Tuesday, March 25, 2003

CAT, NOW WHAT ? So, this CAT missed this nook for a couple of days. Busy, busy, busy....arghhh Today, all women in the office will be honored in celebration of WOMEN's DAY or is it month...my brain fog... WE were rquired to come up with a number. I cannot dance. I got two left feet. I cannot sing except when I am in the bath. So I am going to recite a poem for WOMEN. Bless my soul. One of our guests is a poet laureate. SHE IS A WOMAN She can have the faith, when times are hard; she can give love, till it breaks her heart, She can see the sun through drops of rain; she can laugh even when she is in pain. Yes she is a woman. She can even turn gray clouds into white, Like a star she can shine in the night. Her kindness has conquered strife; her spirit is a beacon that brightens life. Yes, she is a woman. She has a heart's goodness that shines through; Make the raindrops to diamonds of dew. Without her, there will be no meaning in a song. Without her, there will be no joy in the morn. Yes, she is a woman She can make you swear to tell the truth Without her even trying; She can give you joy and make you laugh Even when you feel sad and hurtin’. Yes, she is a woman She can be wise and sometimes fool She can be sweet and sometimes cruel, For all your faults, she can be blind, As long as she doesn’t change her mind Yes she is a woman. She can be as scheming as Cleopatra, Or can be mysterious as Mona Liza She can be a saint like Mother Teresa And she can be beautiful as Cinderella. She is a woman…

Thursday, March 20, 2003

INTERVIEW WITH GOD ON WAR CAT: I saw the tape of Saddam. HE is invoking your name. GOD is the Greatest. GOD :I did. Have you watched the tape of Bin Laden; he invoked my name more than a dozen of times. CAT: Tell me, does that mean that he has your blessing and he will be spared. GOD: Tell me,what do you know about the ten commandments ? CAT: They are 15 oops. ten GOD: Do you read anything about ME condoning war ? CAT: But your ten commandments are only for Christians. GOD: Those are the ten commandments but summarizing them into two; they apply to all religion. LOVE GOD and love thy fellowmen. CAT: The vaguer it becomes. They love GOD but they kill their fellowmen. GOD: Just because he says my name, do you believe that the war is waged for me. I do not live in his one hundred palaces. I do not enjoy prosperity at my people's expense. I enjoy my power but I do not use it to annihilate people who turn against me. I welcome them back in my fold. Now tell me, for whom and for what does he wage war for ? CAT: Afghans declared holy war against the US when it searched and intended to destroy Bin Laden. GOD: Yes, after they destroyed the statues of Buddhas and kill Christians, they call my name for help. CAT: So you did not help them. GOD: They are all my children, Moslems, Christians, Jews alike..how can I side to one of them to kill another ? CAT: why did you not prevent the WAR GOD: I did not create ROBOTS, CAT. I created beautiful human beings with their own free will. SO free that some do not even believe that I exist. SO free that some of them want to play god. SO free that they think they have power over their fellowmen's lives. CAT: SO you admit that your creation is imperfect. GOD : I created human beings not gods. CAT: But why do you tolerate despots, tyrants ? GOD: DO you know the saying CURIOSITY ...ahemmmm Tyrants come and go and when they go, it is not a very gracious exit. Do you know a tyrant who died peacefully ? CONSIENCE is what makes human beings above my other creations, including you, CAT. YOu may think that they have no conscience but deep in themselves, they were bothered by their consciences. Some became mad, some drink themselves to death, some got sick and some wished they have not been born at all. CAT: How do you know this? GOD: Who do you think is with them when they are about to die ? CAT: If they are evil, then S must be with them, waiting to snatch their souls and bring them to eternal fire.That is what the bible says. GOD : Because. CAT, I still hope that their last breath will be that of repentance. CAT: Why don't you just tell them to repent so they will not go to hell. GOD: Because I want it to come that from their hearts. Anything that is forced is not real repentance. With the evils that they have done, I could just have said GO TO HELL. CAT: and why not ? GOD: Because that resident of hell will be happy. CAT: But why do we still have despots, cruel leaders of nations ? They call each other evil and they pray so help us GOD. Are you going to help ? If yes. who are you going to help. GOD: I will not help any of them. There are deep seated issues that you do not know, CAT. I will enjoy watching their latest toys of destruction. Mine are natural. CAT: Hey, what GOD are you who enjoys watching carnage ? GOD: Watch out for your tongue. CAT. I went down to the history that I am a revengeful GOD; that I helped the army against the Moslems and the Moslems thought that I help them too. MY pr machine did not do wonder in cleaning my good name. I guess, I have to hire a more aggressive one. CAT: Are you talking sense GOD? GOD: I have been talking sense my dear CAT. But it is my creations who can not understand that for every thing , there is a reason. There is a reason for the leaves to fall....to make way for new leaves to grow. The dry leaves decay and become part of the soil to make it more fertile and form a new soil layer. There is a reason for you to cry, Tears clean your eyes, clear you heart . There is a reason for calamities. The World cannot continue with all these old people of the first century living with the 22nd century people. I do not the reason why I am talking to a CAT !!!!!!!! Did you say your morning prayers. CAT: God, give me lasagna for my lunch. GOD: Granted. Just keep your mouth shut. Will ya ?NOw back to my CNN. where is my remote ? Quotation: War is too important to be left to the generals.

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

TRIBUTE TO WOMEN This CAT is composing a poem as a tribute for women. How can the poor cat think when the coffee shop is noisy with the debate going on ...about WOMEN... Jude: I do sometimes wonder what men would do without women …. Bagwis: That's elementary, miss J Watson. Men will simply go to sleep in the garden of eden and wait for god to take part of their ribs to create women. But ... that is a silly question in the first place - woman was intended for man as it was in the beginning and ever shall be ... Cat writing the poem: In the bible, woman may have been written down, From the ribs of man, she might have come from: That she was intended for man, she may frown, Why is it, she is wearing the crown ? Jude: HUH?????? Don't think so Luis. Man only got here first as a beta test Gie: that's a good one Jude Jude:I take my bow. Thanks, but I'm pretty sure Bagwis or Edgar will pop back with something to top it! – Edgarbb: We could have gotten a much better edition, but we blew it. When Adam was lonely, he asked GOD, I want a woman who will do all the housework, give me the beer when I want it, let me walk around the house in my jocks, and give me fantastic sex anytime I want it,. What do I need to give to get it? God answered , an arm and a leg. Adam said, Forget it. What do I get for a rib? The rest is history. Cat: still writing the poem You wanted a woman to do housework, To give you beer while you hold the remote, To let you walk around in Tarzan’s loins, But she holds hold the purse of your paper and coins. Bagwis :You guys might be joking but you articulated what I had in my closet all the time. This is all about the story of creation. At the end of each day, the scripture reads: "And God saw that his work was good ...." The work in progress was experimental - beta test - only to be determined as good at the end of the day. Now NOW, hold your fire, W. I am not an apostate... Wander: The creation story is a beautiful story to unfold....So tell us again why it was from the ribs B? Bagwis: I don't really know, W! I can only guess. Since the ribs are support on the side of the body, perhaps He intended woman as a side support for man. Cat:still writing the poem She will accept the “support side” of the “ rib”. Behind a successful man is a woman, she may believe. For a man without a woman is unthinkable, It is like playing basketball without a ball. (what has this line to do with woman, erase, erase erase) Edgarbb: Uh-ohh, dem's fighting words, man. I think you askin' for trouble- big time. You gals usually take "it" lying down (wink), but you gonna take this lying down too? That you be playin' second fiddle, only as side support for man??? You willing to play that role this side of the Creation, forever and ever??? Anyhow, I better keep my trap shut lest I be gelded by my own kind for inciting rebellion amongst the side supports. Cat: still writing the poem You may hurt a woman with your words, You may make her cry with your thoughtlessness; But just like the Sphinx, she will always rise, And haunt you for the rest of your life. (with their nagging..oops) Jude: Oh, "spare" me a rib please....... sorry, I just don't buy into the "man is the king of the household" bit. It's a partnership in my mind. But.... to each his own. Bagwis : Right on j. That's why women are delectable ... yummy yummy Cat : what is yummy. What are they talking about this time ? haaah, at least I finished the poem without the help of these humans. Quotation of the day: Behind every great man is a great woman-

Sunday, March 16, 2003

THE COFFEE SHOP CELEBRATES Humans are fond of celebrations. They celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, graduations, weddings and whatever dates they want to remember with a bang. US, cats do not celebrate, but I celebrate with these humans for one reason. FOOD...food...foood... Except for this particular day when the coffee shop is celebrating another year in the life of a wonderful Woman. First greeting is from a poet, Wanderlust- YOUR LIFE IS REMEMBERED .... Into your Eden I've wandered off one day, Echantment followed, even while I go astray; From Mt. Olympus you found this humble nook; Goddess Gee, glad you came in to take a look. By some twist of fate you chose to stay, This sandbox where you love to play; And at PMb it is the CSandG company; that makes your life happy and care free! :) Today, there's a call for a joyful celebration We'll have revelry and songs of jubilation; Drums, cymbals, bass and trumpet sound, With merry  frolicking and dancing around. The life you lead is remarkable indeed. Even those that make your heart to bleed; They are only ingredients to your wholeness stronger you are to climb the ladder of  success. Goddess and princess that you'll always be You are bigger than life itself,  Philamgypsy. Your every caring thoughts and understanding, Always leaves me in awe though disbelieving Today, I lift your name to high heavens. To our God, who lifts up all your burdens He, who has the power to make love grow Sustain you now and may His blessings flow. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHILAMGYPSY!!! ============================= The second greeter is not a poet, Jude I can't compose a poem but I will pass on this old Irish Blessing. May the road rise up to meet you. May the wind be always at your back. May the sun shine warm upon your face, the rains fall soft upon your fields. And until again we meet, may God hold you in the palm of His hand. Have a lovely day PG - jude ========================== The third greeter is a wannabe poet, the CAT Dear Philamgypsy, You have the faith, when times are hard, You give your love, till it breaks your heart, You see the Sun through drops of rain, Your laughter rings even when you are in pain. Your heart's goodness shine through, and make the raindrops to diamonds of dew. You are blessed to turn grey clouds into white, Your kind deeds are stars on the black sky of the night. Your kindness has conquered strife, Your spirit is a beacon that brightens life. Happy Birthday Do you have lasagna for this CAT ? ======================== Some more well-wishers... I join all the rest of the gang in their accolades. Happy birthday to wonder woman!!! --EDGAR ===================================== Happy Birthday Gorgeous Gpsy!! -Luis ===================================== I join every one in greeting Gypsy.  When is her birthday?  Where is she?  I hope she's ok.  ---Gie =====================================

Friday, March 14, 2003

THE CAT WHO WANTS TO BE DEAR ABBY, Dear CAT, My mother did the Houdini disappearing act again. The last time she did it was when I was planning to buy a condo. She offered me to pay the down payment with the condition that she is going to live with me. But CAT, the reason for getting myself a place I can call my own is to be away from my mother’s smothering attention. She wanted me to settle down but how can I myself hitched when she is constantly hovering around whenever I bring a girl home to meet the family!!!!. Before I drive the girl home, she would ask me to pick up some prescriptions from the pharmacy that I come to discover later that it has been picked up. ( Yeah, she forgot...sorry... Blame her short memory lapses) and please, can I come home as soon as I can because there is something where she will be needing my expertise..(short to saying…just drop her off the doorway and drive home fast). She is sending mixed signals. She wanted me to get settled. She introduced me to some girls she knows and encourages me to know them better . Once friendship is established, the green eyed monster slowly takes over shaming an FBI investigator in interrogating a suspect for his whereabouts when the crime happened. So these were months ago. We found her holed up in a hotel with brand new BMW. She bought it with the money she would like to give me for downpayment. She thought that she might as well buy something for herself. That was her dream…to drive a BMW but with many of us in the college, she contented herself looking at the BMW changes models from year to year. I got the condo, thanks to my MOM. She sold the BMW. She said it is too fast for her. I bought a 2-door TOYOTA. She did not lik a new car.I drive her where she likes to go. She still stays with my sister. Last week, I told her not to bring in any food to my digs when I am not there. She told me that I do not come to my sister’s home for breakfast and dinner.anymore. Where do I eat my dinner ? Is there a special lady who cooks for me ? What is her name ? What region in our country does she come from. Does she have a degree ? Where does she live ? Does she sleep in my condo? Is she religious? What is her religion ? I did not respond to her multiple questions. I simply walked out and drove to my condo unit. That was the time, when I want to knock off a harmless, innocent looking guy who just happened to look at me longer than 3 minutes. That was the time when I was so war freak that I will not only swat a fly but step on it and crash its frail body under my Air NIKE shoes. Now my sister called; she is missing again. Tell me cat, how come you CATS will always find their way home. How come mothers don’t. ? V Dear V, You got a great mother but she is a woman and women have unique language of their own. When she says, she wants you settled and introduces you to some ladies...it means go ahead get married but I will choose the wife for you. When she says, come back as soon as you bring the girl home...it means, I do not like her. When she asks you many questions about a lady...it means, why you do not introduce her to us ? If she brings food in your digs., do not raise the roof by reprimanding her coming to your place clandestinely. It is one excuse when she can look for telltales of something great that happen during the nights. She is like a CAT with a distinct sense of smell. If you do not want the food, I will appreciate if you can bring it to the coffee shop. The humans there would savor your mom's good cooking. I know she is intruding your privacy. But whose mother is not ? Who told you that cats find their way home ? My human pet lost me. She lost me in the internet. I mean a CAT that is on the loose in the internet. BTW, does your mother cook lasagna ? Tell her my address in P.O. Box 1234...(secured) CAT Quotation: Necessity is the mother's invention. CAT: She wants to feel that she is still needed. =============================== I said two letters. Here is the other one. Dear CAT, This letter is addressed to you and not to my kids because I do not want to alienate them. I remember reading an advice that when you feel the blues, try to touch base with friends or somebody you consider a soul mate, in whose company, you can afford to lower your defenses since he is going to accept you for what you are. You are a CAT. I know you would not mind. When I get the severe attack of melancholy, I develop the feeling of insecurity. I thirst for the attention of my children. Call it a hormonal thing or the chemical reaction of the medication that I am taking for my hypertension. I have reached the age when I ponder on my mom’s whining when she was at my age. At that time, I thought, she just wanted attention. Having become a widow at a young age, she practically spent her waking hours just like a mother hen to see to it that we ate on time; we went to school regularly and took our bath religiously. I remember her covering us with her petite body when a strong tremor hit the city; as if she can parry the debris that will be falling on us if the house should come crashing down. In the later years, when the eight orphans that we were, turned out to be tenacious, made of resilient stuff and became responsible parents of our own brood, she complained of us being absorbed in our own lives and got no more time left for an old mother who thought that her usefulness had already expired.. At that time, I thought she was very possessive of us. I thought, we have already our concerns, our own problems and worries. I thought we were doing her favor when we spared her from knowing our family troubles, big and small. I thought she was unfair to have rejected every woman that my oldest brought home to be his wife. I thought she was unfair when she disowned me when I got married at an early age.I thought and my thoughts are the same thoughts that hound me now. I have forgotten the sacrifices that she made to make us decent and civilized members of society. Others with two parents were made of lesser stuff ended up addicts or emotional wrecks. Our family was not perfect then, even now but she has left a legacy that bound us despite the bodies of water and continents that separate us…that is the quest for our place on earth thru education and persistence to succeed. This has trickled down to the next generation. Children of married members of the family are reaping academic rewards. I got my share of sacrifices for my own family. But I am still figuring it out if these are really sacrifices or it is one way of attempting to correct whatever wrong decisions I have made in marrying at an early age. My justification for the near but distant relationship with my children especially when they are young is the need for me to work hard to give them the best. My work enslaved me. I did everything to earn more. I gave my children the latest toy craze in town without waiting for them to ask. I guessed, I was trying to make up for my absence in their school activities. I was not there to applaud them when they are called onstage to receive awards of sorts. Either I am out of the country or on board a plane trying to catch a nap for the next lecture I am going to deliver to a bunch of professionals, young and old alike. They looked up to me as an expert in system organization, management and coordination. They did not know that I can not even balance my act as a mother, father and bread winner and ambitious career woman. I thought myself at that time to be a superwoman, who is capable of warding off evils in any form in the guise of trials, tribulations and challenges. I did not cry buckets of tears, not even a tear for my failed marriage. I foresaw it. An ambitious woman paired with a man whose priority is make his future secured regardless of what his children may become. I cried only when the thought that a trusted nanny abused my son crossed my mind.. It was a feeling of rage. I have to assume the role of the father/breadwinner at that time and leave their care to someone else. I felt, I was deprived of spending quality time when my children are in the age of values formation. Now, I am retired. My kids are all grown up with degrees tucked in their belts. They are doing fine. I lost my usefullness. I learned how to cook which I never did when I was working. I learn how to change diapers..a task which I left to the nanny... Now I am hiding... and they are not trying to find me.... Sincerely, Mother of V and W, X, Y, Z ******************* Dear Mother of V et al, Let them live their lives. Stop acting like a director of the movie. A screenplay writer can always change the plot of the story...ooopsss. Stop acting like a pilot of the plane. Enjoy the ride...Stop acting like the captain of the cruise ship, enjoy the show...Stop sulking...give them hell by making them guess what you are up to...Go out with some men. They will wonder if you are an item...if there is a romance brewing.... Believe you me, they will call for an impromtu meeting. Do you cook lasagna ? CAT Quotation A mother can take care of ten children but ten children can not take care of one mother.

Thursday, March 13, 2003

THE CAT IN THE PAD According to W. Dyer, boredom entails an inability to use present moments in a personally fulfilling way. According to this CAT, boredom sets in (Multiple choice).... take you pick: 1. when you have so much time to look at your clock go tick tock tick tock 2. or the lazy bug has just bitten you 3. or you are suffering the B syndrome because of broken heart, the I wanna die or life is meaningless for me stuff... here are some words to live by: 1. Time flies, but fruit flies like bananas 2. a day without sunshine is called night. 3. try smiling and people will wonder what you're thinking 4. a dog's life is a good life for the dog 5. Love is an ocean of emotion---sometimes there is calm and sometimes there is turbulence. When there is tranquility, it is boring. Hit somebody with a book and start a fight...THIS CAT WANTS a FIGHT...gringringrin. Quotation: Idleness -The higher the climb, the longer their working day. And any young man with a streak of idleness to him may make better make up his mind at the beginning that mediocrity will be his lot. Without immense, sustained effort, he will not climb high, he would not stay there. For to keep at the top is harder almost to get there.-James Cardinal Gibbons CAT: ano raw ? ************************** I am in a zombie mood; eyebags could weigh a ton.I would be a millionaire if I sell it by pounds. . Reminder to the ME(myself:) get earplugs...multitasking earplugs...protect the eadrdrums from intense sound and the out of tune singing of my human pet. This American Idol has left her virtually dreaming to become a pop-idol too. I do not have the heart to tell her that even if she colors her hair fuschia, she still sounds like a cow mooing, a chicken clucking, a dog barking ( ow how sweet, she has lasagna for me) …AN ANGEL SINGING… ***************************** MY human pet organizes her bureau for a month and disorganizes them after a few days. She got to do-it, task lists, post it notes- all over and an organizer but what comes handy is the number that she writes in a napkin, a receipt..etc... Her book shelf looks neat. There are no books in it. The books are under her chair, all over her bed, on top of her desk tops, in the wash room, dining table..and my LITTER BOX. This calls for WAR. (with or without UN sanction). Quotation: Imperfection-It is only imperfection that complains of what is imperfect. The more perfect we are, the more gentle and quiet we become towars the defects of others. CAT: hm

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

THE CAT SINGS?????? One day in your life, you'll remember a place, someone touching your face... you remember, one day.... one of the songs of the Gloved One that I like. The other one is : When you're down and troubled, and you need some loving care... ONE Day in my life, i pause and stop making decisions, forming opinions and taking a stance. One Day in my life, I try to picture someone who will hold my heart and grow old with me...someone who will laugh to something fabulous or stupid that I have done...someone with a face that i will see before i got to sleep at night...someone who will dream with me...a house by the sea, a porch that is open to the breeze and the sun...a living room to frolic ...and a kitchen... and a kitchen...and a kitchen.... can we skip that...i rather order to go.... so much with fantasy...as W would say, get out of the real world.... got to go and become a grinch in the workplace. anybody touches my desk is damned.!!!!!!! Some people cannot afford to dream anymore. First time in their lives, they saw their retirement kitties dissipate in mid-air. From a house-by-the-sea-dream, it may just be a cardboard box in the future with the way the global economy is shaping and the stock market doing roller coaster rides. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh So I am starting to save by my grandparents' tradition, piggy banks. Please spare some DOLLARS. Quotation of the day- A penny saved is a penny earned. CAT: I said dollars. What will I do with pennies ?

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

THE CAT WITH A NOTE PAD You are just about to sit down for dinner when.... Ring.. ring... ring. Hello...hello....helllo... Can I talk to ... I am....and we have good news for you...you won... Brang....poor handset.... Poor telemarketer.... Jun2be, a witty one liner guy decided to be different by sending this multiple liner advice to stop if not minimize telemarketing with an instruction to send this mail to a friend... or two... or three...or fifty! Maybe if enough people follow these tips, it might work. (He must be pissed off by these telemarketers that he even sent it to a CAT. hehehe) "Now Steve Rubenstein, a writer for the San Francisco Chronicle, has proposed Three Little Words, based on his brief experience in a Tele-marketing operation that would stop the nuisance for all time. #1 The three little words are: "Hold On, Please..." Saying this, while putting down your phone and walking off (instead of hanging-up immediately) would make each Tele-marketing call so much more time-consuming that sales boiler rooms would grind to a halt. When you eventually hear the phone company's "beep-beep-beep" tone, you know it's time to go back and hang up your handset, which has efficiently completed its task. Three little words that eliminate telephone soliciting. #2 Do you ever get those annoying phone calls with no one on the other end? This is a telemarketing technique where a machine makes phone calls and records the time of day when a person answers the phone. This technique is used to determine the best time of day for a "real" sales person to call back and get someone at home. What you can do after answering, if you notice there is no one there, immediately start hitting your # button on the phone, 6 or 7 times, as quickly as possible. This confuses the machine that dialed the call and it kicks your number out of their system. Since doing this, our phone calls have decreased dramatically." ============================= My human pet has a better way to deal with telemarketers. She makes me answer the phone and say meow. Other people have their own unique way of responding to these unwanted calls. RPace from San Diego says: Medyo magalang naman ang dating ko.            Your last name pls...can you spell it for me.            Can you repeat the street pls....spell it for me pls.             What company ?...can you spell it for me pls.             Piper or fiper...ahhhhh Pfiper             And your looking for.....ohh             He's in the bathroom...can you wait? What about you ? Quotation of the day- Give every man you ear, but few thy voice.-Shakespeare CAT: Except the telemarketer.

Monday, March 10, 2003

The CAT watched the movie " THE RING". It seems, there will be a part 2. I have not seen any ring in the entire duration of the movie. I wonder if it is friendship ring or engagement Tiffany. My human pet insisted that it does not refer to a ring---tiny hoops that humans wear on their ring fingers. It refers to the ringing of the telephone. Could it be pulse or tone ? Riiing rrinnng riiing---Hello, you have reached ........ I am away from the phone right now errrm i am not home right now. Probably I am in the mall. If you like to leave a message for me, press 1, if you want to wake me up, press two, if you are a telemarketer, go to hell. Leave a message after a long beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep MY human pet can be funny sometimes, but she cannot be a stand up comic. She is always sitting in her couch. errrm to stroke my fur of course.....eeemew..... Quotation of the day Humor is something that you should not live without

THE CAT CATCHES MOU.errr,COLD Bad bad bad cold. The CAT cannot understand why humans can send astronauts to the moon, quarrel about nuclear bombs and invent the Internet (whosezwhat) but for CAT'S SAKES, it cannot develop a vaccine against COMMON COLD....sniff sniff sniff. They call it common cold when it is not caused by a single microbe. haah. What they call common is a complex illness,a collection of various respiratory viral diseases Achoo, achoo achooo. They can come up with a drug that can knock out rhinos but they canot produce an antirhinovirus -one of the types of the viruses that invade the body systems causing mucous production, coughing and sneezing. HUMANS... Quotation of the day Feed a cold: starve a fever achoooo

Saturday, March 08, 2003

The CAT NEEDS A PAT They say hatred is self-punishment. I am consumed by hate since last night. I punished myself by washing the refrigerator inside-out. I scrubbed, rinse and wiped until it is sparklingly clean. I learned a lesson today. The color of my refrigerator is WHITE and not cream. By the way, my hatred is directed to my mouse. I was copying some posts and the mouse just went into a shock and froze. I have to reboot and lost all the files. ****************************************************** It occurs to me, though, that behind everything, a lot of people are really uncomfortable showing affection and emotion in appropriate ways. Wander expresses it thru poem. In my wanderings, all my socks got holes, never had time to darn them torn soles; But from a Chinese shop I have with me Green bottled oil I'd willingly pour on thee. Here, drink my coffee as I fall on my knees. Eat my sandwich too if you like cheese; Let's rub that right foot first then the next, Gently infusing warmth till your spirit is vexed. Let's celebrate your life as you grow ideals and rebellions will always follow; Patience, understanding. perseverance and loyalty All you can do without if you remain a single entity. That's the privilege of the free.... CAT:It is without title. I surmised it must be Ode to Singleblessedness. ************************************* CAT expresses also thru a poem. i am exhausted but i cannot sleep (the clinking of the cup keeps me awake. Drink your coffee somehwere else humans. Give this cat some peace.) i am lonely but i cannot weep (CATS do not cry nor laugh. They merely grin.) i am angry but i cannot speak (CATS do not talk, silly. You are reading my thoughts. If cats talk, it is time to make an appointment with a vet.) i am hungry but I cannot eat (am on a diet) But the strudels look tempting. yum yum yum Quotation: Poetry seems too simple and a natural thing but not all men are born poets.-CAT(mweheheh)

Friday, March 07, 2003

HOW ABOUT A LAUGH, CAT? For a few moments, I got serious..wheww I feel sick but I do not want to use lol. In my native language, that means stupid or fool if you write u before the word. U-lol.sinulat pa....nweheeee ****************** he loves me he loves me not he loves me he loves me not. (howcumthesepeoplehavepullallmypetalsjusttoknowifthatsomebodyorsomeonetrulyloveslovesthem) stopitpeople.pullyourhairinstead. groans the rose before its last petal was pulled. YO DO NOT FIND THIS FUNNY, HUMANS? ... WELL THINK OF A HEAD THAT IS JUST LIKE CHICKEN THAT HAS ESCAPED FROM A DRESSING MACHINE... YOU STILL DO NOT FIND IT FUNNY....HAHAHA AND I THINK LAUGHTER IS CONTAGIOUS. It is not funny yet? Well good...SLAMS DOOR...aw aw aw....MY TAIL.....aw aw aw....mwehehehehe HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Quotation of the day He who laughs last- was the last to get it. mweehheehehe

DO CATS LAUGH? HAHAHAHAHA HEHEHEHEHE HIHIHIHIHIHIHI hahahaha (closes the mouth and rolleyes) The first line is a loud laugh. More appropriate for the male species. The second line is a more suppressed expression of glee. The third line is to express subtlety. more of a woman's laugh. Witch that is....hihihihihi The fourth line is to impress refinement and good breeding for women laughing. The laughter shoud have a descending crescendo with a matching wave of the hand and eyebrow arching. lol - gobbledygook shorthand for laughing out loud commonly used for statements that are never even remotely humorous. rotfl - rolling on the floor laughing -used for statements that are even funnier than lol -that's what you think, humans. But what is really laugh for humans? Cats do not laugh, dogs do. As a delicate animal, cats merely purr. If you see a cat laughing, you are in trouble. According to Richard Provine, a professor of psychology and neuroscience at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County and is completing a book entitled “Laughter”.... laughter is social and contagious. He further said that it occurs unconsciously. Humans do not decide when to laugh- meaning we don’t consciously produce laughter and that's why it is very hard to laugh on command or to fake laughter. The professor even dare anybody to ask a friend to laugh on the spot. (My human friend can, with matching slap on your shoulder and poke on your stomach). He further wrote: When we laugh, we alter our facial expressions and make sounds.(That must be the reason why us cats do not laugh. We do not want to alter our face. We communicate with our eyes) During exuberant laughter, the muscles of the arms, legs and trunk are involved. happened just before people laughed.( My human pet's friend stomps his feet, tears flowing and nose running..icky) As I have said, cats merely purr..... Quotation of the day- He who laughs - lasts. Harharharharhar meoww

Thursday, March 06, 2003

SHORT SHORTS-SHORT CAT Philamgypsy: My pea brain is just toooooo exhausted. I worked on something today. CAT: Mine is frozen. Got to thaw it first. Poinkpoinpoinpoink ========================================== CAT :I do not shed tears, I merely lie down and thought of sleeping forever but then I get hungry so I get up and eat. That is my denial defense mechanism for depression. I prefer fish please. Wander: How about catfish, mud fish, milk fish, tilapia, tuyo, tinapa? CAT: I like salmon. Straight from the CAN. Brand regardless. ======================= Edgarbb: Uh-ohh, you don't know whom you're tangling with, Cat- back down, girl... Len just chews cat claws for dessert. She'd stared down Armalites!.. CAT: I see red only once a month and I pity the people who come my way. I do not sip coffee during that time. I gulp cup after cup after cup. Is there an IV for coffee. Just want to hook to it. No cups to wash.burp..'cuse me. Quotation: JESTING-Never risk a joke to someone who is unable to comprehend it. HAHAHAHA...

CAT IN THE FIDDLE Lessons may not come as words of wisdom;  lessons can be gleaned from lifes' experiences; anguish, guilt, anger and sorrows. It gives us greater insights how to cope with this dilemma when we are undergoing the same life crises.  Humans are complex animals. While they see cats as warm-blooded balls of fur, we see them as warm blooded couch and pillows. One human I met is a friend of a human pet who lives with me in a condo. Her passion and impatient spirit to make things work drove her to mood swings. Sometimes she would just stay in my pet's pad and tirelessly talked about her dreams, her frustrations, her anger and her anguish. My pet human did not condemn her for having fallen in love to wrong people. She never reprimanded her for allowing herself to be used by some people. She was just there to listen when nobody would listen to her. One day she would flare up and fight a battle against the world and the next day, she would be calling everybody, darling and honey. My pet did not take that as plastic or fake. It is just her nature she would say while stroking my fur. ewwwwwmeow. One day she came crying and blurted out that she wanted to die. We went with her quietly and asked her to drive near a bridge. My pet human asked her how she can help. Would she like to be pushed or simply watch her jump? My human pet can be cold and heartless too. She smiled and scampered back to the car. The next day, we saw her with the man who caused her heartbreak. It seems she can accept that her Christmases are either Dec. 24 or 26 and her New Years are Dec. 31 and January 2 by sticking up with this man. Humans!!!!!!!!!(rolleyes and flick whiskers)... She sent a card..with a simple statement...thank you for being a friend. What ? no lasagna for the CAT..... Quotation of the day A friend is one who takes you for lunch even if you are not tax deductible.

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

SNAIL MAIL-THE CAT IS CATCHING UP 3/2/03 My dearest Cat, Reading your blog early today, I found Gypsy's list a good meditation and as I read on I was lolling and the fact that I like noting your observations specifically this one joke that Len herself found not amusing ... Len: Oh, W ! ! That's gross and it's not even true. Whoever made that joke should be hanged, lol. CAT: ahem ahem...Did I mention wit, humor and wisdom? I am thinking of dropping the two ws. (Turns off the spy monitor (click)…. Mapatuka na lang ako sa ahas. So I sat down to write: It is amusing to note the stuff that mostly caught your attention. From conversation of humans and all the nonentities to mention But one thing is for sure, you are not a cat if you fail to scratch. Hope you'll find a mouse that'll give you a mighty cat-rat match. Don't confine yourself with six elderly though golden folks. Look around and watch others carry their yokes. Wanderlust that I am, great or small I see them all. Filling your blog is an honor but let me cast the ball. But let me tell you this as you proceed, You're reaching us as we take time to read It carries you, your own talent and devotion. CathCath of surprises, transparent is your emotion. The day is young, I am wide awake But your journal is too much to take I am reduced to senseless humor.. You just touched my sentido y amor. Watch out cat....!!! Help, help, help....I need to have a disguise. One human is after my tail. I promise, I will behave, I will meditate...I will meditate....I will meditate.... I am now meditating...reflecting on the tenets for loving life (uh uh) 1.. Life is a roller coaster of ups and downs...... Anticipate each dip, and prepare for it. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bring me down..bring me down...stop, I wanna get off....ahhhhhhhhh another dip, mercy me...where is my tail ? 2. . Never say you can't, but do say you won't. Never say you can't eat. They will bring you to the doctor. Say, you won't eat and list down all your conditions so they can make you eat. The word is emotional blackmail. 3. For whatever you can do no longer do, substitute something else. There is nothing more refreshing than a good nap, as long as it's followed by waking up. Find a way to slow down without stopping. If you can no longer go to the mall to shop, let your fingers do the walking for GOODNESS SAKES. With a lot of pop-ups in the internet, you can even bring home a wife...browse, shop and give your card number away.. Try having a cat nap even with your eyes open...so you can nap anywhere...in the office, in the bus, in the train...or even when a person you do not like is talking to you. How ? trust me, I am a cat. Fix your gaze to something. Leave your mind blank..Do not blink...Do not worry. It takes a lot of practice...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Quotation of the day Humor is laughing at what you haven't got when you ought ot have it-Langston Hughes Wake me up later alligat'er...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Tuesday, March 04, 2003

RELIVING THE PAST Coffee Cups and Cat Counting FAST I am not using a BUG today. I will just sit and watch the humans converse. I don’t care asking for strudel or cappuccino. I am full. One mouse went to heaven today. Burrrp. As bagwis would put it, I will have the look of a cat that has just swallowed a canary. Another burp. Len: It's amazing how we can still vividly remember seemingly insignificant events in our life. I suppose they were the ones that made an impact on our young minds. (Cat notes: Cup one, one doughnut). Wander: We somehow have heavy emotional attachments on experiences or events in our lives that we tend to bury….mostly, they are the beautiful ones that always leave us nostalgic feelings. (Cat notes: Cup one, one strudel) Len: Hmmm, I have experiences that hurt me so much I still can't talk about them. They have become the bases of how I react to certain situations, ...... the walls to protect me from getting hurt. (Cat notes: Refill one, another doughnut). Wander: The seemingly insignificant events are easily discussed and even the most hurting experience can be therapeutic when retold. (Cat notes: Refill one, another strudel). Len: To talk about them is never therapeutic to me. I'm not like a computer where things can be deleted and forgotten. I never forget, and so is the person who is the cause of hurt. (Cat notes: Refill two, another doughnut). Edgarbb: I'm with you, ol' buddy, partly. There ARE some experiences that are just so traumatic that it's seared into the soul forever, and we'll carry it to the grave. It's there inside, dormant, festering perhaps, half-forgotten maybe, but still there. But if one's fortunate, there comes a time- a convergence of events, a confluence of the stars if you will- the right person whom you trust, the right emotional ambience, the right spiritual connection- and all of a sudden, BOOM! (Cat notes: First mug of coffee, one pan de sal.) Wander: I agree with you on this one Edgar however, let me tell you though that what is mostly devastating which we may find more unendurable is to get the wrong person to trust. (Cat notes:Refill three no more strudel, get one pandesal from Edgarbb) Edgarbb: ... You know you have got to get it out and share- and now! Mind you, not just anybody will do, and not all the time. When to share? Quien sabe- who knows??? Your persona, your psyche will know, as it'll just come rushing out of the innermost depth of your soul where it's been hidden for so long. And after the sharing, the airing, the communion, it goes back inside, still unforgotten of course, but having been aired and shared, you feel much better, at peace with the world. It was therapeutic- retold once, yes. But not again- not evermore, again. Trust me on this one. I'd been there. (Cat notes :Second mug of coffee, another pan desal. Hides the rest of pandesal from Wander. Stands up and stretches the hands upward like the UP Oblation .Cat remembers Bagwis and the meatus stuff)hehehe Wander : As it turns in many cases, the hurtful traumatic past may become an open public issue which drive others in committing their instant death. (Cat notes: Refill four, gets one doughnut from Len. ) Len: Scars will always be there as a reminder but one has changing acceptance each time you look at it depending on how our rationalization is influenced by the seasons of time. There are so many things that happened and did in my life that I wish I had done differently, but every time I look at the present, all regrets that I have disappear. (Cat notes: Refill 3, two doughnuts. The cat makes hypotheses. There is no significant relationship between the pace of women's talking and eating. There is no significant relationship between the pace of women's talking and men's eating.) Len: Every turn you make affects the future. Had I not attended so many protests in the streets and missed so many classes, I could have maintained my average and could have gone on to become a doctor. Who knows what my life would be now. Maybe I wouldn't even be here in the States, So I changed courses and met my husband. Do I regret not becoming a doctor ? No. I hate hospitals (Cat notes: Refill 4 three doughnuts. Conclusion. Hypothesis 1. Null and Void. 1. The faster and longer the talk, the more doughnuts in peril.) Len: It is when the hurt remains that is the problem.... in other words, not letting go. But as we grow older, it is heartening to relive the past with no regrets, keep those memories that warm our hearts, count our blessings in the present, and look forward w/ great anticipation to the future. (Cat notes: Refill 5. NO more doughnuts. Edgar and Wanderlust ate the rest while she is busy talking. Hypothesis 2 Null and Void. The faster the women talk, the faster the men eat. Hmmmm Quotation for the day: You cannot change the past, but you can ruin the present by worrying the future.

Monday, March 03, 2003

No fanfare, no intro...this time. To err is human, to really louse things up takes a computer. Sorry for that mess, Jude. I am glad that you are back from the limbo of deleted and blocked mails. It is not my fault. It's my fingers' and my eyes' but I would never admit that it is my fault. It is not my fault, it is not my fault.(throws tantrums with a wink to Mr.Edd whispering, am I convincing enough ?)gringringrin.

Sunday, March 02, 2003

Strudels for the Spirit - Learning Life's Lessons thru Letters-EDUCATING A CAT Lesson 2. Tenets for Loving Life, Even as You Age. Dear Cat, May I share this one from a Jesuit missionary priest 1. Look your troubles in the eye. Problems not faced do not go away. Life is a roller coaster of ups and downs. Anticipate each dip, and prepare for it. 2. Never say you can't, but do say you won't. Neither be so discouraged that you quit, nor so stubborn you won't stop. Troubles come sooner and last longer for those who wear themselves out. 3. For whatever you can do no longer do, substitute something else. There is nothing more refreshing than a good nap, as long as it's followed by walking up. Find a way to slow down without stopping. 4. Don't hide. If you want your special needs attended to, you have to make them known. Do not be ashamed of your limitations. 5. Claim your rights and privileges, such as the right to refuse to eat more, the privilege of resting and pacing your activities, the right to assistance, the privilege of cutting back on your work, and so on. 6. Be humble enough to accept help, and proud enough to ask for it. Do not be ashamed to ask for what you need. Accept help graciously. 7. Always offer a helping hand and a comforting ear. Stay interested in the world around you. Concern for others lightens your own concerns. 8. Put anger, sadness and regret behind you. Its perfectly OK to feel anger at the pain and distress of growing old. It isn't OK to stay angry. Its perfectly OK to mourn the closing of chapters in your life. It isn't OK to mourn the rest of your life. It's OK to regret all the things you could or should have done differently. It isn't OK not to forgive yourself or others. Don't let your anger today spill over into tomorrow. Look back without regret, and forward without dread. 9. Always look for the bright side. We win or lose by how we interpret and react to everything that happens. Winning is rejoicing in what you have left. Losing is seeing only what you have lost. 10. Take every day as it comes, and give it all you've got. The thing to be afraid of is not what you fear, but letting the fear keep you from going on. 11. Enjoy what each day brings. Be open with wonder and excitement to new experiences, even those that come with decline. Enjoy the ride down, even when you know there is no going back up. 12. Stir up the tiger in your tank. Your body will still be the same old jalopy, but life will have more OOMPH and SATISFACTION. Warm hugs, Philamgypsy Quotation of the day: Many people use their youth to make their old age miserable.

Now What CAT Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . I miss one day blogging. Woke up disoriented. Sign of Alzheimers?. Naaah. Short term memory loss? Maybe. Thought it was Sunday yesterday. Checked my Sunday paper.(my habit upon waking up on Sundays… Do cats read the papers?.. Ask Garfield. Me, I look at the funnies. ) None. Nada. Checked in front of the garage. Sometimes, the newsboy does not wear his glasses or is not in the mood to dream that he is Michael Jordan, so the papers land somewhere. Nothin’. Of course, it was Saturday, my subscription is only for Sunday papers. Scary. Am I getting old. Len: Alzheimer's ... nope I wouldn't go that far.. . (Cat’s thoughts. Why do I have a feeling that Len has also a gadget to read one cat’s mind.) Len: Right. I am speaking about humans, this is what they have to say on getting old. ( he he.. sorry pals, you know what they say when the mouse is away, I talk to the CAT. ) W says , " Arrgh, my arm is so weak I can hardly hold the coffee brewer." " Yes, I know, " says Egay. " My cataracts are so bad I can't see to pour the coffee." " Don't tell me about pain. I can't turn my head because of the arthritis in my neck, " adds Gie. " Ah, that's nothing compared to what I go through everytime I take my blood pressure pills. They make me real dizzy. And take note, they are just one of a dozen others that I have to take everyday, " laments Gypsy. " I guess that's the price we pay for getting old, " says Jude sadly, nodding head. ( perking up, eyes gleaming )..... " Cheer up, folks. It's not all bad, " pipes me. " We should all be thankful we can still drive ! ! " ( giving the CAT high five before she reached for her car keys and left the coffee shop with a huff to pick up her kidz. ) Mothers… CAT: Amazing but scarier. She read my mind. She has no gadget, not unless that paper clip in her purse that she claims she uses to hold together her lay-away plan receipts is a CATscanner. Next time she says, she can see dead people, I am going to faint. Quotation: You cannot put new wine in old bottles. (Cat: whatever that means, mwehheeee)

Saturday, March 01, 2003

What CAT? This is a blog. Other blogs chronicle even the blogger’s call of nature, complete with the moaning of one who badly needs Metamucil. Well, teho.( I thought this was my favorite soybean milk curd, taho.). To each his own pala. Need some vitamin supplements for my brain. ( I will pencil that). Initially, I plan to do the same. I will write the things that I want to say, a mere yay, or groan or quotations or sayings, my sentiments, my observations that do not need responses. You are not shackled to read. Do not worry it is not the end of the world if you do not find it interesting. So what is brilliant about this blog. Nothing. If there are Sympathy Cards, Get well Cards, Birthday or Anniversary, this is the market niche that the Greeting Cards Industry has not fully tapped-The” I cannot believe it feeling Fabio commercial ” card variety.In short letting the emotion without the card to do the expression.(Am talking to myself). I decided to let the humans in my favorite coffee shop do the talking. Cats do not talk; only in the commercial where even a gecko can drive a sport scar and the squirrels do high five. The people are real. They are not imaginary friends. The wonderful wit, humor and wisdom of Len, Edgarbb, Wanderlust, Jude, Gie, Jude, Philamgypsy and the now you see, now- you- don’t- bagwis make you think coffee is better than the chicken-and-the-egg soup for the soul. Talking about commercial, this cat brings you down the memory lane of commercials. After watching Spy Kids 2, I came up with the spy monitor that enables this cat to listen to the conversations of the coffee addicts. (bwahahahahah, sinister laugh with the background of thunder and lightning). We are right on the dot. The honcho of the group is delivering her welcome speech. She shares power with the co-founder of the café, Wanderlust.. Len: Yes, I welcome each one of you to the coffee table and I hope you know the drill.... last one in brews and pours the coffee, lol, not to mention, you get to run to the nearest doughnut store, and it's your treat, (laughs like Austin Power). Edgarbb : Coffee is the common denominator. It's the ambrosia of the gods. Wanderlust : Aha.. To the Gods and goddesses... now I bow!!! Len: Edgar, I still remember Reyna ng Vicks ! But I was still too young then. And PURICO! ! I shudder to think we ate all that lard! ! Oh and do you remember the tune for LIWAYWAY GAWGAW and TIKI - TIKI ? ( United American Tiki - tiki ). Our maid used to listen to radio shows and I couldn't help hearing, esp. those afternoon radio dramas of Kuya Eddie ! ! I loved to listen to GABI NG LAGIM and KATOTOHANAN BA O GUNIGUNI at night and my mom would be annoyed with me for listening and getting scared... couldn't walk around the house without company . Oh, my, a real trip down memory lane...... give us some more Edgar. Edgarbb: Am here too, dear friends. Yeah, a trip down memory lane. Purico, I almost forgot that brand, equivalent of Crisco here I suppose. Do you know that some cake icing is made of Crisco? I know because I took cake decorating a while back and the recipe calls for Crisco instead of butter. It's a good thing I don't eat the icing or it would have clogged the arteries for sure! Gie : How about Baguio oil, do you remember that? Order ni Misis, Baguio oil. We may enjoy these old commercials but Jude is probably wondering what's the fuss about. Len: VR, If we use all butter in icing, it will melt at room temperature. The lard is to stabilize the icing. We may use margarine instead of the lard, but the best way to keep the form is to use some lad. Baguio oil is still there. But I think Purico is gone. I have not seen one since I was small. Wanderlust : Oh.. I am trying to recollect the ads we had and what comes so vivid in my mind is the face of that young dimpled girl in the Ajinomoto commercial.. I wonder what she looks like today. Len: W, I think the young girl in the Ajinomoto commercial was Japanese. ( tap, tap, tap, Ajinomoto ). It was a Japanese commercial. Do you know Filipino admakers make good commercials ? Our country always wins in Asia year in and year out. Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand hire our admakers to make commercials there. Sometimes they just use our commercials and dub the speaking part. When I was in Singapore, I saw the same TV commercials there, esp. the toothpaste ones. One particular PAL: ad won worldwide recognition several years ago. And that is something, what with hundreds of thousands of commercial being churned out every year in the world. I suppose even Nepal makes their own, he he he. b>Wandeslust: Yes, It was a Japanese girl but I have never forgotten that face. I do realize that we are not really behind; technology-wise but one could just imagine how far can we go if we can afford to develop our potentials to the max? Back to ads, there is a joke about the promotion of Tide in Japan..Just don't hold my head on this one but let me relate to you anyway. May I? Apparently a salesman went to a home to offer the product. The salesman wanted to show what the new and improved Tide could do. He then ask the lady of the house to hand him her white shirt. So then.. he said.."Washi washi.. see how white and bright?" he brought it to his nose and continued, "it smells so clean and fresh!" Next, give me your skirt, "Washi, washi..see how white and bright! again brought the article to his nose, "it smells so clean and fresh" Oh boy... this went on with one article after the other. The product promotion would have been a success except for one article.. He already had to change water and add more soap. The item now appeared so as white and bright yet as he was to say, "smells......." dropped it back to the basin.."washi..washi......." Oh so far as the story goes, she had replaced the water and soap but he then gave up. Don't ask me which article was that... I have a hunch but I was never told which one. All I know is that they have to subject the product for further development. :) Len: Oh, W ! ! That's gross and it's not even true. Whoever made that joke should be hanged, lol. CAT: ahem ahem...Did I mention wit, humor and wisdom? I am thinking of dropping the two ws. (Turns off the spy monitor (click)…. Mapatuka na lang ako sa ahas. The cat opens the kitchen drawer and out came: There are Chinese soups And there are Chinese soups But there is nothing like Knorr Real Chinese Soup Knorr is one of a kind Best chinese soup you can find Knorr is easy to cook Just add one egg! (crack, sound of a gong!) There are Chinese soups And there are Chinese soups But there is nothing like Knorr Real Chinese Soup! (Goodah!) Quotation of the day- Humor is emotional chaos remembered in tranquility.