generally called the lawmakers’ “pork barrel.

The Ca t sez:

Ang baboy sapatusan mo man ng balat ng baka ay baboy pa rin.

via archie.com

The Ca t

The Mother-in-Law

Dear Mouse,

My late mader used to say to her grandchildren, kumusta na ang aking mga apo, buti na lang sa akin nagmana ...etc.etc.etc.

She was a fan of Nida Blanca who was the wife of Dolphy and the daughter of Dona Delilah in the sitcom John and Marsha.

The "daughter" had been dead for more than two years now. The son-in-law is still active in a new sit-com with a new wife.

The "rich mother-in-law" who had nothing but etcetera etcetera for her daughter's poor husband died this morning. She succumbed to complications of her lingering illness.

Adelaida Fernando, known as Dely Atay-atayan rose to fame after winning an amateur singing contest.

She starred as "kundiman singer" in the Palace Theatre until she paired with Alejandro Villegas as the other half of the singing duo. Villegas was known as Andoy Balunbalunan.

May Dona Delilah rest in peace.

The Ca t

Monday, August 30, 2004


Dear Mouse,

I cannot log in at the Pinoyblog. Argghh arghhh.

While getting rid of old receipts, lotto tickets and warranty papers of electronic equipment that must have long been buried in the landfills, I watched TFC.

Moviestar1: I want to know the real score between you and blank blank now that you have parted ways.

Moviestar 2: It still hurts. blahblah blah,blah

Moviestar1 :Is it true that there is a third party ?

Moviestar 2:It is not true.blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. (she gave a blow-by-blow account of the break-up)

Moviestar 1 :So there it is friends. Sana naman ay huwag na nating alamin pa ang mga makakasakit pa sa mga bagong hiwalay.Irespeto po natin ang kanilang damdamin.

The Ca t sez: susmaryones naman ineng, pagkatapos mong mang-urirat at pagkatapos namang ibulatlat ng kasama mo ang kaniyang buhay, sasabihin mong irespeto ang kanilang damdamin.

Nasaan ba ang aking step-in at may mahambalos?<p/> ************

Showbiz reporter: What do you think is your edge to other newcomers?

New Talent: I am only 19.

Showbiz reporter: Complete the sentence, I was born with ______________.

New talent: I was born with the province______.

The Ca t sez: Mayaman pala siya. Meron siyang probins.

She will be a good comedienne.

BTW, i noticed that the sexy starlets in the sitcoms are wearing less revealing outfits. There was a time when practically these no-talent-with-papaya like-boobs-stage-props-ladies were wearing honeymooner nighties in prime- time TV shows.

Even Kris complied to the request of the Board of Censor lady boss to "show less skin."

I hope the absence of that lady-with parang-pinaglambitinan-ng-dalawang-matsing- na-boobs from the Wazzup2 is permanent. She is not funny and not sexy.

What I want to see is a sitcom that extols virtues and family values and not those idiotic free-for-all-adlibs and non-stop-screaming and panay-tsansing ng mga actors sa not-so-naive- starlets.


The Ca t

Good news, Bad News

Dear Mouse,

Good news. GDP posted a growth rate of 6.20 percent in second quarter.

Cat sez: The number is up but it was mainly due to election spending and increase in cell phone usage. Besides,it falls short of the required growth of 8 per cent in the next two years in order to prevent the country from singing—Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina Philippines.

Bad news. The GNP growth rate declined from 6.5 per cent to 5.7 per cent. This was attributed to the decrease in the overseas workers’ remittance from 11.50 per cent to 3.3 per cent in the same quarter last year.

We have to acknowledge the fact that the UP economists who authored the white paper on debt crisis pointed out that these remittances are what stop the country from further sliding down to a more serious fiscal crisis.

And there are people who call these OFWs, toilet cleaners.

The Ca t

Rich Man, Poor Man

Dear Mouse,

According to Kevin Rodolfo, professor emeritus at the University of Illinois in Chicago and currently adjunct professor at the UP National Institute of Geological Sciences, the worsening flood problems of the country could be blamed to both the rich and the poor; the rich for their fishponds, housing projects and logging operations and the poor for their dependence on artesian wells.

The “sins” of the rich are not new to me but the “sin” of the poor makes me wonder what other options do they have for their source of water.

The fishponds operation is not a mortal sin but altering the flow of river in order to expand the ponds is :

Rodolfo stated:

"There are fishponds which are 30 hectares on paper, but aerial photos show they are actually 60 hectares," he said. Because their owners widen their property by carving up the natural banks, the river's width becomes irregular, and its water flow gets choked.”

"But nature is not like that because a river allowed to run its course gets wider downstream”

“It's the rich "who could afford" the manpower and machines capable of wiping out patches of forests whose root systems hold the soil together and prevent erosion and rainwater runoffs from the uplands down to the plains.”

As to the poor, he pointed out that they are guilty of the least understood but it is actually most important cause of flooding, the land subsidence.

He said:

“Their excessive extraction of groundwater through artesian wells that could run 24 hours a day, causes land subsidence. This simply means that the land has been "going down" by up to almost a centimeter each year closer to sea level, making the area more flood-prone.”

The Cat sez:

If artesian wells contribute to causes of flooding, where are the poor going to get their water ?

The Ca t

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Utang 'na ninyo ?

Dear Mouse,

Ito po ang karugtong ng mga tanong tungkol sa utang na loob/utang na labas ng bansa.

Tanong: Ano po ba ang ibinigay na dahilan sa paglaki ng ating utang?

Sagot: Ayon sa mga ekonomista, tatlo ang dahilan.

Ito ay:

1. ang gastos ay palaging sobra sa kinikita. (deficit)

2. ang dolyar ay palaging nakikipagluksong tinik sa peso.(exchange rate changes)

3. ang utang 'na nilang mga walang- pakialam-na-mga-namamahala-sa-mga-korporasyon-na- pag-aari -ng-gobyerno-na-pagnalugi-ay-pinapasa- ang-kanilang-mga-utang-sa-gobyerno.(assumed liabilities and net lending credits of gov't controlled corporations.

Sa panahon daw ng 1997 hanggang 2003, ang koleksiyon ng buwis ay mahina.

Hindi naman nakakapagtaka ito dahil alam na ng bayan na pag napasok ka sa BIR ay para kang nanalo ng lotto. Dahil sa laki ng kinikita nila sa mga lagay, may mga examiners na binabago ang kanilang date of birth para hindi sila i-retire kaagad. Kung inaakala ninyong ang napapamana lang ay ang mga ari- arian, nagkakamali kayo. Sa BIR, ang mga anak ay nakakamana ng puwesto mula sa magulang.

Walang bisa ang lifestyle check na yan. Karamihansa kanila a nagtatayo kuno ng negosyo na kahit lugi ay kanilang pinagpapatuloy para masabi lang na may iba silang kitang pinanggalingan.

Tanungin ninyo ang kapitbahay ko na nakatira sa isang hindi kalakihang bahay pero maramingbahay sa mga ibang villages sa ibang pangalan.

Pero kung karimarimarim ang ginagawa ng mga ganid na mga kolektor ng buwis, kadusta-dusta rin ang mga ginagawa ng mga nasa government- controlled corporations na sabi nga sa paper ay "inefficient and lacking of accountability".

Porke hindi nila pera, wala silang pakialam dahil wala namang stockholdersn na kakatay sa kanila pag ang operasyon ay laging lugi. Karamihan sa kanila ay pasok ng mga pulitiko, mga Dayunyor,mga kumpare,mga inaanak sa kasal,mga inaanakan na magagandang kabit, at mga drinking buddy:

na para bang ang mga government-controlled -owned corporations ay employment agency.


The Ca t

Utang na Loob, Utang na Labas

Dear mouse,

May natanggap akong sulat na nagtatanong tungkol sa white paper "The Deepening Crisis:the Real score on deficits and public debt."

Mahal kong Pusa,(kasama na ang daga)

Hindi po kataasan ang inabot ko sa pag-aaral dahil takot po ako sa matatas na lugar.

Nasa ikatlong palapag po ang kuwarto ng mga matatas na antas at hindi na po ako umakyat.

Maari po bang iesplika ninyo sa akin kung bakit kailangang umiyak ang marami (Cry-sis) at ano ho ba ang ibig sabihin ng deficit at public debt?

Nagpasirko-sirko ho (PDFACROBAT) pero talaga hong hindi ko maintindihan.

Tanong :Ang deficit ba ay yong kagaya ng sinasabi ng titser ko na don't drink from de ficit ?

Sagot: Ang deficit ay katulad yan nang kumain ka ng kumain sa restaurant at nang dumating ang babayaran mo ay kulang pala ang iyong pera sa bulsa.

Ang ibig sabihin ng crisis ay patay-kang- Pilipinas ka-pag-hindi-ka-nagbago. Iiyak kang kagaya ng Argentina.

Tanong: Ano po ba ang public debt? Utang po ba ito ng bayan ? Bakit wala yata akong natanggap?

Sagot: Kahalintulad ito sa listahan sa kalendaryo ng sari-sari store ng mga utang ng pamilyang ang mga kakulangan sa kanilang kinikita ay inuutang na lamang para matustusan ang kanilang pangangailangan.

Ito rin ay kahalintulad ng utang sa mga nagpapafive-six ng mga pamilyang ay hinihintay na padala galing sa Saudi pero kapos pa rin dahil sa tuition ni Ineng at ang pagpapakumpuni ng bubong na tumutulo.

Tanong: Ang ibig bang sabihin ng GDP ay "KAPANGIT NA PRODUKTONG SARILI"? Madalas ko po kasing marinig si Kris Aquino na magsabing "Ay Gross naman" pag may nakita siyang pangit."

Sagot: Ang Gross Domestic product ay kahalintulad ng kinikita ng pamilyang nanggagaling lang dito sa Pinas. Pag isinama yong kinikita ng mga Pilipinong ani ni Quiros ay Tagalinis ng Kubeta, ito ay magiging GNP.

Tanong: Ano ba ang ibig sabihin ng ang utang ng gobyerno na 3.36 trillion ay 78 per cent as large as GDP at ang total outstanding debt natin ay 130 per cent ng GDP?

Ang daming zero na yon. Hindi ko mabilang sa kamay ko. Ano ba ang kaibahan ng utang ng gobyerno at total outstanding debt?

Sagot:Isa-sahin nating sagutin. Kunwari ang GDP natin ay si Rizal. Ito ay isandaang sentimo ang halaga.

a.Ang utang ng gobyerno ay katumbas ng tatlong 25 sentimos o 75 sentimoses:

at tatlong sentimoses:

ang sukli ay 22 sentimos lang.

b. kabuuang utang ng Pilipinas (Outstanding debt) ay katumbas ni Rizal:

na nagsama ng isang 25 sentimos:

at ng limang sentimoses.

ang ating kinikita ay maliit pa sa kabuuan ng ating utang.

C.Ang utangng gobyerno ay mga utang dahil hindi kasya nag kinikita nito.

D. Ang utang na pangkalahatan ay kasama ang @#@#$%^&**@#$ ng mga namamahala ay nababaon sa utang.

The Ca t

Friday, August 27, 2004

Learning ABC and Educating Non-Pinoys

Dear Mouse,

In case you ask, here is the definition of terms:

A is for Adidas, barbecued chicken feet

B is for Bathroom a.k.a. Toilet

C is for comfort room a.k.a. Toilet


Pinayexpat from Germany wrote:

Discussing topics about the difference in culture and language could lead to a very lively discussion. Although, a lot of times I get some really strange questions.

I’ve been offended before but but now that I think about it, I guess I was being to sensitive. Most said questions were not meant to offend. They were just misinformed guys.

This blog of pinayexpat made me revisit the Diary of the Radical Chef-Not--the - trying-hard-to-be-a good- cook-wife-to-a-Puti- Pinay

in the US.

The following are notes in her diary in her attempt to blend in in her husband's family in the first party she attended in the US.

1:00 P.M. Tumawag ang asawa ko. Maghanda raw ako dahil may pupuntahan kaming party. Saya-saya ko dahil masusuot ko na yong mga party dress na binili ko sa Divisoria. Galing naman sa HK yon anoh? Dadaanan daw niya ako.

2:00 P.M. Nakabihis na ako. Suot ko yong strapless na may kumikintab kintab. Pag nakikita ni Inang yon,ay napapasusmarosep siya dahil baka raw maholdap ako sa mga kinang. Sinuot ko rin yong sapatos kong mataas ang takong. Ang aga naman ng party nila dito. Alas tres.

2:30 P.M. Dumating siya . Bumaba ako sa hagdan namin na parang si Kristin Hermosa sa pelikula nila ni Aga. Taas ang noo ko at hindi nakangiti. Imagine ko ay slow motion ang dating ko sa kaniya.

Sabi nya, "You’re beautiful honey but you do not have to be formal. "

Bigla akong ngumiti. Gusto siguro niya masaya ako.

"You might want to change to something casual." dagdag niya.

3:00 P.M. Party pala sa kanila yong sa likod- bahay at may malaking barbekyuhan. Sa amin ang barbekyuhan ay sa uling na pinabaga. Yong regalo sa aming barbekyuhan ay ginawang tulugan lang ng pusa.

Sa aming probins, barikan ang tawag doon. Party na pala sa kanila yong may mga tacos, tortilla at mga ice drop sa mga bata. Sa probins namin, meryenda lang yon.

Walang balloon. walang mga banderitas. Merong nakasampay na mga rugs na pinatutuyo.

Sayang ang pabango ko. Mas malakas ang amoy noong barbecue saka yong amoy kilikiling pinapahid nila sa barbecue.Namimiss ko ang UFC ketchup.

Tumabi sa akin yong isang misis ng kaibigan ng aking asawa na parang hindi kilala ang suklay. Minsan ipapakilala ko siya.

“I heard that you eat ADIDAS ?” tanong niya.

Sabi ko true. Want to try some ?

(Galing kung sumagot. Kung maririnig sana ako ng aking mga kabarangay, ipagmamalaki nila ako. Pinopromote ko yong barbecueing paa ng manok.)

"How do you cook them ?" tanong ulit.

"Barbecue," sabi ko kaagad ng walang kurap.

Binigay niya sa akin yong kaniyang NIKE shoes. “Will these do ?" This is a better brand "

Hindi naman siya blonde pero hindi ba alam niya na hindi binabarbecue ang sapatos.

Gusto kong umihi. Lumapit ako sa may -ari ng bahay.

Me: Where’s your C.R.

May-ari ng bahay: What is C.R. ?

Me : Comfort Room

May ari ng bahay:We have no comfort room. You feel uncomfortable ?

Me: (Sa isip lang. Bakit wala silang CR. Ihing-ihi na ako noh, so uncomfortable na ako.

Hindi ko naman alam sabihin ang gusto kong magbawas. Puwede ba yong I want to reduce. Kasi sa bahay pumupunta lang ako sa toilet namin. Ah alam ko na). Toilet.

May-ari ng bahay: Ow, bathroom. Come with me.

Me. Mga diyaskeng ire, tawag sa toilet eh bathroom, eh hindi naman pumupunta ang mga tao sa toilet para maligo.

Pumasok ako sa bathroom, nakababa yong takip. Hindi ko mabukas . Nakatali. Bakit may nagnanakaw ba dito ng toilet bowl? Gusto ng lumabas ng ihi ko. Di ko pa rin makita kung paano bubuksan yong toilet bowl.

Nakita ko yong bath tub. Umakyat ako sa bath tub.Sarap ng pakiramdam. Yon pala ang silbi ng bathtub pag di ka maliligo.

May kumatok sa pinto. Yong may-ari ng bahay. Nagsorry siya at di niya naalis yong lock sa toilet bowl. Yong daw anak niya kasi pag napapayaan, ginagawa lababo yong toilet bowl, kaya tinatali nila.

The Ca t

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Bakya ko,bakya ninyo

Dear Mouse,

These are among the items sent to me by my brader--miniature wooden shoes from Europe. They came in three sizes--Small, smaller and smallest.

Given proper nurture and care, they may grow to a size like this.

Come to think of it, it is an ideal car for the flood-proned streets of Manila. Lulutang pag baha.Genius!!!

Don't have the wrong idea that this is Paris under water.

The boatfigurine is a tiny replica of boats (Remember Milan?)that ply the Canals of Venice, Italy while the toweris the Statue of Liberty to Paris; landmarks miniaturized for tourists'souvenirs.

The love boat can be used in Navotas and Malabon where flood is on a year round experience.

And this is the picture of my favorite bubble plastic sheet packing material that went with the package to wrap the breakable items. I love this stuff. I usually save this stuff even I was still in the Phils. When it rained, I used it as an instant raincoat substitute. As I cooled down my temper while waiting for the flood to subside, I burst the bubbles one at a time.Sarap paputukin habang iniisip ko ang mga officials na dapat sinuspendi na ang klase para hindi kami stranded sa school.

The Ca t

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Not FAQs

Dear Mouse,

May nagtanong sa akin kung may tamaditis ako dahil isa lang ang post ko sa mahigit na 24 oras. Mayroon akong wag-kang-magkakamaling- tumingin-o-magtanong-at-makakatikim-ka-sa-akin- patay-kang-bata ka syndrome.Subukan ninyong tanungin ako. Tanungin ninyo ako. Tanungin ninyo ako-koh-koh-koh (echo dahil sa katahimikan) Takot lang nilang magtanong hehehe.

Unang dahilan-- mailman. Tuwing magbabakasyon yong Filipino, alam ko magkakalintek-lintek na naman ang mails. Last year, muntik ko nang sulatan ang sarili ko para lang masigurong may nakakaalala sa akin. Kahit junk mails pagtitiyagaan ko nang buksan bago gutayin

Ngayon, yong package galing sa brader ko sa Rome ang hindi naideliver dahil wala raw ako.Tumawag ako sa Post Office para ipadeliver. May bilin pa ako na press the buzzer para makuha ko yong package dahil hindi kasya sa mailbox.


May kumatok. Mailman. Nakaigkas ang kilay ko nang inabot niya sa akin ang dalawang sulat. Guwapo sana kaya lang hindi marunong magbasa. Pinaskel ko sa mailbox,press the buzzer for PAGKAGE DELIVERY. Hindi raw niya alam ang tungkol sa package dahil iba ang postman kahapon. Hindi ko gusto ang ngiti niya. Hurmphhh.

Tumawag ako sa Post Office. Naibigay daw niya doon sa postman kahapon.

Kanina, may nagbuzzer. Oy hindi mailman kung hindi mailwoman. Binigay sa akin ang package. Tanong ko where are my mails ? Sagot niya, in your mailbox. Hanep talaga.

Ikalawang dahilan

Nagscan ako ng fitumfu at dalawang fictures sa aking scanner. Nang dinownload ko mula sa floffy, kahindik- hindik na preview not available at error in imaging ...ek ek.ang lumabas sa screen.

Mantakin mo yang fifty two. Nagkasakit-sakit ang aking kili-kili sa pag sasalang ng mga fictures sa scanner. Mga old fics kaya hindi pwede yong image transfer ko sa aking Sony MPEGMOVIEVX.

Pero hindi yan ang NOT FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS.kung hindi itong mga sumusunod.

Ito ang una :

Bakit tuwing nababalitang nasa crisis ang Pilipinas, ang balita tungkol sa deuterium ay lumalabas sa pahayagan.

Ito ang ikalawa: Tanong ni Sassy, kamatis daw ba o sayote?.Palagay ko lalaking sayote. Obvious ba? Sana huwag pitasin ng may-ari at pabayaan na lang maluoy, tapos retratuhin ulit. yekyekyek

Ito ang ikatlo:

Tanong kay Batjay kung bakit daw yong kamag-anak ay di pa nag-aasawa.

Mayroon ding aking kaibigan na madalas tuksuhin noong dati niyang karibal na asawa na ng babaeng sumiphayo sa kaniya sa kasalang pareho silang naiimbitahan.

"Ikaw kailan ka susunod ?" ang tanong ng karibal at sabay ang halakhak. Nagkita sila ulit sa libing ng ama ng babae. Tanong naman ng kaibigan ko. "Ikaw kailangan ka susunod ?"

Mataray di va?

Ito ag ikaapat:

Titorolly, nasaan pa ang ilang paintings ?

Ikalima kay Doc Emer

Have you been to Espana River?

May retrato ng mamang sa jet ski.

Ano kaya kung makita natin ang Noah's Ark na lumulutang sa Espana o kaya may pating na lalangoy-langoy?

What, who to blame for the deaths of the children in the flood caused by the monsoon rain?

Sino nga kaya ?

Ikapito ay kay torn and frayed

He wrote:

MacArthur landed at Leyte's Red Beach on October 20, wading because his craft hit a sand bar; and he liked the photo-opportunity so much he repeated the wade on White Beach the next day for the whole press corps. [Karnow has it that the re-enactment was “in Luzon”]

This is the picture taken by Carl in Lingayen Gulf,Pangasinan on January 1945. According to him, " In January 1945 I was the only press photographer aboard General Douglas MacArthur’s command ship as he prepared to invade Luzon, in the Philippines.

And this must be the reenactment? Take note that there was no ship in the background. ?

This is the monument of the landing located at Mac Arthur's Park in Leyte.

Ikawalo ay kay torn pa rin.

I haven’t read what American Caesar has to say about the photograph – if you have, please leave a comment. I’d be interested to know.

As Manchester himself notes in his preface, everything MacArthur did was done with an eye to posterity: there was not a single photo in which he didn't conciously affect a pose; he uttered not a single word, not a single speech and not a single memo, that could be called "off the cuff" or candid. He created his own self-image: rigid, correct, brave, proud, uncompromising, and he unfailingly sought to fulfil it.(american Caesar)

The Ca t

Dear Friend

Dear Mouse,

A friend called. She informed me of change in sked for our meeting this Saturday. Her cousin died and the viewing is set on that day.

She died of aneurysm a few days ago at a young age.

She often complained of headache but she was too busy to go to the doctor. She got mortgage and other bills to pay.

She never saw the sun since she used to leave the house when sun was not up yet and she had never seen a beautiful sunset.

Young people are so hard driven for success that they think the world does not stop turning.

Received this mail from a friend and you might find time to read when you are not busy.

Dear Friend,

Hello! "...busy ka? naku mukha nga.. .... tagal na natin di nagkikita... tagal mo na ako di dinadalaw.. ... alam mo miss na kita...

O sino yang nagtext sa iyo?... buti pa sa kanya nakapagreply ka agad?

.. napansin ko ang dami mong ginagawa talaga... ang dami mo ring things to do diyan sa planner mo ah!

Mapangarap ka talaga noh?... ang dami mong plano.

Nakakatuwa naman na malaman yan. kasama ba ako sa plano mo? ano? naku di ka agad makasagot...

Sige okay lang alam ko naman kung ano talaga sagot mo...

nakita kita nung Friday, aga mo umalis sa office. alam mo ba, ang akala ko pupuntahan mo ako. ooppss! hindi pala! TGIF (THANK God its Friday) pala kayo ng mga friends mo. umaga ka na nakauwi ah? naghintay ako sa'yo.

Pagpasok mo sa kuwarto mo, di mo ako napansin... haaay! kawawa ka naman siguradong kinabukasan masakit ang ulo mo, tanghali ka na gigising...

Ang dami mong lakad, naghihintay ako na tayo naman ang maging magkasama kaya lang sa dami ng schedules mo sa trabaho at sa labas ng office parang malabo.

O sige na, balik ka na sa work mo. i might be eating too much of your time maging dahilan pa ako para masira ang plano mo sa araw na ito...

gusto ko lang sabihin sa'yo na nandito lang ako kapag kailangan mo ako... pag hindi ka na busy. totoo yon! walang biro! ayaw mong maniwala?

Ganon kita kamahal kasi! ayaw mo pa ring maniwala? Haaay!

Remember this, kahit singit lang ako lagi sa buhay mo, kahit biglaan mo lang na natatawag ako dahil nagulat ka, nasaktan ka, nauntog ka o dahil part ang pangalan ko nung binabasa mo sa text, you will be in my heart always... trial after trial

Isipin mo kasama mo ako na lumalakad, hindi man sa buhangin, kasama mo pa rin ako... sa lahat plano mo, kahit hindi mo ako kasama perfecting it... para mas maging masaya ka...

minsan tayo naman ang mag-usap ha? minsan ako naman ang dalawin mo... miss na talaga kita eh...sa akin hindi ka singit lang..."


The Ca t

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

The Diary of the Radical Chef--NOT

Dear Mouse,

This is one diary that I would love to read from Sassy-- a diary of a Filipina is who married to a Kano.

Araaaay naman eh. bibiro lang ang Pusa.


Unang attempt kong magluto.Gusto raw niya ng cake. Nakita ko yong recipe para sa angel cake. Sabi ng recipe beat 12 eggs separately. Apat lang ang bowls ko kaya nanghiram ako sa kapitbahay ng walo pa.


Sabi ng asawa ko gusto niya ng fruit salad. Inulit pa niya na "serve without dressing". Uhhm pilyo talaga ang asawa ko. Kaya kahit maginaw naghubad ako bago siya dumating. Tinamaan ng kulog, kasama pala niya ang boss niya.


Namimiss ko ang bigas kaya nagluto ako. Sabi ng instruction sa balutan ay " wash thoroughly before steaming the rice". Kaya naghugas ako ng ilang beses kahit naligo na ako ng magang-maga. Sobra namang linis nila dito.


Sabi ng asawa ko salad na naman daw. Naghanap ako ng bagong recipe. Sabi ng recipe, " prepare ingredients, then toss on a bed of lettuce one hour before serving."Nagtaka tuloy ang asawa ko bakit may gulay sa kama.


Nakakuha ako ng recipe para sa cookies. Sabi eh, " put the ingredients in bowl and beat it." Matutuwa ang asawa ko nito, natandaan ko yong sinabi niya doon sa kaniyang pinsang makulit, beat it man. Takbo yong pinsan. Kaya tumakbo rin ako.Walang nangyari doon sa ingredients. Siguro isa pang takbo. Baka pagbalik maayos na yong recipe.


Dumating ang mga biyenann ko at may dalang manok. Sabi ng aking asawa " dress it for Sunday ". Pusa magandang damitan, pero manok ???? ahmmm


Sabi ng asawa ko gusto raw niya ay roast para sa hapunan. Wala naman akong makitang may markang roast doon sa refrigerator.Pero may nakita akong Roast doon sa oven. Ahaa. Kumuha ako ng isda at inilagay ko sa oven. Pinihit ko yong oven sa Roast. Bakit ayaw nila ng inihaw na isda?

GOOD NIGHT DEAR DIARY. Bukas ay pinabibili ko ang asawa ko ng mas malaking oven. Gusto niya kasi ng Chocolate MOOSE.

The Ca t

source: brader's e-mail in English

Monday, August 23, 2004


Dear Mouse,

My friends told me that I was their source of strength. When three of my friends lost their jobs due to downsizing, I called them regularly to boost their morale.

For weeks now, I've been in a rocking chair. It gives me something to do but does not get me anywhere.

A friend who just left her work per my advice called me up.

She informed me that one of her close friends died last Saturday. Breast cancer. Her autistic seven year old child thought that she was just sleeping.Three years ago, the doctor declared that she was totally free of the disease. This year it had metastasized.It had given her ample time to arrange for her funeral,for the necessary papers that her family may need for the transport of her body back to the Philippines and all this time that she was into the thick preparation of this business of meeting her final days, she did not complain.

For years, she struggled to get a legal resident status in the US and she had barely enjoyed of being one.

That must have caused the stress--the stress that could have contributed to her disease.

As I have mentioned, I advised my friend to leave her job and accept another one that offered lower compensation but the work environment is not as toxic.

Shame on me for feeling low. My system must be slowing down. I need an upgrade.

10 gigs that I got from Paradoxical.

  • 1. Never regret the choices you've made. Always be satisfied with what you have right now. Life isn't perfect. It's a blend of joy and sorrow. It's just a matter of how to deal with it.
  • 2. When you deal with mean and hurtful people, just think of them as sandpaper. They may rub and scratch you painfully, but eventually, you end up smoother and polished.
  • 3. God doesn't always tell you how He's working out His plans, but in His time and in His way, He'll clearly let you know His working out His best for you.
  • 4. Shoe repair sign: I WILL HEEL YOU. I WILL SAVE YOUR SOLE. I WILL EVEN DYE FOR YOU! Just want to make you smile and SHOE away your blues. Have a shoeshiny day.
  • 5. The truest measure of a man lies not in what he achieves for himself, but in the good things he does for others. Fulfillment does not only mean achieving our greatest hopes and dreams. It is also knowing that we have made the lives of others worth living.
  • 5. Forget the things that made you sad and remember those that made you glad. Forget the troubles that passed your way and remember the blessings that come each day.
  • 6. No matter how softly we pray, God listens and understands. He knows the hopes and fears we keep in our hearts, for when we trust his love, miracles happen.
  • 7. When we lose hope, blackness settles like a shroud, days are bleak and gray, expectations die, and we die with them. We have nowhere to look except up.
  • 8. A breath of prayer in the morning means a day of power and blessings. A soul shall never be helpless with God's infinite grace.
  • 9. Whenever you're down, always remember: you're braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think, because you have Jesus to back you up.
  • 10. God sometimes pushes us out of our comfortable lives to teach us to trust Him. WE may fall a little, but He doesn't let us touch the ground.
  • The Ca t

    Chivalry is still alive ?

    Dear Mouse,

    Rachelle wrote:

    Chivalry is not yet dead. Four times I entered a sardine-like packed rail train and guys offered me their seats.

    The Ca t sez:

    Chivalry has never been a virtue in tuna-like packed rail train in San Francisco. The KNIGHTS may be QUEENS singing....

    I feel pretty so, so pretty


    I feel charming,....

    kasabihan ngayong araw na ito:

    Kung pukulin ka ng bato, tinapay ang iganti mo.

    Lagyan mo ng palamang bato.--The Ca t

    The Ca t

    Sunday, August 22, 2004

    News for Sale

    Dear Mouse,

    Sylvia Mayuga wrote:

    Why should we help you, asks a reader, when dishonest media perpetuate a bad situation? Which brings the bad news – man for man, responsible media owners and practitioners seem now to be outnumbered by those who either engage in, or silently accept, “news for sale” as the natural order of things, apparently more so in private radio networks. With greed come fear and formidable peer pressure – the enemies within.

    The Ca t sez (thru the mouth of a babe):

    Just as i suspected. Some news are craps.

    That explains why I want to read my newspaper in the bathroom.

    Kasabihan ngayon:

    Ang iyong kakainin, sa iyong pawis manggagaling. ay iyo ring ilalabas.

    The Ca t

    Ito naman ang saiyo--FVR

    Dear Mouse,

    Fidel Ramos and Senator Santiago are at each other's throat again.

    I like reading Santiago's snipes at Ramos and Ramos' cool manner of striking back.

    Ano kaya ang masasabi ni Miriam sa balitang ito.?

    Ay kabanata susunod abangan.

    (Tama ang basa ninyo sa huling sentence. Dyslexic ang keyboard ko)

    FVR: Miriam OK’d Smokey projectp/>

    By Sandy AranetaThe Philippine Star 08/22/2004

    Former President Fidel Ramos turned the tables on his arch nemesis Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago yesterday, claiming she was among the officials who approved several major reclamation projects during the Aquino administration. Ramos told a news conference that Santiago was a participant in at least three reclamation projects when she served as a board member of the Public Estates Authority (PEA) from 1988 to 1991. "Miriam Defensor-Santiago, as director of the Public Estates Authority... concurred in or recommended approval of use of reclaimed lands as ‘enabling component’ in government development projects similar to Smokey Mountain," the former president said in a statement he distributed to the media at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) before flying to China for a speaking engagement.

    Kawikaan ngayon:

    Matutuyo na ang sapa nguni't hindi ang balita.

    Lalo't binasa ang diyaryo para gamiting pampunas ng dumi. ooops

    The Ca t

    AAhhhh They are stealing ME.

    Dear Mouse,

    This must be the last scream of Edward Munch' Madonna when it was yanked out by armed men from a museum in Norway.

    BTW, I stole the pic from XP 's blog Media Men Killing-Not Funny.

    Kasabihan sa araw na ito:

    Ang magnanakaw daw ay galit sa kapwa magnanakaw.

    ---baka kasi sila magkasabay-- The Ca t

    The Ca t

    Saturday, August 21, 2004

    21st Anniversary -Ninoy and the Bug

    Dear mouse,

    Today is the 21st anniversary of Ninoy Aquino's death.

    As a tribute, I am reproducing an excerpt of Max Soliven's column that narrates how Ninoy got back at the dictator using the "bug".

    When I got to the guarded visiting room, Elizabeth sternly said: "Max, I’ve been trying to convince Andy (which is what FM was called in the family) to release you. But how can I do that? When I asked him the other day, he had replied: ‘How can I let Max go? He’s vowing to get even with me!’ He said you had declared to Aquino: ‘If I get out of here, I’ll get even with that sonofabitch!’ "

    I wasn’t entirely surprised. We had, for the past few days, suspected we were being bugged. And indeed, I had uttered those words which Marcos had quoted verbatim.

    So, when I got back to our quonset hut (yep, our "prison" was a converted quonset-hut office of the ISAFP), I informed Ninoy. "Sanamagan, Brod – the entire place is bugged. Macoy just quoted to Elizabeth something I’d said, word for word!"

    At this, Ninoy launched an eloquent tirade, calling Marcos all sorts of vile and insulting names. "Ang sarap!" he exclaimed. "It’s even better than delivering a privilege speech in the Senate. I can now insult Marcos, direct from here to the Palace!"

    Nap Rama(now Publisher of The Manila Bulletin, and aside from me the only living survivor of our Ten Most Wanted prisoners with Ninoy in maximum security jail) suggested that since we were being bugged, we ought to adopt code words. For example, we should say that Marcos’s regime was bulok or no-good by using the term, "fantastic". He would go around condemning Macoy and his totalitarian government as fantastic.

    You know, I look around today, and find a lot of "fantastic" things still going on in our government.

    The Ca t sez:

    No wonder,Marcos hated him so much.

    The Cat

    Open Letter

    Dear Mouse

    A few days ago, I published the resume of an individual who was one of the few I admired, Nestor Ponce,Jr. a politician who refused to be a tradpol and a government technocrat who did not tire working for the betterment ofthe lives of the poor people of Manila. His latest project won an award from the World Bank.

    I received this e-mail and the link from Micketymoc regarding his "alleged killer".

    He wrote :

    His mom even wrote a stinging "Open Letter" to accuse policemen of plotting his assassination - and guess who were on the boat trying to protect him when he was caught? Policemen. Damn the hypocrisy of Mrs. Ivler. Damn this idiot who could have taken a cab home but didn't.

    I decided to publish the letter in its entirety so the readers may share the sentiment of micketymoc in this blog.


    (Underscore and italics mine.)


    Our son, Jason Ivler, an American citizen on vacation here in the Philippines was involved in a multiple-car accident in the early hours of Sunday 8th August. Jason was driving our car, a Toyota Prado, with license plate 23370. He was driving from south to north on C5 when another car veered in front of him, forcing him to lose control of the Toyota and for the Toyota to crash.

    Injured in the accident, Jason was placed on a stretcher and taken by MMDA ambulance to the nearest hospital Quirino Hospital along Katipunan Ave. Quezon City. He was refused emergency treatment at the hospital as it was reported to be full. He was eventually taken to the Asian Hospital in Alabang by Lifeline ambulance.

    Unfortunately the driver of another vehicle involved in the accident, a Mr. Ponce, a government official was killed and his wife slightly injured. Mr. Ponce was driving an Isuzu Trooper from north to south on the same highway.

    By 4:00 in the morning of the next day, Monday, Capt. Lumbania posted PO3 Rivera to begin a 24-hour "watch" on Jason, who was at that time was still in great pain and under observation, awaiting medical results. The doctor in attendance issued a statement to the staff of Asian Hospital that his main concern and responsibility was the health of his patient and that he forbade any police interview with Jason as he was in no physical condition to give an interview.

    At 7:00 in the evening, Monday, August 9th I questioned PO3 Rivera and asked him what he was doing at Asian Hospital. He said he didn't really understand why he was there, but he was told by Capt. Lumbania of the Traffic Enforcement Group to be there and he gave the Captain's cellphone number. When questioned why the authorities had posted a 24 hours watch on our son, Captain Lumbania said it was "routine". When questioned if the police do this to every person involved in a car accident, he refused to answer the question. When questioned who gave him the order to put a 24 hour watch on Jason, Capt. Lumbania refused to answer the question. I called him twice more and eventually, he gave the name of the Chief of Police of Pasig, Senior Superintendent Katugal. However, when pressured PO3 Rivera gave a different answer. He said the order came "from the top". That it was General Valenzuela who gave the order.

    I called ADB Security that evening and asked them to contact Gen. Valenzuela to confirm the presence of PO3 Rivera. They started calling his office from 7:30 pm but he couldn't be reached. I left the hospital at 10 pm that evening and according to ADB Security Gen. Valenzuela's office could not locate him.

    Afraid and confused, I called a friend who is a high-ranking government official and told him what was happening. He said, "Marlene, call ADB Security. Get close protection for your son. I feel your son's life is in danger." I followed his instructions.My husband and I are very upset that the Eastern Police District posted a 24-hour watch on Jason. At the time no police charges had been levied against him. The actions of the police, we believe, are in strong violation of human rights.

    (I wonder what human right was violated at this point. Is a person who is put in a police watch because he is a flight risk and who continued to refuse to talk with the authorities illegally detained )

    General Valenzuela of the Eastern Police District stated to ADB Security the same evening, Monday 9th, that Jason's life was threatened. ADB security stated the following morning that: "we are in close contact with the police and they privately have expressed their concern for Jason's safety. They sense that there might be an attempt to seek retribution for the accident." In another email from ADB Security they state that General Valenzuela referred to a "possible threat to Jason".

    (shame on her. Nestor Ponce,Jr. was a low profile former Manila representative who was never accused of wallowing in dirty politics when he was a congressman. The family members are not thugs to engage the service of an assassin).

    I called ADB Security the next morning and was advised that General Valenzuela denied giving the order for the 24-hour watch on Jason.

    Privately police officers from Pasig through the kindness of their hearts state that it is the Chief of Police of Pasig, Senior Superintendent Katugal and Capt. Lumbania who are behind the 24-hour security watch. That Katugal and Capt. Lumbania are threatening their own police officers to harass Ivler and his family.

    I asked one of the police officers from Eastern Police District who spoke to me in confidence, "What would have happened if my son came from a poor family?" He replied, "You would have found your son's body floating in Pasig River already." "Kung pangkaraniwang tao lang ho ang anak ninyo lumulutang na ho sa Pasig River ang katawan niyan."

    The very real danger of being a foreigner in this country is not known until you are involved in an accident, or an incident; most especially if this involves a government official, and the country's law may not apply.

    Assumed guilty before trial. Assumed drunk, on drugs, with no due process of law. Is there no need for due process because you are a foreigner and as a foreigner you are assumed to be guilty? Not only immediately guilty but subject to police harassment, subject to threat of retribution, subject to threat of death.

    (WHO is threatening who ?)

    What risk working as a foreigner, working for ADB, IRRI, the UN, or WHO, or working for a foreign country, or to even visit as a tourist? The real risk is, as a foreigner in the Philippines, for your and for your family, due process of law may not apply to you.

    As of Wednesday, August 11th, Jason's name has been placed Number 2 in the Philippine National Police WATCH LIST. Today, Saturday 14th, we have been issued with a warrant of arrest, a warrant that both police and our lawyers say the likes of which is very unusual in this country, but "in the Philippines, anything can happen".

    The police are treating my son as a fugitive and a criminal before trial. My lawyers have advised me "until proven guilty, your son is free." But in this case which is not uncommon in the Philippines, since a government official is involved, the law may not apply.

    I would like to remind the Philippine National Police that there is a diplomatic relationship between the Philippine Government and the Asian Development Bank where my husband works.

    (So ?)

    My son's life is clearly under threat. I fear for him. I pray no mother should ever face the tragedy I am facing now. I am a mother who is appealing to other mothers in the Philippines and mothers of expatriate children. Please pray for justice. This tragic incident could happen to any of us, to any one of our children.

    I have written this open letter knowing that I am endangering the life of my entire family including myself. But deep in my heart I still believe in good and I still believe in justice.

    I do not know what kind of political pressure have been placed upon Senior Superintendent Katugal and Capt. Lumbania to behave in this manner. I want them to know that I am the daughter of the former Chief of Police of Isabela and that I understand that officers are soldiers who obey what they are told. I can only hope and pray that the goodness in their hearts will prevail. I want them to know that Jason's father died of a car accident when he was three years old. I want them to know I believe there is the Will of God that will decide when a person is taken from his life on earth.

    I want everyone to know that I am a mother put in a very desperate position trying with all her strength to protect her son.

    As God is my witness, I am begging the Philippine Government and the Police to be fair and apply the law with justice and equality.

    Marlene Aguilar

    Filipino Citizen, mother of Jason Ivler,

    Wife of ADB Official under Diplomatic Status in the Philippines

    The Elf and the Girl

    Dear Mouse,

    As promised, I have posted the story related to the article Mass Hysteria or Possession in my other blog, Cat's Choice Cuts.

    I was practically idle yesterday, waiting for a phone call that never came. Not because I am using a dial-up but because it's my inability to concentrate when I am waiting for something or for someone.

    When I initiated the call, the person was never in his desk. Calls were never returned. What's the purpose of the notice that he is going to call? And they are supposed to be efficient as public servant.


    Umikli sana ang iyong .......................... daliri.

    The Ca t

    Friday, August 20, 2004

    Mass Hysteria or Possession

    Dear Mouse,

    This Yahoo news about mass hysteria involving 10 female students in North Carolina is old news. This was in 2002 yet. There must be a dearth of newsworthy news that even the "lost and found" of Paris Hilton’s chiuahua was bannered as headline and Oprah’s fashion sense when she rendered her jury duty was given more media coverage than the case they deliberated on.

    Recycled or not, this news reminded me of the segment in Magandang Gabi Bayan where young girls in the the South were claimed to have been possessed by evil spirits. They exhibited the same symptoms of seizures, hyperventilation and swooning. They were treated by prayers and holy waters.

    In the case of the North Carolina girls, no other explanation was given except for mass hysteria.Many would take this as the logical explanation of the phenomenon. Me too, if I have not met a young lady who was once "possessed" together with her classmates when she was still a grader. (See my choice cat for this story later).

    Excerpt of the news

    NEW YORK (Reuters Health) - Ten healthy female students at a rural, co-ed North Carolina high school had repeated bouts of seizures, swooning and hyperventilation over a four-month period in 2002 -- an outbreak that experts are calling an example of mass hysteria. The first girl began experiencing seizures in August. Over the next few weeks, more girls began to show the same symptoms. The attacks escalated throughout the fall months, then appeared to taper off by the winter holiday break. One student experienced at least 30 attacks. All but one of the girls had no history of seizures.

    The Ca t

    Thursday, August 19, 2004

    Lethal Weapon -Sassy Lawyer

    Dear Mouse,

    The poor cat must be having a second thought after reading Sassy's blog, Lethal Weapon.

    Errrm,excuse me, I want to get off.

    The Ca t sez:

    Warning: Parental guidance for male viewers over 65.

    Hac hac hac hac

    The Ca t

    Lost in Quotation

    Dear mouse,

    Popular sayings or quotations can be attributed to more than one author. Oftentimes, it is just the introductory of the real idea that the speaker would like the convey.

    Take for instance,"My country right or wrong".The quote has no other meaning but a blind loyalty, an ultranationalism without doubt.

    A US Senator, Carl Schurz (1899) who commented " My country, right or wrong." could have been interepreted to mean - my son, guilty or not."

    But his statement was cut short. The next sentence that was omitted, "When right to be kept right; when wrong to be kept RIGHT gave a completely different idea.

    Manuel L. Quezon was known to have coined the saying," I prefer a government run like hell by Filipinos to a government run like heaven by Americans."

    Many a time, statehood advocates and harsh critics of the governent blamed the former President for the economic quagmire we are in right now.

    They foolishlly believed that US was going to make us an additional state and we would have been delisted from the third world economies, when all the while, Filipinos in the US at that time were never treated as equal in terms of rights-- not even decent human beings. As if this was not enough, there was even a law passed to prevent Filipinos from marrying Caucasian women for the reason that it could deprecate the quality of the next generation of the American race.

    It seemed the statement of the first President was incomplete too. Something's lost in the quotation.

    Let me quote Manuel Quezon III on the famous statement made by his grandfather and the sentence omitted.

    "About 10 years earlier, a Filipino said basically the same thing: "I prefer a government run like hell by Filipinos to a government run like heaven by Americans."

    It was a sound bite heard around the world. But what all too few recalled was the essential sentence that came next: "Because, however bad a Filipino government might be, we can always change it."

    The Ca t sez:

    The bottomline is no one is to blame but ourselves for our inability to change it.

    The Ca t

    Goodbye, Mr. Ponce

    Dear Mouse,

    Let me publish the profile of the person killed by one Jason Ivler who bribed authorities to flee from his crime and tried to buy his freedom by offering another $5000 to the arresting team.


    As a City Councilor of Manila (1988-1998)

    He was formerly Majority Floor Leader of the Manila City Council and was author of several landmark ordinances which includes the establishment of the City College of Manila and the Museo Pambata, the closure of the Ermita fun joints, and the implementation of medium high-rise housing projects.

    As a Congressman representing 2nd District of Manila

    In recognition of his exemplary leadership skills, he was named Assistant Majority Floor Leader of the House of Representative. As such, he sits in the powerful Committee on Rules, which sets the agenda of each session day, and in the Committee of the Appropriation, among others.

    After only a year in office, the National Press Club with its highest award, the Lifetime Achievement Award, conferred him on April 21, 1999. He was also selected one of the Top 15 Congressmen of the Eleventh Congress by the Filipino Reporter Magazine in July 1999.

    A product of the public school system, he was a consistent honor student, obtaining his bachelors degree in Public Administration from Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila in 1972, and later on pursued a master’s degree also in the same discipline at the College of Public Administration at UP in 1978. He took a special course on Fiscal Decentralization and Financial Management for local government in Harvard University in 1996.

    He is married to Evangeline Ponce, and he has three children, Aibee, Nikko, and Maita.

    Recently Pres. Macapagal appointed him as Presidential Assistant on Resettlement.

    Goodbye, sir.

    The Ca t

    Wednesday, August 18, 2004

    Let us pray-The Ca t

    Dear Mouse,

    The Ca t kinda feel religious today after the mail from the brader.

    Give me a sense of humor, Lord,

    Give me the grace to see a joke,

    To get some humor out of life,

    And pass it on to other folk!

  • There was a very gracious lady who was mailing an old family Bible to her brother in another part of the country. "Is there anything breakable in here?" asked the postal clerk. "Only the Ten Commandments" answered the lady.
  • A Sunday School teacher began her lesson with a question, "Boys and girls, what do we know about God?" A hand shot up in the air. "He is an artist!" said the kindergarten boy. "Really? How do you know?" the teacher asked. "You know - Our Father, who does art in Heaven... "
  • A father was approached by his small son who told him proudly, "I know what the Bible means!" His father smiled and replied, "What do you mean, you 'know' what the Bible means?" The son replied, "I do know!" "Okay," said his father.. "What does the Bible mean?" "That's easy, Daddy." the young boy replied excitedly, "It stands for 'Basic Information Before Leaving Earth.'" =
  • The minister was preoccupied with thoughts of how he was going to ask the congregation to come up with more money than they were expecting for repairs to the church building. Therefore, he was annoyed to find that the regular organist was sick and a substitute had been brought in at the last minute. The substitute wanted to know what to play. "Here's a copy of the service," he said impatiently. "But, you'll have to think of something to play after I make the announcement about the finances." During the service, the minister paused and said, "Brothers and Sisters, we are in great difficulty; the roof repairs cost twice as much as we expected and we need $4,000 more. Any of you who can pledge $100 or more,please stand up." At that moment, the substitute organist played "The Star Spangled Banner." And that is how the substitute became the regular organist.

    The Ca t

  • Let us pray with Dr.Emer

    Dear mouse,

    A Prayer by Dr.Emer

    God, help me to remember that it takes 42 muscles to frown and only 4 to extend my middle finger and tell this pharmaceutical firm that distributed stale vaccines to

    go to hell..

    The Ca t

    Eco, Art, Titorolly and Dr. Emer

    Dear mouse,

    Titorolly wrote:

    Realizing the importance of the Art curriculum in learning, the Philippine Art Educators Association has come up with this workshop entitled “Art integration as a creative teaching strategy

    How's this for creativity ?

    Some months ago,I blogged about my boss in the Philippines who had the habit of asking me to substitute for him in his evening classes. He moonlighted teaching in universities after office hours.

    One afternoon, my phone rung.

    The Ca t: Heylo.

    Boss: Read your Eco today for tonight you are going to handle my Eco class .

    The Ca t: Sir,are you out of your mind, anong ituturo ko sa mga istudyent ninyo?

    Boss:Sinir mo nga ako, kulang na lang na tawagin moo akong baliw. Sampalin kaya kita ng maraming beses.(Ganiyan kami ng boss ko mag-usap, walang galangan. hehehe).

    Iha, ibang mga bata ito. Ismarte. Hindi ikaw ang magdidiscuss.Sila.

    The Ca t: Di lalo na sir. Kakainin ako ng buhay ng mga yon.

    Boss: Huwag kang mag-alala. Lulutuin ka muna nila. May sahog pa.

    Daanan mo kay Vicky (secretary niya)yong libro at classcards.

    Iniisip kong gumawa ng visual aids. Pero late na. Aha, nakita ko ang mga basket.

    Start ng recitation:

    Using the three baskets, let us talk about

    1. purchasingpower

    2. unemployment

    3. population.

    Okay ang discussion. They arranged the baskets from large to small for the purchasing power and small to large for population and unemployment.

    The economic outlook was not as grim as described by Quiros a few days ago that led Dr. Emer to write:

    Let us try our best not to fall off as we hang on the edge of the precipice.

    The Ca t sez:


    The Ca t

    Tuesday, August 17, 2004

    SM Stinks

    Dear Mouse,

    This is part 2 of my reaction to Sassy's blog on Reghis Romero II.

    I have not been nor have seen the Smokey Mountain.

    I must have been traumatized by my friends' story who had been there about its stinks that would cling to ones' clothing even when he just got by the place several meters away.

    Smokey Mountain then was the source of livelihood of the poorest of the poor of Manila.

    They made a few pesos from the scraps they gathered from the garbage dump.

    The Smokey Mountain now is far from being completed as a low cost housing project for these poor.

    The Garbade dump is no longer there but sure it still stinks.While the scavengers made a few bucks from the trash, the rich and the powerful made millions.

    The Cat sez:

    Baah!!!!Sumisingaw ang baho.

    The Ca t