Monday, January 31, 2005

Beauty Tips -Series - Lip Stain

Dear Mouse,

Disclaimer: The recipe for the natural lip treatment is authentic but the photos do not present the actual results.So you can try this beauty recipe at home.

I was already in my last year of college when I started using the beauty enhancer--make up.

It is not because I have the natural beauty but up to now I can swear that I still have pinkish lips even without the aid of the lip colors(nagnganga kasi).

kidding ...hehehe

For those who are clueless what "nganga" is a vice and a pasttime of old folks chewing a concoction of lime and grounded beetle nut wrapped into a leaf they call "buyo". This gives a red coloring in the teeth and mouth.(yuck).

I am allergic to lipstick. My lips get swollen. I tried all brands, Clinique, Elizabeth Arden, Estee Lauder, Revlon, L'oreal and JAPANESE PAPER and I get the same result.

I won't mind if I will look like Angelina Jolie.

So instead of lipstick, I use lip stain which uses natural ingredients.

hair and make up by polo

Here it is:


2 tablespoon almond oil

1 tablespoon grated beeswax

1/8 teaspoon beet juice or beet-root powder

Mix together the oil and wax and heat gently to melt the wax.The mixture may be heated in the microwave on High for 1 to 2 minutes or on the stove top using a double boiler or water bath.

Add the beet juice or poweder and stir the mixture well.As the mixture cools, you may add more juice or powder until you hae the shade of color you desire.

Place in a clean container and apply to your lips with a clean finger or lip brush.

See the result.

The Ca t

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Mayo and Pear Masks

Dear Mouse,

No I am not into food blog.

This is just a recipe of a mayonnaise as facial mask.


1 1/4 cup vegetable oil

1 teaspoon salt

1 egg

1 loaf breaf

1 slice of ham

1 tomato(sliced)

1/2 cup apple cider or vinegar

In a blender or food processor, mix 1/4 cup oil,salt into the whirling mixture.

Keep the blender mixing and pour half of the vinegar or apple cider in a slow steady stream. Keep the blender mixing. Slowly pour into the mixture another 1/4 cup of oil followed by the rest of the vinegar. Continue blending.

Slowly add the rest of the oil. Blend until you have a thick white creamy mayonnaise. Pour into a clean container and refrigerate.

Apply to your face as a mask.

Make a ham sandwich with a mayonnaise as spread.Eat while waiting to wash off the mask.

O di ba may pagkain ka na,may facial ka pa.

Pears are also a good source of sorbitol. Sorbitol is a humectant that gives a good feeling to your skin and is good for red and blotchy skin. Apply the mashed fruit on your face.

Ganito ba ?

Bakit ayaw dumikit sa mukha ko?

The Ca t

Tuesdays with Morrie

Dear Mouse,

My favorite book is Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom for I believe that in one way or another, we have a Morrie in our lives. For those who have not read the book, it is about a young man learning again from his former professor but this time, there were no books to read, no graded recitations, since the meaning of life was taught from experience--wisdom by a dying man.

I have more than one Morrie in various phases of my life. They had taught me wonderful lessons. I will blog about each and the lesson one at a time for writing all of them will fill a book.

On Love

My Morrie on love was a morita, a lady--a sister of my classmate in the elementary.

She loved to lecture about love to us.


Love is pure madness in your age kiddo.

Stir clear of it. The stars in your eyes, the butterfly in your stomach, the feeling of floating in the air and the breathless gasping for air when your object of attention throws even a careless glance in your direction are real descriptions of falling in love.

But a person should not fall in love. Falling in love to the inaapropriate love object is frequently short-lived leaving its suject dissilusioned and frustrated. You grow in love.

While "in-love" you hop into roller- coaster moods, feeling the most beautiful girl in one moment when he is all over you and feeling ugly when he so much nods or can't keep his eyes off the girl who just got by.

You plunge into depths of anxiety and depression when no longer return your call and visits started to dwindle.

Sleepless nights ensue. While you contemplate on taking a bottle of sleeping pills, your Romeo has a new Juliet


She finishes her lecture by getting her favorite paperback and and slowly rocks the chair.

That was a signal for us to go.

Outside we met our male classmates.

My classmate said. tseee.

I second the motion...tsee without asking what was that for.

The male clasmmates gave us that "What" looks.

The Ca t

The Bloggersbloggingblogs part 2

Dear mouse,

While there are many bloggers who profess that they write for themselves, there are a few who took it to themselves to share important articles, news and events on specific topics, oftentimes on their lines of expertise.

The web world especially web blogs are no longer the domain of the techies and the on-line diarists. Many professionals other than those who have the technological know-how find blogging as an effective tool to communicate. Thus,we have the experts-in-the field bloggers like a doctor writing about important medical and health issues;a lawyer discussing legislations and politics; and a teacher who writes methodically about facts of life mixed with his personal comments with the intent to have an understanding of his audience's frame of mind.

A lady teacher in Chicago on the other hand narrates her travails and culture shock in educating children who are rotten spolied by the law that protects them from strict discipline. Although the on-line diaries focus on the writers' loves such as car racings, movies, bands, celebrities, books,comics and other stuff,the contents of their blogs significantly differ according to age and civil status. Married women blog about important events not only about her but also of her family;anniversaries, birthdays, kid's first tooth, new car purchase, new computer and in-laws. (hahaha). A lady doctor in the States blogged about building their own house and her experience in the country of the new husband.

Some dabble on concocting recipe not only to satisfy their families' gastronomic needs but also to share with other bloggers/foodies.

Aside from food for stomach, they also write on food for thought.

Fathers also blog about their children-- their relationships, their hopes and their dreams for them. Knowing that words live forever, two or three created blogs for their kids.

One grandmother in Singapore is proud of her two grandkids.

A male blogger in Chicago does not write about his grown up kids but his blog is a good source of news and articles that it can be liken to an onl-ine bloggers/digest.

The young single bloggers mostly write on their pressures to finish their degrees.

Some who have graduated count the days,the weeks and the months when they join the statistics of fresh/from/college/hey/I/have a/diploma/i am still unemployed/my/parents neverstopped/nagging me/to look for a job.

Some who are employed talk about the job pressures, their unfriendly sups and their hopes for professional advancements.

There are singles who take pride in writing about their engagements.

There are singles who write about their current and exes and feel depressed when friends send invitations for weddings and baptisms.

It is when they journalise their pains and sorrows that move readers.

Personally, I sympathized with a young man who lost his love, the reason of which, he never divulge in his site even if he devoted one short essay about his innermost feelings about the failed romance. Now he found a new love, I hope to say "and he lives happily ever after."

I hope I can also tell that to single women who are still looking for the right men.

So others declare they blab, rant and philosophize but they have a disclaimer for readers to click away if they find the webblogs not to their liking.

Except for five most of the blogs are written in English.

Many weblogs however have titles in Tagalog or with the word that identify them as pinoys like:

Kuwentong tambay

Click-mo-mukha mo



huseng busabos

















The other one hundred blogs either use their names or fancy titles that best describe their personalities, likes, philosophies, locations and even phobias.

The Ca t

Saturday, January 29, 2005


Dear Mouse,

The family that blogs together stays together.

Among the subjects of my study are husband and wife , mother-daughter, brother/brother, brother/sister and sister/sister who either share one domain ,have separate blogs or alternate in writing in one blogsite.

A popular husband and wife bloggers post their expressions of love to each other's blog as if they are countries apart.

It is their blogs that are oceans apart in terms of form and substance. While the husband's blog is funny, bordering to bizaare as in paniki (hehehe), the wife's blog is a narration of life in prose and poetry.

In California, the stay-at-home wife sends loving notes to the husband in the office, updating him of the happenings in their abode for the hours he has been away.

Both couples memorialize their special occasions with friends and families, travels and vacations in photoblogs that go with sites.

In the Philippines, on the other hand, a couple maintains a site for all the members of the family. The father writes about the latest technology or internet developments while the wife who is a career woman herself , occasionally writes about her travels and articles about families and children. There are occasions when she makes political commentaries.

Overall, the concept of the site is to provide information as there are features that are very useful to students/researchers.

A mother in the Middle East who created a blog for the daughter in the Philippines is able to save time, money and effort to keep track of her daughter who is studying in College.

The same is true for a teenager/student from Mindoro who is staying in a dorm to pursue his college in the big city. He Informs his family of his activities away from home thru his blogs.

Including what he eats for breakfast.

Speaking of those bloggers who are below 20, you may wonder what they talk about in their blogs. Do the young people talk about their crush? Do they talk about their favorite and hated professors?

No,yes,no, yes for the crush. The reason for the non-discussion of someone that gets their attention is obvious. They do not want the parents to know. One puts a password in his entry so nobody can read except those who are given the keys to enter his innermost thoughts.

Yes, they talk about their professors, label them names and praise some to high heavens.

Young as they are, they delve into politics and current issues as they blast the government of its inefficiencies and ineffectiveness.

Some refuse to be labeled as bloggers. They feel offended when their journals are referred to as blogs.

You cannot blame them. Their sites are not the products of the easy-to-use software that makes blogging as easy as cooking your instant Noodle.

They paid for their own domain, maintained a server host, and designed their website.

Their writings reflect of journalistic style that are lacking from the newly-evolved webefied writers brought about by the blogging phenomenon.

No matter if their topic is about a movie personality, their writings bespeak of their commitment to their audience and the purpose for why they write.

The popularity of a blog or a web depends on the versatility and the interactiveness of the blogger.

One lady sassy lawyer is not only popular because of her food blog but also for her biting political commentaries that spare no one; from the right to the left, the administration and the opposition, the good and the bad and the beautiful and the ugly.

Her articles attract commenters who express diverse and opposing ideas that a reader feels that she is transported to a forum where the yes and the no never meet to agree to a "may be" conclusion. She is also into photography and weird news items as light diversions from the heavier stuff.


The Ca t

Friday, January 28, 2005

Give me a bwreak

Dear Mouse,

Let me take a pause before I present the conclusion of the study by exploring an issue that has been bothering me since I saw an episode of Hiram. For those who are not familiar of this soap opera (including me), this afternoon series stars Kris Aquino, Dina Bonnavie, Heart Evangelista and some other stars whose names I cannot recall.

It is not about Kris. It is not about Dina. It is not even about that Heart Evangelista whose face always reflects that of a suffering mater dolorosa.

If not for well-coiffed hair and fashionable dresses, I could say that she is the lady "na dala ang hinagpis ng mundo" with her eyes that are always ready to shed buckets of tears at a drop of a hat.

But it is not what made me wonder if there is something wrong with me or to the director or writer of the soap.

There is Geoffrey Eigenmann, who I believe is a son of Gina and Michael de Mesa, a grandson of Rosemarie and Eddie Mesa and nephew to Cherie and Mark.

Every time I see him, he is delivering kilometric dialogues about his pain,about lost love,about his sacrifice, blah,blah.

While he is mouthing his speaking lines, tears form in his beautiful eyes. The emotions run high as the lady partner delivers her tear jerking piece.

Now you see the young man soaked in tears as if he needs two aspirins to prevent heart attack.

Ang sakit ng panga ko. Ang sakit ng dibdib ko. Tigilan ninyo na ako.

Ako po iyan. That's my feeling while watching the drama unfolds.

In my experience with the boyz, I still have to find a guy who is going to share his innermost thoughts and feelings with you IN TEARS without the aid of eyemo.

Don't know. But the guys I met sure, admitted that they were hurt... they also felt depressed after a major quarrel but it takes time before they will allow anybody to probe beneath their macho exterior. They would not let you catch him agonize about how he takes the pain. Those are the men.

The director must have wanted to develop the young star to a dramatic actor that he asks him to forget realities of life.

Come on, direk, men are not supposed to cry; it is not their psyche.

Huwag mong basain ang aking panyo dahil sa kaiiyak ko sa inis. Humph.

The Ca t

Journey to the Diaryland Part 3

Dear Mouse,

This is the third installment of the study on the profile of Pinoy bloggers.

This time, I am presenting the OPB or the Overseas Pinoy Bloggers.

The overseas pinoy bloggers are all over the world. From Asia to New Zealand; from US to Europe and from the Middle East to Africa.

The table below shows their locations.


Table 7 Distribution according to location

Location   number %
United States   22 44%
Europe   9 18%
Middle East   6 12%
Canada   5 10%
Singapore   4 8%
New Zealand   1 2%
Indonesia   1 2%
Japan   1 2%
Africa   1 2%
total   50 100%

Most of the bloggers are from the United States.

Why am I not surprised?

In the States, they are also scattered from the North to the South, from the East to the West. Many of them are in California, atop the San Francisco Golden Gate...yohooo, or are hobnobbing with the starstruck people in Hollywood, cheering with the sports fans in LA or SOCAL or simply holding on to their caps in the windy city of Chicago, enjoying the quaint greene town of Philadelphia or the capital of the nation...Washington DC and the home of Miami Dolphins, Florida.

Europe came second in number of bloggers with nine or 18 per cent of the total.

Middle East ranked third with 6 while Canada has five.

Singapore has four active male and female bloggers.

while Japan, Indonesia, Africa and New Zeland have one each.


The table below shows the distribution of the female and male bloggers according to age.

Table 8 Distribution according to age

  Female   Male    
age number %   number %
below 20 0 0%   0 0%
21-30 18 56%   2 11%
31-40 10 31%   12 67%
41 above 4 13%   4 22%
total 32 100%   18 100%

More than fifty per cent of the female bloggers overseas are below 30 years of age while most of the male bloggers fall under the 30 bracket and only 11 percent are in their twenty's. It is worthnoting that I did not find a blogger who is below 20 years, both male and female.

There are more bloggers in the category above 40 years old overseas than in the Philippines.


Table below shows the civil status of the overseas bloggers.

Table 9 Distribution according to Status

  Female   Male    
Status number %   number %
Single 12 38%   5 42%
Married 20 62%   7 58%
total 32 100%   18 100%

Just like their counterparts in the Philippines, overseas male bloggers are mostly marrried, accounting for 58 per cent of the total.

The status profile of the female bloggers overseas is the opposite of the their Philippine- based sister/bloggers.

Twenty or 60 per cent of the female are already married. Considering that fifty per cent are in their twenty's, these bloggers are young housewives.

Year started

Table 10 Distribution according to the year started

  Female   Male    
Year number %   number %
1996 0 0%   0 0%
1997 0 0%   1 3%
2000 0 0%   1 5%
2001 0 0%   1 5%
2002 7 22%   5 31%
2003 14 44%   4 21%
2004 9 28%   6 33%
total 32 100%   18 100%

While the statistics show that male bloggers were more active in 2002 in coming up with their own websites compared to the female, it should be noted that a young lady with her own domain started ahead with her website in 1997 and is still active up to now.

A young man came one year later in 1998 but was unable to keep the archives of his previous websites.

The percentage of 28 per cent the total women who started their blogs in 2004 was lower compared to the 33 per cent of the male.

These are just statistics. Next, the form and the substance.

The Ca t

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Journey to Diaryland part 2

Dear Mouse,

Let me thank Mark for helping me in the tabular presentation. High appreciation from a technologically-challenged like me.

Those who are asking my motivation to conduct this kind of research, my answer is Wala, lang. Type ko lang.

The truth of the matter (cliche) is my curiosity about the profile of our very own kababayan bloggers cropped up after perusing the findings of the study on bloggers here in the US. I want to make a comparison later.

I enjoyed reading the one hundred so blogs.

Reading the personal blogs is just like looking into the lives of these people, what they do,what they feel, what their heartaches are, their frustrations, their angst;summarily described as the ramblings rantings and musings of faceless strangers. After the profile,I will discuss what topics commonly discussed, who are serious bloggers, funny and informative.

And what they eat too.

If this does not interest some, let this blog be considered the bun in the sandwich of my humoruous blogs.

DOn'T aSk mE wHat ThIs StAtemeT means.

I have also no idea.mwehehehe.

Philipine-based blogsite/website owners

Table 4 Distribution according to age

  Female   Male    
age number %   number %
below 20 3 8%   5 14%
21-30 16 47%   15 43%
31-40 13 37%   13 37%
41 above 3 8%   2 6%
total 35 100%   35 100%

Percentages show that more than 50 per cent of the bloggers/siteowners are less that 30 years of age both for male and female.

Although the number of male subjects is lower than that of the female in the age bracket below 30, the total including bloggers who are below 20 constitute a higher percentage of 57 per cent. One of the delimitations of the study is the exclusion of live journal users who may be mostly girls below 20.

Amazingly, there is an equal number of male and female bloggers under the over 30 age bracket.

The blogging women above 40 outnumber the men in the same age category.

Men over 40 may have diversions other than tinkering the pc.

It is interesting to find out therefore what these people blog considering the notion that it is the weaker sex who is expected to blurt out her feelings. So men too?


Table 4 Distribution according to Status

  Female   Male    
Status number %   number %
Single 26 74%   18 51%
Married 9 26%   17 49%
total 35 100%   35 100%

Very interesting finding. There are more married young male bloggers compared to female.

Seventy four per cent of the female bloggers are single; about five of whom are engaged to be married.

Since the age profile revealed that 50 per cent of the female fall under below 30 category, the percentage over the 50 can be deduced to have come from the above 30 bracket.

This is not a surprise for me since most of Pinay bloggers are career women and priorities at the moment may not include walking in the aisle.

Or finding the right man becomes a mission impossible for women who are on top of their career? Nagtatanong lang 'noh.

The married male bloggers are only a few number short to equal the number of the singles.

Resuscitate me. Does it mean that mas maagang lumalandi ang lalaki kaysa babae?

Even those below 30 male are already married.


Or the young married women are too busy to attend to their wifely duties and career that they have no time to blog.

Year started

Table 6 Distribution according to the year started

  Female   Male    
Year number %   number %
1996 1 3%   0 0%
1997 0 0%   1 3%
2000 0 0%   1 3%
2001 1 3%   2 6%
2002 5 15%   2 6%
2003 16 45%   19 54%
2004 12 34%   10 28%
total 35 100%   35 100%

It was 2003 when many of these subjects started blogging.

Fifty four cent of the male indicated that they have been bloggers since 2003.

Although only 45 per cent of the women started in the same year, they also posted a significant 15 per cent who initiated their blogs in 2002. On the overall, more than sixty per cent of the bloggers included in this study started before 2004.

What is interesting in this table is to see one or two who are already into websites even before blogging was unheard of and operating a site required special techonology know-how.

Only a few remained active and saved their archives that dated back to the years they started blogging ermmm writing in the web.

One of these is a young lady who has an archive way back in 1996. And she just had her debut.

With regards the men who are already into web design in late 90's, they are still very much around and are in my links.

Next the overseas bloggers.

The Ca t

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Sobra ka na

Dear Mouse,

Minsan mo akong saktan, patatawarin kita.

Ikalawa mo akong saktan, mapapagbigyan pa kita.

Pero, ikatlo mong gawin yan....

hindi na kita papayagang tusukin mo na naman ako ng karayom ng hindi sa aking ugat.

Kukuha lang dugo ko, binurdahan mo pa ang aking kamay. BWISET.

Sana kung ganito pang burda.

Members of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animal group (PETA) posed a naked protest in front of Pielespana, the International Leather Fashion Exhibition, in central Barcelona, Spain January 22.

The Ca t

A journey to the DIARYLAND part 1

Dear Mouse,

You read it right...diaryland and not dairyland. A week ago, I posted about my intent to know the profile of the pinoy bloggers. This is not limited to the members of the pinoyblog though.


I did not use the survey/questionnaire method for the reason that I wanted to see the blogs/sites myself; know more about the bloggers/writers and the topics that are generally discusssed in the blog.

Sue me, but I did not get a sample size of a population. First, there is no population to talk about. I started with my links, my links' links;my links'links'links and so on. The subjects are not limited to blogger/users but I did not include the livejournal users. This should explain why I have a very small number of bloggers below 20 years old.

My ocd syndrome urged me to get an equal number of female and male bloggers both based in the Philippines and other parts of the world.

There was no problem for Philippine-based bloggers. There are as many male and female blog/siteowners that I can access but I have to limit them to those with complete asl data only. Some have vague profile that I was tempted to engage the services of a hacker to get their personal information. Mea culpa, I am also guilty of such type of profile but I am not included in the survey. Beh.

Well, the exact age does not have to be revealed especially by the female bloggers or else I will have only less than five subjects. hehehe

It turned out that there are many female bloggers overseas than the male.Where are thou Romeo?

The blogs should be updated up to January 2005. I do not want stale news, dahleengs.

I saw many blogs that had breathed their last way back in 2003 and are still linked in some sites

Some have stopped or have moved to new servers or have assumed another url title without posting a forwarding address.(Aray, makuha kayo sa tingin.)

Summary of findings:

Overall, I was able to visit 180 sites but only 120 met my criteria as to update and profile. Some have just started in 2005.

Note: If a kind soul will show me how to present the findings in tabular forms, I'll gladly thank him and revise this presentation.

(Thank you Mark.)

Age (the first in the ASL) distribution.

Table 1 Age distribution

age number %
below 20 8 07%
21-30 51 42%
31-40 48 40%
41 above 13 11%
total 120 100%

There are eight who fall in the category below 20 which represents 7 per cent of the total. The biggest percentage of bloggers belong to below 30 category (21-30) accounting for 42 per cent or 51 of the total number.

The 30 up but below 40 category is just one per cent short of the percentage of the 20ish bloggers. With a total of 48,the percentage is 40 per cent. Only 13 or 11 per cent are in the above 40 category. The findings show us that more than 90 per cent of our bloggers are young.

You cannot blackmail me to tell you who are those bloggers who are no longer in the calendar a decade ago.NOOOOOOOOO.

Some were honest to write their age; some did not even give a hint. For some, I have to use my judgement. bweheheee.


Table 2 Distribution according to Sex

Sex number %
Male 53 42%
Female 67 58%
total 120 100%

There are 67 female accounting for 58 per cent of the total and 53 or 42 per cent are male. However, I have to disclose that one female admitted that she has a girl friend /lover while a young man is proud to write that he is a happy gay as in baklang-bakla. ahahay.I cannot answer for those who are still in the closet.tsee


Much as I want to get an equal number of bloggers from the Philippines and other parts of the globe, I was restricted by the availa- bility of male bloggers, overseas.

Table 3 Distibution According to Location

Location Number %
Philippines 70 58%
Overseas 50 42%
total 120 100%

Out of 120, 70 or 58 per cent are based in the Philippines, both males and females and 50 or 42 per cent are scattered in the different continents of the world map.

Itutuloy po. kakain lang po.

The Ca t

Tuesday, January 25, 2005


Dear Mouse,

He is a very good friend. Yes, he. For years , he was always mistaken as a beautiful woman with long flowing hair. He is not transsexual. He is married and has four young children.

He has this fear that his father would die if he has his hair cut short. According to him, many a time, when he was young, his father would suddenly fall ill after his hair-cut. Call it coincindence or superstition but my friend graduated from college with long hair. Doctors would diagnose him here in the States to have obsessive-compulsive disorder.

People with OCD worry so much that they indulge in rituals (compulsions) in order to shut down the worry thoughts.

My friend would comb his hair five times.

My friend’s roommate washes her hands before and after touching anything. No big deal? But she does it three times. Her lucky number is three.

She washes the fruit with soap and spray the carpet with alcohol.

One time, I chanced upon her ironing some dollar bills. At first, I thought she has absentmindedly laundered the green bucks like I do. I have the habit of simply putting my jacket and pants in the laundry machine without turning the inside pockets out.

No sir, she is really washing the dollar bills because they are germ carriers.Good for her, the bills are made from paper materials that can withstand heat and water without bleeding.

Excuse me, while I fix the books in the shelf. They are not of the same height.

She would call her parents in the Philippines not out of desire to hear from them but because she worries that if she would not, something bad might happened to them.

Excuse me, while I rearrange the throw pillows. The black should alternate the white.

She is not religious but she goes to mass every Sunday. She does not know who Mark is. She’s just afraid that bad luck might befall on her as punishment.

Excuse while I separate the pencils from the pen in my pencil holder.

She is still single and she is close to starting life at 40. She got relationships that never went beyond the dating phase. Poor men. They had to wait for her for hours before she finished the rituals of making herself ready to watch a one hour and 40 minute-movie.

Excuse me, my phone is ringing. I have to pick it up before it rings three times.

Silly, 3 is not my lucky number. The answering machine does its task after three rings and any conversations made after that are going to be recorded.

Me: Yello, no, I do not want to go to the hair salon for a hair cut. Bye.

That was my friend asking me if I like to go with her. She got a new hair stylist and I might want to try to have a new do.

Ano siya nababaliw. Ako magpapaputol ng buhok. Hindi ako obsessive-compulsive ano. Ayaw ko lang mabawasan ang IQ ko.

The Ca t

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Sorry, Anne sana ay mabuhay ka

Dear Mouse,

Parang trombone ang tunog ng kaba ng aking dibdib.

Naisip ko ang tindi ng hirap na inabot niya. Ang malupit ng pagbuhos ng tubig...ang malakas na mga sigwang umiikot sa kaniyang paligid. Hindi ko maisip kung paano siya nakaligtas. Kung paanong hindi siya nalunod.

Tiningnan ko kung mayroon pa siyang buhay. Tinitigan ko ang kaniyang kamay kung ito ay gagalaw sa malakas kung pag-alog sa kaniya. Isa, dalawa,tatlo.

Aleluya,nagsimula siyang gumalaw. Buhay siya.

Hindi ko mawari kung bakit siya nasama sa aking laundry sa washing machine.

Matibay din siya. Sana nga ay hindi siya maapektuhan nang dinanas niyang torture sa washing machine dahil sa aking pagka-absent minded.

Nadampot ko siguro siya habang inilalagay ko sa laundry bag ang aking maruruming damit.

Sorry,Anne Klein. Hindi na kita pababayaan.


The Ca t



Kainis naman kayo.Ba't naman ninyo pinaparusahan si Pusa sa pagsuot ng mabigat na relos na ito.

Sinabi ko bang tao si Anne? Sinabi ko bang pusa si Anne?

Saturday, January 22, 2005

When my mind is absent

Dear Mouse,



She's not home.

Phone: She lives alone, so who are you ?

This is her answering machine. Please leave a message.

Gawddddddd...and I was in the middle of remembering what's the item that I might have missed before i close my 22x22x22 balikbayan box.

It was full to the brim that I have to use the technique taught to me by a veteran balikbayan box/sender.

First, I placed the box close to the wall.

Then I pressed the box towards the wall in order to make the two flap ends meet and then secure and seal it with the 2-inch Scotch packing tape. Just beautiful.

Now where's the cutter ?


Last time, I saw it, it was in a plastic bag.


I am talking to myself. I am trying to retrace the steps before I lost the cutter.

The last time, I saw the plastic bag was when I put some trash in it. Uhhm

And then I dumped the plastic bag in the garbage bin in the garage.

Yeah, that's where it is.

Got to run before it is put outside for truck pick-up. I am still talking to myself.



Phone: Don't hang -up.After this message,press 4.


Sound of cordless phone and its base hitting the wall and breaking apart.

Excuse me while I retrieve...the ....let me think...what was I going to do before I was rudely interrupted by the phone?


The Ca t

Friday, January 21, 2005

Role reversal

Dear Mouse,

Today is my mom's birthday.Yesterday was my sister's.

If she were alive, we would be talking over the phone for hours again especially during weekends.

As I have commented in titorolly's article about his mom, I was my mother's maton, a clown and a prodigal daughter.

I had silently admired my mother's strength,especially during the time when my father was in a coma for months in the hospital due to cerebral hemmorrhage.

I had asked myself how she was able to withhold the emotions during my father's burial just to show us that she can handle the pain and the challenge ahead of us.

She did not ask us not to cry but seeing her as an image of fortitude, we did not shed tears. Instead, we promised to be good and make his dreams for us come true.

I rebelled in my mom's autocratic house rules but cherished her stage mother's all out support in our pursuit of academic excellence.

I saw her stayed awake, when my sisters and brothers were preparing for scholarship tests.

I saw her face glowed when my siblings broke the good news of making it.

I saw the pain in her face when I came back as a young prodigal daughter.

I sensed that even if she punished me for it, she was proud that I learned how to live independently.

She was relatively young when she died so I did not expect the trading of roles between a mother and daughter would begin soon.

I knew she did not need to relinquish her life to us her children. She was still active in her parish in Boston.

She just got back from her trip from Europe with a lady friend.

Although not excited, she braced herself for the six-month wedding preparation of my sister.

I just thought that she was making us feel that she needed us. A stage in life after the empty nest.

Mom: This is my gown that your sister asked me to wear on her wedding. What do you think?

Me: Mom, you look like you just stepped out of Jenny Craig losing 20 lbs.

Me:Let me fix it for you.



Mom:This is the costume you are going to wear as an angel. Slip it on so I can make alterations.

Me: But mom...

Mom: No buts, not another word from you, young lady...


Jeweler: This necklace will look nice on you.

Mom: Asking me. "What's your say?"

Me: Too ostentatious. I like something simple and classy. Remember you are the mother of the bride and not a reyna elena. Save it for the party after the wedding.

Mom: To the jeweler. You heard her.

Jeweler: Hmm ...a daughter telling a mother, interesting.

Mom: She is my fashion consultant. (snickers)


Mom: Your ruby ring is not for swimming. Take it off.

Me: But mom,how will my friend know that you gave me this ring for my birthday.

Mom: Basta

Me: Okay. (rolleyes)

Fast forward, in a hospital

Me: To the nurses. My mom has bedsores.She needs to be turned as regularly as possible. If you need my help, just say so. just don't let her suffer by not doing it.

Mom: hahaha, so you met my taray daughter(She was in semi-coma).

Me: Helping the nurse moved her up the bed."Mom,you're heavy.You need to go to the gym."

Mom:Hahahaha(laughing with her eyes closed).


Mom:Eat this porridge before taking the pill. Don't nurse the fever,it will not go away... blah blah blah....

Me: Blech...

Happy Birthday, mom.

The Ca t

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Isa munang Tsismis

Dear Mouse,

O di nagkandalaki ang mga tenga ninyo, pag sabi kong tsismis.

Ang tsismis daw ay puwedeng totoo at puwedeng hindi.

Pag tinitingnan ko ang aking SEARCHES sa aking counter, number one ang pangalan ng isang dating artista sa pelikula na ngayon ay nasa alta sosyedad na dahil sa kaniyang napanga"sawa". Ewan ko ba kung bakit.

Naalala ko rin kasi noong ako ay Taray queen pa sa Pinas at may ayaw akong makausap.

Ang dayalog ko sa kaibigan ko ay "Pakisabi nga sa lalaking ito na hindi niya nabili ang kalsada kaya puwede ba huwag siyang humarang sa aking daanan". para sa isang makulit na nilalang.

Ang dayalog yata ng artista (kahit pasukahin ninyo ako ng dolyar, hindi ko sasabihin ang pangalan, batukan pa ako ni jet at ni sassy) ay:

Pakisabi nga sa babaeng ito na tsupee.

Hindi ho yan ang eksaktong sinabi.

Sagot naman ng matandang babae,pakisabi sa kaniya, siya ang tsupee.

Ginto pala talaga yong matanda, samantalang siya ay gold filled lang.

May kasabihan,ang tagak daw pag nakatuntong sa kalabaw ay ayaw ng lumipad ng mababa.



Sabi ni Gretchen Barreto, hindi raw siya yon. Kamukha lang daw niya.

At saka hindi naman daw siya ban sa Makati kung hindi sa isang building lang.

At hindi raw siya mean na mangtsutsupee.

Ang dayalog daw ay "Guard,tell this lady to get out of the elevator."

Sabi naman daw noong old lady, Guard,tell this social climber to leave my building.

Inuulit ko sabi ho ni Gretchen,kamukha lang daw niya yon.

Ting-aling, ibaba mo ang kilay mo.

Pakakainin kita diyan ng salad na may sabaw. Suf a la salad.

The Ca t

Profile of Pinoybloggers

Dear Mouse,

This Ca t is not only interested in the ASL of the bloggers. She wants also to know the academic profile, status, year the blog started and topics generally discussed.

Those who wanted to be counted can give me their url address so I can visit the sites. So far,I have already more than a hundred.

The result will be published next week.

The Ca t

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Parental Guidance--over 10 only

Dear mouse,


Naghahanap naman ng trabaho ah. Nong kala mo sa akin? …blah blah


Kung naghahanap ka bakit wala kang makita. Wala kaming makain ng pamilya mo.mamatay kami sa gutom.@#$%^&*


Hay^&**p ka. (Delete,delete,delete) Anong gusto mong gawin ko, magnakaw ? Huh?Huh? Manghold-up?


So Shoot me. Can a Ca t not watch her favorite soap opera ?

The Ca t


Dear mouse,

Sassy wrote :

What is the relevance of bust, waist and hip measurements in a search for “the woman who best exemplifies the qualities expected of future women leaders of the Philippine information and communications technology (ICT) industry”?

What is the relevance of 60% of the criteria for choosing the winners--popularity (by text votes--20%), beauty/presentability (20%), poise/personality (20%)? Why does intelligence ("academic performance and technical proficiency based on her 201/academic records") constitute a mere 40%? Why do prospective contestants have to submit “two (2) 3” x 5” colored photographs (one close-up and one full body


Thank you, thank you,Sassy.

At least I am free from that improvised/bust-pushin'/waist- huggin'/ body conturing /trophy to shape up this Ca t for that contest.

Now, let me breathe again. Uhmmmmmm.

The Ca t

hahahahaa (that's air comin' out, no cause for alarm).

For more of cats' pics,go to my catlinks in my sidebar. Thank u jobert for the links and ting,bongk for pics.

Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Profile of Bloggers in the US

Dear mouse,

The article says:

The study -- from The Pew Internet & American Life Project -- makes a strong case that blogs are becoming part of the daily internet fare of millions, but that many millions more still have no idea what a "blog" is at all.

According to the findings of the study, the bloggers in the US are :

• Men: 57 per cent are male

• Young: 48 per cent are under age 30

• Broadband users: 70 per cent have broadband at home

• Internet veterans: 82 per cent have been online for six years or more

• Relatively well off financially: 42 per cent live in households earning over $US50,000

• Well educated: 39 per cent have college or graduate degrees

Inspired by this research,the cat did some bloghopping for days now to read some pinoy blogs to find out more about pinoybloggers.I am not using the survey/questionnaire method.I prefer using the "usus"method. Ususera for you para mausisa ko rin sila.

Kaya pagod ako. Haaay

The Ca t

Monday, January 17, 2005

Is that you ?

Dear Mouse,

Batjay is that you ?

Man in Batman Suit Climbs Onto Court Roof

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands - A man in a Batman suit spent several hours on a rooftop balcony atop a courthouse in the Dutch city of Utrecht on Monday, protesting the treatment of fathers in divorce cases.

Police initially said they planned to ignore the man, a member of the group Fathers for Justice, until he came down.

Is that you Madam Auring ?

Romanian Mother, 66, Baby Girl Doing Well

A 66-year-old professor who writes children's books claims to have become the world's oldest woman to give birth, and doctors said Monday she and her day-old baby daughter were in good condition in intensive care

Is that you Lastikman

Florida Man on Lam Found Inside of TV

BAINBRIDGE, Ga. - A 6-foot man allegedly on the run from Florida authorities since September was found this week curled up inside of a television.

The Ca t

The Grudge-Laban ka?

Dear Mouse,

There was a shouting match between Rene Saguisag and Associate Justice Sandoval during the plunder trial of ousted President Joseph Estrada.

It turned out that there was already a grudge between the two lawyers dating back to their college days.

They were fierce opponents in parliamentary debates for their schools. Saguisag placed sixth in the 1963 bar exams, but Sandoval was the class valedictorian.

The Ca t sez:

Bakit sigawan? Ano sila goirls ?

Ganito dapat.

Laban ka ?

The Ca t

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Pakisampal nga

Dear Mouse,

I usually end my political commentary with "pakisampal nga ako". When queried by a regular commenter as to my reason for the use of the statement, I responded that I would like to have a red mark on my cheek for a blush-effect.

Here comes the wet rag scheme of the MMDA for jaywalkers where a violator would be punished by flopping a wet rag on his head.

My question is, for what effect ? Basang sisiwpusa effect?

Bakit di na lang nila sabunin(literally) bago i-release with a violation ticket.

O kaya:

Bakit hindi na lang maglagay ng isang detention center mismo sa lugar where the violation was committed. It should be strategically located in a point where other pedestrians and prospective jaywalkers can see and be warned.

Ilagay ang banner, huwag pamarisan.

The Ca t

The Hand as a Canvas

Dear mouse,

Since I am left-handed (kaliwete po sa pagkain,sa pagsulat,sa pagtype(?) isang daliri lang kasi at paghugas ng ... pinggan...(dumi ng isip ninyo) right hand reveals my character while my left palm is like a canvas portraying my life as I make it.

My line of heart shows na may puso rin pala ako.(hahaha). Sabi kasi ng aking kaibigan, stoic daw. walang capability-ing magmahal.

But the branch emanating from the heart to the finger of Saturn (middle finger) indicated a fulfilling relationship possibly a partnership.

Oh yeah, I remember this.


The branch going to the finger of Mercury denotes love affair. (small finger). Ahaaaaa.


Note to the commenters...

Nunal ho yang nasa pagitan ng daliri ko at hindi dumi. Dalawa po ang singsing ko dahil yong isa ay maluwag kaya nilagyan ko nang isang masikip. Sinanla lang kasi sa akin.

The Ca t

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Guhit ng Palad

Dear Mouse,

Do you want to know what this palm tells about the Ca t ?


The Ca t


Dear Mouse,

That's 140 million cases and TWO BOTTLES of beer and still counting for a poor country pretending to be poorer.


The Ca t

May kasabihan...

Dear Mouse,

What ?


No heroes' welcome ?

The Ca t

Friday, January 14, 2005

Gods also die---

Dear Mouse,

Did you ever wonder what happened to the men who played gods?

Pol Pot

Pol Pot died in 1998 due to heart failure although the cause was still unclear. His body was cremated on a pyre of old car tires beside a public toilet and the site is later enclosed by a crude timber shelter roofed with old sheets of corrugated iron.


He was pronounced dead in March 1953 after collapsing four days earlier at his country house outside Moscow. The cause of death was declared to be a cerebral haemorrhage, although some mystery surrounds the actual circumstances


He committed suicide. His charred body was discovered by the Soviet forces occupying Berlin shortly after the city falls. It was smuggled back to the Soviet Union, where its upper and lower jaws and the cranium were said to still exist in official archives. The rest of the body was hidden under a parade ground at Magdeburg, in what was to become Eastern Germany. In 1970 these remains were secretly dug up, cremated and flushed down a sewer.


Mao died of a heart attack in Beijing on 9 September

The lesser gods

Idi Amin-Uganda

He killed : 100,000-500,000 (most sources say 300,000).

Amin died in hospital of complications due to multiple organ failure at 8.20 am on 16 August, 2003. He was buried in Jeddah's Ruwais cemetery during a small funeral ceremony just hours after his death


Prince Yasuhiko Asaka -Japan.

Killed: 200,000-350,000 Chinese in the Rape of Nanjing (Nanjing Massacre)

1981 - He died of natural causes at his home in Atami, on the Izu Peninsula south of Tokyo, on 13 April. He was 93 years old.

Anastasio Somoza Debayle-Nicaragua

Killed an estimated 50,000 killed during the Nicaraguan "revolution", 120,000 exiled and 600,000 made homeless.

In September 1980, Somoza Debayle was assassinated while in exile in Asunción, Paraguay, reportedly by members of the Leftis t Argentinian Revolutionary Workers' Party.


Himmler oversaw the mass murder of Jews, communists and other opponents in the Ukraine. He organised the systematic exploitation and slaughter of millions of Jews in extermination camps in Poland. After fainting at the sight of 100 Jews being shot on the eastern front, he ordered a "more humane means" of execution - the use of poison gas in specially constructed chambers disguised as shower rooms. Himmler committed suicide by taking poison on 23 May in Lüneburg, Germany

Goebbles-one of the holocaust engineers

By April an Allied victory in Europe is certain. On 30 April, following Hitler's suicide, Goebbels became chancellor of the Reich. On 1 May, as Soviet troops stormed Berlin, Goebbels had his six children, aged four to 12, poisoned with lethal injections by an SS doctor. He then had himself and his wife Magda shot by an SS orderly. Not long before his death he said, "We shall go down in history as the greatest statesmen of all time, or as the greatest criminals

Except for the Prince of Japan who was not tried for his crime and died due to natural causes, most of the gods met horrible deaths.

But men never learn from history.

For having suffered the pain of surgery of a knee and having stayed in an expensive suite, an ex-president would like to be welcomed as a hero.

Pakisampal nga ...

hindi ako... si frat.May jetlag pa siguro yon.

Source: killers

The Ca t

My hero?

Dear Mouse,

Ano ?

Welcome ‘fit for a hero’ awaits Estrada

By Cheryl M. Arcibal, Reporter

Supporters of deposed President Joseph Estrada are planning a “grand homecoming” for him on Saturday, when he is expected to arrive after a successful knee operation in Hong Kong.

In a statement Thursday, the Puwersa ng Masang Pilipino, Estrada’s political party, said his friends and supporters are preparing a homecoming “fit for a conquering hero.”

Buhay na naman ang mga dugo ng hakot crowd.

Kaya tayo pinagtatawanan ng ibang bansa dahil sa mga taong ito.

The Ca t


Dear Mouse,

This reminds me of...





The Ca t

Mga Kabarangay

Dear Mouse,

January is the birthmonth of some of our friends/pinoybloggers.

Let me wish them happy birthday .

Here they are arranged according to age,beauty erhhhhm alphabetically.

Si Jet,the bitter better-half ni BATJAY.

Si TatangRet,isa sa mga unang naglink kay Pusa.

At ang aking kaibigan at tagapagtanggol.(la siyang retrato). Si TIng-a-ling-aling-aling-aling.

Sana ay maglunoy kayo sa maraming kaperahan.

The Ca t

Thursday, January 13, 2005

When Men Played gods

Dear Mouse,

The latest Tsunami catastrophe caused some columnistsslashwriterslashopinionmkers to ask where's God?

Which god were they referring to? The Allah of the Moslem, the gods of Hindus or the God of the Christians?

There were men who played gods and killed more than the total number of victims of calamities that were attributed to the Supreme Power combined.

To name the top three with the highest number of victims, they are :

1. Pol Pot

Dead:One to three million (or between a quarter and a third of the country's population).

Weapon of Mass Destruction (killing fields)

An estimated 1.5 million were worked or starved to death, died of disease or exposure, or were summarily executed for infringements of camp discipline. Infringements punishable by death included not working hard enough, complaining about living conditions, collecting or stealing food for personal consumption, wearing jewellery, engaging in sexual relations, grieving over the loss of relatives or friends and expressing religious sentiments.

2. Stalin

Dead: Approximately 20 million, including up to 14.5 million needlessly starved to death. At least one million executed for political "offences". At least 9.5 million more deported, exiled or imprisoned in work camps, with many of the estimated five million sent to the 'Gulag Archipelago' never returning alive. Other estimates place the number of deported at 28 million, including 18 million sent to the 'Gulag'

Weapon of Mass Destruction

The collectivised farms were required to meet ever increasing production quotas, even if this resulted in starvation on the farm. In the Ukrainian Republic up to five million peasants starved to death in the "famine" of 1932-33 when the state refused to divert food supplies allocated to industrial and military needs. About one million starved to death in the North Caucasus.

By 1937, the social upheaval caused by the "revolution from above" had resulted in the deaths of up to 14.5 million Soviet peasants.

3. Hitler

Dead:60 million worldwide as a result of the Second World War including millions of Jews.

Weapon of Mass Destruction (Holocaust)

On 20 January the Nazis completed the planning for the Endlosung (Final Solution), the extermination of the Jews, Gipsies, Slavs, homosexuals, communists, and other "undesirables" and "decadents" in death camps run by the SS and controlled by the Gestapo. About six million European Jews died in the following 'Holocaust'. Most (about 4.5 million) of those killed came from Poland and the Soviet Union. About 125,000 were German Jews.

The Holocaust also claimed about 500,000 Gipsies, between 10,000 and 25,000 homosexuals, 2,000 Jehovah's Witnesses, up to 3.5 million non-Jewish Poles, between 3.5 million and six million other Slavic civilians, as many as four million Soviet prisoners of war, and up to 1.5 million political dissidents.

In Germany the physically handicapped, mentally ill, and others with so-called "worthless lives" were rounded up and sent to designated hospitals, where they were killed. Referred to by the Nazis as mercy killing and planned by Hitler's office and the Reich Interior Ministry, the "euthanasia" program claimed up to 275,000 lives when it went into full swing.

4. Mao

Dead: 14 to 20 million deaths from starvation during the 'Great Leap Forward'. Tens of thousands killed and millions of lives ruined during the 'Cultural Revolution'.

Weapon of Mass Destruction

Mao launched the 'Great Leap Forward' to accelerate the development of all sectors of the economy at once. Breaking with the development theories practiced in the Soviet Union and applied to China during the first five year plan, the Great Leap Forward sought to simultaneously develop industry and agriculture by employing surplus rural labour on either vast infrastructure projects or for small-scale, farm-based industries - the so-called "backyard furnaces".

It soon became apparent that the Great Leap Forward was an ill-considered failure. Rather than boosting production, the Great Leap Forward brought shortages of food and raw materials and the demoralisation and exhaustion of the workforce. The situation was exacerbated by poor harvests caused by bad weather and by Mao's refusal to hear of failures. In 1959 and 1960 the gross value of agricultural output fell by 14% and 13% respectively. In 1961 output dropped a further 2% to reach the lowest point since 1952. Widespread famine resulted, especially in rural areas. It was estimated that from 1958 to 1961, 14 to 20 million more people died of starvation than in similar years of poor harvests.

The Ca t


Dear Mouse,

Sassy wrote:

He seems to simply be incapable of comprehending that even ex-presidents are not above the law. Or, perhaps, he wants to rewrite law textbooks by giving new meaning to “statutory construction.” Or, pehaps, namimilosopo la’ng talaga

Erap said

"It doesn’t go against the Sandiganbayan’s orders. The court doesn’t say I can’t go out of the hospital. It just said I should be confined in the hospital,” he said in an interview with DZMM’s “Tambalang Failon at Sanchez.” He added: “My doctor (Julian Chang) said I could go out. When I am in the hospital, I am under the doctor’s orders.” [ABS-CBN News]

Sassy wrote :

Another missing general

Maj. Gen. (ret.) Jacinto Ligot is under investigation for amassing ill-gotten wealth. If his name sounds familiar, it is because of the news a few months ago that his wife, and the wives of DILG Secretary Angelo Reyes and Army Lt. Col. George A. Rabusa were, at one time, travel buddies.

The Ca t sez:

LIGOT kayo ngayon kay

The Ca t

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Padala nga...

Dear Mouse,

Puwedeng magpadala ?

This is a request that Filipinos get from kababayans, kapamilya and opismeyts the moment they hear that you are going home to RP.

Frat has to turn down the requests even for a small envelope.

A sample and more here.

Padala One:

"Mel, isang LETTER envelope lang. kailangang kailangan ng aking mother this envelope." Dating si envelope. Yes, it was a small letter envelope, but the envelope is taped to a shoe box, which weight at least five pounds, because there are at least four big bottles of Calcium supplementary tablets inside.


Kayo may padala? May balikbayan box ako.Huwag lang barbell at bricks.

The Ca t

Dyesebel or Marina?

Dear mouse,

Do you believe in mermaids?

Bayi sent these pics to me with a note.

These are the pictures of a mermaid (FISH WOMAN) found at marina beach (CHENNAI) last Saturday. The body is preserved in the egmore museum under tight security.

I almost believed it until I opened another attachment.

Peiling Tan

Graphic Designer

Golden Dragon Publishing Pte Ltd

Sandali makapagsunbathing nga/

The Ca t

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Dear Mouse,

Nagising si PinaysaAmerika.Basahin angpinakahuling yugto sa kaniyang pakikipagsapalaran.

Ito ang bahagi.

Nagkayayayaan sila sa sala habang pinanood ko si Sarah sa kaniyang KAHINDIKHINDIK na pakikipagsapalarang magluto ng pinakbet.

Kung haluin niya ang gulay ay ganoon na lang. May kaba ako na mapait masyado yon. Durugin mo ba naman ang ampalaya. Sus ginoo, ulit- ulit, hindi ko ipagkakatiwala ang aking tiyan sa isang batang nag-aaral pa lang kung paanong pagkasunduin ang talong sa ampalaya, sa sitaw, sa kalabasa at sa kamatis.

The Ca t

What Billions can buy

Dear Mouse,

Billions can buy mansions, expensive lawyers,loyalties of some government officials, support a half-dozen mistresses and illegitimate children nd bankroll candidacy of a friend.

Latest news is that some loose changes were spent to:

Rent a 2,700-square-foot unit in Parkview. Rates in the upscale condominium could go as high as HK$70,000 (roughly P538,000) a month.

host dinner at Parkview Restaurant "exclusively for his former Cabinet secretaries and their wives."

The dinner must have been included in the tour package.

buy dvd give-aways for ofws in HK to get their support for the plea plea to extend the stay of the ex-president.

Erap para sa mahirap at sa mga naghihirap ang kalooban na hindi pa siya nababalik sa puwesto niya.

Pakibaba nga ang kilay ko.

The Ca t


Dear Mouse,

The news says:

GSIS purges 1.2 M ‘ghost’ members

By Pia Lee-BragoThe Philippine Star 01/12/2005

About 1.2 million non-existent members of the Government Service Insurance System (GSIS) have been identified and removed from its list of members and pensioners following the completion of the pension fund’s P700-million computerization program. Winston Garcia, GSIS president and general manager, said the system trimmed the list from 2.7 million to 1.5 million members and pensioners.

Although congratulation is in order for bringing GSIS out of the Jurassic Park, why do I have a feeling that with the purging out of the ghost-members, millions of receivables will be written off and the includes those accommmodation loans by officers.

Computerization will not eliminate the fraudulent entries of ghost names if they do not purge out the syndicates inside the government organizations.

MAy multong mga gumagawa ng sariling multo.

Takot ako.

The Ca t

Monday, January 10, 2005

Mona Lisa and the Ca t

Dear Mouse,

I read in one article that Leonardo Da Vinci used his self-portrait to paint Mona Lisa .See for your self if it is true. Spot the resemblance if there is any.

Leonardo Da Vinci

Here is the famous smile of Mona Lisa.

ooops wrong copy/paste.

Here it is.

Here is my self-portrait.

May reklamo. Siyempre, drawing ko, di ganda ko. mwehehehe.

The Ca t